After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 252 Zhuo Yan’s Thoughts

“Shen Yu wants to see me?”

Tao Mu stayed at home until the fifth day of the New Year. After the fifth day, after eating the dumplings, the other actors from the cast of “Soldier Elite” returned to the army, and they did not forget to organize the company’s artists to the army for a New Year’s performance. As a result, just after the New Year’s performance ended, Tao Mu received a call from his Xiao Qi Dad. Apparently Shen Yu was actually guarding the door of FlyNews headquarters every day, just to see Tao Mu.

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“What for?” As soon as Tao Mu heard the words “Shen Yu”, he felt a headache and had a physiological stomach ache. He couldn’t help but complain: “Xiao Qi Dad, don’t pay attention to him.”

“I don’t want to pay attention to him. But he is like a stone pestle at the entrance of FlyNews headquarters every day, and he won’t go away. The employees who come and go and the partners of other companies and departments can see it. If it wasn’t for the SARFT ban on him, I’m afraid the photos of him guarding the gate of FlyNews headquarters would have been posted on the Internet already.”

When Meng Qi mentioned this, he also felt a headache: “And his brainless fans, who knows where they got the news, also came to accompany him. Making it seem that there are demonstrations at the entrance of our company headquarters, and the impact is very bad.”

Tao Mu frowned in displeasure: “What the hell does he want?”

“He refused to communicate with me, he just said he wanted to see you.” If he wasn’t worried that Shen Yu’s continued nuisance would have a bad influence on, Meng Qi wouldn’t bother to pay attention to this young man with a problem in his brain circuit.

Tao Mu’s chest felt a little tight. Involuntarily, he thought of the past life, after Shen Yu was kicked out of the Shen family by him, he also stood guarding the door of the Shen Group. He knew what Shen Yu was like, and to a certain extent, he would not give up until his goals were achieved. If Tao Mu didn’t show up, Shen Yu could really stand in front of FlyNews headquarters for half a year. But the key was that Tao Mu was truly not interested, nor had the time or energy to accompany Shen Yu to continue playing. He was too busy to even deal with his own serious business!

Putting down the phone, Tao Mu pondered for a moment, then called Shen Chen. Shen Chen and Shen Shiyuan were both in Shenzhen, busy acquiring the listed company of Yu Qingqing’s husband’s family. Speaking of which, Yu Qingqing’s husband was also really in love with Yu Qingqing. Not only did he change the company’s name to Aiqing Trading, but also the company’s legal person was listed with Yu Qingqing’s name. Before when Yu Qingqing was brought to court by Mrs. Shen for the crime of abandonment, Aiqing Trading was also implicated. Yu Qingqing’s husband managed to settle the turmoil caused by Yu Qingqing’s imprisonment. But before he could help Yu Qingqing run her medical parole, the Shen Group had already pounced over eagerly. On the one hand, they conspired with Shenzhen City Bank to cut off the loans of Aiqing Trading, and on the other hand, they instructed Zhuo Yan to snipe the shares of Aiqing Trading in the stock market. In addition, they even contacted other shareholders of Aiqing Trading several times and actively acquired other shareholders’ shares. As a result, Yu Qingqing’s husband was attacked by the enemy on all sides.

When Shen Chen received Tao Mu’s call, the Shen Group’s acquisition of Aiqing Trading was basically coming to an end. Yu Qingqing’s husband had already disarmed and surrendered, and the only request was to have the Shen family release Yu Qingqing and agree to Yu Qingqing’s medical parole.

However, Mrs. Shen deeply resented Yu Qingqing’s cruel act of abandoning her child, and was not willing to compromise on this matter at all. Chairman Shen also didn’t want to give the outside world the impression that even the hatred of murdering his own son could be easily bought. Only Shen Chen felt that one should leave a life line in everything, so it was easier to see each other in the future. But as said before, Shen Chen’s current position made it difficult for him to speak easily. So as not to leave a cold, ruthless eldest brother image to the Shen parents. Therefore, after thinking about it, he hesitated, and did not provide Shen Shiyuan and his wife with a more rational choice. As a result, both sides stagnated.

Tao Mu made this call to Shen Chen to remind Shen Chen not to forget that the two of them had a tacit agreement. Tao Mu would not covet the Shen family, and Shen Chen would also help Tao Mu to resist the troubles from the Shen family. Now Shen Yu was guarding the headquarters of FlyNews every day, which brought a lot of negative effects to the work and image of Tao Mu couldn’t communicate with Shen Yu, so he could only talk to Shen Yu’s backers.

“I understand.” Shen Chen squeezed the bridge of his nose and said tiredly, “I will call Shen Yu and ask him to leave Beijing as soon as possible. He will not trouble you in the future.”

As he spoke, Shen Chen suddenly smiled and couldn’t help but comment: “You and Mr. Li are indeed worthy of being the best partners, even behaving and doing things in the same way. Back then, when Shen Yu troubled Mr. Li because of the fans spreading rumors, Mr. Li also gave us a call and told the elders of the Shen family to educate Shen Yu well. Unfortunately, Shen Yu is not a true Shen family member. And there is also a real problem with the education of our Shen family. “

This topic was a little too personal. Tao Mu didn’t believe that with Shen Chen’s shrewd methods, he would not know that he was in a relationship with Li Xiaoheng. Tao Mu knew that the reason why Shen Chen said these words was just a habitual joke. He wanted to use this behavior to bring him closer to Tao Mu. If Tao Mu had a good opinion of him, or if he recognized Shen Chen as a relative from the bottom of his heart, he would even have the illusion that the two of them had a good relationship because of this remark. Even if Tao Mu had a so-so impression of him, when he heard such words, he would only feel that Shen Chen was apologizing to Tao Mu for the problem of the Shen family’s education. Of course, this was also mixed with the emotion that Shen Chen felt that his “elder brother duties” were difficult.

