After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 253 Shen Chen’s Plan & Celebration Of “Black And White”

The reason why Shen Chen asked Zhuo Yan to take Shen Yu to Shenzhen instead of Shanghai was because only Mrs. Shen and Shen Yan were in Shanghai. And these two women had a very high dislike for Shen Yu. In order to avoid complications, Shen Chen didn’t want these two sides to get together; and on the other hand, he was considering the relationship between Shen Yu and Yu Qingqing.

From Shen Chen’s point of view, it didn’t matter whether this pair of mother and son, Shen Yu and Yu Qingqing, have had contact before or not, after all, the link between mother and son could not be so easily disconnected. For the time being, Shen Chen didn’t want to investigate whether Yu Qingqing knew about Shen Yan’s switching of the children. Even if Yu Qingqing really didn’t know, she still cruelly abandoned her own flesh and blood. But it had been twenty years. As long as Yu Qingqing still had a little bit of shame and awareness as a mother, seeing Shen Yu at the age of 20, she should still have some emotions. Thinking about how her own son grew up in the Shen family, how much pamper and care he received before his birth background was exposed. And what happened to the real second son of the Shen family after he was abandoned in the rental house, and the question still be out about his survival.

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These kinds of emotions didn’t need much, even if there was only a little bit of guilt, if used well, it might be an effective pawn in the acquisition of Aiqing Trading.

As for the filthy things that Zhuo Yan secretly pondered, of course Shen Chen didn’t know. Even if he knew, he probably wouldn’t care. With that time and energy, Shen Chen would rather think about how to use Shen Yu’s existence to persuade Yu Qingqing’s husband to agree to the acquisition. After all, judging from Yu Qingqing’s husband’s current actions and demands, this man still cared about Yu Qingqing very much. Therefore, he should also have two points of mercy and guilt towards Shen Yu.

Of course, it didn’t matter if he didn’t. In any case, business people did not rely on sympathy and charity. Yu Qingqing and her husband also gave birth to a son. Even if Shen Yu and the real Second Young Master Shen were not considered, the couple would definitely consider their own son’s future. It was now a foregone conclusion that Aiqing Trading would be acquired, sooner or later, it was only a matter of time and the amount of money invested.

If Yu Qingqing and her husband were smart, they would agree as soon as possible, take the money and leave, and their son would still be able to enjoy a well-off lifestyle the rest of his life. If they insisted on holding out until the end, Shen Chen was not helpless either. When Yu Qingqing’s husband was engaged in foreign trade, he used trade channels to do smuggling business. If this kind of black history was exposed, then Yu Qingqing’s husband would not just have to worry about the small question of whether or not to agree to the acquisition.

However, before this last step, Shen Chen didn’t want to tear up all pretences of cordiality with someone who was not very clean. He was no longer the 16-year-old boy who was too fierce and aggressive and desperately wanted to be recognized by the group. Towards many things now, Shen Chen hoped to be more tactful and gentle.

Not mentioning how Shen Chen calculated, in Beijing, the mainland remake of “Black and White” would be released on Valentine’s Day on February 14th. Because the previous publicity was very good, on the day of the premiere, the crew invited the most authoritative filmmakers and media people in the industry to come to watch the movie. After the premiere, discussions about the superiority and inferiority of the movie “Black and White” between the Hong Kong version and the mainland remake version have sprung up like mushrooms after a rain.

Some people felt that the Hong Kong version was the most classic, and some people thought that the mainland remake version had all the acting skills online, and the filming was more sincere in many details. Of course, some film critics criticized the mainland version for having to give up part of the artistry and deeper connotations in order to meet the audit requirements of SARFT…..It was precisely because of these different opinions that it attracted more audiences to this film. So much so that on the day the remake of “Black and White” premiered in the mainland, the box office exceeded 60 million on the first day, almost equal to the total box office of “Black and White” in Hong Kong for one month. And a week after the movie was released, the box office directly broke 200 million yuan. Although it had not won against another Hollywood 3D blockbuster, and came only second at the box office. But the figure of 200 million box office still made the producers of “Black and White” so happy that they couldn’t close their mouths from smiling so much.

