After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 255 Shen Chen Gets Injured & Birth Secret Exposure

Putting aside the undercurrents in the film and television industry. On the Shenzhen front, the Shen family father and son looked helplessly at the Shen family mother and daughter who somehow received the news and then ran over to make a fuss, feeling very tired.

“Why did you bring that person to Shenzhen? Why do you still have contact with that kind of person? Did you forget that his mother is the culprit who killed your brother?” Mrs. Shen hysterically yelled at Shen Chen, with a heartbroken look, as if Shen Chen was the murderer.

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Shen Yan was also quite excited and shouted at Shen Chen: “Eldest Brother, don’t be fooled by Shen Yu’s pitiful appearance. Don’t forget how he treated me in the first place. This kind of person has no heart at all, nor knows how to repay kindness. Our Shen family treats him so well. If he was even a little bit grateful, he wouldn’t have allowed the netizens to smear me and smear the Shen family. He only cares about himself, no matter how nice you are to him, it’s useless.”

Shen Chen ignored Shen Yan’s words and instead asked, “How did you know about this?”

Shen Yan glanced at Zhuo Yan, who was also standing in the hotel room, but didn’t say a word, just harrumphed twice: “I called Zhuo Yan and found out that he was in the capital. I guessed it myself, Eldest Brother, don’t misunderstand Zhuo Yan. He isn’t a snitch.”

Zhuo Yan smiled wryly and said, “I was negligent.”

“What’s your negligence?” Mrs. Shen glared at the Shen family’s father and son: “If you hadn’t talked to Yan Yan on the phone, I wouldn’t even know that the two of them were still thinking about that fake who occupied the nest.”

“Mom!” Shen Chen frowned: “I have my reasons for bringing Shen Yu to Shenzhen.”

“What’s your reason?” Mrs. Shen was aggressive. Shen Yan also followed suit: “Yeah, other than his face, he doesn’t know anything and doesn’t understand anything. How can he help Eldest Brother?”

“You don’t understand what goes on in the business field, and won’t understand even if I tell you.” Shen Chen couldn’t show his frustrated emotions in front of Mrs. Shen, but it didn’t matter in front of Shen Yan. He was a little tired of the pressure from his mother and sister. In his opinion, the women of the Shen family only need to be docile and obedient and enjoy the wealth and status. Don’t get involved in company affairs, and don’t cause trouble at home.

Knowing his son, Shen Shiyuan could also ponder a thing or two about his son’s thinking. Like Shen Chen, he always held a kind of confidence in Shen Yu that was not rational. Now that the acquisition of Aiqing Trading was deadlocked, the Shen Group had to think of a way to make Yu Qingqing’s husband hand over the trade channels willingly. Shen Yu might be this breakthrough.

“Our son is right. You women don’t understand business affairs, so don’t talk nonsense. I asked Shen Yu to come over, and there is indeed something for him to do. Don’t be too bad to him, lest Shen Yu will have emotions.” Shen Shiyuan could condone his wife and daughter’s unreasonable behavior, but so long as the interests of the Shen Group were involved, Shen Shiyuan would only care more than Shen Chen.

Mrs. Shen dared to get angry and question her son, but she didn’t dare to say a word in front of her husband. She could only angrily lead her daughter away. Zhuo Yan also wanted to leave but was stopped by Shen Chen.

“I know you are very capable, and I rely on your ability very much. But don’t do superfluous things.”

Zhuo Yan continued to smile wryly: “Sorry, this time, it was my negligence.”

Either negligence or intentional, Shen Chen actually didn’t care much about Zhuo Yan’s methods. He knew that Zhuo Yan was harboring evil intentions. Before when Zhuo Yan had not moved, Shen Chen used him while guarding against him. Now that Zhuo Yan finally made a small move, Shen Chen also wanted to see what Zhuo Yan was going to do.

