After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 238 Coincidence


Shen Yu, who never gave much thought that he had a biological mother, or that he would call another stranger “mother” in addition to Mrs. Shen, was instantly at a loss. He subconsciously looked at Tao Mu. Shen Yu was actually a little afraid of a blood relative who he had never met and didn’t know the details of.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

At this moment, Shen Yu suddenly understood why Tao Mu never mentioned the matter of finding his biological parents after he became famous. Relatives who were completely strangers with unknown character. The uncertainty of what the other party would do after learning of their blood relation identity. Shen Yu prided himself on being pure and kind, and he also hoped that his biological mother could be a kind and gentle person as well.

At least don’t be like Tao Mu’s parents who abandoned him in a rental apartment when Tao Mu was just a baby, regardless of his life or death.

Tao Mu frowned inexplicably. He didn’t understand why Shen Yu would look at him at the first moment after hearing the reporter’s question. Thinking of what the reporter said about “the number one most searched on”, Tao Mu finally understood. Could it be that Shen Yu suspected that his biological mother was found by someone Tao Mu sent?

Oh please, am I such a idle person!

Tao Mu rolled his eyes secretly in his heart.

“I’m sorry, this is the premiere of “Black and White”. I hope our reporter friends won’t ask questions that have nothing to do with the movie.” Although he was a little bit uncomfortable with Shen Yu’s behavior, Zhou Yanqing, who had always been used to being a good guy in the circle, still stood forward and helped Shen Yu out of the siege. Besides, he didn’t want the premiere of “Black and White” to be implicated by Shen Yu’s personal affairs.

The news that Shen Yu’s biological mother was found just climbed to the top of’s hot search list. Speaking of which, the mainland media were indeed hard-working. Because SARFT issued a ban on Shen Yu, and the mainland media were not allowed to use words related to Shen Yu in their reports. In order to publish the report smoothly, FlyNews Entertainment’s reporters racked their brains, and finally the headline of the news report turned out to be “Shen Group broke the news again, the eldest miss of the Shen family found her adoptive brother’s biological mother, does this mean there is hope to find the real prince?”

This title was really explosive enough, and within an hour of the news report being uploaded to, it had been hotly searched by many melon-eating netizens. In less than three hours, it had already ranked first on the hot search list.

Speaking of which, this scoop was actually one that the daughter of the Shen family took the initiative to find FlyNews Entertainment and asked FlyNews Entertainment to follow up and report.

Of course, according to Shen Yan’s selfishness, with the hatred she had for Tao Mu, she absolutely did not want to cooperate with FlyNews Entertainment. She didn’t even want to send this kind of hot news to FlyNews Entertainment’s hot search. It was Zhuo Yan who advised her not to act impulsively. After all, was now the largest social platform in China. Relying on the strong user base of, FlyNews Entertainment had gradually become the entertainment media with the most influence and the highest publicity in China.

Any news report that appeared on’s hot search rankings could immediately get the attention of netizens and other media. If Shen Yan really wanted to find the second son of the Shen family as soon as possible, then cooperating with FlyNews Entertainment would undoubtedly be the most efficient.

And taking a step back to tjink about it, even if Shen Yan didn’t want to cooperate with FlyNews Entertainment, and chose other media to report. and FlyNews Entertainment could also reprint reports from other media. At that time, Shen Yan would not be able to stop netizens from clicking on the search, and FlyNews Entertainment would still be able to put the news on the hot search. Shen Yan’s rejection and resistance were useless and only a waste of time. In this case, it was better to cooperate with FlyNews Entertainment from the very beginning.

With Shen Yan’s arrogant and spoiled temper, if it were someone else, even if it was her own father and brother, Shen Yan would never be so obedient. But Zhuo Yan was different. Shen Yan really liked Zhuo Yan, even if her eldest lady’s temper was always uncontrollable. Because she liked him, she was always suppressed by Zhuo Yan in the end.

So she was willing to listen to Zhuo Yan’s advice. Not only did she cooperated with FlyNews Entertainment, but also took the initiative to hold a live broadcast conference on allowing FlyNews Entertainment’s reporter interview Shen Yu’s mother online. Forcing the woman to tell the truth from many years ago——mainly to explain the clues on the whereabouts of the second son of the Shen family.

Shen Yu’s biological mother was a woman in her thirties. Her eyebrows and eyes were as delicate as Shen Yu’s. At first glance, the mother and son looked very much alike. If they stood together, others would never mistaken their blood relation.