The total production cost of “Black and White” was less than 30 million yuan. It was released in Hong Kong for five weeks, breaking the box office record of Hong Kong in recent years, and finally raking in 80 million Hong Kong dollars which made sure the producers did not lose any money and even earned a bit. That was to say, after the remake of “Black and White” was released in the mainland, every penny earned was net profit after deducting the distributor’s share, various costs, handling fees and taxes.

The key point was that the mainland remake version of “Black and White” was not only a box office hit, but also had a very good reputation. Although in terms of conception, it was not as cruel and profound as Hong Kong’s version, which was full of fatalistic artistic connotations throughout. But the mainland version made up for the shortcoming involving acting skills in the cast after using Gu Yuzhang, a professional actor. Which was commonly known as the full cast’s acting being all online. Unlike the Hong Kong version, every time Yan Yux, played by Shen Yu, appeared on the screen, his appalling acting skills would always make the audience immediately pulled out from the plot.

Having said that, those gossip media with intentions immediately thought of the bankrupt, and even imprisonment of the senior members of the Hong Kong Lin family because of their sex scandals and serious allegations of raping minors. Due to the blocking order issued by SARFT, it was difficult for these media reporters to directly mention Shen Yu’s name. They had no choice but to use the Spring and Autumn brushwork (TN: full of hints and roundabout wording), first commenting emotionally in a vague way, so long as one had something to do with a certain someone, to be more precise, people who were in the same boat as him would not end well——for example, the Yao family in Shanghai, who was in cahoots with Shen Yu at the beginning, was still smeared everywhere on the Internet. And then there was CEO Tao of FlyNews always being slandered on the internet; another example was the Lin family in Hong Kong, who supported Shen Yu and vigorously pressured the organizers of the Golden Crow Award to award the Best Newcomer Award to Shen Yu, and also opposed CEO Tao everywhere. Even Lin Rong’an who didn’t forget to hire thugs even when fleeing with the money ended up reaping his own consequences…..

Huh? If you put it that way, it seemed that a certain someone had been hanging on to CEO Tao continuously since their debut, and then the two of them became each other’s foible. When one was smooth sailing the other would meet with misfortune.

Some gossip tabloids who just want gimmicks for sales immediately start irresponsible conspiracy theories involving so-called numerology, and also invited Feng Shui masters to say that a certain someone and Tao Mu’s birthdate characters were inconsistent, so the two were destined to repel each other.

However, this remark was immediately strongly criticized by the Ceramics. What Tao Mu’s fans hated the most was a certain someone who kept tying himself up with Tao Mu since he debuted. In the eyes of these fans, a certain someone couldn’t be compared with their Boss Tao in terms of aptitude and ability, and even if he desperately tried to tie himself to Boss Tao by relying on his fake young master background. He was like a piece of dogskin plaster for so many years, one that couldn’t be torn off no matter how it was torn. Now, after great difficulty, SARFT had issued a ban order, and major media were not allowed to mention a certain someone in their reports. Yet, these gossip media were still vaguely hinting indirectly and directly for sales, which was simply disgusting.

After being blocked by SARFT for so long, most of Shen Yu’s fans have already climbed the wall. The fan ecology of the entertainment industry was so forgetful. If an idol didn’t show up for three months, it was easy to be left behind. What was more, since Shen Yu’s debut two years ago, there were not many good works by him, instead all kinds of scandals and hype and black history continuously popped out. Not only did Tao Mu’s fans hate him, but Yan Sheng’s fans and most of the fans of the female stars Shen Yu had worked with didn’t like this person. In this state of everyone shouting and spitting at this guy, even if there were people who really liked Shen Yu, they were too embarrassed to jump out and speak for Shen Yu.

