After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 237 Premiere

At 7:30 in the evening, Hong Kong Grand Theater.

In addition to the invited media reporters, industry colleagues and professional film critics, the “Black and White” crew also invited about 100 fans to participate in the premiere. Most of these fans were loyal fans of the male and female leads and important supporting actors.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

As the most recent and popular behind-the-scenes producer, Tao Mu also saw his fans. In addition, he also saw a few very familiar faces——it turned out to be the several police trainees from the Hong Kong police academy. No, that wasn’t completely accurate, they were no longer police trainees, but official Hong Kong policemen.

Noticing Tao Mu’s gaze, the several Hong Kong policemen waved at Tao Mu excitedly. They had made guest appearances in the film, but their scenes were too short and so they could not attend the premiere as actors. So Director Xu sent an invitation to them so that everyone could watch this movie as just a regular audience.

Taking advantage of the brief moment before the movie began playing, Tao Mu walked over to the audience section where the several policemen sat and greeted everyone. The fans did not expect that Tao Mu was so approachable, and they all screamed excitedly. There were even other people’s fans shouting the names of the other actors. Strongly indicating that they also want this kind of interaction too.

The bigwigs who have already sat down in the front row frequently turned their heads to look. The atmosphere was too lively, and everyone was a bit undecided. On the one hand, they wanted to meet the requests of their fans, but on the other hand, they were a little worried about the order of the theater and their own safety.

Tao Mu said with a smile: “After the movie is over, there will also be a gift thanking activity by the cast and also a mini-game section that will allow fans to interact with the actors. So don’t worry, be good a bit.”

After experiencing the high-intensity training of the troops, Tao Mu, who was nearly 20 years old, had a more upright physique, intimidating aura, and skin that was two shades darker. Every gesture he made commanded attention. So when he suddenly smiled gentlely, it was like an explosion of pheremones, causing the fans to scream excitedly while sitting down obediently.

A potential commotion was invisibly and subtly dealt with. Only then did the bigwigs felt their worries ease.

The several police officers were so excited that heir faces were flushed red. They did not expect Tao Mu to remember them and even came over to talk to them. Everyone of them was both excited and flustered.

“This is the first time I have participated in the premiere of a movie.” Jiang Jingwen, who was in the same dorm as Tao Mu, said excitedly: “It feels very different.”

Tao Mu chuckled, and took the initiative to say, “Long time no see. After the premiere ceremony, let’s hang together.”

The several police officers froze, seemingly not having expected that despite Tao Mu’s status today he would actually extend an invitation to ordinary policemen like them. Jiang Jingwen asked subconsciously: “Still going to a nightclub like back then?”

Tao Mu laughed: “That’s also okay!”

Everyone smiled nostalgically. At this time, some staff members came over to remind Tao Mu that it was time. Tao Mu nodded at everyone and returned to his own seat in the front row.

At eight o’clock in the evening, the movie officially started. The lights in the screening hall were darkened, and the large screen slowly lit up.

As soon as the film opened, it was a scene of the male protagonist played by Yan Sheng connecting with another undercover spy. At that time, Yan Sheng had been undercover among the mafia for ten years already, and had successfully won the trust of the big guys, entering the inner heart of the mafia gang. Using his change in status, Yan Sheng continued to expose the actions of the mafia to the police. But for some reason, the arrest operations were repeatedly being known in advance by the mafia. So the police speculated that someone in the police station was bought by the mafia. While investigating this on their side, the male protagonist was also asked to find a way to dig out that person’s identity.

At the critical moment, the hero suddenly received a notice from his partner. The partner said he had found a clue. But because of negligence, the mafia was beginning to suspect him. Although the partner’s identity was special so they dared not do anything to him. However, he had become tightly monitored by the mafia and had no way to pass on intelligence. So he requested the hero to meet him immediately. The place to meet was the rooftop of a certain building.