Probably because of proper beauty and age maintenance over the years, even if she was in her thirties, she still looked like a girl in her twenties. The skin was fair and delicate, and the aura was clear and gentle, and just sitting there, it gave pople the feeling of a lotus flower swaying in the wind, the fragrance clear and moving. Actually possessing even more feminine attraction than Shen Yan next to her.

The appearance obsessed netizens who were watching the live broadcast immediately became high. After the ban was issued from SARFT, a turbulent heart had nowhere to go, so these netizens who could only climb the wall to follow other stars to find comfort as well as fans of Shen Yu also went to the live broadcast room to show their love to the “mother-in-law”.

Probably because she seldom accepted media interviews, Shen Yu’s mother in front of the camera looked a little nervous. In fact, she didn’t want to reveal her current identity. At that time, for 100,000 yuan, she agreed to be a surrogate mother for Mr. Tan’s child. Although this kind of thing was very common abroad, in that era and in that social environment, not many people could accept it. Even today, surrogacy was still illegal in the country.

So Shen Yu’s mother was tight-lipped about this experience. Her current husband and son did not know at all. Shen Yu’s mother originally thought that she could take this disgraceful past into the coffin. She never thought that all this would be dug up by the eldest lady of the Shen family. And because Shen Yu’s mother was unwilling to stand forward, Shen Yan actually used the influence of the Shen family to find trouble with Shen Yu’s mother’s current husband.

Shen Yu’s mother didn’t want her past experience to affect her husband’s career, so she could only obey Shen Yan’s wishes and stand forward to explain clearly.

“…..That child has already passed away.” Shen Yu’s mother said in front of the camera, with tears in her eyes, seeming in great pain: “I didn’t know that child was the second young master of the Shen family. Back then I agreed to be a surrogate mother for Mr. Tan’s child, but Mrs. Tan was discovered to be pregnant during my pregnancy. The couple regretted it and didn’t want the child anymore. Mr. Tan and Mrs. Tan discussed with me and were willing to give me another 200,000 yuan in exchange for bringing the child back to my hometown to raise.”

“I was young at that time. I just came out of my hometown to work, and I have never seen the world. I have never seen so much money. Because of my greed, I agreed to Mr. Tan’s request for surrogacy. Both Mr. Tan and Mrs. Tan are good people. They have been very kind to me. They have been married for years and have no children, so they promised me that if I could have a child for them, boy or girl, they would treat it as their own.”

But who knew that such a coincidence would happen.

“Not long after I gave birth, I took the child back to my hometown. The child was very weak, and I didn’t know how to take care of the child. I took the child with me on a long journey, both by train and by car. As a result, the child became ill so I had the child treated again. But the child did not survive.”

When Shen Yu’s mother said this, she covered her face, seemingly in a more and more collapsed state, tears falling like raindrops on a petal: “I was very broken at that time. I also suffered from depression. Later, I met my current husband. He actually doesn’t know my past experience. I deceived him. I regret not taking care of that child well. I never thought that it was not my child, but the blood of the Shen family. The Shen family had raised my child carefully for so many years, and they treated him so well. Yet I didn’t take good care of the Shen family’s child…..I’m guilty…..”

When Shen Yu’s mother said this, she was already choked up with sobs.

Even the netizens sitting in front of the computer also wept silently. For a while, they didn’t know whether to sympathize with Shen Yu’s mother or the unlucky second son of the Shen family.

Shen Yan, who had known all this from Shen Yu’s mother a long time ago, also cried. With a choked expression, she expressed that it was all her fault, and it was because she replaced her younger brother out of fun. She killed her own brother.

The impression Shen Yan left on the public had always been arrogant, domineering, bullying, vicious, rude, and uneducated. Sitting in front of the camera at this moment and sincerely repenting, sobbing with her head buried in her hands, it made many keyboard warriors who have only seven seconds of memory feel pity. Instead, they began to comfort Shen Yan. Saying that none of this was her fault. She was only five years old at the time, and she didn’t do it on purpose.

It could inly be said that this was just life. It was the second son of the Shen family who had a bad fate.

This kind of generous handing out of forgiveness immediately angered the sober and logical netizens and the scolding fans of Tao Mu.

