After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 260 Li Xiaoheng’s Strategy

His whole body was sore and painful, as if he had been repeatedly run over by a truck. He had no strength at all, and even moving his little finger became a luxury.

The dazzling sunlight squeezed in through the gaps in the curtains and jumped excitedly on the eyelids of the sleeping person on the bed. Tao Mu frowned fiercely and retracted his head into the quilt. Thick curled eyelashes trembled. After a long while, Tao Mu struggled to open his eyes. His unfocused eyes stared at the ceiling, and he could hear the sound of someone moving in the dining room. Tao Mu turned over, and the pain that came from a hidden part of his body immediately made Tao Mu freeze.

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“Ow!” Tao Mu subconsciously tightened his grip on the sheets.

In the dining room, having just called for room service, but was afraid that the waiter would wake the other up when they knocked on the door, Li Xiaoheng stayed at the door and waited for the dining cart, and then pushed the dining cart to the dining table. With keen ears, he picked up on the sound from the bedroom.

“Are you awake?” Li Xiaoheng strode into the bedroom, walked to the bed and sat down, reaching out to feel Tao Mu’s forehead: “How do you feel? Anywhere uncomfortable?”

Unlike Tao Mu, who was sore and sluggish, Li Xiaoheng, who was also up for most of the night performing a certain strenuous activity, was in a state of abnormal energy. His normally expressionless face was now full of smiles, and the invisible tail behind him waved this way and that way, appearing very much l happily full and satisfied.

“It’s not comfortable anywhere!” Tao Mu said angrily. When he opened his mouth, he realized that his voice was hoarse. No wonder he felt that his throat was burning hot.

“Hai, hai!” Tao Mu couldn’t help but cough twice, and fell into the bed depressed.

“You’re quite physically fit?” Mr. Tao, who was always praised for his good physical condition, squinted at Li Xiaoheng. His eyes landed on Li Xiaoheng’s increasingly refreshed and energized face, and he felt remorse in his heart.

If he had known, he wouldn’t have been soft-hearted yesterday. Why was it that he jist laid down willingly when Li Xiaoheng pitifully begged him? The most important thing was that this big-tailed wolf did not own up to his promise. He clearly said that he would listen to him on everything. Only to get into bed and forget what he said. After tossing him over and over again, and he begged for mercy like that, his voice even becoming hoarse, this bastard still pretended not to hear.

When Tao Mu thought of this, he twitched his fingers even more angrily, and gently scratched the inside of Li Xiaoheng’s wrist. It was originally a move to vent anger, but because of lack of physical strength and reluctance to scratch the other too seriously, it turned out to be like flirting.

Li Xiaoheng only felt a surge of hot lava rushing through his veins, and little brother Li, who was already very excited, became energized once again. Li Xiaoheng hugged Tao Mu tight in a conditioned reflex.

Feeling Li Xiaoheng getting excited again, Tao Mu widened his phoenix eyes, and subconsciously pushed out his arm in front of Li Xiaoheng: “Enough of you. I have to go back to the base for training today!”

“You’re already like this, and you’re still going back to the base for training?” Li Xiaoheng raised his eyebrows, deliberately raised his leg and covered him with his body, rubbed his nose with Tao Mu, and teased, “Mr. Tao still has this physical strength? That means I’m not doing enough.”

Li Xiaoheng deliberately put emphasis on the word “do”, Tao Mu’s ears warmed, and he bit Li Xiaoheng’s ear angrily.

Feeling the warm touch on the tip of his ear, Li Xiaoheng pressed forward even more excitedly.

“Wuu!” Tao Mu groaned, only to feel that the world was spinning, and his whole person was pressed down under another body again.

It was almost noon by the time the two of them finished. Tao Mu, who was so hungry, lay on the bed and rolled his eyes into the back of his head. But what he was thinking about was that he didn’t ask for leave from the base. Wouldn’t the training base think something happened to him?

“Give me the phone!” Tao Mu raised his leg and kicked Li Xiaoheng, arrogantly.

Li Xiaoheng, who was windmilling his big tail, quickly got up from the bed, rummaged through the messy clothes and trousers on the floor, and handed it over to Tao Mu in a very ingratiating manner.

Tao Mu took it over to take a look, and sure enough, there were a few missed calls. There were calls from the base instructors, from his Xiao Qi Dad, and from several business partners. Tao Mu called back one by one, using his hoarse voice to pretend to have a bad cold and fool everyone.

After he put down the phone, Li Xiaoheng hugged Tao Mu and carried him into the bathroom to take a shower with much self-awareness. Tao Mu was lying in the bathtub like a big lord enjoying the service of their boss Li. He didn’t forget to joke: “Mr. Li should be the service staff with the highest hourly salary in my life, right?”