The scene changed. With the sound of excited and wild screams, the scene became a sea of heads and colorful glow sticks. At the loud and lively concert, the male lead played by Yan Sheng stood indifferently in the crowd, looking at the watch from time to time. Next to him there was the mafia boss playdd by Zhou Yangqing and several other bodyguards. The bigwig also held a glow stick and said seriously: “I like heavenly king Zhou the most. I listened to his songs while growing up….. “

The camera slowly moved to the other side of the sea of ​​people. Zhou Yuanting, played by Tao Mu, and Yan Yu played by Shen Yu, and several other police trainees dressed in concert t-shirts were squeezing their way through the crowd, happily listening to the concert. During this period, Zhou Yuanting, played by Tao Mu, was particularly restless, flirting with girls everywhere. Causing them to giggle in delight while his own girlfriend stewed in jealousy.

On the other side, the male lead played by Yan Sheng made excuses to leave and rushed to the rooftop of the next building to connect with his partner. However, just when he walked to the door, he heard a loud noise, and the corpse of his partner smashed down from upstairs. The male lead played by Yan Sheng looked at his partner’s wide opened eyes in shock.

At the concert, the mafia boss played by Zhou Yanqing grinned and threw an arm over the shoulders of a confidante, and complained: “How many year already since “XXX” has been filmed. Yet these undercover cops still select rooftops as a meeting spot. Could it be that they all think the mafia has low IQ, and don’t understand the routine?”

He then asked: “Where is Yan Qi? Wasn’t he just tlhere?”

Ah Ze, who was standing beside the big boss, smirked: “Maybe the toilet? It’s not like you don’t know he urinates frequently.”

The big boss shook his head: “At such a young age, yet the kidney is like this.”

At the end of the concert, the bigwigs left the scene in a good mood. And just happened to encounter the police trainees who were also exiting the concert. Unsurprisingly, both sides came face to face. Seeing Yan Yu, whose aura was so weak that he would only target him, Ah Ze smirked and said, “What d’ya want, I pay taxes, y’know. Does Hong Kong law stipulate that the taxpayer is not allowed to attend concerts?”

Seeing that Zhou Yuanting, played by Tao Mu, also raised his fist, another gangster subordinate also sarcastically sneered: “Go ahead. Be careful I don’t find a lawyer to sue you——”

Before the words even fell, Zhou Yuanting had already threw a punch. After a successive of cracks, the gangsters who were guarding the car all stepped out, and raised their guns at thw several police trainees.

Yan Yu frowned and patted Zhou Yuanting’s shoulders. Expressing that he was too impulsive. Zhou Yuanting stared at the group of gangsters and shrugged it off: “What are you doing? Do you want to attack the police?”

“It’s already night, police officer.” The mafia boss watched Zhou Yuanting with a smile: “Don’t be so impulsive. Otherwise, it will only by you who will suffer a loss.”

Zhou Yuanting sneered. Taking advantage of his speed and agility, he snatched a gun and pointed it at the mafia boss’s head: “Future losses can be worried about in the future. If you have the balls then order them to shoot, I am just defending myself. Let’s see whose marksmanship is faster. “

Facing this threat to his life, the mafia boss kept his grace and composure and did not quibble with these young’uns. Leading his own people to enter their cars. Before driving off, the mafia boss once again asked where Yan Qi was?

“I’m over here!” As soon as the car door opened, Yan Qi sat down as if nothing had happened, even holding a box of popcorn in his hand, which he handed to the big boss.

“It’s not watching a movie. What you buy this for?” The big boss pushed the popcorn away disgustedly, suspecting that a certain someone did not even wash his hands after he went to the toilet.

Yan Yu stood expressionlessly on the street, looking at Yan Qi in the car. Zhou Yuanting patted his shoulder curiously: “What’s wrong?”

“It’s nothing.” The police trainees returned to the police academy.

“Black and White” was a very standard Hong Kong cop vs. crook film. The following plot separated into two parallel lines. On the one side, Yan Qi tracked the clues independently after his partner died, but made a slow progress because there was no one to cooperate with him. At the same time, the mafia boss also began to become suspicious that there was an undercover spy close to him. Yan Qi had no choice but to play a cat and mouse game with the mafia boss. The plot had many twists and turns, ups and downs. And the two major film kings served up a very exciting and stunning performance.