It was precisely because Shen Chen focused most of his energy on the acquisition case, Zhuo Yan, and Shen Yu, that he did not pay attention to the movements of the Shen family’s mother and daughter. So he didn’t know that after the mother and daughter of the Shen family listened to the warnings of the father and son, they really did not dare to go make trouble for Shen Yu. But they didn’t stay idle either. In order to vent their anger, they went directly to clean up Yu Qingqing in the prison. Not only that, this mother and daughter pair also found out about the child Yu Qingqing had with her current husband. And discovered that even if Aiqing Trading fell into the crisis of bankruptcy and acquisition, Yu Qingqing and her husband’s child could still live a very comfortable lifestyle, which greatly stimulated their emotions.

Why was my son abandoned since he was a child, and now who knows if he was alive or dead, while that slut’s child could live so comfortably?

Unlike the previous life, in this life, because Tao Mu deliberately avoided the Shen family, the real second son of the Shen family had become Mrs. Shen’s obsession. Every time she thought about it, she would feel a heart-wrenching pain. Under such circumstances, of course Mrs. Shen couldn’t watch Yu Qingqing’s son continue to live so comfortably and carefree? So Mrs. Shen used money to hire a bunch of hoodlums, blocking Yu Qingqing’s son’s way home from school, and beating Yu Qingqing’s son all over his body. There was even a stick that hit the back of the child’s head, and the child fell into a coma on the spot.

The father and son of the Shen family didn’t know about these things, but Yu Qingqing’s husband, who was the party involved, was in deep pain. He found that while the father and son of the Shen family did things like calling Shen Yu over, visiting the prison and playing the family card, they also secretly tormented Yu Qingqing, and even hired someone to seriously injure his only son. This was beyond the act of hitting with a stick and then giving a sweet date.

Yu Qingqing’s husband had lived most of his life, and he had only one wife and one son. If after Shen Chen brought Shen Yu over to play the family card, Yu Qingqing’s husband softened his attitude and began to seriously consider selling the company and taking the money to live a stable life with his wife and son, then when Mrs. Shen sent someone to beat Yu Qingqing and her son and even beat him to the point of being seriously injured and unconscious, this directly pushed Yu Qingqing’s husband to the other extreme.

What was even more terrifying was that all these things, because of the Shen mother and daughter’s deliberate concealment, coupled with Zhuo Yan’s help to cover up, did not enter the sight of the Shen father and son. Such that when Yu Qingqing’s husband called and expressed his willingness to accept the acquisition of the Shen Group and took the initiative to arrange the signing ceremony in the conference room of Aiqing Trading, Shen Chen and his son went completely unprepared.

Then, just after entering the conference room and under the eyes of everyone, Shen Chen who even took the initiative to shake hands with Yu Qingqing’s husband to show his goodwill, was hugged and stabbed several times in the stomach by Yu Qingqing’s husband.

The employees of the Shen Group and the shareholders of Aiqing Trading who were still in the conference room were shocked. It wasn’t until Shen Chen fell onto the conference room floor covered in blood that everyone reacted, calling the ambulance and calling the police.

Yu Qingqing’s husband had stabbed someone in public, and he didn’t even think about running away. When he was pulled away by the bodyguards of the Shen family, he roared at Shen Shiyuan with a ferocious face: “Shen Shiyuan, you old bastard, I will let you taste what it’s like for your own son to be stabbed to death today. Your Shen family is deceiving and oppressing others too much, are you playing me as a fool? Your Shen family will definitely be punished…..”

Shen Shiyuan did not expect that his son would be stabbed several times during the signing ceremony. When the incident happened, his mind was blank, and his vision was full of the blood dripping from his son. The first reaction was to control Yu Qingqing’s husband, and then hurriedly send his son to the hospital.

As a result, when he arrived at the hospital, the doctor told Shen Shiyuan after examination that Shen Chen’s kidney was punctured and needed immediate surgery. Because of having punished Yu Qingqing and her son, thinking they had gotten revenge and relieved their anger, Mrs. Shen and Shen Yan went shopping to reward themselves only to also get the news from the Internet and hurried to the hospital operating room.

“Husband, how is Ah Chen——”

With a “crack”, before Mrs. Shen finished speaking, she was slapped in the face by Shen Shiyuan, who was guarding outside the operating room.

