Source of Calamity CH 012 Snatched Away

“I’ll treat you to a meal another day.” Li Jiaxing soon became Shen Zhen’s follower. He had a baby face, with big eyes and fleshy cheeks. It was an appearance that was lovable——but also inspired people’s desire to bully him.

Li Jiaxing also didn’t know what identity Shen Zhen was, but his identity was definitely not low, otherwise Chen Nanping would not obediently apologize to him at his word. Li Jiaxing felt that this was his chance, and he was not stupid. He followed Chen Nanping last year because following Chen Nanping was beneficial. The reason he no longer followed this year was because he suffered a lot last year.

Chen Nanping had high standards but little ability. He had not learned how to do business but the shameless and shady methods within the circle were played better than anyone else.

There were many scandals, but they were all pushed down by Chen Zhongmin.

Chen Nanping only remembered the disadvantages of others, but did not remember the advantages of others. He was an ungrateful white-eyed wolf.

Li Jiaxing pestered Shen Zhen to exchange mobile phone numbers, and he said, “I don’t dare to guarantee anything else, but I am proficient in eating, drinking and having fun.”

Sometimes eating, drinking and having fun was also a skill.

What kind of occasions to go to, what kind of people to play with, this was also a matter of particularity.

Shen Zhen didn’t refuse, but he didn’t agree immediately: “Let’s talk when we have time.”

Chen Nanping went to change his clothes and probably had to sort his hair out, but Chen Zhongmin went back to the lounge again. Business after all, it was impossible to do business with a thin skin, and a thick skin was also a source of pride.

On the contrary, many people came to Shen Zhen to drink and chat, and Shen Zhen did not refuse anyone who came. Although he was not friendly to others, he was not rude either, his demeanor just right.

Yang Changsheng, who had shunned away after saying hello, also came over, never mentioning what happened earlier.

“I heard that business is not easy to do recently.” Yang Changsheng said, “Real estate is not very flourishing.”

Problems arose in the real estate industry last year, several large enterprises having collapsed. And when the real estate industry collapsed, the following small enterprises were also unlucky.

Yang Changsheng: “There are a lot of unfinished buildings, and no one to take over.”

Shen Zhen and Li Jiaxing both looked at him.

Yang Changsheng smiled, looking a little embarrassed: “I want to pick up a few dishes.” (TN: slang for taking over from someone else)

No one wanted to manage unfinished buildings, so the price to take over now was at the lowest.

Li Jiaxing: “House prices have fallen sharply this year, and the possibility of recovery within three years is not high.”

Shen Zhen said, “Take it, count me in.”

Li Jiaxing/Yang Changsheng: “Huh?”

Shen Zhen: “I said, count me in, are you going to go it alone or use your family’s company name?”

Yang Changsheng was led along by the conversation and replied, “Not yet decided…..My family is not involved in real estate.”

Shen Zhen: “If you want, you can list it here with me.”

Yang Changsheng was dumbfounded.

No, he just mentioned it casually, he was still thinking about it, why did this guy suddenly become interested?

Shen Zhen was not all of a sudden interested. After all, he had experience in his previous life. Real estate was really not good in the past few years, but from next year, highways and subway routes would be planned. The public’s sense of smell was the most sensitive in this regard. Once the urban planning was decided, and had yet to even begin building, they would begin to frantically search for properties in the area.

For those few unfinished projects, the big frame had already been drawn up, and the later stages could be completed in more than half a year at most, just in time for next year’s urban plan.

Shen Zhen was not going to stay in the Qin family all his life and be a young master in name only.

The Qin family won’t give him a dime, and he didn’t even need to think about the Shen family either.

“What’s your cell phone number?” Shen Zhen handed over his cell phone, and Yang Changsheng entered his cell phone number in a daze.

When Yang Changsheng reacted, he realized that he had been led away by Shen Zhen before he even said anything or agreed to anything.

But Yang Changsheng also suddenly had confidence.

He also mentioned those building projects to his family before. But his family felt that real estate was not easy to do in the first place. The liquidity gap of this business was very large. So long as a project failed, even the loss of the initial investment would make the family have a headache, let alone speak of profits.

It was too unstable.

His family was conservative and dared not use the existing family property to gamble.

The most expensive real estate was the land, and the bidding for a piece of land would cost hundreds of millions, depending on the location.

Those joint projects of several large enterprises have been unfinished for four consecutive years, and the losses were close to 100 billion. The projects were not only not in one area, but distributed in different cities across the country, using the same construction method.

After the company went bankrupt, these unfinished projects were recycled by the state, but the local government had no money to continue construction.

If one took over now, it was indeed a bargain, but the initial investment was also very considerable.

First of all, the money owed to the workers by the bankrupt enterprise must be paid off, which was not a small sum.

And then there was also a bunch of odds and ends.

Yang Changsheng could only use a little more than 20 million yuan, which was given by his father.

To take over the unfinished building projects was simply a dream.

Shen Zhen didn’t intend for himself and Yang Changsheng to eat these dishes alone. He really wasn’t able to. All he could use was the pocket money given by the Qin family over these many years which was just around ten million yuan.

“I’ll call you in a few days.” Before leaving, Yang Changsheng got Shen Zhen’s parting words.

