After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 247 The Oriole In The Back

This mother and son pair were causing too much of a scene, and the organizers of the Golden Crow Awards were worried that if the scene continued, it would affect the process of the awards ceremony, so they had to signal to the staff to invite Yu Qingqing and Shen Yu off the red carpet.

The onlooking media reporters and fans who eat melon made a regretful “tsk tsk” sound. Even the guests who attended the ceremony put away their mobile phones regretfully. When Shen Yu walked into the hall, a large group of people subtly observed. Even if Shen Yu was preoccupied, he could still feel that the whole hall was secretly looking at him, and some people were also whispering, probably talking about him and Yu Qingqing. Shen Yu felt incredibly embarrassed. He didn’t want to have such an irresponsible mother.

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At eight o’clock in the evening, the awards ceremony officially began. The group of stars who secretly gossiped just now instantly focused their attention. No matter how delicious the melons were today, that was someone else’s business. But the promulgation of various awards may involve their vital interests. Under such circumstances, fewer and fewer people paid attention to Shen Yu. Most people had their eyes on the stage. Shen Yu, who was sitting with the “Black and White” crew, finally breathed a sigh of relief.

He subconsciously looked at Tao Mu. When he secretly stole Tao Mu’s hair for DNA identification, he originally wanted to help Tao Mu find his biological parents. At that time, he was also secretly looking forward to it, since Tao Mu’s biological parents could abandon him in a rental house, they would definitely not really love him. Once they learned that Tao Mu was now famous and rich, they might even come over and ask for money. Shen Yu admitted that he was jealous of Tao Mu. He didn’t want to see Tao Mu always look like he was always on top of the world. However, Shen Yu didn’t expect that after he went to the effort of taking the risk of breaking the law to do such a bad thing. The result turned out that Tao Mu’s biological parents didn’t find him, but instead he himself became stuck with a cold and heartless mother who also abandoned her child in a rental house.

So it seems that people shouldn’t do bad things, after all?

Shen Yu laughed self-deprecatingly at himself. His nineteen years of upbringing have always taught him to be kind. Because being kind might not guarantee that one would be treated with the same kindness by others, but if one was not kind, one would definitely be treated maliciously by the world.

Sure enough, he only did one bad thing, and the retribution instantly came.

—— sent him another lawyer’s letter. This time it was not only a lawyer’s letter, but also a subpoena from a court in Beijing. When he heard the news that the Shen family flew to Hong Kong to recognize their son, he lost his head for a while and actually even went straight to the airport to block them with a freshly released DNA identification report. Although Mrs. Shen refused to believe his report, there was solid evidence that he stole Tao Mu’s hair for DNA identification. If there was a lawsuit, he would definitely lose.

But the key was, would he have to go to jail after losing the lawsuit?

While Shen Yu fell into contemplation on his own, he heard the guest award announcer on the stage shout: “The one who won the Best Newcomer Award is…..Shen Yu, “Black and White”.”

Shen Yu was startled. When he came back to his senses, he found that the guests around him were applauding politely in front of the camera and looking at him with a smile. Even Tao Mu, who was a competitor, wore a rather playful smile. Only the other three nominees who were also nominated for the Best Newcomer Award looked dissatisfied.

A prison fate was just around the corner, even if he won the Best Newcomer Award and won against Tao Mu for the first time, Shen Yu was not at all excited. He walked onto the stage in a trance, took the trophy in a trance, and stood in front of the microphone in a trance. After a long silence, Shen Yu found that he could not remember the acceptance speech that he had silently recited many times.

“I know you all think I don’t deserve this award.” Shen Yu’s first sentence immediately caused an uproar. The stars present and the staff of the organizer almost didn’t manage to keep their smiles on their faces.

Shen Yu, what’s this situation?

“I know that many of you here look down on me. You think that I am not good at acting and can’t bear hardships. That I only rely on the back door to get resources and so on. But I am still very happy that the organizer awarded this award to me. After all, that I can be shortlisted for the nomination of the Best Newcomer Award means that I still have a certain strength. My performance will definitely be recognized by some people.”

“Next, if there is a chance I will continue to work hard to produce better works. I will try to be a qualified actor. Because I really like this profession. I don’t know what else I can do if I leave this profession.” When Shen Yu spoke to here, his eyes pierced through the crowd and landed on Tao Mu who was under the stage.

The camera followed Shen Yu’s eyes, and very cleverly showed Tao Mu in a close-up.

