After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 243 Investigation & Reciprocity

Shen Chen looked unblinkingly at Tao Mu and said, “Don’t get me wrong, Mr. Tao. I don’t suspect that Mr. Tao and Zhuo Yan will join forces against the Shen Group. I just think that Zhuo Yan is too scheming, has a strong purpose in whatever he does, and has ulterior motives. He concealed his identity and entered the Shen Group, and secretly did such actions behind our backs that could cause misunderstanding. It is likely that he wants to incite disharmony and alienate our relationship.”

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In the final analysis, Shen Chen still suspected that Zhuo Yan was trying to conspire to get close to the Shen family by concealing his identity and his strength. As for why Zhuo Yan helped Tao Mu to smooth out the clues about his birth background, Shen Chen guessed that if Zhuo Yan really wanted to take revenge on the Shen family, he definitely wouldn’t want the Shen family to find a foreign aid with capital and means like Tao Mu. As for why Zhuo Yan found Shen Yu’s biological mother before Shen Yan and learned that Shen Yu’s biological mother abandoned the real second son of the Shen family in the rental house, this was actually quite understandable.

Zhuo Yan was Shen Yan’s boyfriend, and he was entrusted by Shen Yan to find Shen Yu’s biological mother, so he could naturally mobilize the resources in Shen Yan’s hands. He was smart and capable, and it was normal for him to be able to detect some clues in advance. And once the identity of Shen Yu’s biological mother was determined, it would be easier for a family like them to investigate the past experience of Shen Yu’s biological mother.

It was not surprising that Zhuo Yan could do all this. It was just that Zhuo Yan didn’t take Shen Yan seriously, and he didn’t do everything perfectly when sweeping up his traces. He didn’t expect that Shen Chen, who had always been indifferent to the Shen family’s women and just adopted a passive attitude, would put spies beside Shen Yan. Therefore, Zhuo Yan’s unsophisticated actions were all exposed to Shen Chen’s eyes. It was just that Shen Chen was also very curious about what Zhuo Yan wanted to do after he schemed to enter the Shen Group, so he stayed unmoving and bided his time. And even using the pretext of Zhuo Yan’s excellent ability, he directly transferred him to the marketing department of the Shen Group as department manager. On the one hand, he wanted to use Zhuo Yan’s ability to create profit for the Shen Group, and on the other hand, he could place him where he could see him.

Shen Chen believed that no matter what Zhuo Yan wanted to do, in order to win his trust and respect, he must make some achievements to win the recognition of the whole group. He had to admit that Zhuo Yan still had some abilities. Therefore, making the best use of people was also one of Shen Chen’s responsibilities as the CEO of the Shen Group.

It was just that with Shen Chen’s scheming and shrewdness, and the various flaws that Zhuo Yan had exposed so far, Shen Chen was destined to be unable to “employ people without doubt”.

As for why Shen Chen mentioned Zhuo Yan to Tao Mu during the conversation, on the one hand, it was to warn Tao Mu that Zhuo Yan was not credible. If Tao Mu really wanted to avoid the Shen family, he must not do anything misleading. So as not to harm the already shallow relationship. On the other hand, it was also to test Tao Mu. After all, Zhuo Yan’s wealth also came from shorting the international financial market. It overlapped too much with the investment trajectory of Xiaoheng Capital. Shen Chen inevitably suspected that Tao Mu had joined forces with Zhuo Yan, and the purpose was to take over the Shen Group.

Tao Mu thought to himself that he had no relationship to speak of with the Shen family. But he had to take Shen Chen’s words to heart. Different from Shen Chen’s guess, Tao Mu was worried that Zhuo Yan was also reborn. Tao Mu didn’t forget how in his last life, he rectified Zhuo Yan to the point of bankruptcy and imprisonment, and even made it so that the other became a eunuch. If Zhuo Yan was really reborn like him, he would definitely try to get revenge on him.

As for whether Zhuo Yan also knew his birth background in his previous life, and deliberately approached him just to get revenge by approaching the Shen family through him, Tao Mu didn’t even bother to think about it. In essence, Tao Mu and the Shen family were actually cold-hearted people. They only care about the people and things they care about. In addition, no matter what outsiders did, it was difficult to affect his emotions.