When other media saw that mentioning Shen Yu failed to attract the attention of netizens, and instead caused them to be constantly dissed by various fans, they gradually stopped tying Tao Mu and Shen Yu together. Then the conversation changed, and the different performances of the two actors of Yan Yu in the film were mentioned again.

“Black and White” was being released in the mainland, and many pirated DVDs of the Hong Kong version have flowed into the mainland. Fans who liked to watch movies couldn’t help but have a sneak peek. At this time, after watching the mainland remake, of course, they had a lot to say. After leaving the cinema, they expressed some thoughts on watching the movie, and very much agreed with the film critics that the Hong Kong version was more classic, complete and profound, but the mainland version had all the acting skills online, and the ending was more atmospheric and more in line with mainstream values.

Once again connecting to a certain actor who was not good at acting and still insisted on running the Best Newcomer Award, this comparison directly led to Gu Yuzhang, who was truly authentic and had online acting skills, immediately standing out and inexplicably becoming popular.

As the word-of-mouth evaluation of the mainland remake of “Black and White” was so good, even the box office was also rising as a result, breaking through 400 million box office in half a month.

Wealth moved people’s hearts. This time, even director Xu Musen, who was very stubborn about the audit requirements of SARFT, closed his mouth. Film art was important, but money was more valuable. Even the most artistic filmmakers have to eat. What was more, the film “Black and White” had nothing to do with art films at all in terms of subject matter, it was a commercial film with a gunfight theme. If a commercial film could make money, what kind of bike did you even need! (TN: what more can you ask for)

Looking at the box office data jumping at least tens of millions every day, Xu Musen was very happy, but also very grateful to Tao Mu for his help at that time. The entire production team of “Black and White” knew that if Tao Mu hadn’t mediated and played the leading producer role, the mainland version of “Black and White” would not have passed the review of SARFT so quickly, and it would have been impossible for it to be released in such a timely manner.

Although Tao Mu was the producer of the mainland remake version of “Black and White”, and also made a lot of money, the majority of the profits were still on the side of the Hong Kong production team. Of course, there were also several main actors who brought money into the crew. Including the Shen Group who didn’t deal with Tao Mu very much.

Equally happy was SARFT, this higher-level department that was often scolded and blamed by filmmakers. Although “Black and White” was a big hit at the mainland box office and had a good reputation, it was not directly related to the auditing department of SARFT. But for a long time, the behavior of all filmmakers throwing the pot on SARFT when the box office was not ideal had made SARFT’s image in the eyes of the public more and more embarrassing.

Now there was finally a good work that could even be said to surpass the original, not only selling at the box office, but most importantly the word of mouth as a whole even faintly surpassing the Hong Kong version. The SARFT gentlemen were absolutely proud. They even took the initiative to ask Tao Mu when he would hold a celebration party for the release of “Black and White” in the mainland.

Tao Mu heard this tactful inquiry and knew the meaning, immediately saying: “I originally wanted to hold a celebration party after it has finished releasing in the mainland. This way I can coordinate the schedule with all parties. But I didn’t expect “Black and White” to be so popular in the mainland. If we can advance the celebration, maybe it can even stimulate the box office.”

Then, he invited the leaders of SARFT to participate in the celebration. After all, the mainland version of “Black and White” was a great success, and the active participation of the leaders of SARFT also contributed to it. One must know that after the mainland version of “Black and White” was approved by SARFT, the SARFT leaders felt that the film was of good quality, and even took the initiative to help Tao Mu negotiate with the theater distributors to arrange the film slots.

Therefore, Tao Mu saying that the leaders of SARFT contributed a lot was not just a compliment.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

This was what the SARFT leaders wanted. The old gentlemen and the old ladies were very temperamental, and they have always been reluctant to communicate with those Hong Kong filmmakers who always slander them for not understanding movies. But if the situation flipped and SARFT was victorious, that would be different.

There was nothing wrong at all with having a celebratory dinner together. After all, Tao Mu was such a smart, sensible and capable child, they were all just going for Tao Mu’s sake to support their child.

As if they wanted to go slap the faces of some artistic people who claim to know movies well!

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