After Two Lifetimes I Was Reborn Back Inside A Book CH 023 If This Was The First Life’s Jiang Chen…

Of course the man would not refuse to earn an extra 10,000 yuan. It happened that Chen Fang also had the contract paper with him. The three hit it off and went to the neighborhood committee immediately.

Although it was a holiday at this time, there were many chatting residents gathered in the neighborhood committee area. Seeing acquaintances coming with two unfamiliar faces, they were all a little curious. After learning their purpose, they were quite enthusiastic and amiable about helping out as witnesses, and the process of signing the contract was pleasant and fast.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

After paying the deposit, Jiang Chen took out a bag of marshmallows from his backpack, opened it with a smile and handed it to the children playing around here. The children crowded over and accepted the candy with shouts of happiness. There was even a small child who hugged his legs coquettishly asking for candies.

The parents also laughed when they saw this, and their attitude was a little more kindly and familiar than before. An enthusiastic auntie pulled Jiang Chen and Shen Xu to chat, talking about the scenery here, saying which family’s fruit tree had the juiciest fruits, and which family’s vegetables were the most fresh, telling him to try it out sometime when he was free.

The children ran and chased each other playfully, and Jiang Chen quietly talked with a few aunties and grannies, thereby gaining a general understanding of Wugu Village. It was rare to see a boy of this age who was willing to talk with them. So the happier these aunties and grannies were, the more they insisted they stay with them for a meal at the end.

Jiang Chen came here to sign the contract in order to establish a good relationship with the nearby neighbors in advance, so naturally he would not shirk this invitation, and accepted it with an obedient smile.

After dinner, several aunties and uncles near Jiang Chen’s house got to know him. With Jiang Chen’s personality that was easy to please the elders and Shen Xu’s invincible sweet mouth, the uncles all have a good impression of both of them while the aunties and grannies almost recognized the two of them as their own sons and grandsons, and saw them to the entrance of the village before leaving.

Chen Fang facilitated a closing, and sent them back to the city center in a good mood. Before leaving, he left his contact information and made an appointment for the transfer procedures. He said with a smile that Jiang Chen and his friends could come to him if they wanted to buy or sell houses.

Shen Xu smiled and said: “Uncle Chen, not only Jiangzi, I will also look for you when I buy a house in the future, and then you have to give us a discount.”

When the car drove away, the smile on Shen Xu’s face disappeared, and he asked, “Jiangzi, tell me the truth, where did your money come from? I don’t believe that Uncle and Aunt Jiang would really let you go to the countryside to buy a house at this time.”

Jiang Chen lowered his eyes and smiled lightly. His two friends, Huo Bo, seemed to be meticulous in methods and thoughtful, but in fact he was somewhat absentminded in many aspects, while Shen Xu seemed to be thick in many ways, but in fact he was quite observant, and because of his keen intuition, he almost never made an error in judgment.

Moreover, Shen Xu could be said to be one of the people who understand him best in this world.

However, Jiang Chen had no intention of hiding it. Except for changing the purpose of going to Donghua Village to relax, he told Shen Xu truthfully everything that happened afterwards.

Shen Xu’s eyes widened, and he said in shock: “No way? That child was actually playing house with a banknote printed in the 30th year of Guangxu? A real rich family! What was the identity of the child’s ancestors before they came to Yan City? And being able to possess four at once, even in the past, is rare.”

In fact, Jiang Chen was also curious. When he first saw old Mr. Miao, he was no different from any ordinary farmer. But after communicating with him, he found that he seemed simple and honest on the surface, but in fact he had quite the wisdom and foresight, and he handled things calmly and properly. If not because of this, even if he was temporarily short of money he would not accept a silver banknote from old Mr. Miao as a thank you gift, because they both understood that this banknote was more about establishing a cooperative relationship than thanking him.

He could probably guess that apart from helping find a house in the city and Miao Miao’s school admission, old Mr. Miao had other things that he wanted him to help with. Although he didn’t know what it was, that he would ask him, a student whose background he did not know, to help him, it likely wasn’t something too troublesome, but something old Mr. Miao couldn’t do himself.

Just what this was, he would naturally know when the time came, and while towards the identities of old Mr. Miao and Miao Miao he was quite curious, he wouldn’t do things like deliberately pry into other people’s privacy.

Shen Xu didn’t think much about it either, and after mentioning it casually, he put the matter behind him and felt happy for Jiang Chen: “In this way, Uncle Jiang will not have to worry about the operation fee.”

Jiang Chen smiled: “Yes, so I will be a little busy during this time, and I won’t be able to accompany you tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. I will treat you to lunch when we go back to school.”

“No way.” Shen Xu’s face fell instantly: “What are you busy with? Still buying a house?”

“That’s right.” Jiang Chen said, “I’m planning to buy a store for my dad. When he’s ready, he can open a store and sell the toys he made himself.”

“That’s awesome!” Shen Xu clapped his hands and said excitedly: “Even now I am reluctant to throw away the toys that Uncle Jiang made for me when I was a child. The little brats among my relatives would look for these toys as soon as they came over for a house visit. It doesn’t work hiding them even in the cabinets, and it doesn’t work to buy new toys for them either. After all these years, half of them were wheedled away by those rambunctious children. And this is the result of me trying my best to outwit them. If Uncle Jiang opens a toy shop it will definitely be popular.”

