After Two Lifetimes I Was Reborn Back Inside A Book CH 011 School Transfer?

Today was the day when the results were announced, but none of the teachers were there. Under the discussions of guessing their results and where the teachers have gone, the atmosphere during early self-study was very restless.

Jiang Chen held a copy of “Discrete Mathematics” in his hand and was looking at it, when the boy at the front table turned his head and thumped his table excitedly, saying, “Brother Jiang, I heard that the reason those teachers are not here today is because of the matter regarding Zhang Three Hairs framing you during the exam the day before yesterday, they are all having a meeting in the small conference room.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“Who did you hear this from?” Jiang Chen closed the book and asked curiously.

“Wasn’t I late this morning?” The boy raised his eyebrows and smiled a little smugly: “While climbing over the wall, I happened to pass the office building. When the teachers passed by, I happened to hear them talking, saying something like there was a parent’s phone call made to the principal to ask about the authenticity of this matter, and I heard that the parent had a lot of background and asked the school to conduct a thorough investigation, so the emergency meeting was held so early.”

Jiang Chen pondered. He knew that this matter would definitely spread, but it was unexpected that it would spread so quickly and so widely, but for him, it was a good thing.

The boy in front of him suddenly stopped laughing, and said in a worried tone: “Brother Jiang, do you think those teachers will call you over later? If this matter is so big, will it affect you?”

“Don’t worry, it won’t affect me.”

Several people craned their heads over, all with worried expressions on their faces. Jiang Chen thought about it, and said, “Teacher Zhang started that incident, and it was he who rushed into the classroom during the exam and interrupted us. The students in the three classes in the East Building can testify to this. Moreover, there were also other teachers at that time, and they will not watch Teacher Zhang wrong me, don’t worry.”

Hearing what he said, the other classmates were relieved, and one person said, “You should have thrown the papers directly in his face back then. The evidence being so solid, this matter can’t be blamed on you.”

Jiang Chen hooked up a corner of his lips and said, “It’s not too late to throw it in his face now.”

At that time, Jiang Chen could of course take out the papers directly, but in this case, firstly, it would prove without question what Zhang Zhipeng did, secondly, it would be detrimental to his image in the hearts of the teachers, and thirdly, once a conclusion was reached, the discussions on this incident would be difficult to continue. Only if there was suspense in one thing, would people want to get to the bottom of it and discuss it more eagerly.

It was precisely because no one knew whether there were the “missing test papers” in Jiang Chen’s drawer, that everyone speculated over this incident. The students in class 1 believed in Jiang Chen’s character and knew that he would not steal the papers, but the people from other grades and classes who don’t know him would not be so sure. They would be dubious, hold opinions and argue, and become the best conductors to spread this gossip.

Moreover, the most important point was that Jiang Chen knew that this incident would get big, and there would definitely be a talk. At this time, Jiang Chen, who was holding the disappeared test papers, would become the one to lead this talk and call the shots.

However, Jiang Chen wouldn’t tell any of this to these innocent teenagers. Possessing pure joy, distinct opinions on good and evil, and innocent earnesty, was the best gift that time could give to people at this age.

Knock knock——

The math teacher stood at the back door and said to Jiang Chen, “Jiang Chen, come out for a bit.”

When Jiang Chen walked to the door, Fu Jinyu glanced at his empty hand and frowned, “Where are the papers that Zhang Jian stuffed inside your drawer? Did you throw it away?”

Jiang Chen: “No.”

“Go, go, take it and walk with me, and we’ll slap it in his face later.”

Jiang Chen: …..

On the way to the teacher’s office building, Fu Jinyu said just three things.

The first sentence: “Don’t be afraid of anything, I still want to poach you for academic competitions, and no one can touch a hair on your head.”

The second sentence: “When you see the principal later, be sure to be more polite, though no need to bother being polite with Zhang Jian, so just show that power you did on the day of the exam, insult or talk back as you like.”

The third sentence: “If Vice Principal Sun talks to you, you will just pretend to be mute and I will answer for you.”

