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Currently, finding a job in the job market was not an easy thing, and it was even less easy to enter the top 500 companies in the country, let alone the Qin Group. So those lucky employees when going out and chatting with people had yet another conversation starter. And for a small leader like a supervisor, even if outside companies wanted to persuade them over, the salary would not be higher than what they could make at the Qin Group.

However, so long as the supervisor did not make big mistakes, they would basically rise up the promotion ladder steadily. Compared with the salary, the future and development space were more important.

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Ye Min’s family situation was not good. His parents were both laid-off workers. In the era before compulsory education, they had supported Ye Min to university with much difficulty. After graduation, Ye Min also entered several companies. At that time, he had yet to lose sight of himself and did everything seriously, including leading newbies with great care. He indeed possessed some ability.

Therefore, Ye Min relied on hard work and ability to be able to enter the Qin Group back then.

However, the employees who could join Qin Group’s head office were not inferior to Ye Min, so Ye Min found that in the Qin Group, he was no longer extraordinary, but ordinary and mediocre.

Ye Min felt that since his ability was not better than others, he should just finish his assigned tasks and wait for his seniority to increase.

He had worked in the Qin Group for more than three years in total, and he thought he could work in the Qin Group for the rest of his life.

“Xiao…..Mr. Shen.” Ye Min controlled his facial expressions, his face stiff, as if having undergone failed plastic surgery, “I didn’t know you are…..”

Shen Zhen sat on the sofa on the side and asked Ye Min with a smile, “Then what you mean is that, if you knew that I might make you lose your job, you would have treated me better?”

Ye Min didn’t know what to say, it seemed that whatever he said now was wrong.

“What you regret is not knowing my background in advance, not regret treating new employees like this.” Shen Zhen stood up, straightened his collar, and said to Zhou Chengxiong, “I will go back to work first, and you will deal with the rest, you’ve worked hard.”

Zhou Chengxiong’s face immediately squeezed into a chrysanthemum with his smile: “It’s not a hardship, it’s not a hardship at all, it should be expected of me.”

It would be even better if this young master Shen could speak a few good words for him in front of CEO Qin.

Ye Min’s legs were shaking, he was extremely frightened. It was his luck to be able to join the Qin Group, but after leaving the Qin Group, he would not be able to join another company as high a level as the Qin Group.

People go to high places, water flows to low places, and when he left the Qin Group, he could just see what his future would be like.

He was just a group leader. Unlike the supervisor who was poached by other companies, Ye Min had to submit his resume and find a job by himself when he left the Qin Group.

If Zhou Chengxiong wrote something on his resignation certificate…..

Ye Min’s mind went blank, he quickly ran over and grabbed Shen Zhen’s arm, he said desperately: “Shen Zhen, I know I’m wrong, I just made a mistake that everyone may make, so, how about you be the group leader, and I be a group member? You can treat me any way you want!”

Shen Zhen waved Ye Min’s hand away: “I’m different from you.”

“Ye Min, you don’t understand one thing.”

Ye Min looked into Shen Zhen’s eyes. He looked like a child who had done something wrong, but he didn’t even know where he was wrong.

“Actually, the company doesn’t care about how you treat the group members.” Shen Zhen said, “I have an opinion on you, other than because you have no sense of responsibility to the group members and use your position to seek your own interests, you yourself do not have much ability.”

“That is to say, you are not indispensable to the company. There is no difference between one more Ye Min and one less Ye Min, but what if you have the ability?”

“If you are indeed an employee who can carry a project and are indispensable to the company, do you think Brother Zhou would let you go as soon as he hears this?”

If he was a talent, even if he was just the most ordinary employee now, Zhou Chengxiong would try his best to appease Shen Zhen and protect this employee.

But just because he wasn’t, Zhou Chengxiong could let him go without blinking.

Shen Zhen looked at the supervisor standing next to him: “You also don’t have to beg me, or even Brother Zhou, at least save yourself some face.”

What they were wrong about was not seeking their own interests. People were individuals. Whether it was reading, taking exams, or doing research, they did things all for the sake of maximizing their own interests. This was not wrong, otherwise in the entire Win Group the one who enjoyed personal interests the most was Qin Xing. Should Qin Xing be fired?

They were fired because they didn’t possess the ability to exceed the capacity for the mistakes they made, not even equal.

If Ye Min was a talent, no matter how eccentric he was, Shen Zhen would not treat him like this.

Ye Min’s face froze, with an expression like that of despair. He turned his head and glanced at the supervisor. After all, the supervisor had been in the company for a longer time. He knew that there was no room for change at this time, so he left Zhou Chengxiong’s office with a lonely expression.

When he left the Qin Group, what Shen Zhen said to him still echoed in Ye Min’s mind.

He was holding the cardboard box, which contained his personal items in the company. He stood under the company building, turned and looked up at the building.

He still remembered the first time he came to Qin Group, when he had high ambitions and wanted to make some achievements, starting from an ordinary office worker and climbing up step by step.

Ye Min slowly bent down, squatted on the ground, put the cardboard box aside, and buried his face between his arms and knees. No one could see his expression at this time.

He regretted it.

From the moment he stepped out of the company, he regretted it.

