After Two Lifetimes I Was Reborn Back Inside A Book CH 013 Retribution

After the test ranking list was posted, news of Jiang Chen’s return to the first place in the year and Zhang Jian’s suspension from teaching spread throughout Yan City No. 1 High School.

Needless to say, everyone who had heard the gossip had an answer in their hearts: Zhang Jian had indeed directed and acted in a script written by himself to deliberately slander his student.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

All of a sudden, the story of Jiang Chen using smarts to win against the class teacher was widely circulated, and the east side of the fourth floor became a popular spot. Most of them were junior and senior brothers who came to inquire about the story and junior and senior sisters who came to see him. Even when he went to the cafeteria, there were other grades who greeted him.

Shen Xu mischievously said: “Yes, our class hunk has turned into a school hunk, a big celebrity!”

This was not the first time Shen Xu had teased him, and Jiang Chen was too lazy to reply, but recently having been blocked by people on the road had indeed caused him some trouble. Fortunately, the burden he threw out had already been picked up. When something really big happens, the others would gradually forget him.

Contrary to Jiang Chen’s expectations, this time things happened faster than he imagined.

As soon as the bell rang for recess on Friday, a low-key black sedan drove in.

This could be regarded as a rare thing. No. 1 High School stipulated that no vehicles were allowed in the school, including bicycles and cars. Even the teachers and the principal have never driven in a car.

It was a big recess now. All three years gathered on the playground, watching the car drive down the straight road to the office building. Several men in simple clothes got out of the car, and the principal personally greeted them.

Some people started talking: “Who is that, actually able to drive into the school!”

“Is it from the Education Bureau? I heard from my friend from No. 16 High School that a leader went to inspect the school a few days ago, and their clean-up of the school took up two classes the day before.”

“No way, when the leaders came before, didn’t we also have to do school wide clean up?”

The students gossiped among themselves, but when the broadcast sounded, they could only stop and do the exercises seriously.

Jiang Chen glanced in the direction of the office building, feeling a little surprised, but he basically guessed who those people were and what they were here for.

Before the monthly exam, he went to the office building to help Teacher Fu get a new math problem book, and while Sun Tengyun was away, he tampered with his computer. After that, every trace of Sun Tengyun’s activities on the computer was visible to his eyes.

Sun Tengyun had a good habit of keeping accounts. Whether it was earned money or stolen money, he recorded every stroke clearly, and even the source of the money and what expenses it was used for were written on the side with a red lettering note.

However, a vigilant person like him naturally had protective measures if he dared to keep accounts. The folder where Sun Tengyun kept accounts was extremely hidden, and there were countless folders with the same name used as a deception. After finding the file there were also several layers of passwords and even a Trojan horse virus installed, in the case that the password was entered incorrectly for a certain number of times, the file would be permanently destroyed.

But this Trojan horse virus, to Jiang Chen, was like a sandcastle built by children on the beach. It had no defense ability and could be toppled over clean with just a push.

With no effort at all, Jiang Chen passed the documents on Sun Tengyun’s side to the political enemy of a certain leader whom he sucked up to. He originally thought that the other party would spend some time verifying these documents, and would only expose them at the right time. First arrest the person above Sun Tengyun, and then it would be Sun Tengyun’s turn.

Unexpectedly, the action on that side was so fast, and it took only a few days to make the arrest.

Jiang Chen didn’t expect this, nor did Sun Tengyun, who was taken away for investigation.

It was only when he got to the place that he learned that the person above him had already been arrested for corruption and bribery, and the evidence seemed to have leaked from his side.

Sun Tengyun was shocked, and his handcuffed hands trembled.

How could that be! There was absolutely no way he could have made any mistakes on his side!

The cold sweat on Sun Tengyun’s forehead sprouted layer after layer, and when the cold wind blew past, his whole person swayed.

He stared blankly at the ceiling, it was over, if it really leaked from his side, then he was finished, his entire family was finished!


The turmoil in the Yan City Municipal Bureau was not big this time, but it still affected a small group of people, including Zhang Jian. He had only temporarily been suspended from teaching classes, but now he directly received the dismissal document, which was issued by the Municipal School Board.

If there was no serious violation of law or discipline, or long absence from classes, this kind of dismissal was usually ordered by the school. If the teacher refused to accept it, he could apply for transfer and transfer to another school. But once this dismissal came from the School Board, this was practically cutting off any possibility of being a teacher in the future!

Zhang Jian was naturally unwilling, and was making a noise about going to the School Board to appeal, but no one in the school listened to his willingness or not. Even the class teacher of class 7, who had always had a good relationship with him, avoided him when he saw him at the school gate.

In the end, there was still a young teacher who couldn’t watch any longer, and whispered in his ear what happened when he was away from school in the past few days. Only then did Zhang Jian’s eyes widened. After the teacher left, he stood there alone. After a long time, he began to pace absentmindedly and mutter in a low voice that it was impossible.

When Shen Xu and Jiang Chen walked to the school gate, Zhang Jian was still at the school gate.

Tomorrow was Sunday, so Shen Xu strongly asked Jiang Chen to play games with him, and had been nagging him all the way.

Jiang Chen had been going to the hospital for the past few weekends, and Huo Bo had not been in Yan City during this time, leaving Shen Xu all lonely and alone. Thinking of this, Jiang Chen also felt that he had ignored him recently.

“I have time next weekend. We can play games or go to an Internet cafe then. I really have something to do this weekend.”