Jiang Chen nodded in succession, while on the surface he appeared obedient and well-behaved, he felt a little strange in his heart.

Before, he never knew that Teacher Fu was so…..blunt?

Moreover, don’t know if it was because Jiang Chen didn’t have much memory of his high school life but in his impression, this Teacher Fu had always been stern and didn’t like to talk to students in private, so except for his memory of him as his second year high school math teacher, there was only when he graduated from high school and came to the school to get the notice from Nanshi University, Teacher Fu let out a faint sigh: What a pity.

What was a pity, Jiang Chen had no time to think about it at that time, but when he recalled it at this time, Jiang Chen suddenly had an answer in his heart.

In the first life, Teacher Fu never mentioned poaching him to go to the competition class, so why did he mention it in this life? And when he mentioned it, his tone was firm, like having made a long-considered decision.

The only difference Jiang Chen could think of was that in the first life, he was devastated by his family’s predicament, but now he had regained his composure after a short period of degradation.

Therefore, the reason Teacher Fu said it was a pity at the time was probably because of the fact that he should have a better future, but he gave up on himself because he could not bear the suffering. In the end, he could only go on another path that he had never considered before.

The office building and the teaching building were not far away from each other, and Jiang Chen and Fu Jinyu quickly arrived at the small conference room.

Fu Jinyu stepped in front with Jiang Chen standing behind him, and in this protective gesture he pushed open the double doors of the conference room, and led him to the seat next to the principal.

The principal smiled warmly: “Jiang Chen has come.”

“Hello, Principal.” Jiang Chen did not sit down directly, but bowed slightly to the other teachers: “Hello, Teachers.”

The teachers in the second grade group all know Jiang Chen. Most of the teachers have taught him, but there were also teachers who have not had much contact with him. At this time when they saw that in his gestures, from entering to taking a seat, he was neither humble nor arrogant, appearing polite and generous, these teachers’ impression of him became even better.

The principal also smiled, patted Jiang Chen’s arm, and said, “Have a seat.”

Seeing him sitting down, he looked at the file folder in his hand, and said with an unchanged expression, “What is this?”

Before waiting for Jiang Chen to answer, Fu Jinyu said, “It’s the set of test papers that Teacher Zhang said he lost earlier, and I asked Jiang Chen to bring it.”

The teachers in the conference room all looked at the folder in front of Jiang Chen, and as their eyes moved, a subtle shift appeared in their eyes as their gaze scanned past Zhang Jian.

Zhang Jian was practically blue in the face. Sun Tengyun glanced at him, gestured for him to remain calm, touched the teacup and said, “Student Jiang, we asked you to come here at this time, because we wanted to talk with you about that matter in which Teacher Zhang lost the test papers and accidentally misunderstood you about it. He didn’t handle it well at that time, and you were also feeling a little emotional, contradicting and accusing a teacher in public. Both sides had made some mistakes and the way I see it, this matter can be put aside easily. The two of you can just apologize to each other, as the saying goes, one day as a teacher and a lifelong as a father. This is the class teacher of your own class after all and so both parties should take a step back, how about it?”

After Sun Tengyun’s words fell, the expressions of the other teachers changed more or less.

What a shameless thing to say!

But he was the vice-principal, even if they felt contempt, they just exchanged glances, sympathizing with Jiang Chen who had been the one wronged yet still had to apologize.

At this moment, almost most of the teachers, including the principal and Fu Jinyu, never thought that Jiang Chen would disagree with Sun Tengyun’s words. After all, as the saying goes, a higher level official can crush those below to death. Vice Principal Sun was not only Jiang Chen’s vice-principal but also an elder, so the pressure he brought did not need to be mentioned.

Fu Jinyu’s face darkened, he never thought that Sun Tengyun could be so shameless despite his age. Not only overturning black and white, striking with a muck-rake, but even threatening Jiang Chen with his status as an elder and school leader to press his head down and force him to apologize and let this incident go.

