Source of Calamity CH 015 Workplace

The department manager of the media department was a middle-aged man, wearing a hat, but still couldn’t hide his balding affliction. When he saw the manager of the personnel department bring Shen Zhen in, he already understood. In the workplace, who was not a smart person, who had no eyesight.

“This is Mr. Shen, Shen Zhen, I gave you the documents before.” The manager of the personnel department reminded the other, “The documents sent from above.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The man immediately understood that this was a connected newcomer, and not an ordinary connected newcomer. He quickly stood up and shook hands with Shen Zhen: “Mr. Shen, my surname is Zhou, Zhou Chengxiong.”

Shen Zhen smiled at the other party: “Just call me Xiao Shen, Brother Zhou.”

Zhou Chengxiong heaved a sigh of relief. Although he was a connected newcomer, he had a good temper at least, so he would treat him as a mascot and pray to God he would not cause trouble.

“I’ll hand the person over to you.” The woman greeted and walked away in high heels.

Zhou Chengxiong took Shen Zhen to the office area. The greenery in the building was very good. There were potted plants on both sides of the corridor. The office building used direct drinking water. If one didn’t drink hot water, one could drink directly from the tap. There were not many people in the corridor during working hours, but there were a few young people smoking in the smoking room.

The office area was made of small partitions. Looking around, it looked like a more humanized factory. There were small potted plants on each desk, and there was even a humidifier in the room. The temperature of the air conditioner was just right, and every employee basically had their head buried in their work.

The media department not only had to manage the external image of the company, but also had to manage the company’s brand promotion.

In addition to the department manager, there were also several work groups below, basically ten people in a group, one group leader for each group, and a total of five group leaders under the jurisdiction of a supervisor.

“Xiao Ye, come here.” Zhou Chengxiong waved to a young man who was doing data.

The young man looked left and right, then stood up and walked to Zhou Chuanxiong’s side: “Brother Zhou.”

“This is Xiao Ye, Ye Min, you can find him if you have any problem.” Zhou Chengxiong said seriously, “Xiao Ye, this is Shen Zhen, he will be in your group for the time being.”

Ye Min nodded and took Shen Zhen to arrange a desk for him.

“You can sit here.” Ye Min arranged Shen Zhen to a seat near the corridor, “Lunch break starts at 11:30 noon, and work starts back at 1 o’clock.”

Shen Zhen: “Got it.”

Ye Min: “Ask me if you don’t understand anything, and I’ll introduce you to your colleagues when we go back to work at noon.”

Shen Zhen sat at the desk, he had never worked in an office before, so even the all-in-one computer on the table gave him a novel feeling, and the potted plants also looked different from the ones he had seen before. Shen Zhen was excited and took out his phone to take a picture of the desk.

But when he opened WeChat, he realized that he didn’t even have anyone to share his feelings with.

After thinking about it, Shen Zhen finally sent this photo to Qin Xing.

At this moment, Qin Xing was looking at the data in his office. This was the summary report of the last quarter. There were electronic and paper versions. Qin Xing was wearing gold rimmed glasses and had a cup of strong tea in his hand.

The phone beeped, and Qin Xing reached out and picked up the phone.

[Xiao Zhen: Uncle, I’m at work [excited.jpg].]

[Xiao Zhen: [picture]]

Qin Xing’s mouth twitched into a smile, and he sent a message back to Shen Zhen.

[Uncle Qin: Will Xiao Zhen have lunch with Uncle at noon? [smile.jpg]]

[Xiao Zhen: Qin Shan and I have an appointment to have lunch together…..]

[Uncle Qin: Come to Uncle’s office at noon.]

[Xiao Zhen: …Okay, I’ll send Qin Shan a message.]

[Uncle Qin: Tell her to come along.]

After Shen Zhen, who went to work for the first time in his life, was finished being excited he found that he didn’t have any tasks or work to do. He only needed to sit in front of his desk in a daze or look at his mobile phone while the people next to him were all working. Shen Zhen yawned.

The whole morning was spent just sitting there.

At 11:30, the employees all stood up one after another. Shen Zhen was about to go directly to the top floor to find Qin Xing, but Ye Min stopped him: “I’ll take you to the cafeteria, it just so happens that they all went to the cafeteria to eat today.”

“They” referred to the members of the work group.

However, Shen Zhen had already made an appointment with Qin Xing, so he could only refuse: “I made an appointment with someone to have lunch together.”

Ye Min frowned: “Do you have acquaintances in the company? Friends?”

Shen Zhen nodded: “Yes.”

Ye Min seemed a little impatient: “This is your first day at work, you don’t want to get to know your colleagues? Everyone is busy, so don’t waste work time making introductions.”

Shen Zhen: “Didn’t you say that you will do the introductions after work starts at 1 o’clock?”

Ye Min: “…..Okay, then you go to lunch and we’ll talk about it after work starts.”

Shen Zhen, who had no office work experience, nodded and took the elevator away.

Ye Min stood in the corridor, the work group members discussing this newcomer.

“This newcomer looks so arrogant, with no expression on his face. He is too disrespectful.”

“He looks pretty good, could it be that he relied on his face to enter the company?”

“Maybe he is kept by a rich woman.”

The members of the work group were all male, and they were not subdued by Shen Zhen’s good looks.

“Who will assign him a task this afternoon?”

“I don’t want to. I have to do my own work while having to teach him about work. Teaching him is too annoying.”

“I can’t either. My set of data have to be handed in tomorrow. I’m going to work overtime tonight, so I don’t have time.”

“Group leader?”

Ye Min said: “Let’s go, let’s go to the cafeteria first, I’ll treat you guys today, you can eat at your leisure. The recent work has already been assigned. Since he came halfway, let him get acquainted with the company during this time.”

