After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 240 Two Face Slaps

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It was a special coincidence that everyone from the Shen family arrived at Hong Kong on the same flight as Li Xiaoheng.

Considering the rumored relationship between Li Xiaoheng and Tao Mu, Chairman Shen originally wanted to take advantage of the trip to have a chat with Li Xiaoheng. Talk about Tao Mu’s daily hobbies and habits. And Mrs. Shen wanted to inquire about Tao Mu’s past experience from Li Xiaoheng.

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It had to be said that even though Mrs. Shen had many fantasies about her second son who had been missing all these years, she never thought that Tao Mu, who was hailed as a “business genius” by the media, would actually be her son. But thinking about Tao Mu’s similar appearance to Shen Chen, Mrs. Shen felt very proud.

“As expected of the children of our Shen family, with the blood of the Shen family, they are can’t not be excellent. At such a young age, he was able to create from scratch. This must be inherited from his father.”

Hearing these words, Chairman Shen also smiled very proudly. He even pondered on how after the father and son recognized each other, the Shen Group could use the influence of to reach a higher level. In the recent period, there have been rumors in the investment field that intended to conduct Series A financing. Because of Tao Mu’s quarrel with Shen Yu, and Tao Mu’s inexplicable rejection of the Shen family, Chairman Shen had no illusions about getting a share in this matter. But if Tao Mu was really his second son who had been missing for nineteen years, then this matter could allow for some more planning.

If it succeeded, wouldn’t it be “the missing youngest son founded his business from scratch, and the father and son recognized each other, resulting in Shen Group’s financing of”. At that time the powerful alliance would make waves hand in hand, making a good business circle story indeed!

Thinking of this, Chairman Shen couldn’t help thinking that Tao Mu was also a senior partner of Xiaoheng Capital. In the past, he wanted to befriend Tao Mu through Shen Yu, so that he could befriend the eldest son of the Li family. In the end, don’t know what possessed Shen Yu, but he always had acrimonious relations with Tao Mu. As a result, the Shen family not only failed to make friends with Li Xiaoheng, but was targeted by Xiaoheng Capital several times and lost a lot in the stock market.

Now it seemed that fate couldn’t be avoided, after several twists and turns, everyone turned out to be family.

“It is rumored outside that CEO Li and Tao Mu have a very close personal relationship, even to the point of meeting each other’s parents. But we didn’t know the relationship between Tao Mu and the Shen family before, so please forgive me for the rudeness. If there is a chance in the future, I will definitely bring the whole family over for a visit.” Although Tao Mu’s identity had not been officially confirmed, Chairman Shen had already assumed the attitude of an elder, talking to Li Xiaoheng with a smile.

“I heard that Xiaoheng Capital intends to invest in and help complete the A round of financing. We appreciate your kindness. I am ashamed to say that I, as the father, have not been able to fulfill a father’s responsibilities before. The dignified second son of the Shen family lived in an orphanage and suffered so much at a young age. Fortunately, although Xiao Mu did not grow up in the Shen family, he still has the blood of the Shen family flowing through him. With such a high talent in business, able to start his own business from scratch and establishing Now the development of has reached the most crucial step. As a father, I can’t help in other places, but I can still support his business with funds. Think of it as my compensation for the child.”

Who knew the father more than his son. Even Shen Chen, who had always been deeply scheming and calmly sophisticated, frowned unconsciously after hearing Shen Shiyuan’s words.

Shen Shiyuan was already eagerly making plans about even before the matter of recognition was finalized. In the eyes of outsiders, this attitude was too anxious and too ugly.

What’s more, Tao Mu was not Shen Yu, who easily allowed himself to be controlled. Not to mention that Tao Mu was able to set up at a young age and invested in Xiaoheng Capital with financial skills, grasping public opinion with one hand and capital with one hand, and was able to do well in the financial circle, IT circle and entertainment circle. Just from Tao Mu’s revenge on the Yao family, anyone with a brain could see that this was definitely not a good natured fellow.

Shen Shiyuan wanted to take advantage of by virtue of his blood relationship, but he was afraid it wouldn’t be that easy.

Sure enough, even before seeing Tao Mu himself, after what Chairman Shen said was heard by CEO Li, who was rumored to “eat people without spitting up bones”, Li Xiaoheng made a statement first.

Li Xiaoheng coldly looked at Chairman Shen, who believed in his self-righteous calculations but really only appeared shameless and ridiculous in the eyes of outsiders, and felt a little amused.

“With all due respect,” Li Xiaoheng pondered for a moment before he said tactfully: “So far, there is no evidence to prove that Tao Mu is the second son of the Shen family who disappeared as an infant. Chairman Shen may be saying these words too early. I’m also afraid that Chairman Shen must have forgotten, when it comes to capital strength and financing methods, Xiaoheng Capital far exceeds the Shen Group in terms of market value and the technical capabilities of its professional team. Instead of thinking about how to invest in, Chairman Shen should think about how once the outside rumors come true and Chairman Shen continues to press aggressively forward step by step, our family’s CEO Tao will become impatient, and the next project of Xiaoheng Capital would be the acquisition of the Shen Group.”

