After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 256 Zhuo Yan’s Scheme

Stirring up trouble again?

The news back then that Lin Rong’an and Shen Yu stole Tao Mu’s hair for DNA identification in Hong Kong caused a lot of uproar. Shen Yu even stopped the Shen family at the airport to swear that Tao Mu was not the second son of the Shen family. Tao Mu also sent a lawyer’s letter to Shen Yu because of this incident, and Shen Yu was taken to the detention center for more than ten days because of this.

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It had only been a few days since then! Lin Rong’an came forward again and said with certainty that Tao Mu was the second son of the Shen family and if they don’t believe it they could do another test. What the hell, do you think the DNA testing center was opened by your family?

This going back and forth attitude, everything was already said by you. This change of attitude had become so fast that even the spectators who eat melons couldn’t accept it.

This was clearly playing them as fools!

Also feeling this way was Chairman Shen Shiyuan, who was still stuck in Shenzhen4, guarding his comatose son while trying to deal with Yu Qingqing’s husband and finding a way to bail his wife out.

Because of what Shen Yu said before at Hong Kong Airport, and because of Tao Mu’s attitude of avoidance, Shen Shiyuan still firmly believed that Tao Mu had nothing to do with their Shen family. There was no other reason, the main reason was that Shen Shiyuan felt he was familiar with Shen Yu’s personality, and knew that although this child’s brain was not very good and he had various problems and bad habits, he would not lie and deceive others. Especially on something so important.

Besides, Shen Shiyuan still had a lot of private selfishness——now Shen Chen was still lying in a coma in the intensive care unit, and other shareholders within the group have started all kinds of petty actions. Shen Shiyuan held more than 51% of the shares of the group, and of course he didn’t care about those clowns who jump on the beam. So long as the shares in their hands did not exceed 50%, these shareholders could not pass any resolutions even if they held a general meeting of shareholders. So Shen Shiyuan didn’t care at all about the seemingly grand series of actions by the shareholders. Even if Shen Chen, who was the CEO, was unconscious, he, the chairman, could still take charge of the overall situation.

But if at this juncture, a younger son with ability and background suddenly appeared in the Shen family, then it would be hard to guarantee that other shareholders would not have crooked ideas. More importantly, through the last communication in Hong Kong, Shen Shiyuan was very wary of Tao Mu. Shen Shiyuan was obviously more wary than covetuous of the utilization value of and Xiaoheng Capital. If Tao Mu was really the second son of the Shen family, after returning to the Shen family, he might use this blood relationship to join forces with the Li family to take over the Shen family.

After all, from Tao Mu’s previous actions done to retaliate against the Yao family and the Sheng’an Group, anyone with a discerning eye could see that Tao Mu possessed shrewd and ruthless tactics. Fat meat was delicious, and everyone would want to take a bite of it. But if the offensive power of the fat meat was stronger than that of the diners, then the diners must carefully consider whether they would be bitten back when they plan to cut the meat.

Now that Shen Chen was unconscious, Shen Shiyuan didn’t want to continue to provoke a time bomb like Tao Mu while he was attacked by the enemy on all sides. He had to watch his son wake up, and then hand over the complete Shen Group to his son. However, it was not surprising that Shen Shiyuan would have such a mindset. Even if they were brothers who grew up together, there would still be bias and favoritism in the hearts of the elders. What was more, it was the special situation of the Shen family who hadn’t seen each other in twenty years.

Regardless of whether Tao Mu was the second son of the Shen family, Shen Shiyuan of course trusted his eldest son more than Tao Mu, even when both were shrewd men with deep scheming. So regardless of whether what Lin Rong’an said was the truth or not, Shen Shiyuan would not go to recognize his son under such circumstances. Fortunately, Tao Mu’s attitude was similar to his, and he didn’t want to wade into the murky waters of the Shen family as well.

For a while, no matter how the outside world discussed this matter, Shen Shiyuan and Tao Mu, who were at the center of the whirlpool, tacitly maintained a certain tacit understanding. Tao Mu declared that he did not want to pay attention to such nonsense, and Shen Shiyuan kept silent the whole time, refusing to respond to the media.

