After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 241 Come Knocking At The Door

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When Tao Mu saw the hot search, it was already an hour and a half later. It was Meng Qi who called and told Tao Mu about it.

Due to the ban on Shen Yu, the staff of FlyNews Entertainment very cleverly used an ambiguous style of writing. In the report, Shen Yu’s name was avoided, and they only used “Mrs. Shen slapped the adopted son, angrily scolded the adopted son for having bad intentions” in the title, and then in the report, they fully described how a certain adopted son secretly stole Tao Mu’s hair for DNA identification, proving that Tao Mu was not the blood of the Shen family.

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Because the report focused on describing the attitude of Mrs. Shen and the members of the Shen family, and only a passing mention of a certain banned person. So it did not violate the ban from SARFT. And when netizens left comments, all related entries about Shen Yu were also blocked. Therefore, although the mainland side was aware of the facts, there was no way to directly participate in the discussion on In contrast, the reports and discussions in Hong Kong media were more free in their words.

Having originally thought that he could stop the Shen family from being deceived by Tao Mu when he got the solid evidence, Shen Yu, who was slapped twice in the face by Mrs. Shen in the airport lobby in front of so many media reporters and fans, felt extremely aggrieved.

He had lived in the Shen family for nineteen years, and since he was a child, he had been held and pampered in the palm of the hand. How could he have suffered such grievances?

It’s all Tao Mu! It’s all Tao Mu’s fault! Don’t know what spell this person put on the Shen family. He had already obtained Tao Mu’s DNA test report. Yet why was mom still reluctant to believe him?

On the other side, the same question was also on Tao Mu’s mind.

“I’m very curious. There is no evidence or facts, not even any witnesses. But why are Chairman Shen and Mrs. Shen so sure that I am the second son of the Shen family who has been missing for 19 years?”

In the hotel room, looking at the Shen family who came knocking at the door, Tao Mu smiled with interest.

“There’s no mistake, you are my son. You look so similar to our Shen family men, and you were abandoned in that rental house by that woman. This all matches up.” Mrs. Shen looked at Tao Mu excitedly. She even stepped forward and wanted to hug Tao Mu but Tao Mu took a step back to avoid it.

“It’s too coincidental, and we can’t help but to believe it.” Chairman Shen looked at Tao Mu’s and Shen’s family’s similar features, and suddenly felt emotional, feeling that blood was really a wonderful thing.

“If Mr. Tao doesn’t believe it, we can do a paternity test first——”

“That’s not necessary.” Tao Mu chuckled and interrupted Chairman Shen directly: “I have a family and am very satisfied with my current life. I don’t want any unnecessary people to disturb my current life. But most importantly…..”

When Tao Mu spoke to here, he paused for a while, his dark and clear eyes sweeping across the four Shen family members, and said bluntly, “I dislike your Shen family very much.”

“No, that’s not the case.” Mrs. Shen interrupted Tao Mu’s words, looking like she could barely stand from the shock: “Xiao Mu, how can you say that? Do you know how sad your mom is when you say that? This child, how can you be so cold?”

Standing on the side, Shen Yan quickly supported Mrs. Shen and glared at Tao Mu: “How can you treat your biological mother like this. Sure enough, those who come out of the orphanage are uneducated!”

“Miss Shen seems to like to talk about upbringing?” Tao Mu looked at Shen Yan and Mrs. Shen, this mother and daughter pair, and said meaningfully: “I heard people say that people like to show off what they don’t have. It seems that these words do indeed make a bit of sense.”

“When Miss Shen said these words, you must have forgotten how you cursed at me so crudely and uneducatedly before.” Tao Mu was not a goldfish. Back then, Shen Yan and Mrs. Shen ran over more than once in order to support Shen Yu. Coming to headquarters to make a scene, and even hired a water army to slander Tao Mu on the Internet, reversing black and white and scolding Tao Mu. This mother and daughter of the Shen family could forget, but Tao Mu didn’t want to.

