Source of Calamity CH 014 Entering The Company

Shen Zhen, who returned to the room, called Qin Meng’s sister, Qin Shan. Unlike Qin Meng, Qin Shan had been in touch with the Qin family’s business since she came of age. She had a so-so relationship with everyone in the family, and had not returned to the Qin family manor recently. She had bought her own house outside, close to the company.

She was only a minor employee in the Qin family company now. No one knows that she was actually a young lady of the Qin family. When she heard that Shen Zhen was also going to work in the company, she even gave him some careful advice.

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“Don’t wear a brand-name suit, you can just wear a custom-made one, the kind without a brand name.” Qin Shan stayed up all night and was just sleeping, and yawned, “Don’t bring a black card, just a normal bank card. Don’t put too much money in it, just put one or two thousand yuan in your wallet every day.”

Qin Shan said, “I’ll have someone find a house for you. How big do you want?”

Shen Zhen was also very unceremonious: “Two hundred square meters is enough. It is best to have floor-to-ceiling windows in the living room, and there must be a study.”

Qin Shan: “Okay, I’ll have someone prepare it for you. When will you arrive at the company?”

Shen Zhen: “Uncle Qin asked me to go next Monday with the other newcomers.”

Qin Shan’s tone was not very good: “Anyway, just think of it as experiencing life in the early stage, it’s annoying.”

She only went home on weekends every week, and she only stayed at home for one day, before she went back to having fun with the fresh meat she kept, so no one at home knows how she was in the company, and Qin Meng never cared about this either.

Unlike his sister, Qin Meng had no interest in business at all, and was unwilling to start from the bottom, and had been staying at home as a rice bug this whole time.

Qin Shan specially made a visit to see the house. The Qin Group’s company building was located in the city center, and was a landmark building of the city. There were two buildings, both of which had more than 40 floors. The employees of the head office always had it better than those of the child companies. The chosen house was located near the company.

Such an area, putting aside the price, there were not many willing to sell.

Fortunately, Shen Zhen didn’t need to worry about the buying process, he only needed to take a look and nod, and the butler would take care of the rest.

“Not bad.” Shen Zhen turned around.

Qin Shan: “Someone will come to clean every day, and the drinks in the refrigerator are also replenished every day. Do you smoke? If you do, ask the butler to find someone to deliver it every day.”

Shen Zhen shook his head: “No.”

He smoked very fiercely in his last life, he had tobacco dependence, and he always felt flustered when he didn’t smoke. Since he had no addiction in this life, then it was better to keep it that way.

“Did Youngest Uncle tell you which department you will go to?” Qin Shan went and poured a cup of coffee for Shen Zhen.

Shen Zhen waved his hand: “I drink plain water.”

He didn’t like coffee.

Qin Shan shrugged, not too caring.

Shen Zhen: “Uncle didn’t say, he let me go wherever I want.”

Qin Shan: “I suggest you go to the media department.”

Shen Zhen tilted his head: “Why?”

He studied finance in college, so asking him to deal with a group of reporters?

Qin Shan took a sip of coffee and frowned at the bitter taste, having forgotten to add creamer and sugar. She wrinkled her nose: “You can get to know more people, if you drop directly into a department with power, they could eat you alive.”

“Youngest Uncle won’t have anyone take care of you.”

Shen Zhen understood that Qin Shan was telling him to use roundabout tactics.

“Did you suffer a loss when you first went?” Shen Zhen asked.

Qin Shan snorted: “That group of people, heh.”

Still held a grudge it seemed.

Qin Shan complained: “I had to do everything myself, I had to clean up the table myself, and points will be taken if it is messy which means having my salary deducted.”

“Several work groups fighting over a single project, everyone scheming and bullying newcomers. If you do well, no one will praise you. If you don’t do well, the fault is all yours. They call it seniors leading juniors, but the seniors would take their work and assign it to you instead, lo and behold, how fun.”