In contrast, it was Shen Yan who was more impatient. Under Zhuo Yan’s intentional analysis of the current situation, the current Shen Yan was no longer the arrogant eldest lady who used to be arrogant and regarded the Shen Group as important as the throne. She had already understood the potential value of, as well as the background contacts of Xiaoheng Capital and even the Li family.

Because of this, Shen Yan was even more unable to bear it. An orphan who had been away from the Shen family for more than 20 years could have built so many resources from scratch. Shen Yan even felt that if she hadn’t switched the two children, Tao Mu, who was still in the Shen family, would never have had the chance to grow to this level. But she herself suffered so much because of it. After being scolded by her mother for so long, and trusting and doting and ungrateful wolf like Shen Yu for so many years. Yet the culprit who caused her to be in such straits could have fame, fortune and success.

Shen Yan’s jealous eyes almost turned completely red. So after hearing Lin Rong’an’s revelation, Shen Yan immediately chose to believe it. She hoped that Tao Mu was the child of the Shen family, hoped that Tao Mu could hand over all his resources to the Shen family, and even hoped that Tao Mu could…..

Thinking of this, Shen Yan, who had a bad heart, couldn’t help but run to Shen Chen’s chief surgeon to ask about her elder brother’s condition: “My brother has been in a coma after the operation, is his kidney damaged too much? Will he wake up if he has a kidney transplant?”

“Kidney transplant?” Shen Chen’s chief surgeon was dumbfounded by Shen Yan’s words: “Why does Miss Shen think this? Your brother’s operation is successful and he doesn’t need a kidney transplant.”

“Then why isn’t he awake yet?” Shen Yan asked stubbornly: “Doctor, if you have anything to say, don’t hide it from me. If my brother really needs a kidney transplant, we can find the source of the kidney. Is my younger brother’s kidney possible?”

So people say that if you arw stupid, you should read more. Shen Yan’s little schemes were really…..

Thinking of the irresponsible revelations made by Hong Kong recently, Shen Chen’s chief surgeon suddenly realized: “Young Mr. Shen really doesn’t need a kidney transplant——”

Before he could finish speaking, he was interrupted by another female doctor in the same office. This female doctor was a Ceramic, and she naturally knew that the news that had been circulating on the Internet recently was also the old grudge between Shen Yan and Tao Mu. She immediately sneered and said, “Mr. Shen doesn’t need a kidney transplant. But even if Mr. Shen needs it, you don’t need to trouble others. Isn’t Miss Shen Mr. Shen’s sister? You can also do the matching.”

Shen Yan’s face changed: “I’m a girl.”

The female doctor sneered, but taking into account her identity, she didn’t say anymore. Shen Chen’s chief surgeon sighed and patiently persuaded Shen Yan to leave. However, when Shen Chen’s doctor was making the rounds, he still couldn’t hold back, and told Shen Shiyuan the joke that Shen Yan had made before.

When Shen Shiyuan heard the doctor, he was immediately ashamed and angry. When Shen Yan came over, he couldn’t help but slap her in the face.

Recently, he had been busy reaching a settlement with Yu Qingqing’s husband——though he called it a settlement, in fact, it was to ask Yu Qingqing’s husband to write a letter of understanding to ensure that Mrs. Shen would not have a too serious sentencing. At that time, the sentence would be two or three years, and Shen Shiyuan would also do more to get a suspended sentence.

Yu Qingqing’s husband agreed to write a letter of understanding. But he asked Shen Shiyuan to help him operate his case as well. Compared with Mrs. Shen’s hiring hoodlums to hurt others, Yu Qingqing’s husband stabbed Shen Chen so many times in front of everyone that Shen Chen was still in a coma in the hospital. This sentence could reach the level of intentional homicide. So even if Shen Shiyuan was willing to let Mrs. Shen write a letter of understanding, Yu Qingqing’s husband would still have to serve at least seven years in prison.