Mrs. Shen also thought of how she hurt Tao Mu for Shen Yu, and her face flushed. She quickly explained: “That’s because I didn’t know you were my son back then——”

“No.” Tao Mu frowned fiercely, looking at the Shen family in a particularly troubled way: “There is no evidence, Mrs. Shen must not say that. I know that your Shen family has been in upheaval recently because of the matter of finding your son. But it’s your Shen family’s business after all, and I hope you don’t involve me. This will make me feel very troubled.”

He was not Shen Yu, and he didn’t have the habit of recognizing parents everywhere. It was enough for him to have two fathers and one grandfather. Relatives were not the more the better but quality over quantity. Moreover, even if he put aside his previous life, just in this life, he had a deep feud with the Shen family. The Shen family could happily forget the unhappiness of the past and come to recognize relatives, but Tao Mu did not have this habit.

He just wanted to stay away from the Shen family.

“I saw media reports that Shen Yu stole my hair for DNA identification, which proved that I am not a Shen family member.” Tao Mu simply dragged Shen Yu out as a shield: “Although I do not agree with this kind of behavior, and FlyNews will definitely send a lawyer’s letter to Shen Yu later. But I have to remind you that even if Shen Yu’s behavior violates the law, this DNA result is still of reference value. It seems that I really have no blood relationship with the Shen family.”

When Tao Mu spoke to here, he paused again. Glancing at everyone in the Shen family one by one, he remarked with emotion: “Of course, this ending is a good thing for all of us.”

“I don’t believe the DNA report given by that b*tch.” Mrs. Shen interrupted Tao Mu again and said angrily, “That b*tch is full of lies, just like his mother. They covet the wealth of the Shen family, so what crime can’t they commit? Even if he stole your hair and did a DNA test, the test result may not be true. So we have to do a new paternity test. I want to see the test results with my own eyes.”

“That’s your family’s business. It has nothing to do with me.” Tao Mu said with a lack of interest: “I have already said that my life is very satisfying now, and my family is also very good. I am not interested in finding my biological parents. It’s been this way for the past nineteen years. I’ve adapted to my current life. I’m not interested in finding another pair of parents to make trouble for me.”

To put it in a very realistic and vindictive way, when he needed the care and protection of his blood family the most, the Shen family rejected and pushed him thousands of miles away. Now that he had both fame and fortune, it was his turn to be too lazy to pay attention to the Shen family.


“Mom, forget it. Since this person doesn’t know what’s good or bad for him, why should we eagerly rush to ingratiate him so that he would return to the Shen family.” Shen Yan interrupted Mrs. Shen impatiently. Already embarrassed angry from hearing Tao Mu mocking her for being uneducated and having no familial sincerity, Shen Yan interrupted Mrs. Shen’s words impatiently. At this moment, seeing Mrs. Shen begging Tao Mu, she felt even more displeased. She blurted out: “Isn’t it just creating a little shabby website? What’s so amazing about this accomplishment. Looking at your arrogant appearance, do you really think that our Shen family have to recognize you no matter what?”

Assistant Jiang, who had been standing behind Li Xiaoheng, suddenly snickered: “Don’t be so fast with your words. There is no basis and no evidence, just based on a vague media report, yet why did you suddenly come to Hong Kong to recognize your son? Everyone is an adult here, who can’t see what you guys think in your heart. You have already performed the action, so don’t be so reluctant to admit it.”

Jiang Zhe really couldn’t get used to the Shen family, especially Shen Yan’s expression of “being a sl*t yet pretending to be a virgin”. They were clearly very covetous of Mr. Tao’s worth and business, and even made plans to take advantage of it on the plane. Now, when they saw CEO Tao they boldly claim that the Shen family had no malicious intentions. Did they really think that all of them were goldfish, and couldn’t remember the content of their conversation two hours ago?

Jiang Zhe was really curious. How was the Shen family able to lead the Shen Group into an industrial group with a market value of hundreds of billions with this kind of attitude and way of doing things? According to Jiang Zhe’s inference, since the Shen family was so braindead, and even Shen Shiyuan, the chairman of the board, had such a bizarre logic, the Shen Group should have collapsed long ago.