“What did I tell you before? I told you not to do unnecessary things, but you still dare to send someone to beat Yu Qingqing’s son into a coma? Why don’t you just beat him to death! You are simply lawless!” Shen Shiyuan glared angrily at Mrs. Shen: “Now that your son is stabbed into the operating room, are you satisfied?”

Mrs. Shen covered her swollen cheek and panicked: “No, no, how is it possible. How dare he——”

“Why wouldn’t he dare to? You’ve tormented his wife and hurt their son. You have dismantled a happy family. What doesn’t he dare to do?” Yu Qingqing’s husband violently hurt another at the signing meeting. In such a serious matter, the police must of course investigate the ins and outs after intervening. And then of course learned the cause and effect. Although Yu Qingqing’s husband stabbing someone was wrong, the Shen family was not innocent either. If Mrs. Shen hadn’t sent someone to injure Yu Qingqing’s son, the father wouldn’t have taken such revenge.

Yu Qingqing’s husband was a rich man in Shenzhen. Although he was not the richest man, because of Yu Qingqing’s white lotus nature, he had been doing charity for so many years. Yu Qingqing’s innocently wounded son was smart, well-behaved and gentle, and was very popular with teachers and classmates at school. It could be said that this was a very happy family that was quite recognized by the local people. In the end, they ended up like this because they had provoked the Shen family. Although Yu Qingqing abandoned the child first and was later investigated for the crime of abandonment by the Shen family, and deserved what she got, but Yu Qingqing’s husband and son were innocent. The Shen family was too aggressive, it was no wonder they were stabbed.

Including the police uncle who handled the case, while legally not recognizing Yu Qingqing’s husband’s extreme actions, but emotionally speaking, if his wife and son were treated like this, he would also like to kill the other for revenge.

So even though the Shen family was the victim of this incident, after the news report went out, the people of Shenzhen stood by Yu Qingqing’s husband, thinking that the Shen family had done too much to invite this kind of revenge. Shenzhen police learned that Mrs. Shen hired hoodlums to hurt a boy, and they had to invite Mrs. Shen back to the police station to assist in the investigation. If Yu Qingqing’s husband’s allegations were correct, Mrs. Shen would also face severe punishment by the law.

“Rich people can’t do whatever they want.” When the Shenzhen police went to the hospital and asked Mrs. Shen to return to the police station for investigation, a young police officer who had just graduated and was still full of hot blood couldn’t help but say: “What era is this already, everyone has to follow the rules and be law-abiding citizens.”

Her son was still lying in the operating room and his life and death were unknown. How could Mrs. Shen cooperate with the police to investigate. She had to stay outside the operating room and watch over her son.

The wife of the chairman of the dignified Shen Group was cried and screamed in public. Although there were no idle people around, the scene was not very good. Shen Shiyuan couldn’t maintain his face, so he could only order his wife to cooperate with the police with a stern face.

Only then did Mrs. Shen remember that it was wrong for her to buy hoodlums and hurt others. Immediately anxious, she pulled Shen Shiyuan’s sleeve and begged bitterly, asking Shen Shiyuan to find a way to save her. Standing by the side, Shen Yan was too frightened to say a word, for fear that if she said even one word, she would attract the attention of the police, and then she would be taken away by the police as well.

She didn’t want to go to the police station.

The Shen family’s madam was detained by the police, and the reputation of the Shen family would not be very pleasant when such a thing spread out so Shen Shiyuan wanted to suppress this matter. However, this was Shenzhen, not Shanghai, and the Shen family couldn’t do whatever they wanted. What was more, the shrewd businessmen who had been vigilant about the Shen Group were not idle, and joined hands to block the Shen family.

So that night, biased news reports that the wife of the chairman of Shen Group bought hoodlums to injure the son of the boss of Aiqing Trading, causing the boss of Aiqing Trading to go crazy and stab the CEO of the Shen Group to avenge his son. The CEO of Shen Group was in a critical condition and comatose, and that Mrs. Shen was taken away by the police for investigation made headlines in the Shenzhen Evening News and even in major newspapers across the country.