Jiang Chen could imagine this scene. When he was a child, the children in the community loved to come to his house to play. A large part of the reason was because of his toys. At that time, most of his toys were handmade by his father, which were novel, interesting and unique, so occasionally children wanted to take away his toys and staged crying scenes.

Because of this, a few days ago, when he accidentally found a childhood toy, this idea suddenly popped into his mind. Since his father could no longer work normally, wasn’t letting him do what he was most fond of before as his future career the magic weapon that could rekindle his confidence the fastest?

Shen Xu thought for a while, and said: “If you want to buy a store, I’ll ask my dad for you. It seems that there are storefronts to be sold in the new real estate opened by their company. If you don’t buy there, he also has more information channels. Wait for me to ask, then you can go buy.”

“I was just planning to trouble Uncle Shen.” Jiang Chen said with a smile, “When Uncle and Aunt Shen come back, I’ll visit your house.”

“My parents will be at home tomorrow, so you just come on over.” Shen Xu said with a smile and lowered his voice, “If my dad makes up for you the red envelopes for the Chinese New Year, you just keep them, and we’ll split it fifty-fifty.”

Jiang Chen glanced at him, and Shen Xu immediately raised his hands in surrender.

When he got home, it was past ten o’clock in the evening.

Not long after, Yang Si also came back from the hospital. When she saw Jiang Chen coming in, she smiled and said, “It’s rare to see you playing out so late, where did you go with Xiao Xu? Next time if it’s too late, just call and you can stay directly at Xiao Xu’s home, or let Xiao Xu come to sleep over.”

Jiang Chen glanced at his watch, and said, “Shen Xu and I went out to do business in the afternoon, not for fun, and also Mom, it’s already ten o’clock, you should go to bed early, it’s not good to stay up late, I’ll tell you something when I wake up tomorrow morning.”

“What is it?” Yang Si immediately stood up, pulled Jiang Chen to sit down on the sofa, and said curiously, “Tell Mom quickly, it’s only ten o’clock, so tell Mom what you want to say now, otherwise Mom can’t sleep at night.”

Ever since there was hope for Jiang Zhuo’s legs, Yang Si had returned to her previous personality, which made Jiang Chen happy but also a little helpless. For example, now, a certain Ms. Yang was curious and won’t go to bed until she got an answer.

Jiang Chen opened his backpack, took out the contract and bank card, and handed them to Yang Si.

Yang Si took the contract and opened it for a look, her expression shifted a little bit, and finally settled on being puzzled: “This is a contract for buying a house? But son, where did you get the money, and you are not yet eighteen years old. Who would sell a house to you?”

“Mom, you forgot that they made a mistake when you did my household registration and birth certificate, and put me one year older?”

Yang Si was taken aback for a moment, and then remembered: “That’s right, I even forgot that you are officially an adult on your ID card.”

Jiang Chen smiled helplessly, and without waiting for Yang Si to ask again, he recounted what happened in the past few days, the same as what he said to Shen Xu, other than the purpose of going to Donghua Village being changed, everything else was described truthfully.

“Seven, seven hundred and forty thousand yuan?” Yang Si repeated the number in disbelief, and only came back to her senses after a few seconds. She thought about it, hesitated a few times, and then organized her words: “Chen Chen, you picked up the grandpa’s money and recognized the value of the money, which is very amazing. If Mom saw it, I wouldn’t recognize it, and you also took the money to the grandpa’s house and told the grandpa about the money’s value, this is even more worthy of praise…..but Mom wants to ask you, why did you accept the money from the grandpa? Can you tell Mom what you thought at the time?”

Facing Yang Si’s puzzled expression, Jiang Chen was stunned for a moment, and then suddenly understood her doubts at this time.

If it was Jiang Chen in the first life, even if the family faced such a situation, even if they were really desperate, he would not accept the money.

“Mom, Grandpa Miao and I made a transaction.” Jiang Chen looked at Yang Si and said, “What he needs is information on various aspects of Yan City, and I can help him turn his banknotes into actual spending money, as well as buy a house and transfer to another school, etc. Towards this series of follow-up things, I am currently the most trusted partner with the most suitable time for him, and I also happened to need a sum of money, so we reached a deal.”

“In other words, if the other party was not Grandpa Miao, I would not accept the 740,000 yuan, and if it was not me, Grandpa Miao would not entrust others to help with this matter. Our transaction is based on our initial understanding and trust of each other’s character, each taking what we need.”

Yang Si paused, and remained silent for a long time. She raised her hand to touch Jiang Chen’s face, and said with some melancholy: “It seems that Mom’s baby Chen Chen had grown up before I even knew it……” As she spoke, she puffed out a laugh: “However, that serious appearance when talking is exactly the same as that little child trying to speak reason with Mom in a high and milky tone. Both are so cute!”

Jiang Chen sighed helplessly: “Mom…..”

Yang Si smiled and pinched Jiang Chen’s face: “You are still as shy as you were when you were a child, but no matter what Chen Chen does, as long as you have your own reasons and you have a clear conscience, Mom will support you.”

Jiang Chen raised his eyes and met his mother’s smiling gentle eyes, and the tip of his nose suddenly stung a little.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

No matter what life it was, no matter what he was like, his mother would always be like this, telling him gently and firmly: Mom will support you.

This kind of silent trust and support had accompanied him for twenty years, and after they left, it had supported him through every difficult, dark and lonely time. Whenever he wanted to give up, he would just look behind him, and there still standing were two figures, telling him silently: Mom and Dad will always be by your side.

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