Tao Mu believed that his entanglement with Zhuo Yan had already ended in his previous life. Therefore, Tao Mu didn’t care about the sincerity or falsehood of Zhuo Yan. It didn’t matter whether Zhuo Yan really liked him back then, or he was just putting on a mask, by now, Tao Mu’s only feelings left for Zhuo Yan was wariness. Having lived with Zhuo Yan for seven years, he naturally knew that Zhuo Yan had a strong vengeful streak. Being stared at by such a poisonous snake lurking in the dark, waiting for an opportunity, Tao Mu could not help but feel goosebumps. So the first thing he did when he got back to the hotel was to discuss with his Yao Dad, Xiao Qi Dad and Li Xiaoheng on how to investigate and guard against Zhuo Yan.

Lest the family was worried, Tao Mu did not mention that he suspected that Zhuo Yan was reborn. He just repeated what Shen Chen said, and then said: “Zhuo Yan concealed his identity and approached the Shen family, and he must have intentions of revenge. I originally didn’t want to pay attention to his old grudges with the Shen family. But now, after Zhuo Yan did those things inexplicably, I’m worried he’ll target me. So it’s better to keep an eye on him just in case.”

According to the clues provided by Shen Chen, Tao Mu also wanted to investigate Zhuo Yan’s specific operations in the international financial market. Tao Mu wanted to use this to judge whether Zhuo Yan was reborn, but he certainly couldn’t say that in front of his family. Fortunately, Li Xiaoheng was very understanding and didn’t mean to get to the bottom of the matter and agreed directly.

With the influence of Xiaoheng Capital in the international financial market, if one wanted to investigate the operation trend of a domestic individual investor in the international market, it was simply an easy task. In almost less than a day, all Zhuo Yan’s operations in the international financial market were thoroughly investigated. Then Tao Mu was stunned to discover that the reason why Zhuo Yan was able to win a big victory in the international financial market was actually because he followed the capital trend of Xiaoheng Capital——

Just like the financial turmoil that occurred in Asia in 1997, since the economic crisis in 2008 swept the world, Xiaoheng Capital emerged in the international futures market and international financial market with a powerful shorting position. Many financial institutions and international investment banks also followed Xiaoheng Capital and aggressively shorted the world. Some individual investors and speculators saw profits, and they all followed the big players in a swarm. In order to create a better bearish market, the international big shorts headed by Xiaoheng Capital did not oppose this kind of behavior. In fact, they even intentionally incentivized individual investors and small investors to follow suit.

Zhuo Yan was one of them. It was just that unlike many individual investors who were superstitious about Wall Street authority, Zhuo Yan only stared at Xiaoheng Capital. He often bought stock or futures after Xiaoheng Capital bought it, and then sold it after Xiaoheng Capital sold it. Because Xiaoheng Capital had Tao Mu, a reborn person, to give accurate data, the benefits were maximized every time. Zhuo Yan followed closely and although he could not maximize his profits, he could still make a lot of money. In one year, he had earned nearly 30 million US dollars.

Li Xiaoheng also investigated that Zhuo Yan followed Xiaoheng Capital for the first time to invest at the end of December 2008. Just after the news spread that Xiaoheng Capital shorted international crude oil and filled positions at the lowest point. At that time, Xiaoheng Capital’s precise operation shocked the whole world, and the always low-key Li Xiaoheng even accepted an interview with The Wall Street Times. A Chinese person could achieve such an achievement on Wall Street, and this Chinese person was also the son of the Li family. At that time, the domestic financial sections and social sections also reported this incident one after another. Some media even quoted words such as “national hero” and “glory for the country” when reporting. Xiaoheng Capital also received invitations from many domestic companies and wealthy businessmen to open accounts at that time. Even other financial institutions and investment banks have followed suit in their investment activities.

Therefore, if Zhuo Yan’s investment operation was only judged from this aspect, there was nothing too out of the ordinary. It could only be said that he was a very smart and clever person. It was worth mentioning that the principal of Zhuo Yan’s investment and operation in the international financial market actually came from misappropriating the funds of the clients of the financial institution he was working in at that time.

Not quite believing the information given by Shen Chen, Li Xiaoheng also had people investigate all Zhuo Yan’s operations before and after entering the Shen Group. Among them, Zhuo Yan found Shen Yu’s biological mother in advance, but deliberately concealed it. Later, after Shen Yan discovered Shen Yu’s biological mother, he offered to talk to Shen Yu’s biological mother.

“…..No wonder Shen Yu’s biological mother concealed the rental house during the interview. It turns out that when Zhuo Yan was talking to Shen Yu’s biological mother, he deliberately mentioned the crime of abandonment and that the Shen family would definitely take revenge on Shen Yu’s birth mother.” Assistant Jiang reported the investigation results to the two bosses and couldn’t help but sigh.

