After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 245 Family Bonds

At six o’clock in the evening, as usual, there was no female companion, but Tao Mu appeared on the red carpet with his family members. The family of four immediately attracted the attention of the media and fans on both sides of the red carpet. All of a sudden, there was a scream, and the sound of the flash and the shutter pressed one after another. The three family members, who had never experienced such a scene, were suddenly a little nervous.

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The media reporters on both sides were excited as if they had discovered some major news. Calling Tao Mu’s name out loud, attracting Tao Mu to look in their direction. Begging Tao Mu to stand a little forward and cooperate with them to take pictures. Some people even called out Mr. Meng and asked about the operation of For example, it was the first time they cooperated with the Golden Crow Awards for a live broadcast, what impression did he have of the Golden Crow Awards, whether Tao Mu could win the Best Supporting Actor, etc. There were even gossip reporters who asked Meng Qi what he thought about the fact that the Shen family flew to Hong Kong to recognize family and Mrs. Shen slapped Shen Yu at Hong Kong Airport.

As the acting CEO of, Meng Qi would also be interviewed by the media. What’s more, FlyNews Entertainment, which he manages, was the most popular entertainment media in the past two years. Therefore, Meng Qi was also familiar with these interview routines. Of course, he was also more familiar with the process of walking the red carpet.

“In order not to delay the people behind to walk the red carpet, let’s chat in the interview area.” Mr. Meng smiled politely and nodded at several reporters. Every move and gesture was exactly the same as that of Tao Mu next to him. From a distance, although they didn’t look alike, in terms of temperament and demeanor, no one would doubt if they were father and son.

Walking the red carpet a few minutes earlier than Tao Mu, Shen Yu, who already stood in the interview area, looked at the family of four with some complicated feelings. When he learned that Tao Mu wanted to walk the red carpet with his family, Shen Yu also plucked up the courage to invite Chairman Shen, and wanted the Shen family to accompany him on the red carpet. On the one hand, he didn’t want to admit defeat in front of Tao Mu, and on the other hand, he wanted to take this action to defuse the rumors that he had been kicked out by the Shen family. As a result, this proposal was only ridiculed and rejected by Mrs. Shen and Shen Yan.

“What do you think you are, you dare to think that our Shen family will accompany a mere entertainer like you on the red carpet?”

“You want family to accompany you? But we are not your family. You have biological parents of your own, why don’t you call them and ask them to accompany you on the red carpet?”

“You fake who had occupied the nest for nineteen years, do you really want to hold on to your status as the second son of the Shen family that badly? First look in the mirror. A sparrow is a sparrow. You lived in the phoenix’s nest for nineteen years but you can’t become a golden phoenix no matter how many years pass. Hmmph, as soon as you leave the Shen family, you reveal your true self, right? I’ll just say it. How could our Shen family give birth to a stupid and vicious person like you. As expected, it turned out to be the fault of that shameless mother of yours, and you as her son is not to be outdone.”

The family members who once held him in the palm of their hands and cherished and cared for him, now abandoned him as if he was trash. Shen Yu couldn’t believe that such cold words came from the mouths of the Shen family. He didn’t understand, wasn’t it just a useless blood relationship? Was it not even comparable to their 19-year relationship?

Why did they hurt him so recklessly once they learned that he was not the Shen family’s child? Was he not a person, did he not possess a heart?

Standing in the interview area, Shen Yu’s eyes were fixed on Tao Mu’s family of four. He didn’t care that it was still the red carpet scene, and there were so many eyes watching him.

He really didn’t understand why everyone was an orphan here but Tao Mu’s luck could be so good. When clearly Liu Yao, Meng Qi and the old man surnamed Song were not his biological parents and grandpa, yet why could they dote on Tao Mu and trust Tao Mu without reservation? Liu Yao could buy a house and a car for Tao Mu, Meng Qi could help Tao Mu with his career, and the old man surnamed Song even gave Tao Mu the Song Ji brand as a birthday present. There was even a boss Li of Xiaoheng Capital, who was also obedient to Tao Mu. But he, Shen Yu, just wanted the affection of the Shen family, yet there was no way such a lowly wish could even be satisfied? After finally finding Yan Sheng as a life partner who he thought he could join hands for the rest of his life, only to also be betrayed mid-way.

Shen Yu didn’t know what he had done wrong. When clearly in the past 19 years, he had never intentionally hurt anyone or done a single evil thing. Why did fate treat him like this?

Was it just because his shrewdness was not as deep as Tao Mu’s, his methods were not as good as Tao Mu’s, and he was not as scheming as Tao Mu, so he was destined to not be able to get anything he wanted?

The more Shen Yu thought about it, the more resentful he felt. But the media reporters on both sides of the red carpet were not at all tactful folks, and they kept asking that with Tao Mu as a shining example in front, whether Shen Yu had the confidence to win the Best Newcomer Award? What did he think of Tao Mu’s nomination for Best Newcomer and Best Supporting Actor at the same time? What did he think of his and Tao Mu’s acting skills? Who did he think would get the Best Newcomer Award? In addition, there were also many gossip reporters who were not satisfied with asking questions related to the film, and even asked Shen Yu’s opinion about the fact that his biological mother abandoned the real second son of the Shen family in the rental house. What did Shen Yu think of the rumor that Tao Mu deliberately led public opinion to speculate that he was the second son of the Shen family? Another reporter mentioned that Shen Yu had violated relevant laws by obtaining Tao Mu’s DNA sample for identification in advance, and received a letter from’s lawyer again…..