“Here, I also wish Tao Mu the Best Supporting Actor Award in advance. After all, your acting skills are really good.” When Shen Yu said this, he couldn’t help but feel sour. He really envied Tao Mu’s acting skills. He was obviously such an unkind person, yet he could pretend to be so perfect and win the love of so many people. While he could only watch the people around him distant themselves farther and farther away. In the end, only his lonely self was left.

There was still a close-up of Tao Mu’s face on the big screen. Hearing Shen Yu’s remarks, even the guests who completely had no relation were in an uproar. Only Tao Mu still maintained a calm smile, ignoring Shen Yu’s words, and instead smiled humbly at the other four Best Supporting Actor nominees.

The organizers of the Golden Crow Awards were very dissatisfied with Shen Yu’s speech. However, Shen Yu was backed by the Lin family, and even if the Golden Crow Award organizers were dissatisfied, they could only swallow their anger. After all, those in the entertainment industry would never be able to win against those who engage in capital and finance. What was more, the Lin family’s influence in Hong Kong was far more than just capital.

Not caring that his speech caused an uproar at the awards ceremony, Shen Yu returned to his seat with the trophy. Looking at Tao Mu with a complicated expression: “I’m going to jail soon. You see me eating my own bittee fruit, are you happy?”

Jail? Tao Mu frowned in confusion. He looked at Shen Yu thoughtfully.

What was up with this kid?

Shen Yu received a lawyer’s letter from and a subpoena from the court, and he was scared crazy these days. His mind was full of panic and anxiety about what to do if he had to go to jail. Seeing that Tao Mu was still pretending to be innocent at this time, he was immediately angry.

“What are you pretending to be innocent for. You clearly ordered to send me a lawyer’s letter, and then went to court to sue me. I’m going to jail soon, are you happy?”

Shen Yu knew that it was wrong to steal Tao Mu’s hair for a private DNA test, but he felt that his crime was far from one worth being jailed for. Tao Mu was indeed vicious and vengeful. Just because of this, he was going to go to jail. He was not yet twenty years old this year, and he didn’t want to go to jail.

However, stealing other people’s hair for DNA identification was an invasion of privacy in this country. According to the country’s “Public Security Administration Punishment Law”, violation of the right to privacy was a civil case, and even if the circumstances were slightly serious, one would only be detained for five to ten days and imposed a fine of less than 500 yuan. Only if the circumstances were extremely serious, such as illegally trespassing into other people’s houses, illegally searching other people’s bodies, or illegally voyeuring, or concealing letters and causing serious consequences, would they be sentenced to prison time.

And Shen Yu’s behavior of stealing hair for DNA identification was obviously not serious enough to require a criminal case. Even if Tao Mu resented Shen Yu’s behavior, he could only ask Lawyer Zhou to file a civil lawsuit to demand financial compensation and an apology. It was not possible to sue Shen Yu to jail. That was to say…..after receiving a lawyer’s letter and a court subpoena, a certain someone frightened himself into this state.

This person already knew he had done bad things. Yet couldn’t he find a lawyer who was familiar with civil law to consult the relevant laws and regulations after receiving the subpoena?

Tao Mu was speechless. But he was too lazy to explain the truth. He just hooked up the corner of his mouth at Shen Yu, and said with a playful smile: “You said it yourself, you are eating your own bitter fruit.”

Shen Yu glared at Tao Mu fiercely, his eyes reddened. The communication between the two was faithfully recorded by the camera and transmitted to all parts of Hong Kong through signals. Netizens sitting in front of the computer laughed when they saw this scene. Some netizens even tapped the keyboard to send comments through the bullet screen, and began to popularize relevant legal knowledge. In the end, it was agreed that Mr. Tao was really bad indeed, actually purposely letting Shen Yu misunderstand things and not explain. He also deliberately said things like that to be scary.

Didn’t he see Shen Yu was about to cry?

Just when all the netizens were hahaha, the Golden Crow Awards ceremony also arrived at the Best Supporting Actor award segment. Regrettably, Tao Mu did not receive the award. First of all, although Zhou Yuanting’s appearance in the film was stretched to 20 minutes, for a character who was shortlisted for the Best Supporting Actor Award, the appearance time was still relatively small. Moreover, the other four nominees who competed with Tao Mu were all veritable veteran actors, and two of them have even won the Best Actor crown. If their acting skills were really pit against each other, Tao Mu’s performance was brilliant, but he also couldn’t completely crush the other four nominees.