The group members looked at each other and understood that this was the meaning of letting the newcomer sit on the bench.

Generally, when a newcomer just came to the company, and if no one leads him, he could only do some chores, pouring water for the seniors, wiping the table, sweeping the floor, and in a few days, he himself would be unable to take it and resign.

Ye Min shrugged: “Anyway, he doesn’t care about his relationship with us, so let’s not stick our face to his cold buttocks.”

The group members looked at each other and changed the topic.

“Today, group leader will treat us. I want to eat steamed pork ribs, braised pork and kelp soup, and two chicken legs.”

“Can you finish that all by yourself? Think you’re feeding the pigs.”

“It’s group leader’s treat, I will just stuff it down if I have to.”

“Should have said it earlier, then I wouldn’t have breakfast in the morning.”

“Why don’t you say you shouldn’t have dinner last night?”

The several people joked as they walked to the cafeteria.

When Shen Zhen reached the top floor, Qin Shan happened to get off the elevator on the other side, and the two happened to meet each other. Qin Shan pinched her neck which was uncomfortable after sitting for a long time. She said curiously, “I’ve been here for so long, but Uncle hasn’t ever let me have lunch with him.”

Shen Zhen: “Maybe it’s because I’m here too. It’s more convenient for three people to eat together.”

Qin Shan didn’t understand what a third person had to do with convenience.

“I wonder what we’ll eat.” Qin Shan, “It should be the assistant bringing it up?”

Qin Shan touched her belly: “I’ve been hungry for a long time and want to eat sweet and sour pork loin.”

The two walked to the door of Qin Xing’s office as they talked, and Shen Zhen knocked on the door.

The person who opened the door was Qin Xing’s assistant, a man in his thirties, but he didn’t have a balding affliction nor a beer belly. He had a good figure and image, and looked like a reliable person at first sight.

“Brother Ma.” Qin Shan greeted the assistant.

The assistant smiled at Qin Shan and Shen Zhen: “Miss Qin, Young Master Shen, Mr. Qin was inside, you can just go in directly.”

As soon as Qin Shan and Shen Zhen went in, they saw Qin Xing standing by the floor-to-ceiling window. Qin Xing was wearing a white shirt and black trousers. The sleeves of the shirt were folded up, revealing Qin Xing’s forearm. Qin Xing’s muscles were very strong and firm, and with just a shirt on, one could see the outline of his pectoral muscles.


“Youngest Uncle.”

The moment Qin Xing turned his head against the sunlight outside the windows, Shen Zhen’s breathing stopped for a moment.

Qin Shan was not comfortable in front of Qin Xing. She was three years younger than Qin Meng. Qin Xing was already very busy when she was born. Qin Meng was at least carried a few times by Qin Xing, but Qin Shan had never enjoyed such treatment.

“How is work?” Qin Xing asked Shen Zhen with a smile. The three walked to the sitting room, and after sitting down, the assistant poured hot tea.

Qin Shan didn’t like drinking tea, but she didn’t dare to say anything.

Shen Zhen picked up the cup, the temperature was just right, he took a sip to moisten his throat and said, “I had nothing to do this morning.”

Qin Xing: “If you have any questions about work, you can ask Xiao Ma.”

Assistant Ma smiled on the side: “I’m on call 24 hours a day.”

As Qin Xing’s personal assistant, Ma Hongming had been in this position for nearly ten years. With an annual salary of nearly 10 million yuan, of course he also deserved this money. Not only did he have to do his own job, but he also had to do everything possible to help Qin Xing deal with private matters.

Otherwise, there were so many talented people, why did he become the assistant to the CEO?

Qin Xing did not only have one assistant, but Ma Hongming had the ability to take over all of Qin Xing’s affairs. He did the work of several people alone. If not because he was a man, he was probably willing to deal with Qin Xing’s physical needs as well.

Qin Shan said, “If I look for an assistant in the future, I’ll have to look for one like Brother Ma.”

Assistant Ma was still smiling: “The back waves of the Yangtze River pushes the front waves, maybe they will be much stronger than me.”

Qin Xing also smiled and said, “Don’t praise him, this person does not take praise well.”

Shen Zhen suddenly asked: “Brother Ma, how is the work arrangement for the newcomer entering the company decided?”

Assistant Ma also sat on the side: “If you have a group leader to lead you, you will basically be getting familiar with the work in the first week. After assisting the group members to understand the specific process for a week, you will be able to start independently.”

Shen Zhen nodded: “I didn’t do anything this morning, so only in the afternoon will I begin?”

Assistant Ma: “They likely had things to do in the morning. The annual summary started recently. All departments are very busy.”

At the end of the new year holidays, a summary report must be submitted, but each quarter had a summary. Some departments with low work intensity actually just integrate the previous quarterly summary, make a PPT, and then make a paper version.

Shen Zhen: “Understood.”

Qin Xing suddenly smiled and said, “If you are not happy, remember to tell Uncle, Uncle will give you the green light to be Uncle’s personal assistant.”

Shen Zhen was not so afraid of Qin Xing now. It was not so much fear, but respect now. He was very confident: “Uncle, have some confidence in me.”

Qin Xing didn’t refute, just looked at Shen Zhen with a smile.

Shen Zhen had no choice but to compromise: “Okay, if I don’t do well, I’ll apply to be Uncle’s assistant, specifically coming over to bring disaster to Uncle Qin.”

Qin Xing smiled and said, “Let’s eat then.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Assistant Ma had several other assistants bring the food in.

Shen Zhen was still thinking about the future, and he didn’t know that he had no chance to make contact with the work.

AN: Qin Xing: “The main thing is to be my assistant.”

Shen Zhen: “…..What you really want is a secretary, right?”

Qin Xing (smiles): “Oops, I was discovered.”

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