After Two Lifetimes I Was Reborn Back Inside A Book CH 025 I Am Jiang Chen’s Brother


Before reaching the school gate, Jiang Chen bumped into Shen Xu.

Shen Xu ran over like the wind, pulled him and began to run: “Hurry up! I didn’t go to sleep until after one o’clock last night, just for this moment!”

Jiang Chen was caught off guard by him and staggered. Seeing his anxious look, he had no choice but to adjust his pace and run with him.

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“Jiangzi, hurry up! The friends in front, please give way!” Shen Xu dragged Jiang Chen to the cultural corridor, and then squeezed into the crowd, but there were too many people and he was dragging a team member who was uncaring and wouldn’t move so he could only ask the boy next to him: “Brother, is the ranking out? Who is number one? Is it our school?”

It was very crowded in front of the bulletin board, and the boy who was pulled had just seen the big list clearly. At this time, when he heard Shen Xu’s question and was about to answer it, he saw Jiang Chen beside him. He paused for a second, and immediately raised his voice and shouted: “God Jiang is here!”

In a word, it was like pouring hot water into a frying pan, and it exploded in an instant.

“Jiang Chen!”


“God Jiang is here, give way!”

The students crowded by the bulletin board looked around, some people stretched their heads to look out, some people wanted to diverge a way, and the pushing and shoving made it even more crowded. Shen Xu anxiously looked at the separated and crowded students in front of him, and jumped up several times to try and look at the bulletin board, but he was not tall enough, so he could only grab the boy next to him and continue to ask: “Brother, did you see it? Where is Jiang Chen?”

Before the boy could answer, Luo Ze who had already seen the big list by virtue of his height, shouted: “F**k, Jiang Chen! You are number one! First in the joint exam of the three schools! The total score is 742! You damn devil!”

Shen Xu’s jumping motion paused, only to jump higher than before in an instant: “742! First in the midterm exam!” He pushed away the people in front of him, and jumped onto Jiang Chen: “Jiangzi! Number one in the joint exam!”

Jiang Chen leaned back, also smiled and said, “I know.”

Shen Xu hung on Jiang Chen’s body and shouted excitedly, “Ahhhhhhh! I’m so f**king happy! Hahahaha!”

Jiang Chen’s neck was strangled by Shen Xu, his back was squeezed by other people, and he almost suffocated. He tried to evade and said: “Let go of me, I will be strangled to death by you.”

However, there were so many people making noise, Jiang Chen’s voice was quickly drowned out in the crowd. Just a second before he was completely out of breath and about to use violence to flip Shen Xu down, the surroundings suddenly became much quieter, and the crowd also parted.

Jiang Chen was blocked by Shen Xu and couldn’t see what was happening in front of him. Just as he was curious, he felt his body lighten. Shen Xu screeched as he was torn off Jiang Chen’s body by the back of his neck.

“Ao ao ao——-” While being held up by the collar, Shen Xu waved his arms and shouted: “Who the f**k dare to sneak attack your master!”

Jiang Chen took a breath, straightened his school uniform and raised his head to thank the kind-hearted person. The next second, his grateful expression turned into astonishment: “Shi Fengyue?”

Shen Xu said at the same time: “Who are you?”

Shi Fengyue was wearing a long gray windbreaker, looked at Shen Xu with long eyelashes half lowered, and slightly parted his pale lips: “Get out of the way.”

Shen Xu tucked his neck in when he saw him, and carefully approached Jiang Chen, asking in a low voice, “Who is this guy?”

Shi Fengyue’s gaze fell on Jiang Chen’s messy hair, he paused for a second, and said calmly, “I have something to talk with you about.”

From the corner of his eye, he saw the classmates looking this way and a few girls huddled together, clearly yearning to move forward. Jiang Chen pursed his lower lip and said, “Let’s go over there and talk.”

It was almost time for early self-study, and there were the fewest people near the office building.

Jiang Chen stopped by the flower bed of the office building, and with anxiety in his eyes he asked: “Did something happen to my dad?”

Shi Fengyue stood one meter away from him: “No.”

Jiang Chen secretly breathed a sigh of relief and relaxed, with a smile on his face he then asked: “Then why did Dr. Shi come to the No. 1 High School to find me?”

Shi Fengyue’s eyes fell on the dimple on his left cheek, and the hand placed by his side moved according to his heart, raised and rubbed his head, and under Jiang Chen’s displeased expression, he said without changing his face: “Your hair is messy.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes were drawn to the ends of his slightly slanted eyes, and when the doubts in his heart had just surfaced he was asked, “Where is your junior high school section?”

As soon as Shi Fengyue finished speaking, Jiang Chen remembered the conversation in the ward not long ago. He put aside his doubts and said, “Are you looking for your nephew?”

“En.” Shi Fengyue’s hum came out of his nasal cavity, and don’t know what he thought of, he rubbed his brows a little irritably: “His teacher called the parents, but his parents are not in Yan City.”

Seeing Shi Fengyue’s irritable expression of one who was obviously impatient but had no other choice but to go, Jiang Chen was in a good mood for some reason, and his eyes slightly curved: “The junior high school section is just behind the high school, you go north, cross a road and you will see the gate of the junior high school. It’s not far away, just a few hundred meters.”

Shi Fengyue looked down at Jiang Chen’s harmless smiling face, and the hand he just put down twitched again. He looked away and around the surroundings: “Wait for me.”

The person who just threw down these two words walked away neatly and disappeared at the corner of the flower bed. Jiang Chen stood there thinking for two seconds whether to wait for him, but before he came to a conclusion, he heard the bell for self-study.