Secondly, Tao Mu was too young. Just nineteen years old, he was nominated for the Golden Crow Award for Best Supporting Actor in his first movie. This was already a great honor. Moreover, it showed the affirmation of Tao Mu’s acting skills by the Golden Crow Award panel and even the whole Hong Kong film circle. In this case, it didn’t really matter whether Tao Mu could get the award or not. What was more, the one who won the Best Supporting Actor Award this time was an old veteran actor in Hong Kong who was nearly seventy years old. This old veteran actor made his debut in his teens, and had been nominated countless times over the years, but had yet to win an award. The film shortlisted this time could be said to be the closing work of this old gentleman. Considering this, it was quite reasonable for the Golden Crow Awards to award the best supporting actor to him.

Of course, the most important point was that the Lin family in Hong Kong used the scandal that Tao Mu broke out some time ago to put pressure on the Golden Crow Awards. Claiming that a nominee with such a taint should not receive an award. The Lin family’s connections and influence in Hong Kong were very high, and even if the Golden Crow Award did not agree with the Lin family’s actions, they would not dare to disobey. Only the soft persimmons were pinched, and so they naturally came to beg Tao Mu. After all, although the Lin family was not easy to mess with, Tao Mu held in his hand and was backed by Xiaoheng Capital, so he was also not someone to mess with.

Fortunately, although Tao Mu liked acting, he was not obsessed with awards. If he could get it, it was the icing on the cake. If he couldn’t get it, so long as the box office looked good and the audience liked it, that was quite fine as well. In addition, Tao Mu’s sophistication and amiable socializing attitude were carved into his bone marrow. It seemed that when people’s achievements have reached a certain level, many things that they previously cared about and brooded over were not so important anymore. Seeing that the chairman of the Golden Crow Awards jury committee was quite old, and yet he was carefully apologizing in front of him for such a trivial matter, Tao Mu felt his interest wane. He didn’t want to make things difficult for the middleman, the Golden Crow Award. Instead of making things difficult for the Golden Crow Award, which could not control either side, it was better to directly pull the carpet from under the Lin family who was constantly bouncing around.

Having received Tao Mu’s attitude, the organizer of the Golden Crow Awards was relieved. As long as Tao Mu didn’t make it difficult for them, the organizers of the Golden Crow Awards didn’t bother to worry about whether these two powerhouses would fight. They even secretly hoped that Tao Mu would teach the Lin family a lesson. After all, the Lin family’s arrogant and domineering appearance in front of them was really annoying indeed. In order to express their goodwill towards Tao Mu, the organizer of the Golden Crow Awards selected the most suitable candidate for the award from among the other four nominees for Best Supporting Actor.

Sure enough, as soon as the winner of the Best Supporting Actor was announced, many netizens recalled the various works of the old gentleman since his debut, guided by the guest award announcer. That was several decades that accompanied the Hong Kong film industry from its glorious beginning and then to its decline. It also ran through the career of the old gentleman. After decades of ups and downs, now the old gentleman could get a trophy before he retired, which could be regarded as a satisfactory notation to his life’s career.

And the speech given by the old gentleman on the stage made many emotional fans unable to help but recall the past, and even wept.

Only Tao Mu’s fans and the movie fans felt a little regret alongside being moved. However, this regret disappeared at the end of the award ceremony, when they saw that Shen Yu was taken away by the police.

It seemed that it was more exciting to see the opponent being miserable than to see their idol succeed. Although Shen Yu was not qualified to be Tao Mu’s opponent in terms of industry status or achievements. But who made Shen Yu keep tying himself to Tao Mu since his debut. Like a hairy bug that didn’t bite but still disgust you. Now that he was being taken away by the police and about to face detention, it was simply too satisfying indeed.

Soon, however, news that was even more explosive than Shen Yu’s detention topped the trending search again.

——The Shen family actually brought Shen Yu’s biological mother, Yu Qingqing, to court for the crime of abandonment. The evidence was solid and the impact was bad, Yu Qingqing was about to face five years in prison.

It was only at this time that Yu Qingqing suddenly understood why even though Mrs. Shen had clearly guessed what she wanted to do, yet still allowed her to speak freely in front of the media to whitewash herself. It turned out that she was waiting for her here.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Mrs. Shen wanted everyone to see Yu Qingqing’s greedy and irresponsible face. To make Yu Qingqing pay a heavy price for abandoning the second son of the Shen family. And justifiably use this to continue to suppress or even acquire the listed trading company of Yu Qingqing’s husband. There was no doubt that the Shen Group wanted to take this opportunity to spread its business channels to Shenzhen. And take this as an entry point to carve up Shenzhen’s market.

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  1. Hhh… Once again, I feel pity towards Shen Yu. Eventhough he’s very annoying and too full of himself, in the end, he’s just a naive and stupid kid who raised to be like that by his adopted family and with a cursed halo that reducing people’s intelligence (including his) to the point they (he) become brainless. The title of prince is actually quite right for him.


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