But Yu Qingqing’s husband obviously didn’t want to sit in prison for so long. Therefore, Shen Shiyuan was asked to find a way. When it came to criminal cases, don’t say that Shen Shiyuan had any ways, even if he really had a way, how could he take the initiative to commute the sentence of the murderer who tried to kill his son? The only thing Shen Shiyuan could promise to Yu Qingqing’s husband was to find a way to take care of their child while Yu Qingqing and her husband were in prison. The child had only entered high school this year, and had not yet gone to college. Shen Shiyuan guaranteed that the child could successfully finish high school and go to a key university, and if he wanted to study abroad he could as well. And after his graduation he would also provide a good job opportunity for the child. Shen Shiyuan felt that he had exhausted his benevolence and righteousness.

But Yu Qingqing’s husband was obviously not satisfied. So things deadlocked here. Every day, Shen Shiyuan was busy dealing with internal and external troubles, taking care of his son and wife, and he was already too busy. At this time, Shen Yan didn’t know to help him share his worries, but instead caused trouble everywhere. How could Shen Shiyuan not be angry?

In addition to being angry, he was also a little remorseful, and felt that there was indeed a problem with the educational philosophy of the Shen family. In fact, girls also need better education, putting aside if they could be as capable as the female CEO of the Luo family in Beijing, at least they should not be as stupid as Shen Yan.

Shen Yan felt that she only had good intentions towards the Shen family, but she was slapped by her father without even a heads up. Her heart also collapsed: “I knew it. From childhood to adulthood, everything I did was wrong. You and Eldest Brother always looked down on me. Since you hate daughters so much, why did you give birth to me in the first place? I hate you to death!”

Shen Yan sobbed and ran out of the hospital to find Zhuo Yan.

Because of Shen Chen’s coma and Shen Shiyuan’s lack of energy, he left most of the company’s affairs to Zhuo Yan, his future son-in-law. Fortunately, Zhuo Yan did not disappoint Shen Shiyuan’s expectations and managed the group’s business very well. Not only that, Zhuo Yan also took this opportunity to discover a lot of unexpected delights.

When Shen Yan came to Zhuo Yan crying, Zhuo Yan was in a meeting with the employees of the branch company. Shen Yan kicked open the door of the conference room, rushed in with her hair disheveled and her face red and swollen in tears, regardless of the number of people in the conference room, she lost her temper at Zhuo Yan: “I’m about to die from grief, yet you still have time to work? Zhuo Yan, don’t think that you can ignore me now that you are in the Shen Group. Don’t forget who gave you your today!”

All the employees wanted nothing more than to shrink under the table and listen to gossip. One by one, their ears perked up while they pretended to pack up the documents. The smile on Zhuo Yan’s face did not change, and he waved his hand to signal the employees to leave first: “Today’s meeting will end here now, it’s almost noon, let’s go to lunch first. Everyone is tired.”

All the employees got up with a smile, and before they could thank Zhuo Yan, they heard Shen Yan snort again: “What tiredness? They all make money from the Shen family, so what’s wrong with doing things for the Shen family? Only you like to buy hearts like this.”

Shen Yan’s original intention was that she was unhappy and wanted to vent her anger with Zhuo Yan, but when her words were heard by the employees, they all felt a little unhappy. But they all knew the temper of the eldest lady of the Shen Group, so they could only leave with awkward smiles.

Zhuo Yan glanced at everyone apologetically, and after everyone filed out and closed the door of the conference room thoughtfully behind them, he touched Shen Yan’s face helplessly and tenderly: “What’s the matter? Who dares to give grief to our eldest young lady?”

“Who else is there!” Shen Yan glared at him and said indignantly, “Who else but that deadbeat father of mine who never liked me and wished he never gave me life!”

Zhuo Yan smiled: “Uncle’s attitude towards sons and daughters are indeed very different. He seems to be very patriarchal. He seems to treat Shen Yu, the adopted son, better than his own daughter.”

Shen Yan snorted unhappily.

Zhuo Yan sighed and said inadvertently, “Of course, I shouldn’t say such a thing. After all, he is also very good to me, his future son-in-law. In fact, according to the current situation of the Shen family, since Eldest Brother is unconscious, the Shen family’s family business should be handed over to you, their daughter.”

