After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 236 Backstage

“Mr. Tao.” Lin Rong’an looked at Tao Mu with a playful smile, and took the initiative to say hello: “I haven’t seen you for a long time, but Mr. Tao is still as pretty as ever.”

Tao Mu frowned. No man liked to be praised as pretty, and Tao Mu was no exception.

“I haven’t seen you for a long time, but Mr. Lin is the one,” Tao Mu paused here, looking at Lin Rong’an’s more flamboyant clothes than before, smiled and continued: “who is much more exquisite than before.”

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Lin Rong’an’s face changed slightly. He said that Tao Mu didn’t look like a man, and Tao Mu responded that he was no longer a man. Lin Rong’an was not stupid, he was even more sensitive than ever because of certain encounters. Of course he could hear the hidden meaning in Tao Mu’s words.

As expected of the person who had his high regards. That temper was really spicy enough.

Lin Rong’an hooked up the corners of his mouth and continued: “Today is the premiere of “Black and White”. I have been looking forward to Mr. Tao’s performance for a long time. I hope I can feast my eyes today.”

The words were more frivolous one after the next, and even held hidden provocation. Fortunately, the two leading actors in this film, Zhou Yanqing and Yan Sheng, were known for their good temper in the circle. They did not blame Tao Mu for stealing the scene because of Lin Rong’an’s words, but instead frowned, disapproving of Lin third young master’s provocation.

“Then Mr. Lin should be more serious when watching the movie. After all, I don’t have much scenes in the movie.” Tao Mu said with a mild expression: “Of course, if Mr. Lin thinks it’s not enough to watch, you can search for “The Great Wall of Flesh and Blood” on BulletScreen, or directly search for my cut clips. I will just think of it as contributing views to”

The bigwigs sitting in the backstage almost laughed out loud. Once again, they realized the benefit of Tao Mu’s sharp tongue. Not only could it immediately resolve Lin Rong’an’s verbal provocation and subtle offense, but also promoted his own website by the way. And the key was that his response was generous and magnanimous, unlike the third young master of the Lin family, who spoke with an insinuating tone.

Lin Rong’an didn’t manage to be at an advantage despite making the effort of starting this round of verbal exchange. Although he was angry, he didn’t show it. He just smiled and said meaningfully, “Okay. I’ll definitely watch it.”

Tao Mu was too lazy to pay attention to Lin Rong’an, and was about to find a seat to sit down when he saw the female artist who had just been slapped by Shen Yu walk up to Tao Mu, and said aggrievedly and coquettishly, “CEO Tao, can you hold up justice for me. I just said a few words of the truth, but that surnamed Shen flew into a rage and even hit me. The movie premiere is going to start soon. It’s not like I can stand on stage with a swollen face? How will I face the crowd?”

Before Tao Mu could speak, Shen Yu said coldly, “If you know you can’t be seen, then piss off. I think you don’t need to go on stage either.”

As soon as these words came out, the whole crew frowned. They all felt that Shen Yu’s attitude was too arrogant. Compared with the young master of the Shen family who was always hiding behind others in the past, he was completely different now.

Could it be that the Lin family’s family style was so powerful? Could a bunny turn into a rooster after being immersed in it? Seeing the appearance of Shen Yu puffing up and entering a fighting state at any time, Tao Mu secretly added: A fighting machine among roosters!

“What, you still want to help her speak justice?” Noticing Tao Mu’s thoughtful look, Shen Yu continued with a sneer: “If I remember correctly, doesn’t Mr. Tao have an affair with Mr. Li of Xiaoheng Capital? The sexual preference does not even match, yet you still know how to appreciate fragrance and cherish jade?”

Tao Mu faintly smiled and said, “This has nothing to do with appreciating fragrance and cherishing jade. I just think that as a man, it is the most basic manners not to hit women.”

Shen Yu sneered: “I also think that as a human being the most basic manners is not to gossip behind others’ backs.”

Shen Yu pointed at the female artist who was slapped in the face by him, and asked back: “You stand up for her now, but do you know that just backstage, she was scolding me for selling myself for glory in front of everyone, that I was willing to degenerate, and also said that when I was drugged at the time, I couldn’t ask for it more, and even said that I deliberately followed third brother Lin to get today’s resources.”

Not only that, the female artist also ridiculed Shen Yu for throwing away the watermelon and picking up sesame seeds instead, and for this resource, actually giving up such a good lover as Yan Sheng for just this bit of resource. The female artist claimed to be a fan of Yan Sheng and wanted to speak justice for Yan Sheng.

But she didn’t expect that it was these last words that directly poked into the deepest part of Shen Yu’s wound.

Shen Yu sneered again and again: “It’s so funny. I’m the second son of the Shen family, I don’t want for anything. How could it be possible that I would sell myself for these so-called resources?” If he really had such thoughts then he wouldn’t have happily made public his relationship with Yan Sheng and then was tragically betrayed by his lover.

“Since she dares to speak her mind, I dare to hit her.” He wanted everyone to know that he was no longer the easily bullied Shen Yu. From now on, he would protect himself and never let himself be hurt again. He won’t give anyone a chance to hurt him.

The female artist standing beside Tao Mu snorted coldly, and relying on Tao Mu being next to her, directly retorted: “That sounds nice. The second son of the Shen family? Is your surname Shen? Are you Chairman Shen’s biological son? Do you have the blood of the Shen family? Does Mrs. Shen recognize you? As far as I know, just because Chairman Shen donated a library to send you to Yan Film to study, Mrs. Shen went to the Shen Group headquarters to throw a fuss, forcing Chairman Shen to take back the mansion and the company that were given to you. The eldest lady of the Shen family also pointed at your nose and scolded you that you are not part of the Shen family.”

