After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 251 Lin Rong’an & The Liang Family’s Ending

With Tao Mu’s care and assurance, the knot in Li Xiaoheng’s heart dissipated immediately. After dinner that night, he wanted to invite Tao Mu to a movie date. It was also the mainland remake of the widely acclaimed “Black and White” that was being released.

As the producer of the mainland remake of “Black and White”, Tao Mu had kept watch on the editing process during the entire filming and post-production period to the point he was practically sick of it. With his eyes closed, he could recite the entire film’s lines backwards. However, Li Xiaoheng had not seen the mainland version of the movie.

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Tao Mu could understand ​​Li Xiaoheng’s thinking. It should be that he didn’t want to miss any of the works that he participated in. On the day of the mainland premiere of “Black and White”, Tao Mu took his family to watch the movie as usual. Only Li Xiaoheng was left alone. He originally wanted to go with everyone from the Li family but for some reason, he couldn’t muster up enough energy in his heart, so he didn’t go.

Thinking of this, Tao Mu suddenly said, “When I make movies or TV dramas in the future, you can also be an investor.” In this way, they could walk the red carpet or attend award ceremonies together in the name of work.

Li Xiaoheng’s eyes lit up and he blurted out, “Okay.”

After a pause, he asked again, “However, will this cause trouble for your work?”

Tao Mu smiled and said, “How will it be trouble to find investors for my films and dramas. But for you, so long as you are willing to trust my investment vision then it’s fine.”

Li Xiaoheng smiled when he heard these words: “You are originally my unique investment advisor and I obey all your words. If I don’t trust you, who would I trust.”

Underlying these words, there was an uncontrollable affectionate feeling and proud delight.

Proud of his good eyesight, he was able to see Tao Mu’s good immediately, and worked hard to try to pursue Tao Mu, and in the end successfully kept him by his side. Delighted that Tap Mu also cared about him the same. Not only did he discover the awkwardness he was trying to hide, but he also took the initiative to comfort him. And he even went to the effort to find a reason for them to walk the red carpet and attend the awards ceremony together.

Li Xiaoheng suddenly remembered what Tao Mu had said before. Tao Mu said that a relationship needed the joint efforts of both parties to maintain. If only one person made any effort, they would be very tired and unhappy over time. Li Xiaoheng didn’t think so before. But thinking about it now, he couldn’t help but be convinced.

It turned out that two people working together to maintain a relationship, and being cared for by the one you loved was such a good feeling.

There was no expression on CEO Li’s face. But during the process of watching the movie, including the entire first month of the new year, he maintained a state of happiness. In the words of the Li family’s secret joking of their old fashioned eldest brother, that was, the sour smell of love exuded all over his body.

This year, because he was cherished by his lover in return and had their relationship recognized by both families, CEO Li’s days were quite nourishing indeed.

In comparison, Lin Rong’an, who secretly ran away, was having quite the rough time.

As Tao Mu had expected, after learning that the secret of him hiring a killer was revealed, in order to avoid being caught by the police, Lin Rong’an pried open the Lin family’s manor safe and ran away with all the cash and precious jewelry. Of course, when Lin Rong’an ran away, he didn’t forget who caused him to be in this situation.

At this point, Lin Rong’an’s obsession with Tao Mu was no longer that of love, but hatred. It was a life-and-death hatred of Tao Mu who caused the fall of the Lin family.

Lin Rong’an wanted revenge. So after running away, Lin Rong’an didn’t hide out with the cash and jewelry in a small country to temporarily avoid the limelight, but took the initiative to contact some outlaws in the underworld, wanting to buy Tao Mu’s life with money. But even if they were outlaws, so long as they possessed a working brain, they knew that Tao Mu’s identity was not easy to mess with, and knew even more that the mainland was strictly controlled, and it was not so easy to make a move against Tao Mu.

Therefore, after Lin Rong’an went through all the troubles he only managed to find a group of destitute outlaws who were like a group of stray dogs. Apparently, these people offended a certain gang boss in Hong Kong, and the boss issued a bounty to inform the police about the clues of this group of people. Under the heavy reward, these people have almost no place to stand in Hong Kong, and they could only make money and leave Hong Kong as soon as possible. For money, these people were willing to do anything. And it just so happened that Lin Rong’an had money in his hand.