Shen Xu also knew that when Jiang Chen said he was busy, it was really the truth, but he was really curious about what Jiang Chen was busy with. He knew the current situation of the Jiang family. It was precisely because he was so clear that he was very worried about whether Jiang Chen was trying to alleviate the burden of the family, and thus went to find some dangerous work to do behind their backs.

But if it was work, Jiang Chen going to work for one day a week seemed quite unreliable.

“Jiangzi, tell me the truth, you’ve been running out every weekend recently, where did you go?”


As soon as Jiang Chen opened his mouth, Zhang Jian at the school gate discovered him.

Zhang Jian’s eyes were bloodshot, and his face that was not young originally appeared even more old now. He stared straight at Jiang Chen for a while, and suddenly strode towards him.

He shouted as he walked, “It’s you, right!”

The students at the gate of the school were all startled by Zhang Jian’s sudden outburst, but they all voluntarily gathered at Jiang Chen’s side.

They knew exactly what Zhang Jian was like. And it was posted on the bulletin board a few days ago that Zhang Jian was no longer a teacher at their school. Of course, they have to protect their classmate.

Shen Xu was also taken aback, pulled Jiang Chen back two steps, and said, “F**k, what’s up with Zhang Three Hairs!”

Jiang Chen, who was guarded by a group of classmates, patted Shen Xu’s arm and motioned him to let go.

Shen Xu glanced at the classmates around them and felt reassured. After letting go of Jiang Chen, he raised his chin and looked at Zhang Jian, who was blocked outside: “Teacher Zhang, what are you doing? You can’t slander Jiang Chen so you want to hit him?”

“It’s you!”

Zhang Jian could no longer hear what other people were saying at this moment. All he could think about was the lowered words Jiang Chen said to him when he left school that day: “Enjoy your retirement life, Teacher Zhang.”

At that time, he was simply just temporarily suspended from teaching, but Jiang Chen was already certain that he would never be able to go back to school!

Why was Jiang Chen so certain?

Because Sun Tengyun’s incident was caused by him! He knew that once Sun Tengyun collapsed, he would also be kicked out of the school! Everything was according to his plan!

Zhang Jian looked at Jiang Chen with bloodshot eyes, everything, including his plan to frame him at the time, might actually have been part of his plan!

At this time, Zhang Jian had completely lost his ability to think. He didn’t know where Jiang Chen had the ability to directly overthrow Sun Tengyun, and even make the person above Sun Tengyun suffer, but he was inexplicably certain that all this was Jiang Chen’s fault!

Jiang Chen’s mouth was slightly curved upwards, and his voice was clear and calm: “Teacher Zhang, I don’t understand what you are talking about.”

At first glance, he was no different from other teenagers of this age, clean and cheerful, with a sunny aura all over his body, which made people have a good impression of him easily.

But just like this, Zhang Jian felt more and more terrified of him. He had directed and manipulated everything, and even involved a bigwig who even he didn’t dare to look directly at when Zhang Jian participated in dinner meetings. And then he was able to remain so calm and withdraw himself completely from the whirlpool. Just what kind of scheming and manipulative means did he possess!

Thinking of how many times he had offended him, of the dirty tricks he had played behind his back that were obvious to all, and of the fate of Sun Tengyun who only offended him verbally, Zhang Jian’s anger which had rushed upwards now instantly leaked away. Like a basin of ice water had been overturned over his head, the cold chill rushed from the soles of his feet to the top of his head, making his heart tremble.

Seeing that Zhang Jian didn’t speak, Jiang Chen took a few steps towards him and asked, “Teacher Zhang, what do you want to say?”

Zhang Jian looked at Jiang Chen with a completely different expression from just now. It was as if he was carrying a big sword to seek revenge, but he met an evil spirot or ghost halfway, and practically half of his soul was scared away. He stumbled back half a step, his face pale and fearful.

Seeing his appearance, Shen Xu leaned into Jiang Chen’s ear strangely, and said in a low voice, “What happened to Zhang Three Hairs? That expression is like he has seen a ghost.”

The next second, what he said was even more jaw-dropping.

“Jiang Chen, I did something wrong before. I shouldn’t have framed you and slandered you. I have already been punished. Now I apologize to you. Could you forgive me?”

The surrounding classmates were in an uproar, and Shen Xu also didn’t expect Zhang Jian to apologize, his eyes widened.

Jiang Chen didn’t expect that Zhang Jian would apologize to him, and he didn’t know what was going on with his suddenly frightened appearance. The only thing he could think of was that Zhang Jian was using his acting skills to make a breakthrough using him and continue to return to his teaching job.

His expression didn’t change and he said, “Teacher Zhang, if you just want to apologize, I accept it. If you want to use this to go back to school and continue teaching, it’s useless to apologize to me.”

Hearing what he said, the other classmates also reacted, Zhang Jian was planning to save himself in a roundabout way.

“I’m not…..”

“It’s good if you’re not.” Jiang Chen interrupted Zhang Jian’s words and said with a smile: “The next class period will start soon, we’ll go in first.”

After entering the school, Shen Xu was still immersed in surprise: “Zhang Three Hairs actually apologized? I thought he would push everything on your head and hate you to death? And he looked like he was looking for you before to enact revenge. But suddenly he becomes like you are the one seeking vengeance on him, as if he was suddenly possessed, is there something wrong with him?”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Jiang Chen shook his head and didn’t think much about it. Anyway, Zhang Jian was destined to be unable to get up from this incident, and Sun Tengyun’s bookkeeping memorandum was indispensable. Now Sun Tengyun was caught and couldn’t make any moves. Those who were implicated by him would inevitably take their anger out on Zhang Jian. At that time, it was hard to say whether Zhang Jian would even be able to stay in Yan City.

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