“You still keep saying that you are the second son of the Shen family, don’t deceive yourself. Who doesn’t know that you, Shen Yu, are a fake who occupied the nest. It was only because the eldest lady of the Shen family switched you with her real little brother that you are able to comfortably grow up in the Shen family for nineteen years. What, it’s been a long time, so you, a fake, really think that you are the real thing? You also say that I am speaking nonsense. But if you are really not greedy for fame and wealth, you should have left the Shen family when your birth secret was exposed back then and go find your own biological parents. Even if you don’t want to leave, you shouldn’t enjoy the resources of the Shen family with such peace of mind. The eldest lady of the Shen family was so kind to you, but didn’t you pay her kindness with enmity and ruined her reputation?”

“If I was part of the Shen family, and a fake ruined the real eldest daughter of my family like that, I would also feel discomfort. So cold and ruthless, vicious and cruel, no matter how innocent they pretend to be, aren’t they just an ungrateful white-eyed wolf? It must be said that the Shen family has already showed you enough benevolence and righteousness.” The female artist had a handprint on her face, but her words were sharper than the next: “After investing so much in you, if it was another, they would have already climbed to B-list. Yet you squandered it all to the point if being banned in the mainland, and even implicated film king Yan to be unable to stay in the mainland. He had no choice but to leave his domestic career and go to Hollywood. Playing such a good hand of cards into this, you are simply mud that can’t even be supported by the wall. It’s indeed not a lie that you are not from the Shen family.”

“You——” Shen Yu didn’t expect the female artist to say such things. Immediately he was both anxious and angry, embarrassment turning into anger. Wishing nothing more than to slap her again.

After the female artist finished speaking, she hid behind Tao Mu. She usually played FlyNews and BulletScreen, and knew that Tao Mu and Shen Yu were incompatible. So she believed that Tao Mu would not let someone like Shen Yu hit her again.

And indeed, Tao Mu really wouldn’t. As a man, he would never let another man hit a woman in front of him, whether out of social courtesy or otherwise. What was more, there were so many reporters guarding the backstage of the premiere of “Black and White”. Even if Tao Mu didn’t care about anything else, he had to consider how it would influence the crew.

He didn’t want the headlines of tomorrow’s newspapers to be full of “Black and White” cast members getting in a disagreement and fighting backstage. Especially as Yan Yu played by Shen Yu and the role played by the female artist was actually a loving couple in the movie.

The rest of the crew also took into account these problems and quickly stepped up to prevent things getting physical. Shen Yu glared at the female artist with a cold expression. He clenched his hands into fists, gritted his teeth and said nothing.

Xu Musen had a splitting headache, yet he had to think about their image and reprimanded in a low voice: “Don’t make trouble. Do you really want to attract the paparazzi?”

He also sternly instructed the backstage staff not to disclose today’s events to media reporters. Luckily it was almost time for the premiere to begin. Xu Musen quickly sent the actors to walk the red carpet in order. And specially avoided Shen Yu and the female artist whose words were like knives walking near each other.

Yan Sheng frowned, and moved close to Tao Mu. But just as he was about to say something, he was called away by Director Xu again.

Tao Mu slightly frowned, looking at Shen Yu’s back. He kept feeling that after Shen Yu came to Hong Kong, his image had slightly collapsed. He was completely different from the Shen Yu he knew in his impression.

On the other side, Shen Yu asked Lin Rong’an with a cold expression, “Have you got the thing?”

“Of course I have.” Lin Rong’an said with a smile, “But have you thought it through? It’s illegal to steal someone’s hair for DNA testing. Are you not afraid that Tao Mu will send you another lawyer’s letter?”

“Then he has to have evidence to prove that I did it.” Shen Yu sneered: “I was too stupid before, admitting to everything. I will not give him a chance to hurt me. I’m not that stupid now.”

When Shen Yu said this, he looked at Lin Rong’an. A faint smile appeared on his delicate and handsome face: “Besides, wasn’t it you who had someone steal those hairs?”

Lin Rong’an raised his eyebrows and praised with a smile: “As expected of a child raised by the Shen family.”

Shen Yu clenched his fists. That’s right, he was the child raised by the Shen family. He was the most beloved person of his father and brother. As long as he showed his father and eldest brother what he was capable of, he would definitely be able to return to the Shen family. And take back everything that belonged to him again. Before, he was too stupid and didn’t know how to cherish the sacrifices of his family for him. But not anymore.

Thinking of Mrs. Shen and Shen Yan who already held grudges against him, Shen Yu secretly swore that when he returned to the Shen family again, he would definitely try his best to please his mother and sister. Mom and sister once loved him so much, they would never really be angry with him. As long as he was obedient and good, he could definitely coax his mother and sister.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Those people were right, he had grown up in the Shen family for nineteen years. He was raised by the Shen family. Nineteen years of relationship, even if it was raising a cat or a dog, the affection would be very strong, not to mention raising a child. Shen Yu believed that the familial love that developed over the years must be stronger than the familial closeness of blood relation. He didn’t believe his mother and sister would really be so cruel. What was more, there was not even a shadow of the so-called second young master Shen…..

Shen Yu, who was currently immersed in his thoughts, didn’t know that in Shanghai, thousands of miles away, Shen Yan, who had been trying to find a certain someone, received a call and shouted in surprise, “What, that woman has been found?”

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  1. On one hand, since SY is so obsess with the status of the second young master Shen and look down on Xiao Mu’s ‘lowly birth background’ so much, I’m really want to see his face when his plan backfire on him so badly. But on the other hand, if his plan success and the truth come out, Shen family will definitely come to pester Xiao Mu because of FlyNews and LXH. So…ugh I hope it fail then.

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