——Because Shen Yan had repeatedly made things difficult for Tao Mu before, all fans who have a good impression of Tao Mu would reject Shen Yan. What was more, Shen Yan’s viciousness and rudeness was not only reflected in one or two things. She used to bully so many people based on her family background, and this dark history could not be offset by leting out a few crocodile tears in front of the camera.

That’s right. In the eyes of many netizens and Tao Mu’s fans, Shen Yan’s crying and repentance was just a pretense, and it was the kind of performance that wasn’t believable at all. Tao Mu’s technical fans even specially cut the scene of Shen Yan crying, to compare it with the crying scenes of many actors and actresses in the entertainment industry. They even specifically compared the scene to some legal programs where the family members of the victims who lost their loved ones wept bitterly in front of the camera. After careful comparison, it was concluded that Shen Yan’s crying was too fake.

A woman who switched her younger brother with someone else’s child just for fun, and kept it secret for 18 years, who could believe that her switching was just a prank by a child, unintentional?

What’s more, Shen Yan didn’t take her own younger brother seriously at all. The appearance come from the heart, Shen Yan, who had no professional training at all, was unable to give a wonderful act even if she was acting in front of the camera.

On the other side, after hearing the explanation from Shen Yu’s mother, Chairman Shen and Shen Chen, this father and son pair, actually felt a little relieved besides regret. Although the moment when they learned of the death of their own son and brother, both father and son were a little pained. But at the end of the day, it was just a person whom they hadn’t seen in nineteen years. Not having any personally contact with the other, so the impact was not that great. Therefore, although they regretted the early death of the child, it also eliminated the possibility of a falling out between the brothers due to inheritance issues.

At the same time, also feeling relieved and fortunate was Shen Yu who was far away in Hong Kong. His biological mother was indeed a beautiful, kind and gentle person. And the real second son of the Shen family was no longer in this world. The deceased was left in the past, and although it was heartbreaking, the living would of course live on. And live a more wonderful and happier life.

Even Tao Mu, who had been secretly paying attention to the progress of the matter, breathed a sigh of relief involuntarily. He was glad he could continue to maintain his sockpuppet securely. There was no need to worry about the exposure of his birth background anymore. There was no need to worry about how to face the problems of the Shen family in the future.

The only one who felt true hesrtbreaking pain was probably Mrs. Shen. Ever since she knew that Shen Yu was not her own son, Mrs. Shen had been imagining her own son’s appearance. In her fantasy, her baby should be a more intelligent, beautiful and well-behaved boy than Shen Yu. Who was very obedient to her, like a caring little padded jacket. Mrs. Shen even fantasized about how to pamper him after finding her biological son. Give him back double the mother’s love that had been wrongly placed over these nineteen years.

But all these beautiful things were brutally shattered by Shen Yu and his mother. Such that Mrs. Shen never even saw her own son once, yet she lost him forever. This kind of realization was too heart-wrenching, and made Mrs. Shen, a mother, full of hatred for Shen Yu and Shen Yu’s mother, the two culprits. And this hatred would deepen with the passage of time and the accumulation of years. But there was also nothing to be done about it either.

Just when everyone felt that things could finally be settled, a message appeared on the Internet. “Watching the live broadcast with grandma. Grandma said that Shen Yu’s mother looks very familiar. It seems that she rented our house many years ago. She even left a baby in the rental house. Does this experience sound familiar? Do you suddenly have feeling of fatalism and conspiracy theories? I was so scared that I quickly made up a 38-episode dog-blood idol drama in my mind. Hahaha.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m ) was the largest social platform in China. Every day, hundreds of millions of netizens uploaded FlyNews messages. Most of these messages were like water droplets submerged into the sea without a trace. Rarely were they noticed. This message didn’t get much attention at first either. The only one who noticed the message was a reporter from a gossip tabloid. The reporter from the gossip tabloid thought this message was very useful. So he took the trouble to find the IP address of the message, and made his way to Beijing despite the distance. Just to interview the grandma that the netizen mentioned.

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  1. 【…At least don’t be like Tao Mu’s parents who abandoned him in a rental apartment when Tao Mu was jusr a baby, regardless of his life or death….】

    So, SY did also aware that what Xiao Mu’s ‘parents’ did to him was bad but he still judge Xiao Mu badly for not want to acknowledge such parents? And just a few sentences before, he’s so righteously calling himself pure and kind? The audacity. 😂 It’s should be catalogued as hazard to society to be this delusional to one own self, really. 😂

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