After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 248 To Snipe

That it didn’t take long for Yu Qingqing’s identity to be exposed to make such a big move, the point of the sword directly aimed at Yu Qingqing’s family company, and public opinion also guided to to attack the company’s reputation. All the while selling short in the stock market, eroding from the industrial side step by step, and pressing aggressively on the bank and channel supply. To be able to do this in just one month, Mrs. Shen, who remained at home all year round, had absolutely no such means.

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So far, the intentions of the Shen Group might not be known to passers-by, but at least those with discerning eyes could see it. For a time, the Shenzhen market was highly vigilant, and the well-known Shenzhen entrepreneurs met one after another, observing the situation while remaining on guard. They didn’t know how much waves the dragon crossing the river which was the Shen Group would stir up.

Compared with the focus of the businessmen in Shenzhen, most netizens who eat melons were more concerned about the news that Tao Mu had no win at the Golden Crow Awards ceremony.

Tao Mu’s acting skills were obvious to all netizens who have watched “The Great Wall of Flesh and Blood” and the movie “Black and White”, and even the pirated version of “Black and White”. Under this circumstance, if Tao Mu regrettably lost in the competition for the Best Supporting Actor award, it would be considered a defeat that still had glory. After all, in the entertainment industry, at the age of 19, there were very few male actors who could be nominated for Best Supporting Actor on their debut movie. It could be said that this nomination itself was a respect for Tao Mu’s acting skills.

In addition, the old gentleman who finally won the Best Supporting Actor Award had inspired the nostalgia of netizens when he gave his speech. Even the most protective Tao Mu fans have no complaints about this result.

But one thing was one thing, the Golden Crow Awards awarded the Best Supporting Actor Award to others and no one questioned it. But you want to say that with Tao Mu’s strength, even the Best Newcomer Award would be lost to someone like Shen Yu, wasn’t that too much?

Counting all the fans who have seen the movie one by one, who didn’t know Shen Yu’s acting ability? Don’t mention competing with Tao Mu, a dark horse who could even compete with film kings, or even crush them, even if he was compared with other small supporting actors in the crew——such as the Hong Kong actor who played Ah Ze, the gap had to be ten stories high.

It would be understandable if the Golden Crow Awards did not award Tao Mu the Best Newcomer Award because Tao Mu also had a nomination for Best Supporting Actor. But now Tao Mu had neither won the Best Newcomer Award nor the Best Supporting Actor Award. Such good acting was not even able to gain a single trophy, yet the Golden Crow Award awarded the Best Newcomer Award to Shen Yu, whose acting was so bad that one was reluctant to even nominate him for the Best Newcomer Award. The quality of this award was too much!

On the day of the award ceremony, Tao Mu’s fans and netizens who were concerned about the Golden Crow Awards launched into a wave of complaints online. A large number of people flocked to the entertainment sections of major social platforms, and the Flynews account of the Golden Crow Awards to raise their questions. Some stubborn industry insiders also secretly and implicitly connoted that the Golden Crow Award was unfair and was deeply influenced by capital.

It continued to the next morning, when all the mainland media also expressed their dissatisfaction. They believed that the actions of the Golden Crow Awards was obviously suspected of discriminating against mainland actors. Especially the old leaders of SARFT who were particularly protective, now they were full of complaints——you don’t support the seedlings that we are optimistic about, but you actually awarded the award to a person who has problems with moral quality and professionalism blocked by the mainland. This shows what? Doesn’t this show the obvious suppression of newcomers with potential from our mainland by the performing arts industry in Hong Kong?

The chairman of the Lingxiao Award jury even publicly stated during the interview that the Hong Kong Golden Crow Award was too deeply influenced by capital operations and had completely lost its authority. This was very disappointing indeed.

Hearing the words of the chairman of the Lingxiao Award jury, the Golden Crow Award jury chairman practically had a mouthful of blood stuck in his chest and couldn’t be spit out. For a long time, the authority of major domestic film and television awards had often been questioned by the outside world. Whether it was a film and television person in Hong Kong or a film and television person in Taiwan, what they liked to criticize most was that the mainland film and television awards were too deeply influenced by politics and do not have market authority. Now the remarks that they have always spouted were now returned back to them by others. The chairman of the Golden Crow Awards jury could barely hold back the upset and almost suffered from internal injuries.