Chairman Shen’s face sank. Mrs. Shen couldn’t help but say, “This child, how do you talk to your elders? You and Xiao Mu are good friends, so we are also your elders. Could it be that the Li family’s education tells the younger generation to talk to the elders like this?”

Li Xiaoheng looked over at Mrs. Shen, who couldn’t wait to pose as an elder, and couldn’t help laughing involuntarily.

Assistant Jiang, who was sitting beside Li Xiaoheng, rolled his eyes secretly, and politely helped their boss Li explain: “We can understand the feeling of Chairman Shen and your wife on losing your beloved son. But neither can you two rely on an unfounded rumor on the Internet to recognize sons everywhere because of your eagerness to find your son. It is true that our CEO Tao was an orphan in the past. But this does not mean that those rumors and speculations on the Internet are indeed true.”

“What’s more, even if those rumors are true, our CEO Tao now has an adoptive family. At the legal level, Mr. Liu and Mr. Meng are our CEO Tao’s parents. As for other idle people, they have no relation to our CEO Tao.”

“Don’t speak so nastily.” Shen Yan, who had been thinking about how to disgust Tao Mu and Shen Yu, sneered and said, “You are not Tao Mu, how do you know that Tao Mu doesn’t want to find his biological parents? What’s more, the Shen family is not just any random stray cat or a dog. Poor relatives who upon seeing their son’s success, just want to come and take advantage. The market value of the Shen Group is hundreds of billions, and what is the market value of Just a shabby website that has yet to even undergo Series A financing. Yet you people take it so seriously.”

“I know that CEO Li values ​​that kid Tao Mu. But there’s no need to stick gold on his face like that. Isn’t he just an orphan who had no background and no backing and had to work hard on his own, thinking he is so great to have founded a little business from scratch? You really think our Shen family is that desperate to grab at his little shabby website? CEO Li thinks that our Shen family is scheming, but we think that the fact that the Shen family is even willing to recognize this son, he should be burning high incense?”

“Miss Shen’s self-confidence is really enviable.” Li Xiaoheng hooked up a corner of his mouth and looked at the Shen family father and his son: “If the rest of the Shen family can also have this self-consciousness, I believe that no matter what the future will be like, we can at least avoid a lot of trouble.”

Li Xiaoheng’s attitude was already obvious. Regardless of whether Tao Mu was the second son of the Shen family or not, the Shen family should not rely on this blood relationship to make designs on Otherwise, Xiaoheng Capital would be happy to take over’s acquisition of the Shen Group.

Xiaoheng Capital had become famous on Wall Street in recent years, and because of the financial crisis, it had made a lot of money in the international financial market. Since last year, after returning to China for development, its several projects in cooperation with the government also made huge profits. Such momentum had already become a dragon crossing the river in the domestic financial investment field. Not to mention that Xiaoheng Capital was also backed by the strong network connections of the Li family. If Li Xiaoheng really made up his mind to help Tao Mu acquire the Shen Group, the Shen Group might be really in for a hard time.

The atmosphere fell silent again.

Li Xiaoheng leaned back on the seat in a relaxed manner, and began to close his eyes to rest.

Nearly four hours later, the plane arrived at Hong Kong Airport on time.

Tao Mu, who had received the news long ago, brought his assistant to pick him up. Tao Mu, who had long been the subject of media attention, did not want to attract attention because it happened to be the hot screening schedule of “Black and White” recently, and the Golden Crow Awards announcing its shortlist, so he simply parked the car in the parking lot and sat waiting directly in the car.

Li Xiaoheng entered the parking lot directly from the VIP passage. After getting into the car, he hugged Tao Mu and gave him a warm kiss. Then he asked for credit, “I met the Shen family on the plane. I helped you vent your anger.”

As Li Xiaoheng spoke, he relayed to Tao Mu the conversation between him and the Shen family on the plane. At the end, he vowed: “Whether they are your biological parents or not, don’t worry, Xiao Mu, I will definitely protect you and never let them bully you.”

Tao Mu smiled. He really didn’t worry about anyone bullying him. After all, with his vicious cannon fodder character, no matter in his previous life or this life, he was the only one who bullied others. Even if someone bullied him on the basis of their family background, Tao Mu would still be able to get his money back in the end.

But this feeling of being guarded and protected by someone was still very good. Tao Mu patted Li Xiaoheng’s head with a smile, and even reached up and gave him a smooch of love to encourage him.

Li Xiaoheng directly pulled the other into his arms, kissed Tao Mu’s forehead, eyebrows, nose, lips, and then relayed to Tao Mu what Liu Yao, Meng Qi and old man Song had told him.

“…..Uncle Liu and Meng and Grandpa asked me to tell you before coming here, no matter what the truth is, no matter what choice you make, they will support you unconditionally. They will always be your family and your backing.”