It could only be said that the colleagues in Shanghai City were too soft-hearted, or Shen Chen, the CEO, was too capable.

Thinking of this, Jiang Zhe couldn’t help but look at Shen Chen who had been looking at Tao Mu thoughtfully the whole time since he had entered the room, but never said a word.

Who knows what kind of scheme or plot this guy was cooking up!

In fact, Shen Chen wasn’t scheming or plotting anything at the moment. Unlike Shen Shiyuan and his wife, who couldn’t wait to recognize their son, Shen Chen actually had no enthusiasm for this matter. Because Shen Chen clearly knew that, whether Tao Mu was the second son of the Shen family or not, with Tao Mu’s scheming and sophisticated means, the Shen family would not be able to use this blood relationship to get any advantage from Tao Mu. Just like Shen Chen would never voluntarily give up the control of the Shen Group and his status as the number one heir to the Shen family just because the second young master Shen was his own younger brother.

Shen Chen believed that Tao Mu must have a very mature personality to establish such a career at this age. At least the behind-the-scenes player who could scheme against the Yao family and the Sheng’an Group to the point where their assets have shrunk dozens of times without any hesitation was definitely not a child who let his family’s interests control his own interests.

As Tao Mu himself said, he was past the age where he needed guardians and parents to protect him. He had worked hard all these years just by himself. Even if his parents came knocking at his door one day, Tao Mu’s first thought was definitely not happiness at having found a few more relatives, but to think about whether these relatives would use this relationship to rob Tao Mu’s own interests.

Just like him, Shen Chen, when he heard the news that the second son of the Shen family was still alive, his first thought was definitely not happiness that his younger brother was still alive. But ponder whether after the younger brother came back, would he pose a threat to his status. After this thought, only then was he in the mood to think about what the return of the second young master of the Shen family would mean to the Shen family.

Just based on a vague media report and the identification of a blurry-eyed Beijing landlady, it was concluded that Tao Mu was the second son of the Shen family who had been missing for 19 years. From the very beginning, Shen Chen didn’t really believe in such an extreme coincidence. It’s just that he felt that he didn’t need to dampen Mrs. Shen’s interest at such a time. Whether Tao Mu was the second son of the Shen family who had been missing for 19 years, this conclusion only needed a DNA test to come to the conclusion. Shen Chen was different from Shen Shiyuan and his wife. His position determined that he couldn’t act nonsensically at will, lest outsiders misunderstand that he was afraid that his rights would be damaged and would try his best to prevent his parents from recognizing their other son. What’s more, this kind of thing could not be stopped by words. Therefore, there was absolutely no need for Shen Chen to stand forward and be a villain.

However, after today, to be precise, after seeing Tao Mu, Shen Chen was not so confident in his own inferences.

Maybe Tao Mu was really the second son of the Shen family who had been missing for nineteen years. And Tao Mu himself seemed to know about this as well.

So the question was, how did Tao Mu know about things that even the Shen family couldn’t be sure of? Why didn’t he want to go back to the Shen family?

Shen Chen felt that Tao Mu’s attitude was very problematic. At the same time, Tao Mu being extremely repulsed by the Shen family, and wanting to keep a distance from the Shen family to the point that it was best not to recognize each other for the rest of their lives. This kind of aloof and cold attitude was picked up by Shen Chen.

Shen Chen didn’t know why Tao Mu acted so strangely, but compared to those ambitious “Second Young Masters” who wanted to use a blood relationship to win over the Shen Group, at least Tao Mu’s attitude made Shen Chen feel more at ease.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Although Shen Chen was confident that with his scheming and smarts, he would not lose no matter who he competed with for the inheritance. But compared to the headache of internal fighting, CEO Shen obviously preferred to expand outward.

Therefore, Shen Chen felt it was necessary to chat with Mr. Tao, who was most likely his true younger brother.

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