After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 258 That’s All

[Dad, Dad, look it’s snowing outside, why is that big brother squatting outside washing dishes! Isn’t he cold?]

[Because that big brother is an orphan and has no parents to take care of him, he has to earn money to support himself. You have to be good and don’t be naughty, or Dad and Mom will send you to the orphanage and make you be like that brother.]

It turned out that the reason I was thrown away by my parents was because I was not well behaved?

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

[Don’t blame me either. Your biological parents don’t want you. I, the adoptive mother, have supported you for so many years, provided you with food and clothing, and I have already done my best.]

It turned out that even if I am well-behaved it still won’t work, only biological parents would treat their children well.

[Have you heard? The one in bed 52 sent in together is the real Second Young Master Shen. Suddenly the sparrow turned into a phoenix.]

It turned out that I also have biological parents and siblings. It turned out that I was not thrown away by my parents because I was not good. It was all the fault of the nurses who carelessly held the wrong child. It turned out to be like this…..

[That child is too scheming and has a bad temper. After he arrived, he made it difficult for Xiao Yu everywhere, and I can’t stand it any longer. In any case, Xiao Yu is also our child who we have raised for 18 years. Can’t that child just get along well with Xiao Yu?]

Mom and Dad, it’s not like this, you are my biological parents, you should treat me well. Why must you care about the cuckoo occupying the nest?

[That Second Young Master Shen is too rotten.]

[Tao Mu, you have disappointed me too much.]

[I don’t have a son like you, so get out of the Shen family.]

It was March, and early spring weather was warm. The warm sunlight streamed in from outside the window. Tao Mu sat in front of the computer in a daze, but still felt a chill around him, as if he was immersed in the frosty river water in winter. A biting cold drilling into his bones.

The phone that fell on the ground kept vibrating, and the actors who were also in the lounge looked at each other. Wen Bao bent down to pick up the phone on the ground, and patted Tao Mu on the shoulder carefully: “Tao Mu, your phone’s ringing.”

Tao Mu came back to his senses and looked down at the name that kept causing the vibrating on the caller ID. He took the phone, got up and walked out of the lounge.

The phone rang again and again. Holding the phone, Tao Mu walked through the quiet corridor, down the stairs, and went all the way to the outside of the dormitory building. Only then did he connect the phone.

“What do you want to say?”

On the other end of the phone, Shen Chen involuntarily fell silent. He had never been a talkative person. In the last life, he could watch Tao Mu’s situation with a cold eye, and now the two of them were separated by a lifetime, so what else was there to say.

What was more, Shen Chen didn’t know what he wanted to say to Tao Mu. He just had a long dream. After waking up, he wanted to hear Tao Mu’s voice. But he himself never had anything to say to Tao Mu. In the previous life, Tao Mu really liked talking to him. When he was kicked out of the entertainment industry by Shen Yu’s admirers in such a pathetic manner, and then brought into the company and kept by his side, every day he was like a puppy trailing after him. Asking this and that, so garrulous that it gave him a headache.

However, that Tao Mu was already dead. Died in the previous life, on his twenty-eighth birthday.

Now, this Tao Mu must have nothing to say to him, the elder brother.

After being silent for a long time, Shen Chen spoke slowly, “You…..what do you want to know?”

“There’s nothing really that I want to know.” Tao Mu clenched his phone tightly, pretending to be calm: “Don’t blindly pursue what had already happened, and don’t listen to the one-sided words of the parties involved. Isn’t this what you taught me?”

Everything in the past life, no matter what Shen Chen did in the first place, whether he regretted it afterwards. For Tao Mu, who had already lost his life, it was no longer important.

Shen Chen’s breathing went stagnant, and the pain spread from the wound, making him a little breathless.

“That’s fine.” Shen Chen gently pressed the wound and breathed slightly. Other than the first sentence that revealed a little emotion, Shen Chen, who slowly calmed down, regained his previous restraint and cool head: “In this life, don’t come back to the Shen family again.”

Tao Mu closed his eyes and took a deep breath: “I understand. It just so happens, that’s exactly what I want.”

No, you don’t understand.

Shen Chen tightly held the phone, so hard his fingers went a little white. In the end, however, he still didn’t say a word. Because the person on the other side of the phone was the child he had personally taught by his side for six to seven years. He knew him as well as himself, like looking in a mirror.

So Shen Chen knew that Tao Mu, who was burdened with a life and a lifetime on his back, would never believe even a single word he said.

If it was destined not to be believed, there was no need to say it.

Shen Chen hung up the phone and silently leaned back on the bed. The door of the ward was pushed open with a bang. Only Shen Shiyuan, in a suit and leather shoes, whose eyes were a little red, pushed in and said in surprised delight, “Ah Chen, you woke up?”

“En.” Shen Chen nodded, and immediately put aside his thoughts: “Dad, how is Mom now?”

“Still at the detention center. I’m already thinking of a way.” Shen Shiyuan said, walked to Shen Chen’s side, and asked thoughtfully: “How are you? Have you seen the doctor? What did he say? Does it still hurt?”

“I’m fine.” Shen Chen frowned: “The detention center conditions are so poor, and Mom’s health is not good. Besides, Mom is so timid, we should still think of a way to bail her out first——”

“Not now.” Shen Shiyuan interrupted Shen Chen’s words, and frowned fiercely: “Right now the reputation of the Shen family is very bad, and the outside world has a lot of opinions on your mother. If she is released on bail at this time, it will only make some people feel that the Shen family is engaging in privilege. So it’s better to just go with the flow and use Yu Qingqing’s husband to simply whitewash everything your mother did.”

