After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 249 Hiring Thugs & To Escape

“I know that you are the real second son of the Shen family!” The situation was urgent, and when Lin Rong’an faced Tao Mu, he was less hypocritically roundabout than he used to greet Tao Mu and went straight to the point: “Although I don’t know why you are so reluctant to recognize the Shen family. But if you don’t want this secret to be exposed, it’s best not to press the Lin family any further.”

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Speaking of which, the reason why Lin Rong’an concealed this matter at the beginning was not only to watch the fun, but also partly because of the Lin family. After all, with the Shen family’s mercenary nature, once Tao Mu’s true identity was known, Shen Yu, who had always had a feud with Tao Mu, would become useless. The Shen family would definitely give up Shen Yu in order to please Tao Mu. In this way, the effort the Lin family spent on Shen Yu would be in vain.

Although Lin Rong’an was disqualified as the heir by the Lin family, he was still a member of the Lin family after all. Besides, the Lin family also needed him to maintain their relationship with Shen Yu.

But what Lin Rong’an didn’t expect was that Tao Mu’s methods were this ruthless. In the end, this secret turned out to be the life-saving charm of their Lin family.

Lin Rong’an saw this incident as a life-saving straw, but Tao Mu didn’t care.

“Do whatever you want.” Tao Mu lacked interest. If Tao Mu still had a headache on how to face the Shen family before reaching a tacit agreement with Shen Chen, then after that conversation, Tao Mu was sure that Shen Chen would definitely help him solve the potential trouble of the Shen family. After all, Tao Mu had the memories of his previous life, and he knew everything about the behavior of the Shen family and even the filth within the Shen Group. So Tao Mu was not worried that the Shen family would take advantage of him. If he was really pushed, Tao Mu also had some means to deal with the Shen Group. But Shen Chen definitely didn’t want to see a person who was as ambitious and shrewd as him and who also possess the blood of the Shen family return back to the Shen family to fight for the inheritance with him.

Lin Rong’an didn’t know that Tao Mu and Shen Chen had come to a tacit agreement. Seeing Tao Mu’s fearless appearance, Lin Rong’an came to a realization, and sneered self-righteously: “I understand. As expected of Mr. Tao, your methods are indeed superb. The spread of the news on the Internet that Yu Qingqing abandoned the child in the rented house in Beijing must have been instructed by you, right? No wonder what happened nineteen years ago was easily revealed. You wanted to go back to the Shen family from the very beginning. But this plan was only accidentally destroyed by Shen Yu.”

The more Lin Rong’an spoke, the more he felt that this was the truth: “…..No wonder, no wonder you attacked the Lin family for no reason. You must be angry with me and Shen Yu for sabotaging your plan, right?”

Tao Mu looked at Lin Rong’an with an expression of one caring for the mentally retarded. These admirers of Shen Yu all have one characteristic, that was, they especially liked to imagine up plots and details. And they would also take their own stories as facts, and would never accept anyone’s refutation.

Tao Mu had become accustomed to this in his previous life, and he was too lazy to explain in this life. He just called the hotel security directly to kick the person out.

The Lin Group’s stock price had fallen to the bottom, and the three most active men of the Lin family were all facing jail time. The hotel also followed in beating the underdog and unceremoniously threw Lin Rong’an, who seemed to have gone crazy, out of the hotel.

Lin Rong’an was held by two security guards, and still struggling, he shouted loudly, “I won’t let you have your way…..I’ll make you pay…..”

“How is it, have you seen Tao Mu? What did that kid say?” After Lin Rong’an returned to the Lin family manor, he was surrounded by everyone in the Lin family.

However, seeing Lin Rong’an’s soulless and disheveled appearance, in fact, everyone already guessed the result.

“I’ve already said that this Tao Mu has a wide network of contacts in the mainland and has a deep friendship with CEO Li of Xiaoheng Capital. Our Lin family should not offend such a person easily. But you just don’t listen to me. Like being possessed, for a thing like Shen Yu you oppose Tao Mu everywhere. And even use the influence of the Lin family in Hong Kong to put pressure on the Golden Crow Award…..”

The uncle of the Lin family was full of complaints: “Now great, as soon as he took action, the entire Lin Group is soon to go bankrupt. The three of us are also accused of raping minors. The Lin family’s face has been disgraced, and we face jail time. You must be satisfied now!”

The uncle of the Lin family had always been against the old madam Lin’s decision to bring Shen Yu to the Lin family. However, old madam Lin had always been assertive in the Lin family. Although Uncle Lin was the CEO of the Lin Group, his voice within the group was not as high as old madam Lin’s. Therefore, his words spoken at home did not have as much weight as old madam Lin’s. In addition, old madam Lin had always been partial to her second son. In order to keep his position within the group, the eldest uncle of the Lin family did not dare to go against the old madam’s decisions too much. In order to avoid the old madam’s anger, he really supported his younger brother.

The mother and son have always had some grudges because of their interests. It was just that the Lin family was full of prosperity before, and these contradictions were hidden under a peaceful atmosphere. Now that the Lin family skyscraper was about to collapse, it was natural for him to be unable to hold back.

“That’s right. How old are you already, old madam? Why can’t you be like the old madams in other families, and take care of your grandchildren and enjoy your old age? You have to get involved in the affairs of the group. I’m not just saying this, but you have really become senile from old age. Now it is not like when you were young, and the old gentleman is still here and our Lin family calls the shots in Hong Kong. Don’t even mention the Lin family, do you even see who dares to be domineering now?” The eldest aunt of the Lin family also spoke for her husband. Although the eldest uncle of the Lin family made her uncomfortable by spending a lot of time dallying outside, this was the case with men who were rich. Compared with her man spending his time outside, eldest aunt Lin didn’t want her husband to go to jail even more.