Shen Zhen smiled: “You didn’t tell Uncle?” Didn’t you tell on them to Uncle?

Qin Shan rolled her eyes: “I did, Youngest Uncle told me to take care of it myself, and also said that if I can’t handle this trivial matter well, then don’t get promoted for now, just obediently stay as a little office worker for a few years. “

“Anyway, just be careful yourself.” Qin Shan gloated a little, finally someone was going to be unlucky with her.

The younger generation of other people’s family, when they enter their own company, the position was at least starting from a department manager, the minimum was this. Only their family was different, they were only small office walkers when they entered, and they also had to conceal their identities.

“Eldest Brother also worked as a little office worker?” Shen Zhen suddenly asked.

Qin Shan shook her head: “Eldest Brother had always been following Youngest Uncle, and he had been meeting people since he was a child. Youngest Uncle taught him personally, how could he be like us.”

This was the insurmountable gap, Qin Shan was envious and hateful.

“You will now live alone. If you’re bored, keep a cat or a dog. Anyway, if you’re not at home, an apartment housekeeper will help you watch it.” Qin Shan took out her mobile phone and showed Shen Zhen the photo: “Look, my corgi, doesn’t its butt look cute?”

Shen Zhen nodded and said sincerely, “Cute.”

Qin Shan was satisfied: “It’s very sweet and obedient, and knows how to go to the toilet by itself.”

“Then I’ll head back first, and I’ll drive to pick you up on Monday.” Qin Shan said, “It’s not the one I usually drive at home, it’s a red Chery QQ, don’t mistake it.”

Shen Zhen’s expression was a little stiff, Chery QQ?

Qin Shan saw Shen Zhen’s expression, and her tone was quite despairing: “Youngest Uncle had someone get it for me. Said that even if it was a Volkswagen, he wouldn’t get it for me.”

Shen Zhen: “Uncle didn’t give me a car…..”

Qin Shan found that this person was worse off than her, and patted Shen Zhen on the shoulder: “It’s okay, Chery QQ can also seat four people, and it has four wheels, thinking about it this way it does not seem too bad.”

Better than giving her a two-wheeled electric scooter.

The apartment was on the 42nd floor. The living room had a rectangular structure, and the front and rear corners were curved. The entire living room faces outwards with huge floor-to-ceiling windows, which allowed a night view of the city. The decoration was very simple, and the main colors were white and brown. The open-plan kitchen also had a wine cabinet. The whole living room was very large. There was a treadmill placed on the side. The floor was white tiles and covered with a thick gray carpet.

There was a smell of a newly furnished house in the air, but it was not too bad.

The necessities here were complete, and Shen Zhen didn’t need to prepare anything other than his own clothes.

Shen Zhen poured himself a glass of juice and stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows, overlooking the city.

If he was not born in the Shen family, but in an ordinary family, he might not be able to afford such a house in his entire life.

Shen Zhen exhaled on the glass and drew a smiling face in the white mist with his fingers.

He smiled at the smiley face.

The sheets and quilt covers were all new. They were sent to be washed and dried before they were laid so it was dry and refreshing. Shen Zhen took a shower. It was already dark. As the air conditioner was on he came out wearing a bathrobe that exposed most of his chest.

Shen Zhen was very pale and looked thin in clothes, but his muscles were very firm, not as strong as burly as the Qin family looked, but more aesthetic.

The floor-to-ceiling windows at night reflected his figure.

Shen Zhen pulled off the bathrobe.

A young male body was reflected in the glass.

Maybe he should go to the gym. Shen Zhen touched his abdominal muscles, which were not obvious anymore. It took a lot of abdominal force to see it clearly.

Sleeping in the new place, Shen Zhen felt a little uneasy, Mama Zhang was still packing things, and she wouldn’t come over until tomorrow.

He opened his eyes and looked at the ceiling until it was two o’clock in the morning, yet he still couldn’t fall asleep, so he poured a glass of red wine and swallowed it down like medicine.