After the official statement came first, many big-name artists and well-respected actors and veteran artists in the mainland also came forward to express their dissatisfaction. The competition between the entertainment industry in Hong Kong and Taiwan and the mainland entertainment industry had always been fierce, not to mention the conflict between the two parties. It was not uncommon for news reports that the production crew and actors from Hong Kong and Taiwan teamed up to bully mainland artists. The grievances between the two sides were too deep, and now there was a chance to step on their opponent, no one would let this opportunity go.

Although Hong Kong artists were dissatisfied with the mainland artists throwing stones down at them, the flashy operation of the Golden Crow Awards this time was too low-end, and the traces of capital control were too obvious. Although everyone knew that the organizer of the Golden Crow Award had no choice but to do so, no industry insiders have come forward to defend the Golden Crow Award. On the one hand, they were afraid of provoking trouble, and on the other hand, of course, they did not want to offend Tao Mu.

After all, Tao Mu was not only a dark horse actor that people in the industry were optimistic about, but also the founder of, a senior partner of Xiaoheng Capital, and a top level producer and film investor who had been widely sought after by the industry in the past two years.

They dared not to offend Tao Mu, nor complain that the Golden Crow Award was being manipulated by capital, so as not to inexplicably offend the Lin family, so the Hong Kong artists who were implicated in this wave of criticism for no reason could only take their anger out on Shen Yu, who had the cheek to win the Best Newcomer Award. They all angrily waited for Shen Yu to be truly finished.

Shen Yu, who was missed by many people, was detained in a detention center in Beijing.

After nearly 20 years of pampering and being held in the palm of the Shen family’s hand, Shen Yu had barely even lived in a school dormitory for a few days, let alone a detention center. Even when he was at his most desolate, when he was kicked out of the house by the Shen family, and even driven to Hong Kong, he had the Lin family as his backing. When had Shen Yu suffered such setbacks? Ever since he entered the detention center, he had been crying at his grievances. The sound of crying was so loud that people’s heads nearly exploded.

In the detention center, there were all kinds of people from all walks of life. Moreover, there were many hooligans who were repeat offenders. They just felt annoyed when they heard Shen Yu’s crying.

“Can’t you f**king stop crying? Your crying is going to make my head explode!” A bald man with blue dragons and white tigers tattooed all over his body couldn’t bear it anymore, he suddenly got up from the bed and walked to Shen Yu, grabbed Shen Yu’s collar and said viciously, “Suck it up right now.”

Shen Yu had never seen such a mean looking person before, and his face turned pale with fright and began to cry louder. Even some snot dripped onto the bald man’s hand.

“F**k!” The bald man was so disgusted, he threw off Shen Yu’s collar, rubbed the snot on Shen Yu’s clothes, and kicked Shen Yu angrily: “Did you f**king do that on purpose?”

“It hurts!” Shen Yu shouted desperately, clutching his stomach, “Help! Help! Stop beating!”

Hearing the commotion in the detention room, the police immediately ran over. The bald man saw that the situation was not good, and quickly returned to his bed to squat.

“What is going on?”

Everyone squatted in the corner holding their heads and looked at each other, but no one said a word.

Only Shen Yu hugged his stomach and cried in pain, his face pale, crying and complaining to the police, saying that the bald man beat him. The bald-headed man didn’t expect that Shen Yu would dare to tell on him, and glared at Shen Yu fiercely. The police who saw this began to reprimand and educate him.

Seeing that Shen Yu was in severe pain, the police even called a doctor for Shen Yu. After examining him over, the doctor said that Shen Yu was only injured on the skin level, and it was not serious. The reason why Shen Yu cried so hard was probably because he had never been injured before, and his tolerance for pain was too low.

Thinking of the news reported before his ban that Shen Yu could cry for days just over having to hang on a wire, the police were speechless. They could only send Shen Yu back, and warned the bald man not to beat others again. However, the police could only control the detention room. Back in the detention room and huddled in the corner, Shen Yu, whose crying eyes were swollen red, didn’t know that once he left the detention center, everything that would happen to him would truly be more miserable than now…..