Thinking of this, the aunt of the Lin family began to complain about Lin Rong’an again——it was this nephew who brought down the men of the Lin family. According to her, Lin Rong’an was the one who should go to jail the most. He organized those parties and provided the drugs. So what was he doing dragging others down with him.

Not only the aunt of the Lin family, but also many of the younger generation of the Lin family thought this way. If it wasn’t because the old madam and Rong An were always going against Tao Mu everywhere, Tao Mu would not have sniped the Lin Group in the stock market. In the endl, it was the fault of the old madam and Lin Rong’an.

The group’s stock price fell to the bottom and was on the verge of bankruptcy. The Lin family’s century-old family business was wiped out, and her two sons and favorite grandson were about to face jail time. Old madam Lin was also resented by her other grandchildren. For a while there she couldn’t hold on anymore and passed out while clutching at her chest.

The Lin family mansion was in chaos again. Lin Rong’an stared expressionlessly at the chaos in front of him and returned to his room.

That the Lin family had become like this, that he had become like this, all of this was Tao Mu’s fault. Even if Lin Rong’an was going to go to jail, he would not let Tao Mu off so easily!

Knowing that the third son of the Lin family had bought a ruthless underworld thug to cause a car accident and try to kill Tao Mu, Liang Shuwen, who had been busy expanding his family’s express delivery business, still personally visited the hotel where Tao Mu was temporarily staying to report the news.

The Liang family was a member of the underworld, and their underworld contacts were the most well-informed. What was more, the Liang family was now relying on Tao Mu and Li Xiaoheng, the two gods of wealth, to make money. So now that they had the opportunity to show their goodwill, of course they would not let this opportunity go.

Old Mr. Liang even patted his chest and assured: “Mr. Tao, don’t worry, as long as it is in the boundary of Hong Kong, our Liang family will never let you have an accident.”

Tao Mu smiled and thanked him. He glanced at Liang Shuwen who was sitting beside him. Although in his previous life, he had never dealt with this person very much, this time Liang Shuwen’s tip-off was of great importance to Tao Mu’s life and safety. So even if to repay the favor, Toa Mu must also warn the other.

“Old Mr. Liang wants to whitewash, this decision is naturally correct. What era is it after all, isn’t it better for everyone to make money with peace of mind than to shout and kill every day. But while old Mr. Liang is dedicated to walking this bright path, I wonder what those seniors in your gang think?”

Old Mr. Liang knew that people like Tao Mu who lawfully did business always kept a distance from people with complicated backgrounds like them. Old Mr. Liang could also understand Tao Mu’s concerns, and immediately smiled: “Actually, those like us who come out in society, it is just to support the family. Mr. Tao grew up in the mainland, and probably don’t know that a few decades ago, Hong Kong was actually very chaotic. To put it a bit exaggeratedly, even if you set up a small stall on the side of the road to sell boxed lunches, you wouldn’t be able to do business peacefully if you don’t make offerings to a pier. But the world is different now. If one can make money with peace of mind, who would want to go back to the days of licking blood off of knives.”

“That’s right.” Tao Mu smiled and added jokingly: “I watched some Hong Kong movies before. I found a phenomenon that was particularly interesting. Before writing a character to death, the screenwriter would definitely have him say something. For example, after completing this job, I will go back to my hometown and get married. We call this kind of plot ‘raising a flag’ in the industry. Because after the protagonist finishes saying this, there will definitely be enemies coming to the door. “

Old Mr. Liang’s heart skipped a beat.

Tao Mu only hinted enough. He smiled and said, “The topic has gone too far away. I wonder if the old gentleman has any solid evidence that Lin Rong’an hired a murderer to kill?”

Liang Shuwen began thoughtfully: “Mr. Tao means…..”

“I’m a person who cherishes my life. Of course, I can’t allow those who want to harm me to go unpunished.” Tao Mu smiled, as if he was talking about the weather.

The Liang family father and son looked at each other with difficulty. Although the Liang family wanted to whitewash themselves, they were still part of the underworld after all. Knowing that someone wanted to assassinate Tao Mu and running over to tip off the news, and handing over the evidence that the murderer was bribed to Tao Mu were two different things. The latter would certainly arouse criticism from some gang members.

Tao Mu smiled but said nothing. He also didn’t urge the Liang family father and son. The father and son of the Liang family were willing to come to tip off the news, and Tao Mu recognized this favor. Therefore, according to the memory of his previous life, he would warn them in advance and return the favor. If the father and son of the Liang family were willing to help him bring Lin Rong’an and the hired killer to justice, Tao Mu, in order to repay the kindness of the Liang family, would of course tell old Mr. Liang about the group of people who kidnapped Liang Shuwen in his previous life. Calculating the time, that incident would occur this year.

Tao Mu had his own principles in life. Tao Mu and Liang Shuwen were destined not to be friends because of their relationship in the previous life. But in this life, the Liang family had shown favor to him several times, and Tao Mu had received the kindness of the Liang family. So he should at least express his thanks. Therefore, this kind of case by case transaction was more in line with Tao Mu’s principle of doing things.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

As for whether Tao Mu tipping off old Mr. Liang would attract the anger of that group of people, Tao Mu was not worried. Just like what Tao Mu said to old Mr. Liang, what era was it now, shouting and killing on the streets was no longer feasible. Putting aside whether the mafia in Hong Kong dared to attack a mainland businessman like Tao Mu, even if they really dared to do it, the veteran soldier security team hired by with high salaries was not just for show.

The Liang family father and son struggled for a while, and finally decided to cooperate with Tao Mu. However, when Tao Mu handed over the evidence that Lin Rong’an hired a murderer to the Hong Kong police, and the Hong Kong police went to the Lin family to arrest him, he was surprised to find that Lin Rong’an had already escaped.

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