After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 246 Mother Shen’s Methods

It was supposed to be Tao Mu’s red carpet interview time next. However, under the shock brought by Shen Yu’s white lotus mother who suddenly knelt down and cried and begged for mercy, all the reporters abandoned Tao Mu, who clearly had no new scoop to be dug out at the moment, as well as the later red carpet celebrities. A swarm of reporters instead gathered around Shen Yu and Shen Yu’s biological mother to take pictures and interview.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Seeing this situation, Tao Mu and his family members looked at each other in dismay, and exchanged glances with Zhou Yanqing and Fang Ruoti who were walking on the red carpet after them, then walked around the interview area in quite a low-key manner, leaving the entire stage to Shen Yu. As for the stars further back, after learning of the riot on the red carpet, they didn’t bother to come out onto the red carpet at all.

Before his birth background was exposed, Shen Yu never thought that one day he would call another woman mother. Even after his birth background was exposed and Shen Yu occasionally thought about what his biological mother would be like, he still never thought that the woman would really appear in front of him and integrate into his future life. Even though Shen Yan found the woman back then and she was interviewed live on, when Shen Yu looked at the noble, elegant, beautiful and slender woman in the video, he still didn’t possess much of a sense of reality.

In Shen Yu’s mind, the man surnamed Tan or that woman, they were both not Shen Yu’s real family. It could only be said that they were just strangers who brought Shen Yu to this world. Only the Shen family who he had been together with for 19 years were the parents, brother and sister recognized by Shen Yu.

So until Shen Yu’s biological mother broke through the crowd of fans and knelt in front of him, Shen Yu still didn’t feel much of a sense of reality. He looked at the woman kneeling in front of him in a trance, and his first reaction turned out to be disbelief: “Are you really my mother?”

“Of course.” The woman knelt on the red carpet with her long hair disheveled, raised her head, curved her slender neck in an elegant arc, and looked at Shen Yu with tears in her eyes. Even while cutting such a sorry figure, she still looked like she belonged in a refined and elegant idol drama.

“Xiao Yu, my child.” The woman choked and said, “I’m sorry for you, and I’m sorry for the real Second Young Master Shen. The Shen family is infuriated at what I have done, and whatever they do to me it is what I deserve. But my husband and your younger brother are innocent. The Shen family treats you so well, so could you help me talk things out with them so that Mrs. Shen will stop targeting my husband’s company?”

Shen Yu’s biological mother was called Yu Qingqing. Seriously speaking, this woman’s experience was simply a reality version of many idol dramas dressed in an inspirational outer image but in fact was quite a dog-blood Mary Sue drama. Born in an ordinary and poor family, she had poor grades since childhood, but because of her sweet appearance and gentle personality, she was liked by all elders and male classmates, and even many female classmates voluntarily became her protectors. At the age of 18, she went to work in a big city with a friend from the same village, and she was very lucky to be chosen by her employer and his wife to be a surrogate mother. At the age of 20, she gave birth to a child out of wedlock, and earned a total of 300,000 yuan by having and raising the child. In that era when households who had 10,000 yuan in the bank account were still talked about, the purchasing power of 300,000 yuan was almost equivalent to the current 30 million yuan.

A girl under the age of 20 managed to earn 300,000 yuan after working as a part-time worker for a year. Yu Qingqing took the 300,000 yuan to Beijing, and then to Shenzhen, where the economic environment was more open. In the beginning, she bought a shop and started a clothing business. Later she met her current husband. Yu Qingqing’s husband was also in the clothing business, but in foreign trade. After the two got married, Yu Qingqing became a full-time housewife. All the money earned was used to buy houses and collect rent. She also took advantage of her spare time to study fashion design. Her husband took over Yu Qingqing’s clothing business and merged the clothing factory into his own company. Although the husband and wife were not very rich and affluent, they were still considered to be quite well-off. The most important thing was that Yu Qingqing’s husband loved her very much, and even if he had to do outside socializing, he would not do things he shouldn’t do. The two have been in love for so many years, and they were well-known as a model couple in the circle.

Yu Qingqing was very satisfied with her life. If it wasn’t for Shen Yan who suddenly showed up and shattered Yu Qingqing’s peaceful life, and Mrs. Shen took her anger out on Yu Qingqing because of what happened back then, forcing all the company’s business partners to default on business contracts and the bank to cut off the company’s loans, such that the company almost went bankrupt, Yu Qingqing also didn’t want to disturb Shen Yu’s life at all.

She knew that as a mother, she had not cared about her son for nineteen years, and her son must have no feelings for her. What was more, Yu Qingqing also inquired around and knew that Shen Yu was living a good life now. Even though he saw the live broadcast, he didn’t think about contacting her, and so she concluded that he didn’t want to recognize her as a mother in the end. Besides, the news of Yu Qingqing abandoning her child in a rental house was previously exposed. Although it was later proved that the abandoned child was not actually her own flesh and blood, but the second son of the Shen family. But in Shen Yu’s heart, he must have decided that she, his biological mother, had abandoned him as an infant.