With just such an offhand remark, Shen Chen could hit several birds with one stone. It was a pity that Tao Mu was no longer the orphan in his previous life who would fall for this and be grateful after just a few words of charity. Shen Chen’s goodwill was destined to be thrown to a blind and deaf man.

Noticing Tao Mu’s silence, Shen Chen didn’t mind either. Before Tao Mu hung up the phone, he couldn’t help complaining to Tao Mu: “The acquisition project here in Shenzhen is a little troublesome…..I can understand my mother’s hatred for Yu Qingqing. In her opinion, the real Shen child was abandoned while just an infant, and must definitely have met with misfortune. As a mother, she wants to avenge her child and wants the murderer to get the end she deserves, which is understandable.”

Shen Chen was just worried that if the Shen family were so aggressive, Yu Qingqing’s husband, who had hit all dead ends, would be forced to jump over the wall: “And that Zhuo Yan, he has done a lot of things recently. He actually secretly met Yu Qingqing’s husband a few times. Don’t know what they were talking about.”

“Fortunately, the project of acquiring Aiqing Trading is coming to an end, and there is no need to continue to spend energy on the stock market. It just so happens that you have asked me to deal with Shen Yu, how about I have Zhuo Yan go to Beijing to pick him up?”

Speaking of which, Shen Chen had suspected that Tao Mu had something to do with Zhuo Yan before. However, he carefully observed for more than half a year and found that the two had no communication at all except for the two meetings in Hong Kong. Shen Chen had always been a thoughtful and meticulous person. Since he didn’t find anything tricky, he felt compelled to apologize to Tao Mu. In other words, no matter whether Shen Chen’s heart was completely cleared of doubts, at least in the absence of conclusive evidence, Shen Chen was still willing to show his goodwill to Tao Mu, and express his trust and magnanimity.

However, when Tao Mu heard Shen Chen’s words, he couldn’t help but startle. He thought of Zhuo Yan, who inexplicably hooked up with Shen Yu in the previous life, and Zhuo Yan’s betrayal of him. And also in this life, what Shen Chen told him about Zhuo Yan’s life experience.

Tao Mu felt a little uneasy in his heart, and he inevitably added: “Isn’t Zhuo Yan Shen Yan’s boyfriend? Isn’t it not good for you to let him contact Shen Yu too much?”

“You are worrying too much.” Shen Chen chuckled lightly: “One is the daughter of the Shen family, and the other is the adopted son who is not related by blood. With Zhuo Yan’s shrewdness, he will know how to choose the right one.”

Not necessarily. Tao Mu frowned slightly, and heard Shen Chen suddenly say with emotion, “Are you caring about Yan Yan just now?”

Tao Mu was stunned when he heard the words: “What?”

“The old saying goes that blood is thicker than water——”

Before Shen Chen could finish speaking, he was interrupted by Tao Mu: “This is the end of the conversation, Mr. Shen can arrange things yourself.”

Hearing the beeping tone from the receiver, Shen Chen raised his eyebrows expressionlessly. The next second, he called Zhuo Yan: “Go to Beijing. Bring Shen Yu to Shenzhen.”

“Shen Yu?” Zhuo Yan was instantly surprised. He probably didn’t expect that Shen Chen would call him specifically for such a trivial matter.

“That’s right.” Shen Chen explained: “You can set off now and book the nearest flight. Pick him up tonight.”

After hanging up the phone, Zhuo Yan stared at the phone with a confused expression. For a long time, he thought that the Shen family didn’t care about Shen Yu, the adopted son. Especially after Mrs. Shen drove Shen Yu out of the Shen family, and the Shen family took away all the property under Shen Yu’s name, Zhuo Yan felt that Shen Yu was of little use now. Not to mention that some time ago, because of the trouble Shen Yu caused, the Shen family even sent him far away to Hong Kong. Later, when Shen Yu was accused and detained for stealing Tao Mu’s hair for DNA identification, the Shen family did not come forward to bail Shen Yu out. In Zhuo Yan’s eyes, these actions simply meant that while the Shen family might not have given up Shen Yu completely, at least they did not take this child to heart.

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But now it seemed that, no matter what the rest of the Shen family thought, Shen Chen was able to take his attention away during such a tense time for the acquisition, and even arranged for him to go to Beijing to pick up Shen Yu. This move at least showed that Shen Chen cared about Shen Yu.

Shen Yu’s delicate and elf-like facial features flashed in front of Zhuo Yan’s eyes. He thought of those admirers who were always attracted to Shen Yu involuntarily, and then thought of how Shen Chen and Shen Yu were not related by blood…..

Zhuo Yan, who felt he had caught a glimpse of some secret, suddenly came to a realization, and let out a curious laugh.

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    1. It’s a funny thought, though. He accidentally paired up the two people who would never be in a relationship. Mostly because Shen Chen values his ongoing intelligence quotient and Shen Yu has murderous tendencies towards people’s IQ. I’m still not sure why they don’t just drop him in a foreign country with a handler and a bank account to sort him out.


  1. Been meaning to ask this long time ago, but SY’s youth and appearance have an expiration date, you can be possibly saying he thinks he can stay with his family that’ll unconditionally protect him way into his later 20ties and 30ties and act like a dollish baby … *Gag* at that age…..


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