The two sides hit it off. Lin Rong’an spent most of the money in his hands on taking Tao Mu’s life. He made an agreement with these outlaws to pay half of the deposit first, and then pay the other half when Tao Mu was dead. Lin Rong’an had a good plan, but he didn’t know that the moment he hooked up with the outlaws, and the money was revealed, the outlaws didn’t just want this commission from Lin Rong’an but all of Lin Rong’an’s money.

——He was just a rich hedonistic young master from a wealthy family who absconded in fear of crime, and these outlaws with blood on their hands felt no pressure at all about killing and robbing him. Although Lin Rong’an possessed a bit of scheming and shrewdness, he had lived in the comfortable and wealthy upper-class circle for the first half of his life, and he had never dealt with these kinds of people who only cared about money and had no respect for life, not even their own. Despite being on guard day and night, there was still a moment of negligence, and the outlaws took advantage of it.

If it wasn’t for Lin Rong’an maintaining a wariness when he made contact with the outlaws, and didn’t carry the money with him. In order to force the whereabouts of the money, this group of outlaws did not dare to silence Lin Rong’an directly. It was very likely that Lin Rong’an wouldn’t even be able to wait for Liang Shuwen to bring the police to make an arrest——

That’s right, this group of outlaws that Lin Rong’an came into contact with happened to be the enemy of the Liang family. Before, they had secretly contacted the gang elders who were not happy with the whitewashing of the Liang family, and wanted to kidnap Liang Shuwen and force old Mr. Liang to hand over the power of the gang only for the conspiracy to be exposed. Old Mr. Liang was furious. While offering a reward for their arrest, he collected the criminal evidence of several gang elders and handed it over to the police. And even cooperated with the police to hunt down these outlaws who had many lives on their hands.

In the end, it happened that he coincidentally rescued Lin Rong’an, who had been tortured, from the hideout of these outlaws. When he was brought out, all his tendons and hamstrings were cut, and there were barely any few pieces of good flesh on his thighs.

Speaking of which, the Liang family father and son had promised Tao Mu that they would pay close attention to Lin Rong’an’s whereabouts. This criminal who harbored ill will towards CEO Tao would not go unpunished. In the end, they found this man, but Lin Rong’an also suffered the consequences. Seeing his current fate, he might as well have been arrested directly by the police.

At least if he had gone to jail, he would definitely not be so miserable.

The scene at that time was so bloody that even the well-experienced Hong Kong police felt shocked. They immediately contacted the hospital and sent Lin Rong’an for emergency treatment. The gossip media, who have always been well-informed, also arrived having followed the scent, not only taking pictures of the bloody scene where the outlaws had tortured Lin Rong’an, but also taking pictures of Lin Rong’an’s bloody state. That scene was like the capital punishment death of a thousand cuts employed in ancient times.

In fact, when Lin Rong’an was cut by the outlaws for the first time, he was already unable to put up resistance anymore. He was pampered since he was a child, and was a person who even had to go to the hospital to bandage a cut on his finger, so how could he have endured this kind of pain. However, Lin Rong’an was more afraid of death than pain. So he could only grit his teeth and hold on. Because he knew that it only meant death to confess. If he held on and didn’t reveal anything, there might be a chance to survive.

Lin Rong’an was not a good person. It could be seen from his choice to abscond with the money regardless of his family’s life and death when the Lin family fell apart that he was an extremely selfish person. Therefore, even if Lin Rong’an nearly died from the pain, he absolutely couldn’t let those outlaws kill him and then get away with his money. Just like when he hated Tao Mu deeply and didn’t forget to buy a murderer to take his life even in the middle of running away.

As soon as the news report came out, the entire Hong Kong and even the whole of China were shocked and stunned. One reason was that they didn’t expect that those outlaws would be so crazy and dare to do such a thing. In addition, they did not expect that the third son of the Lin family, who was so proud and handsome back then, would end up like this. However, with the in-depth follow-up reports, many people learned that the reason why Lin Rong’an ended up like this was entirely because he took the initiative to contact those outlaws, and even wanted to repeat his old tricks of hiring thugs. Netizens who originally sympathized with Lin Rong’an were instantly speechless.