Yu Qingqing felt that she had no face to see Shen Yu. She was even more sorry towards the real second son of the Shen family. But all of this was her fault, and her husband and child were innocent. Now Mrs. Shen took action against her family because she was angry with her, and Yu Qingqing couldn’t bear it any longer. Only then did she run over and beg Shen Yu.

As Yu Qingqing expected, Shen Yu indeed really didn’t want to see her. When he just learned of Yu Qingqing’s identity, Shen Yu saw that the Yu Qingqing from the live video was so beautiful, noble, elegant and gentle, which completely matched his imagination of his mother. At that time, Shen Yu really wanted to contact his mother. But it didn’t take long for the news that Yu Qingqing abandoned her child in the rental house suddenly appeared on the Internet, and even Tao Mu was involved, which made Shen Yu completely unable to accept this reality.

Not only was he unable to accept the fact that Tao Mu was probably the second son of the Shen family, but Shen Yu couldn’t accept that his biological mother was a vicious woman who abandoned her baby. Clearly Yu Qingqing had already received 300,000 yuan at that time, and the living conditions were not so difficult, why then did she still abandon her child?

If Yu Qingqing had not abandoned the real second son of the Shen family, but raised that child well. Maybe the Shen family would not treat him so cruelly and coldly after discovering his birth background. Let alone take revenge after debunking Yu Qingqing’s lies. Mrs. Shen would not reject him so resolutely, believing that he was the murderer who killed the second son of the Shen family.

So everything Yu Qingqing suffered today was entirely her own fault.

“Why did you abandon that child back then?” These words were held in Shen Yu’s heart for a long time. He never had a chance to ask. In front of Yu Qingqing and all the media reporters and fans today, Shen Yu couldn’t help but ask: “You said you didn’t know about my sister’s replacement of the child. Then who you abandoned back then was your own child. Why are you so cruel, so vicious? You left such a small baby in a rental house for days, did you intend for him to die?”

When Shen Yu said this, he couldn’t help but substitute himself. If Shen Yan hadn’t switched them, he very likely would have been the one to be abandoned by his biological mother in the rental house. The one who nearly died and then ended up in an orphanage would have been him instead.

Thinking of this, Shen Yu was full of guilt for the real Second Young Master Shen. Likewise, he was simply unable to accept such a mother.

Yu Qingqing burst into tears when she heard Shen Yu’s questioning. Covering her cheeks in dismay, she cried, “In your heart, I am such a vicious and cruel woman? Do you think I was really willing to abandon my own son? But I had no choice!”

Being forced to abandon her own son back then was the dark history of Yu Qingqing’s life and a scar she never wanted to mention.

“My child, you are too young, you don’t know what that kind of situation meant for me.” Yu Qingqing explained that in those days, people’s thinking was very conservative. Yu Qingqing was a single mother who had a child out of wedlock. It was conceivable that no matter where she went, she would encounter strange looks from others. Hearing others talking behind her back, even dirty guessing about her past.

But the difficulties didn’t stop there. What made Yu Qingqing even more unable to bear it was the malice that a single mother encountered in that era. It was not just the speculation in others’ eyes and words, but also the harassment from a lot of nasty hooligans. Yu Qingqing was originally beautiful, but her personality was a little soft and cowardly. How could she endure such a life filled with malice.

In fact, at the beginning, when Yu Qingqing left Shanghai with her child, she really made up her mind to raise her child well. But such bad things happened several times, and finally even threatened Yu Qingqing’s personal safety and chastity. Yu Qingqing couldn’t bear it anymore. Only after being harassed by hooligans again, did she buy a ticket to leave Beijing in a fit of rage, and did something like abandoning her child and running away.

“Then you could have gived the child to your parents. When you left the hospital, didn’t you tell Mr. Tan and Mrs. Tan that you were going to send the child back to your hometown?” Shen Yu refused to believe Yu Qingqing’s explanation. In his opinion, no matter how reasonable Yu Qingqing’s excuse sounded, it was a fact that she cruelly abandoned Second Young Master Shen. It was precisely because of this that Mrs. Shen hated him so much that she refused to let him return to the Shen family. Therefore, Shen Yu had no way to forgive Yu Qingqing’s explanation.

Hearing Shen Yu’s naive question, Yu Qingqing smiled wryly and shook her head. She had already said that the customs of that era were simple and conservative. She was also a poor child born in a small mountain village. Less than two years after she came out to work, if she inexplicably brought a child back, and the child’s father never showed up. One could imagine how the villagers would talk about it.

“Your grandfather and grandmother are people who value face. If they hear those gossip, they would definitely become ill from anger. I will also have to go out to work, and I can’t stay at home to take care of them. This is already unfilial of me, so how could I cause them such trouble for my own reason?”

Yu Qingqing truly believed this. She couldn’t bring the child back to her hometown and embarrass her parents. She also couldn’t raise the child by her side because she didn’t have the ability to bring up the child. That was why the child was abandoned in the rental house. Yu Qingqing admitted that what she did was wrong. In fact, she could have found a better way. Like giving that child to someone else to raise. But at that time, Yu Qingqing was too young to do things perfectly.