How was this what a teacher should do?!

He was about to open his mouth and refute, but Jiang Chen spoke first: “Vice Principal Sun, I’m sorry I can’t agree with your decision.”

All the teachers in the conference room were shocked, not having expected Jiang Chen to refuse directly.

Jiang Chen didn’t care what other people’s expressions were. The young man had a straight back and stood like a jade tree. He spoke slowly but calmly, but powerfully:

“First, whether Teacher Zhang accidentally lost the test papers and misunderstood me, or he directed and acted a script to frame and slander me. The teachers and students present at the time all have eyes and can judge and come to the truth for themselves, and so will I.”

“Secondly, at that time, I was not emotional, let alone committing the wrong of contradicting and accusing a teacher. At that time, I spoke politely and calmly, and all the guesses I made were logical and factual. Regarding this, it is just like what I just said. The teachers and students present can be my witnesses. If you want the facts, you can look at the file I brought.”

“Thirdly, I have only one father, and he is currently not yet recovered from a car accident, but Teacher Zhang once insulted my father in public at the school gate. Towards such a teacher with such morality, I can’t agree with the view “One day as a teacher, a lifelong as a father’, otherwise my father will be the first to disagree.”

“To sum up, I don’t think I need to apologize.”

After Jiang Chen finished speaking, he bowed to Vice Principal Sun, and said, “If you think that what I said in defense of myself is contradicting you, my elder, I will bow to you here now, not as an apology, but as a junior’s respect towards a senior.”

Sun Tengyun’s face sank. Jiang Chen’s behavior of using force first and then following up with courtesy, made it impossible for him to nitpick even if he wanted to. Zhang Jian was right, this student didn’t act like a student at all, he was not arrogant or impetuous, and in fact, many adults couldn’t even speak the way he did. This child was definitely not a mere fish in the pond.

However, it was precisely because he was such a difficult person to deal with that he couldn’t let him go, otherwise, wouldn’t the sky be turned upside down in the future?

Sun Tengyun said sinisterly: “So, student Jiang Chen, do you think you are not wrong at all?”

“I don’t think this way.” Jiang Chen smiled slightly, but there was a bit of self-deprecation on his face. He said, “This incident has made my parents very worried. As a child, it is my fault that my parents are worried.”

Sun Tengyun looked at Jiang Chen with a dark face, the wrinkles at the end of his eyes deep and uneven, holding a trace of coercion and gloom.

Jiang Chen continued as if he didn’t notice: “So, now they are very worried about my psychological condition at school, they don’t want me to stay in No. 1 High School, and are planning to transfer me to No. 4 High School and have already contacted the No. 4 High School. If No. 4 High School agrees, I will transfer directly over in June.”

As soon as these words fell, the teachers in the entire conference room were no longer able to remain calm.

The results of this exam have already come out, although they have not yet been announced, but Jiang Chen’s exam papers were graded in advance by them. His position as the first in his grade was definitely as stable as Mount Tai. If despite such a big thing happening at home, he could still recover in such a short time, it really showed his mental fortitude. It could be said that as long as there were no major problems in the next year and a half, don’t even mention Jiang Chen being accepted to Hua/Yan Universities, it was not even impossible for him to be the city’s first place in the sciences division of the college entrance exam.

Which school would throw away such a promising seedling and not want it?

No. 1 High School would not, No. 4 High School would not!

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

They believed that if what Jiang Chen said was true, No. 4 High School would definitely beat the gongs and drums and open the main door to welcome Jiang Chen in. How could they refuse, in fact they might even chuckle about such a good thing in their hearts, laughing gleefully at No. 1 High School handing over such a good seedling to them.

No, no matter what, Jiang Chen must not be allowed to transfer to another school!

This was the thought of all teachers in the whole office, including the principal and Vice Principal Sun Tengyun.

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  1. Screw you all, you didn’t think about his wellbeing or atmosphere in the school, only about results =.= Why he must to stay? I know it’s a typical Asian school, but this still pisses me off ><
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