When it came to celebrity status and influence in the entertainment industry, Shen Yu had just debuted for two years, but Shen Yu, who didn’t have any classic role or film work to his name, was certainly not comparable to the A-list superstars in Hong Kong. But when it came to the ability to make headlines in the news, every action that Shen Yu made was beyond the reach of all the superstars. In addition, the questions raised by the media reporters were more tricky one after the other, and it was clear that they wanted to give Shen Yu an easy time. The group of finely dressed superstars in Hong Kong, who looked aloof but actually liked to listen to gossip, were not at all annoyed that their limelight had been robbed, but happily stood by and waited to eat melons.

The female companion who walked the red carpet with Shen Yu was the female artist who played Yan Yu’s wife in the movie “Black and White”. She was also a signed artist of the Lin family’s film and television company. Her relationship with Lin Rong’an was ambiguous and unclear, so she was very dissatisfied with Shen Yu. Just before she had spoken viciously against Shen Yu. Later, because of angering Shen Yu with her words, she was slapped in the face by Shen Yu in front of everyone’s eyes. So the two had a very deep feud.

This time on the red carpet, when the cast of “Black and White” arranged for the female artist to be Shen Yu’s red carpet companion, but Shen Yu strongly opposed this. It was a pity that his objection was invalid. Director Xu did not want to make trouble with Shen Yu because of the influence of the Lin family. But he also couldn’t condone Shen Yu doing anything that might destroy the box office of “Black and White”. While the movie was still being released, the fact that the only loving couple in the movie didn’t even walk the red carpet of the awards ceremony together, the media and fans would definitely have something to say when they saw it.

In the entertainment industry, no matter how bad the real relationship between stars was, in front of the media and fans, they all had to put on a mask and even try to pretend at peace. Let alone when mutual interests were involved like in this case. Although Shen Yu was dissatisfied with Director Xu’s arrangement, in the face of interests, he couldn’t be too willful. He could only force himself to hold back his dissatisfaction and disgust, and walk the red carpet with the female artist. But there was still a faint sense of unease in his heart.

Sure enough, after hearing the media reporter’s questions, the female artist who had been standing beside Shen Yu with her hand on his arm the whole time said, “I remember that during the filming, Shen Yu specifically asked Mr. Tao to help him because of his poor acting skills. Mr. Tao was also sincere, and he really gave a lot of advice during the shooting. For example, the gesture in the final scene that was praised by professional film critics, and even brought Shen Yu a nomination for the Golden Crow Award for Best Newcomer, in which Yan Yu’s finger was off the trigger. This detail was actually proposed by Mr. Tao. At that time, Shen Yu strongly opposed it and didn’t want to act like this. Fortunately, Director Xu insisted, otherwise, this thrilling scene would definitely be gone. Whether Shen Yu could get the nomination for the Best Newcomer Award would also be up for question.”

This matter had been going around in the industry, but it was the first time someone had brought it to the media and the public. In order to compete for the Best Newcomer Award for Shen Yu, the Lin famy’s film and television company hid many details of the shooting. And before the award ceremony, they also deliberately smeared Tao Mu to reduce the possibility of Tao Mu winning the award. At the same time, the water army and the media were hired to trumpet Shen Yu’s acting skills. Of course, the most mentioned scene was the scene at the end of the film, where Yan Yu died for Zhou Yuanting.

But unexpectedly, another actor from the crew would relay the scene on the red carpet of the awards ceremony, and directly broke the news that this scene was filmed according to Tao Mu’s guidance, and the ultimate beneficiary, Shen Yu himself, was actually strongly opposed to it at the beginning.

For a while, not to mention the media reporters and fans at the scene, even the netizens who were guarding in front of the computer smelled the fragrance of the melon.

Feeling as if he was stripped naked, Shen Yu glared at the female artist fiercely. Not to be outdone, the female artist also glared back. How funny and hypocritical, not letting others say what you did.

Originally, the media reporters who just mentioned about the film as usual, and didn’t intend to dig out any big news, suddenly boiled over. They raised their microphones and asked Shen Yu, was the female artist’s revelation true? What did Shen Yu think about this?

Shen Yu’s expression was very ugly. He was just thinking about how to respond to the media’s inquiries when suddenly, a shrill shout came from the crowd. The voice was like weeping, full of sadness and sorrow, but also full of excitement and longing: “Xiao Yu, my Xiao Yu, my precious son——”

The red carpet, which was just full of noise and clamor, suddenly fell silent. In front of everyone’s eyes, a white figure moved out from behind the crowd, and squeezed to the front of the crowd. She was nearly forty years old, but she still liked to wear girlish white dresses, with long hair fluttering down her back. The well-maintained middle-aged woman stood in front of Shen Yu with slightly disheveled hair. Her eyes were red and swollen, and she looked at Shen Yu on the red carpet with tears in her eyes, and then knelt down decisively.

“Please, please, please beg the Shen family for mercy. It’s all my fault, it’s me who was wrong. I shouldn’t have left the second son of Shen family in the rental house, no matter how the Shen family retaliates against me, it is deserved. But my husband and my son are innocent. Xiao Yu, Mama knows that Mama has wronged you, and Mama has no face to see you. But I really have no choice. I beg you, please help me.”

What’s this situation?

The originally sluggish media reporters and fans froze for a while, then reacted instantly.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Oh snap, it was another big melon! ! ! !

To the sound of the flash and the shutter being pressed one after another, Mrs. Shen, who was sitting in front of the computer, twitched up the corners of her mouth.

Didn’t you want to reunite with your family and share in familial affection? Then I will fulfill your wish.

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