The car they came in was parked at the door. Shen Zhen blew warm breath into the palm of his hand and rubbed his hands. Then he opened the car door and sat in. Qin Xing had yet to come out, so Shen Zhen poured a cup of hot water and felt the warm air conditioning inside.

The driver also turned on music, all of which Qin Xing loved to listen to, all piano music without lyrics.

Shen Zhen was not too fond of the arts, but he must understand, must know how to hold a conversation on famous musical compositions, and know the names of famous composers, but that didn’t mean he liked them.

Shen Zhen didn’t know what he liked.

“Did you wait for a long time?” The cold air came in when Qin Xing opened the door.

Shen Zhen tucked in his neck, shook his head and said, “No, just a few minutes.”

Qin Xing looked at the watch on his hand and said with a smile, “Twelve minutes.”

After the door was closed, the temperature inside the car rose again, but Qin Xing’s body still had a trace of the cold air.

Qin Xing took off his coat and put it aside: “How do you feel?”

Shen Zhen poured Qin Xing a cup of hot tea: “It’s easier than expected.”

Just when Shen Zhen was thinking about whether to ask Qin Xing for help, Qin Xing suddenly reached out and ruffled Shen Zhen’s hair.

Shen Zhen froze in place, he could only feel a big hand on his head, very gentle and warm.

He stayed in the Qin family since he was a child, and never knew what it was like to have a father and a mother. Although Mama Zhang loved him and cared about him, Mama Zhang could not take the place of his parents.

In such a moment, Shen Zhen inexplicably felt a little bit of paternal love in Qin Xing’s actions.

“Don’t be too nervous.” Qin Xing said, “You are different from them.”

Shen Zhen smiled with some difficulty, looking at the hand that Qin Xing had withdrawn, his eyes unblinking.

Why didn’t it touch his head for a while longer?

Shen Zhen felt a little regretful.

Shen Zhen suddenly said, “Uncle, Ah Yue wants Su Shiqing to transfer his house register to the Shen family.”

Qin Xing had no expression, he just looked at Shen Zhen intently: “What does Xiao Zhen think?”

Shen Zhen sighed: “Uncle.”

The tone was a bit coquettish.

Qin Xing gave a low laugh, his voice full of magnetism, sexy and hoarse: “Don’t worry, Uncle will deal with it.”

Shen Zhen: “Uncle is so kind to me.”

“Yes.” Qin Xing’s smile faded, his eyes swept across Shen Zhen’s face, “Uncle always treats Xiao Zhen the best.”

On the way back, Shen Zhen was feeling a little drowsy. He had drunk a lot. Although the alcohol content was not high, it added up and it was time to show its effects. He leaned back on the seat, and his sitting posture was still upright, but then fell to one side due to inertia when the car turned.

Exactly into Qin Xing’s arms.

Shen Zhen’s sleep was not heavy, but his eyelids were heavy. He only felt that it was more comfortable lying down, but the pillow was a little hard.

Qin Xing looked down at Shen Zhen’s sleeping face, only at this time would Shen Zhen reveal a little bit of unease, his brows wrinkled, his cheeks turned red from the alcohol, and his teeth biting on his lower lip.

The driver said at this time, “Mr. Qin, we’re almost there.”

Qin Xing’s tone did not fluctuate: “Take a detour around here.”

The driver didn’t question or refute, he obediently followed Qin Xing’s command, and really started to go around in circles.

Qin Xing stretched out his hand and stroked Shen Zhen’s face lightly. He took off his gloves and put them aside. Shen Zhen’s skin was very good, there were no pimples or spots on his face. Qin Xing’s fingertips slid across the skin, his movements gentle like touching a piece of tofu, as if even a bit of force would break this piece of tofu.

Qin Xing still remembered the first time he saw Shen Zhen. At that time, Shen Zhen was a five-year-old child, wearing a small suit, and following behind the servant uneasily. When he saw him, his first reaction was to take a step back and then immediately followed by taking a step forward, pretending to be brave and looking directly into his eyes.

In Qin Xing’s impression, Shen Zhen was a delicate, taciturn child with strong self-esteem, but lacked the foundation of a foothold.

Such people didn’t even require a deliberate blow, once they faced reality, they would collapse first.

Qin Xing smiled.

He still remembered that night, Shen Zhen’s arms wrapped around his neck. He was like a vine, tightly wrapped around him, as if he was the only light in his world.

Even his breath longed for his presence.

Qin Xing still remembered the feeling under his hands, which made one enraptured.

But he was never one to be satisfied with just the enjoyment of the flesh. He wanted this person to be completely his own from body to mind.

For this, he could spend several years, a dozen years, he was not in a hurry.

One day, he would get what he wanted.

Shen Zhen never woke up.

When the car stopped, he was carried out by Qin Xing.

At that time, Qin Yue was in the hall, and he was the first to greet them at the door.

However, what came into his vision was his uncle, who walked in carrying in his arms the childhood friend who had always adored him.

One of Shen Zhen’s arms was hanging in the air, the other hand was laying limply on his stomach, his head resting on Qin Xing’s chest. Occasionally, as if he didn’t feel that his pillow was soft enough, he would rub his face against it, like a coquettish cat.

This scene stabbed Qin Yue and caused him to lower his head instantly.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

For the first time, he felt anger that could not be ignored.

It was as if something that had always belonged to him had been snatched away.

AN: Qin Xing: “You actually want to treat me as a father?”

Shen Zhen: “…..”

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