Of course, Zhuo Yan did not directly threaten during the conversation, but made insinuations to let Shen Yu’s biological mother realize for herself. If the Shen family learned that she had taken the second son of the Shen family away, and then failed to raise him carefully but instead gave him up in less than two months. Leaving the baby in the rental house without care, resulting in the consequences of the baby’s tragic death.

It had been nineteen years since the matter happened, and it was already too late to regret it. What’s more, Shen Yu’s biological mother also didn’t want to stand forward and mention what happened back then. It was Shen Yan who forced her to stand forward. Just such a move was already so domineering and arrogant, if the Shen family knew how the second son of Shen died, Shen Yu’s biological mother felt that she must have no way to survive. Most importantly, Shen Yu, who was still living in the Shen family, would also be hated.

In a panic, Shen Yu’s biological mother subconsciously chose to lie. But she did not expect that her luck would be so bad that she would be recognized by netizens.

According to these investigation data, Zhuo Yan did not seem to be reborn. Tao Mu frowned slightly and turned over all the investigation materials. For a while, it was difficult to determine what was the situation with Zhuo Yan.

Either Zhuo Yan was not reborn, or Zhuo Yan hid himself too deeply.

But here was the problem. When Tao Mu was reborn back then, he never thought that there would be a second reborn person in this world. If Zhuo Yan was really reborn, why did he hide himself so deeply after rebirth?

Thinking of this, Tao Mu became more and more uneasy.

Seeing Tao Mu’s frown, Li Xiaoheng couldn’t help but stretched out his hand and squeezed Tao Mu’s palm, and comforted him warmly, “Don’t worry. No matter what purpose this Zhuo Yan has, we have noticed it now. I will send people to watch his every move.”

Li Xiaoheng was confident that under his nose, no matter who Zhuo Yan was, no matter what kind of monster or demon, he wouldn’t even have the chance to stir up any trouble.

At this moment, after listening to Assistant Jiang’s report, old Mr. Song, who had been silent the whole time, suddenly remarked: “This is probably the disadvantage of not chasing stars.”

“If this lady paid attention to the entertainment industry, she would know Xiao Mu’s orphan status and past experiences.” If she knew all this, the lady would probably make the same connections as all the people who eat melons on the Internet, and it was estimated that she would not tell such a lie.

“That’s why there is an old saying that only when knowledge needs to be used do you realize how lacking you are of it. No matter what age you are, it is very beneficial to learn more and gain more practical knowledge.”

In the hotel room, the group of people heard the old man’s inexplicable remark and looked at each other.

Only Tao Mu knew that old Mr. Song was worried that he was too busy with work and neglected his study, so he brought up this matter now.

Although old Mr. Song was a cook, he was also considered to be from an old literati family, and he also attended a private school back then. For so many years, he still insisted on reading, reading newspapers and practicing calligraphy. In his opinion, at Tao Mu’s age, everything else was fine, only progress in studying must not be put down.

Tao Mu said with a smile: “Don’t worry, Grandpa. I also read the news every day as well as read information. I always pay attention to the international situation, as well as domestic military reports.” The previous was of course for Xiaoheng Capital, and the latter was preparations for a new film work.

Old Mr. Song smiled slightly when he saw Tao Mu’s endearing behavior. Regardless of whether Tao Mu was a child of the Shen family or not, old Mr. Song did not want Tao Mu to have anything to do with the Shen family. It was not that he was afraid that Tao Mu would become estranged from them after recognizing his biological parents. Old Mr. Song just felt that the environment of the Shen family was not suitable for raising children. This could be seen from the arrogant and domineering behavior of Shen Yan and Shen Yu.

Old Mr. Song felt that there was something wrong with the education method of the Shen family. Moreover, between Shen Shiyuan and his wife, one was greedy and short-sighted, while the other was confused and muddleheaded. The remaining elder brother of the Shen family looked like a normal person, but he was too cold and selfish, and from his current position as the eldest son of the Shen family, he was also afraid that this person might not welcome the second son of the Shen family.

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So old Mr. Song felt really relieved, fortunately Tao Mu’s DNA didn’t match the Shen family. Although old Mr. Song also hated Shen Yu’s behavior. In this matter, the old man still appreciated Shen Yu’s decisive actions. So, old Mr. Song, who especially appreciated Shen Yu, immediately urged Lawyer Zhou to send a lawyer’s letter to Shen Yu quickly.

This was called reciprocating politeness with politeness.

So, on the night of the Golden Crow Award ceremony, Shen Yu received the long-awaited lawyer’s letter again.

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