After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 257 Did It Hurt?

Just when the Shen family was in chaos, Tao Mu and several main actors of “Soldier Elite” were in a special forces training base for the final assault training before filming.

At the beginning, “Soldier Elite” specially selected 52 people during the audition, and some couldn’t persist during the training of ordinary troops. After leaving one after another, there were only 17 people left. Tao Mu asked these seventeen people to sign contracts with the crew. These actors originally thought that the test was finally over, and the next step should be the clear road of training and acting to really start filming. But they didn’t expect that Tao Mu, after forcing this group of people to stay in the ordinary army for three months undergoing a complete recruit period, he then dragged the group of people to the special forces training base to continue the torture.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

When he first dragged these people over, there were two young girls who couldn’t bear the pressure of training and almost quit again. But when they were packing their bags, they saw the liquidated damages on the contract, so they stayed behind with tears in their eyes. However, Tao Mu was no longer regarded as an idol, and they all called Tao Mu “devil” behind his back.

Not just the girls, the daily training of the special forces was so intense and stressful, everyone felt like dying. Even if the instructors took care of the actors’ physical fitness and kept going easy on them, the training intensity after the reduction was still not acceptable for ordinary people. If it wasn’t for Tao Mu who had been training with the crew during the special forces training, and had always performed well, it was estimated that the other actors would have protested long ago.

“F**k, do you think our Brother Mu had trained before! Look at his posture, it’s different from us all, and even the instructors are full of praise.”

During the solo demonstration, the other actors were wearing combat uniforms, standing in a row, looking at the middle of the shooting range, where Tao Mu was currently performing the “scout 100-meter movement combat rapid fire” demonstration under the instruction of the instructor, and all of them nearly had their jaws drop to the ground.

In the dusty shooting range, an athletic figure in a camouflage combat uniform held a gun, squatting, lying down, walking, or crawling according to the moving target that kept changing positions in front of him. While shooting the gun, and continuously changing the magazines, to carry out the combat positions. Sometimes shooting left and right, sometimes alternately taking cover. This series of actions flow smoothly and professionally, all in one go. Putting aside the final result for the time being, this set of actions alone was standard enough to be used as a textbook demonstration.

The spring sun was warm and bright, and the bright sun was a little dazzling to the eye. In a trance, it seemed to outline a halo around the young soldier’s figure. Tao Mu’s handsome face was mostly covered by oil paint, holding a gun while running and performing tactical actions. Towards this explosion of pheromones, don’t even mention the girls standing on the side and screaming with their faces in their hands, even the soldiers in the same training ground couldn’t help but glance over again and again.

“Forty-seven seconds, twenty-four moving targets.”

The target reporter who was standing on the side pressed the timer and announced the results aloud. According to the requirements of the army, the training process of “scout 100-meter rapid fire” was to give 30 moving targets within 100 meters, and the training requirement for soldiers was to destroy 25 moving targets within 40 seconds to pass.

According to this requirement, Tao Mu’s training performance was of course unqualified. But considering that this training program had just started for one morning, and Tao Mu’s occupation was a student and an actor instead of a special forces soldier, this result was quite good.

Even the special forces instructor couldn’t help but pat Tao Mu on the shoulder and praised: “A good seedling.”

He smiled and said, “If you don’t want to be a CEO and don’t want to be an actor, you can try becoming a soldier.”

“Damn, Tao Mu, you’re too good!” The three roommates who had close personal acquaintances with Tao Mu gathered around excitedly, grabbed Tao Mu’s shoulders and pinched Tao Mu’s neck and asked, “Tell me! Are you secretly practicing more behind our backs? Otherwise, if everyone comes to train together, why do you always perform better than us?”

“I just knew you are not authentic. You have such a heavy idol baggage, and don’t want to lose face in front of us, so you definitely must have done extra practice in private!” Du Kang huffed angrily.

“It’s not just temporary extra training!” The special forces instructor who was in charge of training the actors was also curious about where Tao Mu learned the tactical moves, and couldn’t help but comment: “I think Tao Mu had to practice for at least a year or two.”

You don’t say! Tao Mu spent a year and a half training in the army in order to make a good movie in his last life, just to play that single role well. The hard work paid off, and sure enough, after the movie was released, Tao Mu was successfully shortlisted for the Golden Crow Award for that role and won the Best Actor. Although it didn’t take long after that, Tao Mu was pushed out of the entertainment circle by a coalition of people. But at least it proved that Tao Mu had acting skills and ability. Even if his experiences afterwards were so pathetic, he still did not leave his favorite industry in a sorry and embarrassing state.

And in this life, Tao Mu’s work foundation was still there, and after so many days of training in the army, his physical memory had also returned. It was of course easier to get started with these tactical moves than other actors. After all, he also started as a martial arts extra.

But these words could not be explained to others. Facing the curiosity and playful accusations of his friends, Tao Mu could only smile and carry his idol baggage to the end.

Seeing that Tao Mu was really reluctant to say more, the others did not continue to press him. They were particularly considerate and moved the topic to another place: “CEO Tao, when will our drama start filming?”

The training intensity of the actors was not the same as that of special forces. Due to worries that everyone’s physical fitness would not be able to handle it, the training time and training intensity for the cast and crew at the training base were only one-third of that of the soldiers, afraid that everyone would be exhausted to death. So after Tao Mu finished the demonstration of “100m scout movement combat rapid fire”, the instructor let everyone rest. The large group of people no longer cared about their image as celebs, and they sat on the ground directly. Some girls couldn’t help asking.

