After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 250 Li Xiaoheng’s Secret Worries

Although he spoke uncaringly, after hearing the news of Lin Rong’an’s escape, Tao Mu immediately dragged Li Xiaoheng back home. Flying back to their Beijing base camp at the fastest speed.

Of course, before leaving, Tao Mu did not forget to repay the Liang family. Relaying all the information and clues he knew. Because Tao Mu had FlyNews Entertainment, the most well-informed gossip media, and in addition to Li Xiaoheng’s family background contacts, the Liang family father and son had no doubts about the authenticity of what Tao Mu said. Coupled with the fact that some old members within the gang have been complaining about the whitewashing of the Liang family recently, old Mr. Liang immediately became vigilant. Later, he dispatched his confidants to secretly investigate the other elders of the gang, and found out that those elders really made contact with the enemies of the Liang family, and even secretly colluded to kidnap Liang Shuwen…..As for how to deal with these things, that was the Liang family’s own problem.

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However, in order to avoid the power struggle among these underworld gangs involving the normal operation of, Tao Mu still suggested that Li Xiaoheng not renew the logistics contract after it expired. The Liang family father and son could also understand Tao Mu’s approach. After all, Tao Mu ran the risk of offending the other elders of the gang by tipping them off to the Liang family father and son. There was no bottom line for those in the mafia. If Tao Mu and Li Xiaoheng were implicated because of this, they would probably use the express company’s relationship to do things to retaliate against Tao Mu.

Considering this factor, old Mr. Liang was indeed too embarrassed to beg Tao Mu to cooperate with them at the risk of losing both human and financial resources.

Besides, Tao Mu’s tipping off allowed old Mr. Liang to discover the conspiracy of the gang elders and the enemy of the family in time, which could be regarded as an indirect saving of Liang Shuwen’s life. Under such circumstances, the Liang family’s previous efforts to show Tao Mu goodwill were not even worth mentioning.

“Don’t worry, Mr. Tao. That third son of the Lin family didn’t leave Hong Kong by plane. I will send someone to inquire about him. If he is still in Hong Kong, I will notify the police. If he has already smuggled out the borders, I also have some connections in this regard. I will help you to keep an eye on where he has smuggled to and track his whereabouts as soon as possible.” Old Mr. Liang said enthusiastically. On the one hand, he wanted to thank Tao Mu for the tip, and on the other hand, he didn’t want to miss out on such strong connections as Tao Mu and Li Xiaoheng.

Tao Mu said with a smile: “Then I thank the old gentleman for your trouble.”

When Tao Mu and Li Xiaoheng left Hong Kong, Lin Rong’an’s uncle and father had already been arrested by the police. The Lin Group was also facing bankruptcy and liquidation. Lin Rong’an had swept away the cash, gold bars and jewelry in the safe before going missing. The several daughters-in-law of the Lin family were arguing for divorce and separation of family property. Other shareholders of the Lin Group and relatives of the Lin family kept guard at the Lin family mansion every day yelling for an explanation. Old madam Lin couldn’t bear these successive blows and fell ill. Not to mention the harassment by the pervasive gossip paparazzi in Hong Kong…..

But these things had nothing to do with Tao Mu. After returning to Beijing, Tao Mu non-stop began to promote the mainland remake of “Black and White” which was to be released in the Chinese New Year slot. Including communicating with the theater distributors about the release schedule and film arrangement, communicating with SARFT for review, and the publicity plans in various provinces and cities during the release period. In the end, the mainland remake was scheduled to premiere on Valentine’s Day, February 14. And this day also happened to be the Lunar New Year.

Tao Mu originally wanted to hurry up and return to the army for training. But at this point in time, of course he could not let his Yao Dad, Xiao Qi Dad and Grandpa Song celebrate the New Year by themselves just because he had work. So he stayed at home until the third day of the new year. Originally he should have visited the Li family’s house to pay his New Year greetings, but the memory of the last time he went to the Li family’s house to do his measurements was too strong. Tao Mu was really a little afraid. Liu Yao, Meng Qi and old man Song looked at their little Tao Mu’s conflicted and troubled look, and simply suggested, “How about we go with you?”

Liu Yao’s way of thinking was very simple. Since the elders of the Li family were so enthusiastic and like to ask questions, they could all go there and help Tao Mu share the firepower. Besides, the two children have been dating for so long, and they have both visited the parents. As elders, it was reasonable for them to visit their in-laws during the Chinese New Year.

After all, their Tao Mu was a boy!

Compared with Liu Yao, Meng Qi and old man Song have deeper thinking. Although they feel that with the power of the Li family, their approach of making the visit first might be somewhat inappropriate. But after thinking about it carefully, their family’s Tao Mu was also a boy, but just after entering college, he was coaxed into Li Xiaoheng’s bowl, a man with ulterior motives who even coaxed the unknowing Tao Mu to meet his family…..