“Who is standing there?” Fu Jinyu came out of the office building, saw someone standing by the flower bed, walked over and said, “Didn’t you hear the bell for class? Standing there,…..Jiang Chen?”

Jiang Chen turned his head and said, “Hello, Teacher Fu.”

“What are you doing here?”

“I…..” Jiang Chen paused for a moment: “A relative of my family came to visit me at school. He just answered a call. I’m waiting for him.”

Putting aside his doubts, Fu Jinyu instructed: “Go to class after talking with your relative, and then come to my office after lunch.”

“Got it.”

Fu Jinyu turned around while looking at his watch: “I will help you take a leave with Teacher Yang later, but you must enter the classroom before the first class, don’t be too late…..Is that your relative?”

Jiang Chen glanced past Fu Jinyu, and saw Shi Fengyue walking towards this side at a leisurely pace with a plastic bag in his hand.

Shi Fengyue also heard Fu Jinyu’s words, and he stopped and turned to look at Jiang Chen.

Then, he nodded lightly and said, “Hi, I’m Jiang Chen’s brother, who are you?”

Fu Jinyu’s hesitant eyes lingered on Shi Fengyue’s face for a few seconds: “Hello, I am Jiang Chen’s math teacher, my surname is Fu.”

“I must trouble Teacher Fu to take care of Jiang Chen at school.”

“No trouble, it’s my duty to educate students, and Jiang Chen’s grades are very good. This time he took the first place in the joint exam of the three schools, and will represent the school in the mathematics competition in August. We all have high hopes for him.”

Shi Fengyue glanced calmly at the young man beside him, and the smile on the corner of his mouth deepened: “So impressive?”

Fu Jinyu nodded, paused in the middle of nodding, and looked at Jiang Chen suspiciously: “Jiang Chen, didn’t you mention your grades in school at home?”

“I haven’t mentioned the competition yet.” Jiang Chen evaded the matter and said lightly: “Teacher Fu, it’s my brother’s first visit to our school, and I’ll take him around the campus and then go to morning self-study.”

“Okay.” Fu Jinyu glanced at Shi Fengyue, and said to Jiang Chen: “Accompany your brother well, teacher will go up first, remember to enter the classroom before the first class.”

There were only two people left by the flower bed.

“Dr. Shi, you asked me to wait for you here, is there anything else you need from me?”

When Shi Fengyue lifted the plastic bag, Jiang Chen’s eyes fell on the bag.

“Thank you gift.”


Shi Fengyue nodded: “Don’t you kids all like to eat snacks?” He opened a bag of candies while talking, peeled off the candy wrapper and put one in his mouth. After a few seconds, he frowned, chewed and swallowed it, and then took out a few packs of snacks and looked at them, then clicked his tongue and said, “Antioxidants, preservatives, food colorings, thickeners…..children like to eat these things now?”

Jiang Chen raised his eyebrows slightly, and was just about to refute the word “child” when he rubbed his head: “Forget it, I’ll make it up to you next time.”

A gust of wind blew, Shi Fengyue’s back was tall and straight, and his casual voice pierced through the rustling leaves: “I’m going first, go back and attend class obediently.”

When Jiang Chen returned to the classroom, it was almost time for morning self-study.

As soon as he sat down, Shen Xu moved his head over, covered his mouth and said in a low voice: “Who was that man just now? Why did he want to see you? Why haven’t I seen him before?”

Luo Ze, who was drowsy after reading the text, also regained his energy when he heard the words, and joined the topic: “Yeah, God Jiang, who is he, you didn’t see, when you left just now, those girls went crazy. Oh, the degree of exaggeration, as if they haven’t seen a man in hundreds of years, they have been discussing him all morning.”

Jiang Chen opened the textbook: “My father’s doctor, he is going to the junior high school section to look for his nephew, and when he got lost, he asked me for directions.”

“Is he the one who will perform the operation on Uncle Jiang?” Shen Xu raised his hand holding the book, and when he saw the language teacher looking over, he immediately covered his shocked face: “So young?”

“Doctor?” Luo Ze was even more surprised, and moved his head close to Jiang Chen’s ear, in disbelief: “A doctor with those looks?”

Jiang Chen tilted his head, pushed Luo Ze’s head away, and said calmly, “Don’t judge people by their appearance, and Teacher Li is coming this way.”


The day passed quickly, and as soon as the bell rang for the last class dismissal, Shen Xu quickly packed his schoolbag, ran to Jiang Chen’s desk and said, “Where shall we go to eat?”

Jiang Chen had promised to treat Shen Xu to a meal during the May Day holiday. It just so happened that today’s midterm exam results were good, and Yang Si had to go to the hospital to eat with Jiang Zhuo in the evening and couldn’t go home, so he set the time for today.

Jiang Chen got up: “Wherever you want.”

“I don’t know either.” Shen Xu struggled: “Xu Ji’s Cantonese cuisine is good, but I’m sure we won’t be able to get in line at this time, and I haven’t eaten the hot pot in Long Alley for a long time, but I don’t really want spicy food today. There’s also Huang Yun’s Sichuan cuisine, no, it’s also spicy, and the Huaiyang cuisine near the park…..”

Counting the restaurants from the classroom to the school gate, Shen Xu couldn’t choose the one he wanted to go the most, so he had to let Jiang Chen make up his mind in the end.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Jiang Chen picked the one closest to the school among the ones that Shen Xu mentioned just now, and just after he finished speaking, he heard a somewhat familiar voice shout: “Big brother!”

The noble boy with a clean aura was wearing a Western suit-style school uniform, and in a group of students in loose blue tracksuits, waving his hand and walking towards this side quickly, he looked particularly eye-catching.

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