After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 242 Meeting Alone

Along with the news that the Shen family flew to Hong Kong to recognize their son, but were stopped at the airport by Shen Yu with the DNA identification report spread, a video of Mrs. Shen raising her hand and slapping Shen Yu’s face also came out. Overnight, news reports that someone directed and acted out a play by themselves, leading the public to speculate that he was the second son of the Shen family, filled the Hong Kong gossip tabloids.

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This kind of grabbing on a little bit of suspected black material, and the gesture of guiding the public opinion to slander people on the entire Internet was inexplicably familiar, and Tao Mu could guess who was behind this with just his knees.

“I don’t understand, just how did our CEO Tao offend him. Why does that Shen Yu always have to make trouble for our CEO Tao?”

Looking at the various cryptic speculation reports in the major entertainment weekly magazines, Assistant Jiang really couldn’t understand. He complained to the two expatriate reporters from in Hong Kong: “Why can’t that surnamed Shen just leave others alone. If he doesn’t bind Mr. Tao to him, he will have no traffic, is that it?”

The point was that those entertainment weekly magazines have also learned to be smart. When writing the report, Tao Mu’s name was not mentioned at all. They just used “a celebrity surnamed T” instead. There were so many people in China, and there were many celebrities in the entertainment circle. They did not refer to Tao Mu by name so even of and Xiaoheng Capital wanted to pursue the matter, they would not be successful.

As a result, the employees of the two companies could only watch those reports and suppress their anger, unable to find a good solution for a while.

Lawyer Zhou, who rushed over from Beijing, ate the last bite of shark fin fish, and said casually while wiping his mouth: “What’s so hard about this? Why do those gossip magazines like to expose the black material of stars? Isn’t it to attract people’s eyeballs and make sales. And what do they make sales for?”

Assistant Jiang and the two expatriate reporters looked at each other.

Lawyer Zhou didn’t beat around the bush, and as he went to bring a plate of fruit as dessert he continued to explain: “Isn’t it because the data will be more attractive when discussing advertising costs!”

“Xiaoheng Capital has acquired so many companies in Hong Kong. How are the connections and strength of these companies in the business circle of Hong Kong? Have they advertised in major weekly magazines? Or have their partners and suppliers advertised in these newspapers?”

“Although the Lin family is an old and affluent family in Hong Kong, they can’t cover the sky with one hand. Everyone comes out to work to support the family. Anything is agreeable if you make money. But if you don’t make money, or even lose money, no one will care even if you are the king of heaven, am I right?”

Assistant Jiang suddenly realized, and immediately said, “I’ll contact the companies below.”

Lawyer Zhou thought for a while, and then added: “Don’t be too obvious, so as not to leave a source for those gossip magazines to talk nonsense. I remember that FlyNews Entertainment is also very popular in Hong Kong? Why don’t we also do a paper media distribution in Hong Kong as well? At that time,’s team in Hong Kong can come forward to discuss the specific matters of advertising cooperation with those companies, and it will be a good pretext to make trouble.”

The most important thing was that’s branch office in Hong Kong could make some extra money.

When Lawyer Zhou spoke to here, he suddenly stopped.

Assistant Jiang and’s expatriate reporters thought Zhou Shenxing was pondering over something important. Only to see Lawyer Zhou reluctantly push the half plate of fruit he just served himself in front of Assistant Jiang and the two expatriate reporters: “Help me eat it.”

Assistant Jiang and the two expatriate reporters were immediately dumbfounded, and looked over with the expression “Are you ill?”

Lawyer Zhou was also exasperated: “Hurry up. I can’t eat anymore.”

“Then don’t eat it!” Assistant Jiang always felt that the chief lawyer of was a fine fellow in everything, but for the fact that he was too stingy. Every time he had to treat others to a meal, it was like they were forcing a good woman to be a prostitute. But the most important point was that every time it was a subsidized meal. Either the cafeteria at the headquarters of or the free buffet at the hotel on business trips. Yet he still dared to call it “eating the richest ingredients with the least money”. What’s even worse was that every time he couldn’t finish the meal, he insisted on forcing his colleagues to help him finish.

“There are regulations for eating buffets, and if you don’t finish eating, you will be fined.” Lawyer Zhou knocked on the plate with a righteous face, and said with a high-sounding tone: “Besides, even if the restaurant doesn’t fine you, there is no need to waste such delicious food, am I right?”

Assistant Jiang and the two expatriate reporters rolled their eyes in unison. Yet they still stretched out their hands to help Zhou Shenxing finish the remaining half plate of fruit.