When Shen Yan heard this, she felt uncomfortable again: “Forget it. He would never think of me in his life. But it’s good that he values ​​you. We are one family, are we not. Whoever gets to work in the company is the same.”

Zhuo Yan smiled again: “I know that I have relied on the blessing of your Shen family for me to have today. Speaking of which, Uncle is also wise. The Shen family has always been in control of more than 50% of the group’s shares to ensure that they have the highest speaking rights. Otherwise, this time with Eldest Brother having an accident, and the other small shareholders of the group teaming together, Uncle would have a headache.”

When Zhuo Yan said this, he asked curiously: “But you having group shares, why haven’t I heard of this before?”

“What are you talking about!” Shen Yan disagreed: “I only have 5% of the shares, and I only have the right to dividends. It’s not as much as the 7% shares that fake, Shen Yu has. Fortunately, my mother kicked him out of the Shen family, and made my father take back Shen Yu’s shares.”

Zhuo Yan’s heart jumped. Shen Yan looked at Zhuo Yan, frowned and asked, “Why are you suddenly asking about such a thing?”

“It’s nothing. Just curious.” Zhuo Yan smiled and said, “I just think that with the education philosophy of the Shen family, it’s quite surprising that girls would be given shares. But since you said it is just a nominal dividend, I understood.”

“So, your shares are now managed by Uncle?”

“No! The shares of the Shen family, including Dad’s, are all taken care of by Eldest Brother.” Shen Yan said unpreparedly: “But Eldest Brother is in a coma right now. So Dad is in charge.”

Zhuo Yan’s heart beat faster, saying thoughtfully: “That is to say, Uncle is now taking care of all the shares of the Shen family as a guardian?”

“Oh, don’t talk about these boring things!” Shen Yan interrupted Zhuo Yan’s thinking impatiently: “Didn’t you say that Tao Mu is likely to be my younger brother? But Dad doesn’t seem to want to recognize him now. What should we do now?”

Zhuo Yan came back to his senses and said with a smile, “Right now it is just that Lin family member in Hong Kong talking to himself. Without solid evidence, we can’t force them to do a paternity test. What’s more, the Shen family is in such a mess now, and Uncle doesn’t have the energy either. Besides, Uncle is probably considering the interests of Eldest Brother by not recognizing his youngest son. After all, if Tao Mu is really the second son of the Shen family, and he returns to the Shen family. With such outstanding ability, he would definitely threaten the status of Eldest Brother. So while Tao Mu returning to the Shen family as the second son of the Shen family, or even joining the Shen Group might be good news for the Shen family, including the current share price of the Shen Group. But to Eldest Brother, not so much.”

“Uncle loves Eldest Brother so much, he must consider this.”

“Then why did you make me——” Shen Yan raised her eyebrows and was about to get angry. Then she heard Zhuo Yan continue, “However, if Auntie knows that Tao Mu might really be her son, wouldn’t Auntie persuade Uncle to bring Tao Mu back?”

“After all, Auntie had sacrificed so much for this child? I think that Tao Mu would be very moved when he knows about these things, right? Maybe he could beg the Li family to come forward and let Auntie out as soon as possible. The Shen family has no connections in Shenzhen, but the Li family is different. The Fengxing Group has a very deep foundation in Shenzhen.”

Shen Yan’s heart moved, and she asked involuntarily, “Then what do you think I should do?”

Zhuo Yan hooked up the corners of his mouth: “Of course it is to find a way to contact Auntie and let Auntie come forward to convince Uncle. You can’t just go to Beijing to recognize relatives, right?”

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After dismissing the eager Shen Yan, Zhuo Yan also left the branch office and drove to a certain apartment by himself.

Hearing the sound of the door, Shen Yu, who was hidden in the apartment, ran to the door, raised his face and asked, “Big brother Zhuo, you came. Is Eldest Brother awake? When can you take me to see Eldest Brother?”

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  1. Zhuo Yan just needs to keep the Shen family out of Beijing so they don’t mess with Tao Mu and Tao Mu will happily let him drive the Shen family into ruin. Instead, he keeps failing to control them and they keep drawing Tao Mu’s ire.

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