Originally, he hoped to make achievements, buy a house here, bring over his parents who live in his hometown, marry his girlfriend early, and build a happy home. He didn’t know when he started to forget his original intention.

The departure of Ye Min and the supervisor still set off a wave of public opinion.

Especially Ye Min’s group members.

“Looks like he was fired by the manager.”

“Even the supervisor had been fired.”

“They took Xiao Shen to find the manager just now, didn’t they? Why is Xiao Shen okay?”

“It must be that the manager had been persuaded by Xiao Shen?”

“Say…..could it be that Xiao Shen’s backing is bigger than we thought?”

“Impossible, if his backing is so powerful that he could influence who the company fires, would he still come to work in the media department?”

“That’s right, if I have a strong backing, I would go to the development department. The commission and salary for a project would earn millions of yuan a year.”

“Why don’t you say the management?”

“You can’t get into management even with backing, right? Unless you’re a relative of the board member.”

“Does the company have any relatives of the board members?”

“There seems to be one, forget it, don’t talk about him, that eldest young master attitude, tch.”

Shen Zhen sat back in his original seat. There was no group leader in their group for the time being. The group leader usually ascended from within the group, but sometimes also directly from outside. For example, if the entire work group consisted of newcomers, then a group member from an experienced work group would be transferred over to be the group leader.

The group members saw that Shen Zhen was back, and took advantage of the rest time to pull Shen Zhen to the corridor.

“What did you tell the manager? That he really let Ye Min go.”

Shen Zhen shrugged: “I just told the truth, did some very minor work.”

“Xiao Shen, you are amazing. We were the same as you before, but we dare not speak up.”

“That’s right, if we offend Ye Min, he could just tell the above and we would have to pack up and leave as soon as the probation period ends.”

Shen Zhen smiled and said, “Then you can just consider me lucky.”

Although the group members didn’t believe it very much, they couldn’t find a better reason. They could only accept Shen Zhen’s words. Maybe it was because the manager was a decent person?

“Xiao Shen, sit next to me today, and I’ll tell you about our current project.” The person who spoke was Wang Hong, with a square face, thick eyebrows and big eyes, and looked very upright.

Of course Shen Zhen would not refuse.

The most recent project the group was in charge of was the promotion of the company’s new project. The Qin Group had basically been involved in all industries that make money, including the entertainment industry. This new project was a live broadcast software. The R&D department had already made a finished product and preliminary investment in advertising was currently in progress.

The exclusive live broadcast rights of several large-scale e-sports events this year have been negotiated, and now the important thing was the final debugging and promotion.

“Look at the table I listed.” Wang Hong explained to Shen Zhen while working, “These are relatively well-known bloggers and UP owners (TN: uploaders, equivalent to youtubers in China), as well as game commentators. The table should list their IDs, contact information, and promotion prices. As well as their contract time with the platform they are working with, as well as the views and feedback of at least five previous ads.”

“We are responsible for online promotion, and other groups are responsible for ground push.”

“I’m only in charge of these. It’s Yang Lei who is talking with them about the price.” Wang Hong smiled at Shen Zhen.

Shen Zhen nodded: “Do you want me to help you?”

Wang Hong nodded: “Everything else is fine, but it will take a while to check the contact information. If you don’t understand, just ask me.”

So, after Shen Zhen had been in the company for so long, he finally got a task.

When they got off work, Wang Hong and the others also invited Shen Zhen to hang out together on weekends.

Shen Zhen politely declined the proposal: “I have something to do on the weekend, you guys go, I will treat you to a meal when there’s a chance.”

The group members didn’t say anything, Shen Zhen was different from them at first glance, and his personal social circle was also different. Anyway, as colleagues, there was really no need to develop into good brothers.

As soon as Shen Zhen walked to the door of the company, he received a call from Qin Shan: “I have something to do today, so I can’t pick you up from work, but I told Youngest Uncle, and Youngest Uncle said he will pick you up from work.”

Shen Zhen: “…..Oh.”

Qin Shan: “Then I’m hanging up now, bye.”

After hanging up the phone, Qin Shan was feeling very crazy inside. She received a call from Assistant Ma in the afternoon, asking her not to pick up Shen Zhen after work today, and even find an excuse to tell Shen Zhen.

What the hell was this!

Qin Shan scratched the back of her head inexplicably.

Couldn’t Youngest Uncle tell Shen Zhen directly if he wanted to pick up Shen Zhen from work? Instead, she had to find an excuse by herself to say that she couldn’t pick up Shen Zhen.

Qin Shan really didn’t understand what Youngest Uncle was thinking.

So she could only laugh self-deprecatingly at herself: “If I could understand, I would be the head of the Qin family.”

She called her little lover: “Ten o’clock at night, the old place.”

As the younger generation of the Qin family, she still knew a lot of people. Some starlets were willing to hug her thighs just to get more resources. What’s more, Qin Shan was young and beautiful and such a sponsor was even more rare, so Qin Shan had always been surrounded by people.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Sometimes the number was more than two, and the little stars would even be jealous.

Qin Shan really enjoyed this feeling.

How about finding time to take Shen Zhen to play? They were young and energetic and full of fire, and too much abstinence was not good for the body. Made one prone to acne.

AN: Qin Shan: “I’m really a genius.”

Qin Xing: “Hehe.”

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