“Then it’s settled. Go back and ask Xiao Heng to see the Li family’s schedule. Decide on a time that will be more convenient for us to visit.” Old man Song pondered for a while, and immediately made a final decision.

Having been gay for two lifetimes, Tao Mu was not very familiar with the process of talking about marriage. He just felt that it was very touching that the family was willing to accompany him to visit the Li family and help him share the pressure. Moreover, in Tao Mu’s eyes, he and Li Xiaoheng were not only lovers, but also business partners with close interests. The cooperation between and Xiaoheng Capital was becoming closer and deeper. In the future, Tao Mu even wanted to make Songji a listed company on the stock market. At that time, he would also rely on the professional ability of Xiaoheng Capital. So from this point of view, it was normal for his family to visit the Li family for New Year’s greetings.

Thinking of this, Tao Mu immediately communicated with Li Xiaoheng about the details of the New Year’s visit.

Li Xiaoheng had studied abroad after graduating from high school and seldom returned home for so many years, so he had little understanding of these New Year’s customs. Hearing Tao Mu’s explanation, he immediately went home to communicate with his parents.

When Mother Li heard her son’s remarks, she immediately understood the deeper meaning of Tao Mu’s elders: “I think our family should visit Xiao Mu’s house first.”

Father Li frowned: “It’s the New Year’s, and it’s already very considerate of them to be willing to visit. Don’t worry about such trivial matters, so as not to spoil the enthusiasm of the in-laws.”

Mainly because their son was too unsatisfactory. The two had been dating for so long, but Father Li watched with clear eyes and kept feeling that the attention Tao Mu gave towards their silly son was not even as much as what he gave to his work. Don’t know if he was too young and still uncertain, or he thought their silly son was too boring and unromantic. But these two have been dating for more than a year, and the young couple didn’t even take a single photo that was even a little bit intimate. The photos posted by the media on the Internet or in weekly newspapers were all of them having meals or discussing work together. Or photos of Li Xiaoheng visiting Tao Mu’s film set. Including the previous Golden Crow Award ceremony, Tao Mu walked the red carpet with his family, yet Li Xiaoheng, who was Tao Mu’s lover, never appeared beside Tao Mu in the name of his lover from beginning to end.

When the relationship was like this, the Li family certainly dared not ask for too much. So as not to make Tao Mu impatient, what if he broke up with their son?

A nineteen-year-old Internet entrepreneur, a young investor worth tens of billions of dollars, the heir to a century-old brand, and a face that was enough to make any young girl chase after him, and most importantly, Tao Mu had a good personality. Such young people were never short of pursuers. Mother Li usually collected news about Tao Mu on the Internet, and found that there were tens of millions of girls on the Internet who wanted to marry Tao Mu. Moreover, among them were many young ladies with good family backgrounds and good personalities, let alone young boys and girls who were young, beautiful, lively and lovely.

Compared with these people, their family’s Li Xiaoheng was stronger in terms of family background and working ability. But the key was that in matters related to love, especially for a boy of Tao Mu’s level, he wouldn’t care about these things if he was even just a bit willful!

Thinking about it this way, Mother Li felt more and more that their stupid son had no advantage. Hearing Father Li’s concern, she immediately became uneasy: “You are right. Then you tell me, what does this Xiao Mu mean? Is he not satisfied with our Xiao Heng? So even though it’s been a long time there is still no announcement of their relationship. And when he came to the house to do his measurements, I saw that this child seemed a little uncomfortable. Say, do you think he is——”

“Don’t think too much. After all, Xiao Mu is still an actor. He has so many girlfriend fans so the reason he doesn’t disclose his relationship is maybe because of this consideration.” Father Li interrupted Mother Li’s words and persuaded: “I think, at least for now, Xiao Mu is quite sincere towards our family’s Xiao Heng. Otherwise, he would not take the initiative to propose that his elders come to the house to pay New Year’s greetings during the Chinese New Year.”

Hearing what Father Li said, Mother Li was relieved: “This is also true. Then look, when will it be better for Tao Mu’s elders to come over?”

“The second day of the new year.” Father Li made a final decision: “The second day of the new year is traditionally the day to return to one’s natal family. There won’t be that many people in the family. It will just be our two families sitting down and having a meal. Lest too many family members being here make Xiao Mu uncomfortable.”

Mother Li glanced at her husband, holding back her smile and saying nothing.

This old man spoke uncaringly, but his actions told another story completely.

In order to show their sincerity, Father Li and Mother Li immediately replied to Li Xiaoheng after discussing it.

Li Xiaoheng didn’t know the deeper meaning and even the contest between the two families’ elders behind the setting of this date. Hearing what Mother Li said, he felt that the time was set very well. He hadn’t forgotten the psychological shadow left on Tao Mu when he visited the Li family last time. Feeling Tao Mu’s rejection at that time, Li Xiaoheng even prepared that Tao Mu would not come to visit during the Chinese New Year.