From Shen Shiyuan’s point of view, Yu Qingqing’s husband attempted murder in front of everyone’s eyes, and his past, including how he made his fortune, was not clean. As long as Shen Shiyuan had conclusive evidence, that person would just be the grasshopper at the end of autumn, nearing its end. Since he was destined to die, he might as well help the Shen family before he died.

Shen Shiyuan already had people preparing. On the one hand, he was secretly investigating the evidence of Yu Qingqing’s husband’s smuggling, and on the other hand, he communicated with the major media. After Shen Shiyuan handed over all the evidence, the major media would publish Yu Qingqing’s husband’s crimes, and Yu Qingqing’s sin of taking the money but abandoning the young child, causing the life and death situation of the real second son of the Shen family to be unknown. The reports would be on how the Shen family just wanted to seek justice, and though their method was a bit extreme, Yu Qingqing’s husband was even more so in that he tried to commit murder in public, and after hurting others, he even led public opinion to cyberbully the Shen family. In fact, it was the Shen family who were the victims.

At that time, the fermenting public opinion would definitely reverse again, and Shen Shiyuan would find a way to whitewash the reputation of the Mrs. Shen, and at the same time, the Shen family and the Shen Group as well. Therefore, the top priority was that Mrs. Shen must stay in the detention center. The more aggrieved and dejected she was now, the stronger the rebound effect would be when public opinion reversed in the future.

Speaking of this, Shen Shiyuan couldn’t help frowning: “Have you seen Lin Rong’an’s revelations? It would be great if Tao Mu was really our child. His has a good reputation among Chinese netizens. Besides, Tao Mu is also an expert in this game. If is willing to help the Shen family whitewash…..”

“Don’t provoke Tao Mu.” Shen Chen interrupted Shen Shiyuan lightly: “That person and the Li family behind him are very troublesome. Dad doesn’t want to drive the tiger to swallow the wolf only to feed the tiger to harm oneself, right?”

“I’m also concerned about this, so I never responded to the outside world’s speculation.” Shen Shiyuan smiled bitterly and patted Shen Chen’s shoulder: “Don’t worry. The Shen family will definitely be yours in the end. Even if Tao Mu is really your younger brother, I won’t be partial to him either.”

Shen Chen smiled but didn’t respond to this topic. He said, “I think it’s better to release Mom on bail. After all, she is the wife of the chairman of the Shen Group, so it’s not a good idea to stay in the detention center all the time. The impression that the wife of the chairman of the group is a criminal will be even more detrimental to the reputation of the group.”

Shen Shiyuan pondered slightly, feeling that his son’s words also made sense.

“And Zhuo Yan,” Shen Chen paused, and when he mentioned this name, he felt a surge of anger rushing to his head: “What petty maneuvers has he made?”

“Pretty much what you expected. After he took over the management of the group, he is indeed secretly investigating the criminal evidence of the executives and shareholders of the Shen Group. This kid is quite capable, and he really managed to find some things. It’s just that this kid probably couldn’t have imagined that the things he found were all trails you left for him on purpose.”

When Shen Shiyuan spoke of this, he suddenly sighed and said with some pity and reluctance: “But your uncles are also old people of the group. They also made great contributions to the group back then, are you sure…..”

“Those several uncles really worked hard back then. I don’t deny that they have contributed to the Shen Group having achieved today’s achievements. But the Shen family did not treat them badly either. They also received dividends from their shares.”

As soon as Shen Chen woke up, he first experienced emotional ups and downs, and now after talking to Shen Shiyuan so much as well, he was a little tired. His whole person leaned back on the hospital bed in a weary manner: “If they were willing to make money in peace, of course I am not willing to be so ruthless after they have served their purpose. But while they are reaping dividends from the Shen family’s shares, they also want to stir up things at the same time. The human heart is never satisfied, during the shareholders’ meeting in the past two years they have given us too many constraints. Although it does not affect the Shen family’s power, it is also annoying.”

“So you want to use Zhuo Yan to take them all down in one fell swoop?” Shen Shiyuan raised his eyebrows and looked at his son with great pride. His son was indeed the blood of their Shen family. Sure enough, the son was even better than the father.

Shen Chen’s eyes flashed slightly. Before he fell into a coma, considering Zhuo Yan’s family background, Shen Chen did have a plan to use Zhuo Yan to wipe out all the old fuddies in the group who would only oppose him after eating their fill. Once things were successful, Zhuo Yan would be charged with maliciously manipulating the stock market and stealing trade secrets and dismissed.

However, after being reborn, Shen Chen didn’t want Zhuo Yan to get off so easily. He didn’t forget how Zhuo Yan seesawed back and forth between Tao Mu and Shen Yu repeatedly in the previous life.

Although Shen Chen always felt that the Tao Mu in his previous life was stupid and cared too much about things he shouldn’t. However, no matter how stupid Tao Mu was, he was his younger brother who he had raised and taught personally like a son for six to seven years. That he would have such a tragic ending, Shen Chen didn’t deny that part of the reason for it was because he just watched it all from the sidelines, and that the entire Shen family fueling the flames factored in as well. But a person like Shen Chen would never feel that he was wrong.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

What was more, Shen Chen felt that he didn’t care about Tao Mu’s life or death. In his last life, he had fulfilled his obligations as an elder brother to Tao Mu. If he really must describe his mindset, Shen Chen was just a little upset.

Upset that the idiot who he had personally taught and completely trusted and obeyed his words, failed to stay by his side for a little longer, failed to live in peace and joy, and failed to die a natural death after a long life.

That’s all.

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