On the other side, the police department were preparing to send another partner to Yan Qi and wanted to choose from the police academy. After picking around, some senior inspectors chose Yan Yu, because Yan Yu was Yan Qi’s younger brother. And the reason why Yan Qi came under suspicion was because his younger brother was a policeman. Therefore, the police suggested that the brothers cooperate with each other to cover each other. At the same time, it could also dispel the doubts of the mafia. Another part of the inspectors valued ​​Zhou Yuanting. Because Zhou Yuanting’s performance during school was the best. The two views were deadlocked. But both were also opposed by Yan Qi.

Yan Qi felt that the situation was very complicated now, and he indeed needed a partner, but he wanted a mature and stable partner with strong psychological endurance. Rather than a newcomer who was just fresh out of the police academy, who didn’t understand anything, and had an unstable status.

Unfortunately, it was not effective in the end, because Zhou Yuanting looked for death himself. On the eve of graduation, he took his roommates to the nightclub. And because of flirting with the mafia boss’s woman, he caught the attention of Ah Ze and the other gangsters. Old gruges adding to new hatred, the sides broke out into a brawl. In the end he was expelled, so Zhou Yuanting, in order ti save his future prospects, volunatrily agreed to be an undercover agent.

Compared to the two big male leads played by Yan Sheng and Zhou Yanqing, Tao Mu’s scenes in the movie was not much. In just twenty minutes of appearance, and each time he appeared, he had to pit his acting skills against the two film kings. If not careful, he might not even have any sense of presence like a certain actor. Even the audience clearly picked up on the incongruity and be unable to become immersed in the story.

However, Tao Mu’s several appearances gave the audience a satisfying feeling. Because Zhou Yuanting’s image in the beginning was that of a troublemaking, prideful young police trainee, so when Tao Mu played the role, he chose a more expressive acting manner. Tao Mu’s good looks and acting skills were originally online, and Tao Mu also possessed more than ten years of future knowledge, so he was particularly familiar with all the acting cool routines.

Whether it was his indiscrimate flirting with girls when he first appeared in the concert scene, or how he barehandedly snatched a gun in the first conflict scene with the mafia boss, or secretly sneaking off to the nightclub to dance and pick up girls. In every camera shot, h tried his best to up his hotness factor to another level. Originally, those lines that were rather embarrassing and middle school, when spoken from Tao Mu’s mouth, actually made the girls in the audience blush. Some controversial plots that might attract antis, through Tao Mu’s interpretation, became full of youthful energy and flashy coolness. Coupled with hus inexplicable affinity with the audience, Zhou Yuanting in the early stage, played by Tao Mu did not cause much dislike in fans, but became the most handsome role in the minds of many girls.

In particular, in those sveral climax scenes involving the film kings, that kind of head to head, toe to toe, explosive acting skills with crushing momentum had the audience enjoying the film immensely.

And because of this early pavement, Zhou Yuanting going dark in the later stage also seemed to be very natural. In the early stage, he was so handsome and cool that it had everyone screaming, and in the later stage, he was so bad that it had people grit their teeth in hatred. Especially after Ah Ze’s death, Zhou Yuanting, who was greatly affected, slept with the mafia boss’s woman. And also made it difficult for the hero everywhere, destroying the hero’s plan and causing many people to die. He even caused the death of the superior who arranged him to be undercover but also tried his best to protect him——a senior inspector played by Wang Jinsheng. And revealed Yan Qi’s undercover identity to the mafia boss.

Towards the end of the plot, Zhou Yuanting, who had gone completely rotten to the core, even set up Yan Qi. After Yan Yu block the gunshot and died for him, he successfully made it onto the yacht with the mafia boss and smuggled to Southeast Asia. This shattered the three views of the fans and caused them to break out into applause.

There was no other reason for it, because although Zhou Yuanting was bad, he was so handsome and smart. In just twenty minutes of appearance, his sense of presence could be comparable to the two major leads. So Yan Yu, played by Shen Yu, who clearly should be just as an important role as Zhou Yuanting, actually had no sense of presence in the entire movie.

Except for the last scene when he died which caused some sadness.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Therefore, after the movie ended, when the actors got on stage and bowed their thanks, the names that the fans shouted the most was Yan Sheng, Zhou Yanqing and Tao Mu. However, during the media interview, the most popular actually turned out to be Shen Yu.

“The top listing on hot search reported that your biological mother has been found. What do you want to say about this?”

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