There was a warm current in his heart, Tao Mu smiled knowingly, and said, “My family is only Yao Dad, Qi Dad, and Grandpa Song.”

Before he finished speaking, he saw that Mr. Li, who had always been a gentleman without any flaws in front of others, had on a pitiful expression on his face, Tao Mu smiled again: “And of course, our family’s CEO Li.”

Li Xiaoheng chuckled lightly, kissed Tao Mu again, and then said: “I see the Shen family is serious this time. They will definitely try to force you to do DNA testing. Have you thought about how to deal with this? “

“Just go with the flow.” Tao Mu said indifferently, “I’m an adult, past the age where I need a guardian. And I have legal adopters. Even if the Shen family forces me, as long as I don’t want to, they can’t force a DNA identification on me.”

“I’ve already done a DNA test, and Tao Mu is not a child of the Shen family at all. Dad, mom, eldest brother, sister, you have to believe me——”

A crisp sound of a slap interrupted Shen Yu’s words. Shen Yu covered his cheek in astonishment, and in his other hand he was holding the DNA identification report that Lin Rong’an gave him.

“I don’t believe it. You vicious man. You are as shameless and low level as your mother. What are you planning on again to destroy Xiao Mu’s relationship with our Shen family?”

Mrs. Shen said, raised her hand and gave Shen Yu another slap: “Get out! Get out of my sight. You little b*tch who occupied the magpie’s nest. Don’t call me mother again, I feel disgusted when I hear it. Your mother is a b*tch who gave birth for old men for money. You are just like your b*tch mother, you can do anything for money. I will never believe nonsense from you and your mother again.”

In the airport hall, the paparazzi reporters from Hong Kong who heard the news frantically pressed the shutter to take pictures and recorded the scene as it was. And sent back to the magazine as soon as possible. Some media even choose to log in to their official accounts on right then and there.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

In less than half an hour, the news that the Shen family arrived at Hong Kong and their adopted son, Shen Yu, met them at the airport and produced a DNA identification report, claiming that Tao Mu was not part of the Shen family, only to be slapped by Mrs. Shen right there in the middle of Hong Kong Airport. This scoop immediately hit the headlines of major media.

An hour later, with the concerted efforts of netizens across the country to click and share the article, the news topped’s hot search list.

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  1. Ah yes tao mu deserve to be protected 💞 shen family is really kinda shameful going to li xiaoheng with unfounded rumors 🤦 that’s like, not something people of their level should do, at least not what i would expect them to do lol

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  2. SY’s braincell deficiency syndrome definitely had infected the whole Shen fam…
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    This is absolutely elephant hiding behind a tree, just because you shut your eyes doesn’t mean everyone else is going blind also…

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  3. The fact that he built a great capital from the begining is more amazing that doing this with resources =.= And doing this while beaing a orphan is even more amazing, because he didin’t had any support from relatives! So screw you stupid b*tch, I can’t stand you anymore 凸(⊙▂⊙ ) The whole Shen family is disgusting. Even now I will pity SY, he is another victim of their selfishness…
    Thank You for the new chapter (♡ ὅ ◡ ὅ )ʃ♡


  4. 【…At that time the powerful alliance would make waves hand in hand, making a good business circle story indeed!…】

    Nah, considered how many times Mrs.Shen and Shen Yan joined hands with Shen Yu to causing trouble to Xiao Mu, I think the only story come out of that could only be a joke.

    【… I will definitely bring the whole family over for a visit.”… 】

    Let’s stop right there. Our family doesn’t need to trouble your Shen family. Our family’s grandpa Song, Yao dad and Xiao Qi dad already did a great job in that aspect.

    【…Think of it as my compensation for the child.”…】

    If you really want to compensate our Xiao Mu then leave him alone. Our Xiao Mu is far far better off without you.

    【… “With all due respect,”… 】

    At this moment, I know already that LXH going to roast mr.Shen well done. And he didn’t disappoint me. Good job, bro!

    【… “This child, how do you talk to your elders?… 】

    Well, madam, in this house the only ones certified to be our family’s elders are grandpa Song, grandma Tao, Yao dad, Xiao Qi dad, father Li and mother Li. You are not on the list and will never be.

    【… As for other idle people, they have no relation to our CEO Tao.”… 】
    Assistant Jiang, you did a good job too, bro!

    【…Just a shabby website that has yet to even undergo Series A financing. Yet you people take it so seriously.” // You really think our Shen family is that desperate to grab at his little shabby website?… 】

    How to unintentionally roast your parents 101 by Shen Yan. Poor mr. Shen, he was roasted by LXH not even half an hour ago and now his own daughter did this to him. LOL someone please call the ambulance, at this point mr.Shen probably suffering 4th degree burn now.

    【…no matter what the truth is, no matter what choice you make, they will support you unconditionally. They will always be your family and your backing.”…】


    【…“And of course, our family’s CEO Li.”…】

    Tbh, I also forgot our family CEO Li for a moment there too. I am so sorry, LXH. 😂


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