As soon as this series of news came out, putting aside how the public commented, the stock price of the Shen Group was the first to be affected. It fell below the daily limit for several days. At the Shen Group headquarters far away in Shanghai, other shareholders certainly couldn’t watch the group’s share price fall, and immediately held a shareholders meeting to hold Shen Shiyuan accountable and even want to remove Shen Shiyuan’s chairman seat.

The Yao family, who had been lurking in the dark waiting for revenge, also jumped out. Regardless of his aging body, Yao Sheng’an not only stood up in person to connect with the shareholders of Shen Group, urged the shareholders to insist on the decision to remove Shen Shiyuan from the seat of chairman, but also tried every means to acquire the shares of Shen Group from other shareholders.

The Shen family’s backyard quickly caught fire. While Shen Shiyuan had to take care of his son who was still unconscious even after the operation was successful, he also had to deal with group affairs and the company’s accountability, including the acquisition of Aiqing Trade, which no one cared about anymore, and had to talk to the Shenzhen police to try to bail Mrs. Shen out. Nor did he forget to find a lawyer to fight Yu Qingqing’s husband’s intentional injury lawsuit. Now, because Mrs. Shen also had a weakness in Yu Qingqing’s husband’s hands, Yu Qingqing’s husband proposed a private reconciliation between the two families. Otherwise, if he went to jail, he would not spare Mrs. Shen who also injured his son.

That was to say, if Shen Shiyuan didn’t want to see his wife go to jail, then he must not pursue Yu Qingqing’s husband’s actions on hurting his son too much. After the impulsive moment, Yu Qingqing’s husband also came back to his senses. He didn’t want to bury himself with Shen Chen, he still wanted to remain alive and free to take care of his son until his wife was released from prison. There was no need to ruin his life because of this.

Of course Shen Shiyuan didn’t want to accept Yu Qingqing’s husband’s proposal. But he couldn’t just watch his wife go to jail. There was a desire to use the power of the Shen Group to operate one or two methods, but now the Shen Group was not at all peaceful. Those shareholders who did nothing to earn dividends but like to be nuisances all the time, as well as Yao Sheng’an that old bastard was stirring up trouble again. Even Shen Shiyuan was surprised. With the Yao family’s current worth, how could they have the confidence to buy shares from other shareholders of Shen Group?

Even if the share price of the Shen Group had plummeted in the past two years, the Shen Group was an industrial group after all. To be honest, although the good news in the stock market could be icing on the cake, even if the news was bad it would not hinder the normal operation of the group. If the shareholders of the group have brains, they would not sell their shares to Yao Sheng’an at a low price. What was more, even if those shareholders really didn’t have any brains and wanted to sell their shares, the five members of the Shen family together own more than 51% of the shares. Therefore, Shen Shiyuan was not worried about Yao Sheng’an’s small tricks, unless someone in their Shen family also sold their shares.

However, having said that, all kinds of troubling things were piled up together, and Shen Shiyuan, who had been accustomed to smooth sailing, was also very tired. In just a few days, he had aged ten years. The reporter who guarded at the entrance of the hospital took a photo. The hair on his temples was gray and his face was wrinkled. It was really a kind of sadness that the hero was dying. (TN: expression for the decline of well-respected leaders and magnates of their fields)

The matter in the Shen family was so turbulent that Tao Mu, who was far away in Beijing preparing for the filming of “Soldier Elite”, also heard from the news reports. Before he had time to sigh, Lin Rong’an, who had been imprisoned in Hong Kong, broke fresh news to the media again——

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Tao Mu, who founded, was the second son of the Shen family, and he had solid evidence in his hands! Then, during an interview with the media, Lin Rong’an threw out the address of a safe, which contained a DNA identification report. According to Lin Rong’an’s account, this report was true. The DNA sample used in the report that Shen Yu took out before was not Tao Mu’s. If the outside world did not believe it, they could re-do the DNA test.

As soon as this revelation came out, the national media and the melon-eating people were instantly in an uproar.

Tao Mu, who had his sockpuppet torn off without any precautions, instantly felt like having stepped on crap.

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