“I also discussed with the martial arts and stunt coordinator of the crew before. According to our current training progress and training results, it is estimated that in half a month, everyone’s movements will be about ready. Then we will get acquainted with the soldiers performing two actual combat exercises, and the instructors will also take us out on two ‘missions’ to feel the atmosphere.” Tao Mu said this, did some calculations in his heart, and concluded: “So the start time is set at the beginning of May. It’s neither hot nor cold and the weather is just right.”

In fact, the original start time was set for March, but Tao Mu was delayed for a few days because of the Golden Crow Awards and the mainland release of “Black and White”. He had always had a serious attitude, and didn’t like to rashly begin things before he was fully prepared. In addition, the martial arts foundation of the other actors was too poor to meet Tao Mu’s requirements. So he simply let everyone train for a few more months. The purpose was to help the actors better fit their roles.

But for the actors who have barely suffered like this before, the extended months of training could be quite overwhelming.

Now they finally see the hope of starting the filming after training.

“Yeah!” The girls with their faces covered in paint were so excited that they cried and hugged. The Devil’s training session was finally coming to an end. Their faces had tanned and their skin roughened due to this ordeal.

Thinking of this, the girls glanced at Tao Mu subtly. Seeing that this classmate idol who was claimed to be unable to tan no matter what had actually darkened by another shade, their hearts felt more balanced.

The actors of the “Soldier Elite” crew rested for half an hour, and then it was time for their lunch break. The actors got up from the ground and stood in line, and went to the cafeteria to have lunch with the soldiers who also took a lunch break. After eating, the soldiers would resume training, but the actors would have an hour-long noon break.

During this hour, people who want to chat and make calls on the Internet could go to the lounge, where there was an Internet connection. But all the actors signed a non-disclosure agreement when they signed the contract, so they naturally knew what to say and what not to say. Those who didn’t want to communicate with the outside world could also go back to the dormitory to take a beauty nap.

Tao Mu was determined not to nap. Although both fathers and one grandfather in the family believe in health preservation, Tao Mu insisted on the life creed of “you don’t have to sleep for a long time when you are alive, you will sleep forever after you die”. Even sleep time at night was kept within six hours. So of course he would not waste time during the day to sleep.

Tao Mu preferred to stay in the multimedia lounge to check information on the Internet instead of sleeping and resting. Because the news from Shenzhen had been relatively hot recently, Tao Mu couldn’t help but pay attention to the news of the Shen family. In addition, Li Xiaoheng also sent someone to monitor the movements of the Shen family and Zhuo Yan and regularly and quantitatively called Tao Mu to report the progress of the situation…..So Tao Mu knew clearly about the small actions of these people.

For example, Zhuo Yan secretly provoked Shen Yan and Mrs. Shen to quarrel with Shen Shiyuan, cooperated with the Yao family to secretly acquire the scattered shares of Shen Group, frequently contacted small shareholders, and secretly kept Shen Yu in his apartment and so on.

——Tao Mu couldn’t help but smile when he saw the news that Zhuo Yan and Shen Yu got together again. When Zhuo Yan was with him in the last life, he couldn’t help cheating on him with Shen Yu; in this life, Zhuo Yan was with Shen Yan, and he couldn’t help cheating with Shen Yu again. After going around in circles, it seemed that Shen Yu really was his true love.

Thinking of this life, Shen Yu and Yan Sheng, the official pair who broke up halfway. Tao Mu had a whim, thinking that maybe Zhuo Yan and Shen Yu could really be able to HE in this life.

“What are you thinking?” Li Xiaoheng, who was on a video call with Tao Mu, looked at Tao Mu’s expression and asked with a frown, “Don’t think about other men in front of me, I will be sad.”

Tao Mu came back to his senses, laughed and said, “I don’t think about other men. I’m just sighing, I feel that some people are really destined to be together.”

Li Xiaoheng liked to hear these words: “Just like the two of us, it’s fate.”

Although he was reporting the real-time progress of the Shen family to Tao Mu every day, from the bottom of his heart, Li Xiaoheng actually didn’t want Tao Mu to pay too much attention to the Shen family and the man surnamed Zhuo. It was an inexplicable anxiety. Because the things that Tao Mu cared about were probably all the past events that Li Xiaoheng couldn’t participate in.

“You’ve become more tan again. Is the army training that hard? When will you guys have vacation, what do you want to eat? Do you want to eat out or at home? Do you want Grandpa to cook it for you or me to cook it for you?”

The series of questions l interrupted Tao Mu’s thoughts as expected, making Tao Mu involuntarily ponder what to eat on vacation.

“I want to eat——” Tao Mu said when a phone call came in. Looking at the number on the caller ID, Tao Mu frowned but connected the line.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“Mr. Shen, you woke up——”

“Xiao Mu!” On the other end of the receiver, Shen Chen’s voice came clearly, with an emotion that Tao Mu had never heard before: “Did it hurt?”

“Falling from that high. Did it hurt?”

With a bang, the phone fell to the ground.

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  1. Ah, so a near-death experience awakened the memories of his past life. Well, now he knows why Tao Mu doesn’t want them to recognize him as their family.


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