Sure enough, this was called if you don’t do, you won’t die, right? If it wasn’t for Lin Rong’an’s desire to take revenge on CEO Tao, he wouldn’t have provoked those outlaws. So now all his suffering was really self-inflicted. This crowd of melon eaters all relished this news. There were even gossip paparazzi who were not afraid of death and sneaked into the hospital to ask Lin Rong’an how he felt now? Only to be beaten away by Lin Rong’an’s mother who almost went insane.

When the news reached the mainland, mainland officials were also shocked. They couldn’t imagine that the underworld forces in Hong Kong were so rampant and immediately ordered to strictly rectify the underground forces in Hong Kong. Because the Liang family was from the underworld, they were also implicated in this crackdown. But fortunately, the Liang family father and son have been thinking about whitewashing, and have not done illegal things for many years. In addition, Liang Shuwen was almost kidnapped this time. In order to retaliate against the gang elders, old Mr. Liang simply handed over all the illegal and criminal evidence of these gang elders to the police. Now he was considered a witness with a criminal taint. Compared to the gang members who were hit hard, they were protected instead.

However, the power of the Liang family was greatly damaged by this incident. Old Mr. Liang was also sentenced to seven years in prison because of the solid evidence of his involvement in the management of gang affairs. Liang Shuwen, a white paper fan of the gang, was also accused of organizing and participating in underworld activities. However, although Liang Shuwen had been involved in gang management since graduating from university, he was mainly responsible for the gang’s legal businesses. As for other accusations, due to insufficient evidence or old Mr. Liang taking on the responsibility himself. In the end, Liang Shuwen was acquitted.

Not long after old Mr. Liang was imprisoned, he was sent to the hospital for treatment due to a heart attack. Considering old Mr. Liang’s age and physical fitness, and his previous positive performance in making up for his crimes, the police decided to allow old Mr. Liang to be released on medical parole after comprehensive consideration. At this point, old Mr. Liang could finally spend his retirement in peace. And Liang Shuwen continued to take care of the Liang family’s whitewashed businesses after the gang collapsed. However, he did not keep the money, but still sent the money in the form of wages to the family members of old Mr. Liang’s loyal subordinates who were now in prison for various crimes.

Because Hong Kong was cracking down on the underworld forces, many of those small fish who slipped away and blamed the Liang family father and son for betraying everyone, did not dare to make any moves. Therefore, although the Liang family’s vitality was severely damaged, their business was still able to be maintained with some difficulty. Most importantly, personal safety was guaranteed. They didn’t have to live in fear every day like before.

Compared with the peace of mind of the Liang family’s father and son, Lin Rong’an, who suffered from his own consequences, seemed less fortunate. After finally surviving at the hands of those outlaws, he had to face severe punishment from the laws of Hong Kong. Although he could apply for medical parole because of his serious injuries, originally a healthy person had now become a crippled person who could only remain paralyzed on the bed, and even needed help to go to the toilet…..

Knowing Lin Rong’an’s fate, the victims who were raped by Lin Rong’an clapped their hands and cheered, and even went to the hospital with flower wreaths to visit the patient. Lin Rong’an, who had always been proud and arrogant, couldn’t bear this humiliation, but he didn’t have the courage to die. He could only take out his anger on the people around him. Gradually, because of Lin Rong’an’s bad temper, even Lin Rong’an’s mother rarely came to the hospital to care for him and just paid for a carer.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

When Tao Mu found out about all this, most of the 2010 New Year holiday had passed. He was preparing to return to the army for training with all the actors of the “Soldier Elite” crew. When he saw the news reports on the Internet, he couldn’t help but think of everything from his previous life and instantly let out a sigh.

Shen Yu, who also stayed in the hospital for a long time and was just discharged, also saw this news. He was stunned to learn that the reason why Lin Rong’an suffered all these misfortunes was entirely because he wanted to hire outlaws to kill Tao Mu.

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