But this couldn’t be blamed on her. After all, she sincerely did want to raise the child well. However, the reality was too cruel, Yu Qingqing did not expect that a single mother raising a child would encounter so many difficulties. It also never occurred to her that she could not solve these problems at all.

At that time, Yu Qingqing only knew how to solve problems by escaping.

Having said this, Yu Qingqing sobbed even more in shame.

The media reporters and the fans watching on the side were simply stunned by Yu Qingqing’s logic. For a while, they actually dazedly felt that there was nothing wrong with what Yu Qingqing said. She was just a young girl back then, and there was really no way for her to be a single mother. So the act of leaving the child in the rental house…..couldn’t be blamed on her?

Tao Mu, who had already entered the award ceremony venue hall, was so angry that he almost closed the live video. Sitting next to him, Liu Yao, Meng Qi, and old Mr. Song also had complex expressions, and couldn’t help but comment: “This Shen Yu’s mother and Shen Yu are really…..”

Like mother like son?!

Also sitting at the awards ceremony, some sensitive female stars couldn’t help but tear up a bit. As women and mothers as well, although they did not agree with what Yu Qingqing did back then, they could all understand Yu Qingqing’s thoughts and actions. Being a single mother was really hard. Society was simply too hostile to women. Even the open-minded Hong Kong had no way to escape the chains of society, let alone the completely closed and backward mainland twenty years ago?

And online. There were also some inexplicable remarks that have sprung up like mushrooms after a rain. At first glance, those experienced could tell that these were water army accounts, claiming in a reasonable otone on the live broadcast platform of It was true that Yu Qingqing was wrong, but this was not the reason why the Shen family could retaliate against Yu Qingqing’s husband. After all, it was not Yu Qingqing who switched the child, but the eldest young lady of the Shen family. That was to say, who Yu Qingqing abandoned in a heart-wrenching manner back then was her own flesh and blood. The Shen family was in charge of such a big listed group, yet they couldn’t even recognize their own child. How could they have the face to take revenge on others?

If she really wanted to take revenge, who Mrs. Shen should educate most was her daughter, who did all kinds of evil by virtue of her family background, rather than making it difficult for a poor mother. Now, because of her own mistakes, she took her anger out on others. Sure enough, like mother like daughter.

Seeing these bizarre remarks, Tao Mu resisted the urge to get sick and put away the phone. If it wasn’t for’s principle of not interfering with fans’ comments, Tao Mu almost wanted to call the technology department and block these water army accounts.

At the same time, Tao Mu had to sigh, sure enough, the older the ginger was, the more spicy. When it came to inciting public opinion and guiding netizens to a rhythm, the rank of this Ms. White Lotus was much higher than that of Shen Yu. Even though she was obviously greedy and vain, willingly becoming a surrogate for money, and then abandoning the child after getting the money, this Ms. White Lotus managed to whitewash herself and become a weak and innocent single mother who was unjustly persecuted in that era. And most importantly, she could make some people feel that she was actually doing the right thing, and even those who think she was doing the wrong thing could sympathize with her. And even caused bad public feelings for the Shen family’s aggressive and bullying attitude.

Seeing that many netizens were indiscriminately cursing and slandering the Shen family, Mrs. Shen, who was sitting in front of the computer, was so angry that her liver hurt.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

What did they mean that their Shen family was bullying and aggressive? Have these netizens forgotten that who Yu Qingqing abandoned back then was the child of their Shen family! Their Shen family took care of Yu Qingqing’s child, but Yu Qingqing threw their Shen family’s child behind in a rental house to fend for himself. How could it be that she, the mother, couldn’t even take revenge on the murderer who indirectly killed her child?

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4 thoughts on “After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 246 Mother Shen’s Methods”

  1. I dont know.. regardless Yu Qingqing ‘white lotus’ behaviour, it is a fact that single mother and women in general always be blamed on almost every single thing, especially during previous era. Anything related to a child, the mother is the only one responsible. How about the other? The ‘sperm donor’?

    At my place, there is a saying that a child needs to be taken care of by an entire village, describing how big is the responsibility of raising children.

    I wish Tao Mu can be a bit indifference in this matter at least, instead of totally despise Yu Qingqing, it’s a grey area that he alone can’t change but surely can be enlightened in future. Perhaps author want to show Yu Qingqing and Shen Yu blameless attitude is the same since they’re mother and son, but it’s too farfetched to me.

    I understand if Shen Yu is angry tho.


  2. Excuse me? 😦

    That time is indeed hard for a single mother to raised her child but she was given 300k yuan that is equivalent to 30m in current time (2009).
    She could’ve pretend that the baby is her younger sibling , not her child since it is also common at that time to have a huge age gap with your sibling specially to chinese living in countryside where having a son is much better than having a daughter or she could’ve send the baby to orphanage for Christ sake 😩🤦🏻‍♀️🙄
    Yet , she abandoned that 2 months old baby inside an apartment. That baby could’ve really died.
    Those people who pity that YQQ .. are really scary. How on earth abandoning a human baby is right? Yes , she’s pitiful since she’s a single parent but never was she pitiful when she abandons that child.

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