Because they mentioned the issue of FlyNews Entertainment’s print media during the conversation, the two expatriate reporters obviously did not have the right to act arbitrarily. Only according to the content of everyone’s discussion, they must first make a project plan, and then report it upwards, superior by superior. Fortunately, FlyNews’s work efficiency had always been fast. And this plan was also related to Mr. Tao’s image and reputation. In less than half a day, Meng Qi, who was far away in Beijing, saw the plan.

Mr. Meng, who was still debating whether to go to Hong Kong to visit Tao Mu’s film set, immediately put aside his concerns and asked his secretary to book three plane tickets under the guise of a business trip to inspect a new project.

Old man Song and Liu Yao, who were also unable to sit still at home, received the call and immediately packed up and rushed to the airport. That night, the family of three flew to Hong Kong. Alongside were also the main creative team of FlyNews Entertainment.

At that time, Tao Mu was sitting in the quiet bar downstairs in the hotel, meeting Shen Chen alone.

“I wonder what is the reason Mr. Shen asked me out for a meeting alone?”

Looking at Shen Chen’s face that was 70% similar to his own, Tao Mu’s mood was a little gloomy for a while. Unlike the rest of the Shen family, Tao Mu’s perception of Shen Chen was very complicated. He once thought that Shen Chen should be the best and most considerate of all the people in the Shen family, and also the least prejudiced person. It could be said that without Shen Chen’s careful teaching, Tao Mu would never have achieved today’s success even if he was reborn. It was precisely because of this that in his previous life, Tao Mu, until his death, felt that he and Shen Chen were able to be real brothers.

It was a pity that after being reborn, Tao Mu recalled his past experiences bit by bit, and suddenly realized that he and Shen Chen didn’t seem to be as harmonious and tacit as he imagined.

What kind of feelings did Shen Chen have towards him? Did he seriously think that Tao Mu was a worthy and trustworthy younger brother; or, as those people said, just treated him as a competitor for inheritance?

Shen Chen’s thoughts were too deep and hidden, even the family members whom he saw day and night couldn’t figure out his thoughts. Not to mention Tao Mu, the younger brother who appeared halfway through.

Some things that have become the past remain in the past. Forcefully asking for an answer might not yield a desirable result. Tao Mu wanted to let go of everything in his previous life. It didn’t matter whether Shen Chen treated him as his own younger brother or as a competitor. As long as the Shen family didn’t pester him in this life, everything was fine.

“You indeed know your own birth background.”

Just when Tao Mu was pondering and lost in thought, Shen Chen’s words scared him back to his senses and he immediately gathered his attention: “Hic?”

Shen Chen: “…..”

Tao Mu, who accidentally hiccupped, coughed twice and smiled apologetically, “Sorry, I was a little distracted just now. What did Mr. Shen say?”

Shen Chen stared coldly at Tao Mu’s standard to the point where he showed a smile with eight teeth. His sitting posture was upright and relaxed, only lowering his head slightly to take a sip of coffee, and his dark and clear eyes were full of sincerity. It seemed that just now was really just a distraction instead of being frightened.

As expected of an actor who had been praised for his acting skills, his performance was impeccable in an instant.

Shen Chen hooked up the corners of his mouth indiscernibly, and folded his hands on his knees. His deep eyes looked directly at Tao Mu, politely but still with a trace of aggressiveness: “I want to ask, what does Mr. Tao think of the rumors that you are the second son of the Shen family?”

“Simply ridiculous.” Tao Mu raised his eyebrows and said without hesitation, “I absolutely cannot be part of the Shen family. I have nothing to do with the Shen family.”

When Tao Mu said this, he emphasized again: “I am already twenty years old. I have my own legal family. I am very satisfied with my current life. I know that the Shen family had been in upheaval recently because of the search for their lost son. There was a lot of uproar. But I hope your family affairs don’t involve an outsider like me. And as for your Shen family’s adopted son, if possible, I ask your Shen family to educate him well. Don’t always talk nonsense and do inexplicable things. Like this time when he stole my hair for DNA testing. Although I am very happy, his approach saved us some trouble. But I have to remind Mr. Shen that this approach is illegal. So expect the lawyer’s letter to arrive soon.”

Shen Chen chuckled and said, “It can be seen that Mr. Tao has a deep grudge against the Shen family. I am deeply sorry for the unpleasantness that happened before. But I hope Mr. Tao understands that no matter what Shen Yu does, the Shen family does not want to have a bad relationship with Mr. Tao. On the contrary, our Shen family has a lot of sincerity to make friends with Mr. Tao.”