This weekend, Shen Zhen practically spent mostbof his time getting familiar with the new home, but Mama Zhang was very happy. When she was at the Qin family manor, the Qin family had a kitchen and chef, so Mama Zhang’s cooking skills were of no use. Now that she moved out, Mama Zhang started to cook and busy herself with this small house.

Shen Zhen: “Isn’t your son also going to school here? Is the school accommodation convenient? I will be going to work and usually won’t have time to accompany you, so you can let him move in here.”

Mama Zhang hesitated: “How embarrassing is this, he is such a big boy, won’t he cause you trouble?”

Mama Zhang didn’t take care of her own son very much. She was a little lost. From the time her son was a child to now, this mother and son had hardly stayed under the same roof, but she also knew that this was because Shen Zhen cared for her, and her son was also someone she cared about so she didn’t refuse. She just smiled reluctantly: “Then I’ll call him to ask, he lives in the school dorms now, and he probably doesn’t want to move out.”

Shen Zhen nodded, he put on a custom suit that Mama Zhang had ironed last night, and it was indeed very unwrinkled and smooth.

Mama Zhang did Shen Zhen’s tie for him and smiled: “So handsome.”

Shen Zhen: “I won’t be back at noon. You have to eat better at home by yourself. Let the housekeeper buy anything you want.”

Mama Zhang said quickly: “I’ll go around the neighborhood to find out where the market is, and I’ll make you stir-fried prawns at night.”

When Shen Zhen heard stir-fried prawns, he also felt a bit of a craving: “Okay.”

It happened that Qin Shan’s call came, so Shen Zhen went downstairs and saw the Chery QQ at a glance, bright red with stickers on the rear.

Qin Shan was also wearing a professional suit. She rolled down the car window: “Come on, have you eaten breakfast?”

Shen Zhen sat in the co-pilot and fastened his seat belt: “Yeah.”

Qin Shan yawned: “I slept in a few more minutes and didn’t eat breakfast. I’m going to buy a sandwich when we pass by the supermarket later.”

Shen Zhen: “Okay.”

“Which department did you tell Youngest Uncle you will go to?” Qin Shan tilted her head and asked.

Shen Zhen: “As you said, go to the media department first to familiarize myself with the company’s processes and people.”

Qin Shan: “If only someone had advised me at that time.”

The two stopped once on the road, Qin Shan bought sandwiches and milk and sat in the back seat to eat, while Shen Zhen went to the driver’s seat to drive.

“You just enter through this door and take the elevator to the sixth floor. The fourth to eighth floors are all the media department.” Qin Shan waved to Shen Zhen, “Let’s have lunch together at noon, I’ll call you when the time comes.”

Shen Zhen nodded: “Okay.”

Shen Zhen had never experienced office working life. He was very curious. People from the Qin Group’s corporate headquarters, even if they were just interns, had to beat countless competitors. Shen Zhen walked into the building and called the personnel department——he had no pass and so couldn’t get on the elevator.

After the call, Shen Zhen sat down on the sofa and looked at the people coming and going.

It felt so novel.

“Is it Mr. Shen?” The personnel department knew his identity. The person who came to pick him up was a middle-aged woman, with her hair tied in a bun and pierced with a hairpin. She wore a black suit, white shirt and black suit trousers, and had on black high heels. She looked like a neat strong woman.

She smiled and said, “You can come with me, Mr. Qin personally ordered me to take care of you.”

Shen Zhen stood up: “Let’s go.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The woman observed him carefully. She had been the department manager of the personnel department for a long time, and she was not responsible for taking care of newcomers. However, when she was called into the office by Qin Xing and told by Qin Xing, she knew that this young man named Shen Zhen held much weight with Qin Xing.

This was not the crown prince, but he was better than the crown prince.

He just hoped that the people in the media department would have some discernment and not offend him.

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