Tao Mu’s first reaction when he learned that Shen Yu was blocked in a small alley and had his leg broken after leaving the detention center was that this was definitely the work of the Shen family. However, after investigation, he was stunned to find that this matter had nothing to do with the Shen family. It turned out to be just a personal grievance between Shen Yu and a small-time hooligan who often got into fights and caused trouble in the detention center.

What Tao Mu didn’t know was that after learning that Shen Yu was going to be detained, Mrs. Shen indeed really wanted to do something in order to dispel the hatred of the Shen family who raised a cuckoo that occupied the nest well, while their precious son was irresponsibly discarded by Yu Qingqing. However, she was stopped by Shen Shiyuan and Shen Chen. The reason was also very simple. The Shen Group was now on the cusp of acquiring Yu Qingqing’s family’s company, and hundreds of pairs of eyes were staring at them. Once something was done, it would definitely attract the attention of those who care.

Therefore, the father and son of the Shen family must not allow Mrs. Shen to do stupid things to harm the Shen family. Not only was she unable to do things, but when they learned that Shen Yu’s leg was broken, Shen Shiyuan even flew to Beijing to visit Shen Yu himself. He claimed that though Yu Qingqing’s actions were shameless and low-level, Shen Yu was the child they raised for 19 years after all. These were just high-sounding lies, but Shen Yu was deeply moved. Confirming once again that his family was really only the Shen family.

In contrast, Yu Qingqing’s actions of abandoning Second Young Master Shen made Shen Yu feel more guilty. At the same time, he also vowed in his heart that he must help the Shen family find the real second son of the Shen family to make up for his mother’s sins.

Shen Yu felt that the reason why Mrs. Shen held grudges against him was because the second son of the Shen family’s whereabouts were unknown. If he could find Second Young Master Shen back, Mrs. Shen would definitely forgive him. At that time, he could also return to the Shen family with dignity and become the adopted son of the Shen family.

Having come to this point, Shen Yu did not dare to expect too much anymore. He didn’t even dare to think carefully about whether the attitude of the Shen family’s father and son pair towards him was really out of familial affection. He regarded the Shen family as his last life saving rope. If the Shen family didn’t care about him, Shen Yu really didn’t know where else he could be accepted.

However, it was not so easy for Shen Yu to help the Shen family find the real Second Young Master Shen. After all, even with the resources and connections of the Shen family, there was no news after so long. Moreover, Shen Yu didn’t have any connections now.

In fact, according to the clues given by those incidents back then, Tao Mu, a person who had already stayed out of the matter, was actually the most suitable match to Second Young Master Shen’s experience. But Shen Yu personally compared Tao Mu’s DNA with the Shen family’s DNA, and even paid a heavy price for it——

No, wait! In a flash of insight, Shen Yu stumbled upon a thought. He wasn’t actually sure about this. Everything was arranged by Lin Rong’an. If Lin Rong’an swapped the test samples, or gave him a fake identification report…..

Just when Shen Yu began to doubt whether the DNA report Lin Rong’an gave him was true or false, Tao Mu was also busy sniping at the Lin Group in the stock market.

——A tiger was always regarded as a sick cat if it didn’t show its power. Although Tao Mu didn’t care much about the Golden Crow Award trophies, Tao Mu didn’t like being suppressed for no reason. Since the Lin family dared to use their wealth to make trouble for him, Tao Mu couldn’t let the Lin family be disappointed.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

With knowledge of the gossip reports from his previous life, Tao Mu exposed many scandals within the Lin family one by one. Coupled with Li Xiaoheng’s personal manipulation of the stocks, the Lin Group’s stock price dropped by dozens of percentage points within a few days, and the group’s market value evaporated by hundreds of thousands of millions. And Lin Rong’an, his father and his uncle were also facing serious charges of raping minors.

At this critical juncture, Lin Rong’an, who could no longer keep his composure, took the initiative to find Tao Mu expressing that a transaction could be made.

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