“Don’t worry. This time when the Tao family comes to pay New Year’s greetings there will only be six members of our family present, and there will absolutely be no outsiders. By the way, do you know what dishes Xiao Mu and his elders like to eat? I will ask the kitchen to prepare the dishes in advance.” Mother Li was very satisfied with Tao Mu as their “daughter-in-law” and wanted to behave well in front of Tao Mu’s elders.

Li Xiaoheng had been mooching off food from Song Ji for so long, of course he knew what Liu Yao, Meng Qi and old man Song liked to eat. He even wrote out a menu for Mother Li very rigorously, and even marked the level of spicy, salty and sweet that the elders liked to eat.

Mother Li saw it in her eyes, and immediately smiled happily: “That’s right. You have to behave well in front of Tao Mu and his elders, and claim your official husband status as soon as possible.”

When the three children of the Li family heard these words, they almost didn’t laugh out loud. Li Xiaoheng was also very exasperated. When he went back to meet Tao Mu, he didn’t forget to relay Mother Li’s words to Tao Mu.

“I think in the eyes of my parents, I must be a particularly unqualified lover.” The aggrieved CEO Li couldn’t convince his parents and family, so he could only go to his lover to find a sense of acknowledgement: “What do you think, am I qualified? “

“It’s not qualified.” Tao Mu’s words made Li Xiaoheng’s heart thump, but then he heard Tao Mu continue to say, “I won’t make do with a barely qualified person as my lover. I don’t need to aggrieve myself so much.”

Tao Mu stared into Li Xiaoheng’s eyes and said seriously: “I think you are very good, very good. At least so far, you are the only person who can make me feel at ease and be in a relationship with.”

As Tao Mu spoke, he peeled another shrimp for Li Xiaoheng, and asked, “Did my recent attitude make you feel discomfort? Is it because I’m too busy with work and have ignored you? Or is it something else?”

“I don’t know much either.” Li Xiaoheng stared at Tao Mu for a while, and lowered his eyes uncomfortably. He was ashamed to dissect his current state of mind. Everyone was an adult here, and he clearly understood that Tao Mu’s approach was the most mature and the most rational. But emotionally, he had always felt uneasy.

“I just think that you don’t seem to care about me that much.” Li Xiaoheng was a little ashamed. It was clear that he was the one to take the initiative to pursue Tao Mu at the beginning, and he also took the initiative to propose that no matter what Tao Mu’s attitude was, he would always like Tao Mu, tolerate Tao Mu, and make Tao Mu feel safe.

But now, clearly Tao Mu’s attitude was the same as before, but Li Xiaoheng was beginning to be dissatisfied. This kind of awkwardness in his heart made Li Xiaoheng feel very ashamed. As if he had not lived up to his promises.

“You’re not wrong, it’s my problem.” Li Xiaoheng took a deep breath, held Tao Mu’s hand, and said seriously, “Don’t worry about this little thing, I’ll adjust my emotions.”

“I’m not wrong, but there must be something wrong with my way of handling things.” Tao Mu held Li Xiaoheng’s hand back, entwining their fingers.

After pondering for a moment, Tao Mu said: “Now that the mainland version of “Black and White” is being released, I will soon cooperate with the military to film “Soldier Elite”. The timing is not right. Just wait another two years. After I graduate from college, if we are still together at that time, we can announce our relationship to the public, alright?”

For a moment, as if fireworks exploded in his heart, Li Xiaoheng’s gloomy mood instantly brightened.

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“Okay.” Li Xiaoheng couldn’t help but smile, and then he held it back. But after a pause, the uncontrollable smile spread across his face again. Li Xiaoheng looked at Tao Mu and said warmly, “I’m very happy.”

When clearly it was not your problem, but you are still willing to compromise for me and consider my feelings: “I feel pampered.”

Li Xiaoheng chuckled lightly, leaned in front of Tao Mu, and gave a light kiss: “Thank you.”

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  1. I have to say I really hate the ML’s pushiness when it comes to making their relationship official or marriage. TM already agreed they’d marry in the future, it’s not like he knows his regression and mental age around 30, but even if he does he shouldn’t be this pushy. He got into a relationship with him knowing he wants to be an actor and said he’d be patient. Give him some room gdi.


  2. not wanting to make their relationship public is one thing, not wanting to admit to LXH’s parents that they are dating is another thing. LXH is not feeling insecure bc of hiding their relationship from the media, he just wants to be open about it with his family which i think is very valid? not to mention his family keeps telling him that he’s being a bad partner bc TM is so (in their eyes) distant even tho giving TM space is exactly what TM wants.

    LXH is getting a lot of mixed messages and he’s not a mindreader, if his loved keep telling him TM could drop him at any time of course he will feel some discomfort. He is also human! TM also understands that LXH has his own points of insecurity just like TM does. That he is then able to compromise for LXH is just how a mature relationship should work.

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