Tao Mu said lightly, “Some things are about having affinity. Probably I don’t have an affinity with the Shen family. It’s not necessary to make friends. As long as the Shen family controls your adopted son, everyone can just exist separately and mind our own business.”

Shen Chen raised his eyebrows. After pondering for a while, he nodded and said, “I promise you. I will try my best to restrain Shen Yu, and I won’t let him bother you again. But Mr. Tao must also promise me one thing.”

Tao Mu looked at Shen Chen: “What is it?”

“Remember what you said. You and the Shen family will exist separately and mind our own business.” Shen Chen stared into Tao Mu’s eyes and said deeply.

Tao Mu and Shen Chen looked at each other. For a moment, Tao Mu’s heart skipped a beat. In a trance, the two brothers who possessed a tact mutual understanding of each other reached an agreement: “Deal.”

Hearing Tao Mu say this word, Shen Chen, who had a proper and decent smile fixed on his face as if he had on a mask, was suddenly startled. The curvature of his lips slowly converged. This CEO, who had been taking over the business of the group since he was sixteen years old, and who had never made a mistake over these many years, looked at Tao Mu who was sitting across from him with a complicated expression, as if a big stone in his heart had finally fallen to the ground: “Sure enough, you know your birth background.”

Tao Mu’s heart sank. He recalled his own words and deeds again, but still didn’t understand where he went wrong. He could only ask with a polite smile, “I don’t quite understand what Mr. Shen means when you say this?”

“It doesn’t matter.” After Shen Chen said this, he paused slightly, handing over his business card: “Although I know that with Mr. Tao’s status and ability today, you probably won’t need my help. But I still want to say, if you ever have use for me, please call me directly.”

Tao Mu frowned: “I said before——”

“Sometimes, too much resistance means that you care about one thing.” Shen Chen stood up and nodded slightly: “If Mr. Tao really doesn’t want others to see that you care, the correct way is to graciously accept the business card and throw it in the trash afterwards.”

Tao Mu was stunned. Then he heard Shen Chen continue: “By the way, do you know Zhuo Yan?”

Tao Mu said calmly, “Miss Shen’s fiance.”

Shen Chen carefully paid attention to Tao Mu’s expression: “I’m curious about something. This Zhuo Yan seems to have long known who Shen Yu’s biological mother is. However, when Yan Yan was searching for her, Zhuo Yan did not provide any clues. But after Yan Yan found her, he took the initiative to communicate with Shen Yu’s biological mother. After that, you should have also seen what Shen Yu’s biological mother said in the live broadcast room, right?”

At that time, no one knew what Zhuo Yan said to Shen Yu’s biological mother. But after the conversation, Shen Yu’s biological mother deliberately concealed the past regarding the rental house in Beijing, and only for it to be revealed so coincidentally that it became known to the entire Internet.

However, what made Shen Chen more concerned was that Zhuo Yan was only an ordinary investment manager before he joined the Shen Group. Although there were some talents to him that were slightly budding, he was definitely not excellent enough to make people feel threatened.

But in private, this Zhuo Yan, like Tao Mu, made a lot of money from shorting in the international financial market. Although the timing of his entry was a bit late, and his assets so far were only about a few millions of US dollars. But a person who was obviously so talented actually entered the Shen Group in such a roundabout way. And the first clue that exposed him was actually related to Tao Mu.

Such a move made it impossible for Shen Chen to not care.

“I sent someone to investigate this Zhuo Yan secretly.” Shen Chen said this, and suddenly smiled with intrigue: “A dozen years ago, when I just joined the Shen Group, the first project I took over was to acquire a department store. At that time I was young and impatient, and it was the first time that I have been given a heavy responsibility by the group. Mr. Tao should be able to imagine that in order to successfully complete the task, my methods were a bit aggressive.”

The end result was, of course, the successful completion of the acquisition. But there were also fatalities——the owner of the department store committed suicide by jumping off the building shortly after the acquisition.

In fact, Shen Chen didn’t think there was anything wrong with what he did back then. Business competition was like this. The Shen Group was not a charity. Since they had the guts to compete with the department stores under the Shen Group, they should have had an awareness of failure and damage.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

But what surprised Shen Chen was that more than ten years later, the son of the owner who jumped off the building showed up and began dating Shen Yan while hiding his past, and then tried every means to enter the Shen group. And even became connected to Tao Mu.

Tao Mu met Shen Chen’s meaningful look, and asked, “What does Mr. Shen want to say?”

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