Li Xiaoheng smiled when he heard the words, leaned over and kissed Tao Mu’s lips lightly, lowered his voice and said with a smile, “Then I welcome Mr. Tao to develop more ways of using me.”

The low voice, which sounded as gorgeous as a cello, vibrated with the chest, as if it had its own reverberation. Tao Mu’s eyes narrowed, and he reached out and dragged a certain someone into the bathtub with him. The other hand held water and poured it on Li Xiaoheng’s head. Seeing the sexy appearance of water droplets that wet Li Xiaoheng’s hair and dripped down the ends, he leaned forward with a light chuckle.

After so much messing around, it was past one o’clock in the afternoon by the time Tao Mu and Li Xiaoheng sat neatly dressed at the dining table. The food was already cold. Fortunately, this was a hotel, and Li Xiaoheng called for room service again. It was two o’clock in the afternoon when the two of them had something which one could not say whether it was breakfast, lunch or afternoon tea.

After a day and a night of fooling around, Tao Mu had the mind to discuss serious matters. He was contemplating how to exact revenge on Shen Chen.

“The reason why there are so many mistakes in the Shen Group’s acquisition of Aiqing Trading, now it seems that Zhuo Yan and the Yao family are behind the scenes. They even want to take this opportunity to provoke the relationship between Shen Shiyuan and his wife, then get the shares of the Shen Group that are in Mrs. Shen and Shen Yan’s hands. This would ensure that Zhuo Yan holds more than 50% of the shares when the shareholders make a resolution, and successfully remove the chairman, Shen Shiyuan, thus kicking out the Shen family from the Shen Group.”

“I have to say, if Shen Chen didn’t wake up in time, Zhuo Yan’s plan would very likely succeed. But now that Shen Chen is awake, with Shen Chen’s shrewdness, Zhuo Yan would never have a chance to touch the Shen family’s shares. In other words, the Shen Group is still firmly in Shen Chen’s hands. Therefore, if I want the Shen family to have nothing, I must first make the Shen Group worthless.”

So the question was, how could an industrial group with a market value of more than 100 billion yuan become worthless in a short period of time? This was not a domineering CEO novel and he could not make a corporation go bankrupt the next morning after deciding to do so. Tao Mu himself felt that this was rather unrealistic.

As Tao Mu’s most loyal business partner and life partner for the rest of their lives, Li Xiaoheng was the only person Tao Mu trusted and could discuss this matter with. It had to be said that such trust and reliance largely satisfied Li Xiaoheng’s protective desire as a husband. What was more, Tao Mu had always been independent and basically did not depend on anyone. From Li Xiaoheng’s point of view, now Tao Mu had truly accepted him and accepted this relationship.

So although he was a little disappointed that the happy time was too short, Li Xiaoheng immediately switched his mindset and gave Tao Mu some advice.

“Since Shen Chen is holding onto more than 50% of the shares of the Shen Group and will not let go, then we will find a way to make him let go.”

From Li Xiaoheng’s point of view, as the heir of a group with a market value of 100 billion yuan, Shen Chen’s shrewdness and means were really good. But in the face of absolute strength and capital, many times individual cleverness and scheming could not raise much waves.

“Now that they know that the Shen family occupies more than 50% of the shares of the Shen Group, Zhuo Yan and the Yao family choosing to secretly acquire the shares of the Shen Group at first, and even urging other small shareholders to unite together has become the wrong method. It not only cannot play a decisive role, but also ensures that the share price of the Shen Group does not drop too much when scandals erupt frequently.”

Because some people took over in the stock market, and there were people outside the market trying to win the shares of minority shareholders, which implied from a psychological level to those who owned shares of the Shen Group that the shares of the Shen Group were still very valuable and still worth holding rather than finding ways to throw it away. This ensured that the share price of the Shen Group had not fallen too much except for the first few days.

Li Xiaoheng guessed that this kind of conspiracy that calculated people’s hearts to the core should be Shen Chen’s hand. However, this strategy could only be used on people like Zhuo Yan who want to occupy the nest and take over the Shen Group. If it were him, Li Xiaoheng would never do such a stupid thing of “sewing a wedding dress only for others to wear it instead”.

“To find a way to make the Shen Group’s share price plummet, the best thing is to stop trading. Only in this way can we better guide public opinion to create a sell-off panic. At that time, even if the Shen family owns more than 50% of the Shen Group’s shares, there will be no way to stop the decline of the Shen Group. Unless the Shen family continues to smash real money into the stock market to keep it afloat.”

However, with the ability of the Shen family, holding 51% of the shares was already their best, and they were absolutely unable to take over in the stock market. What was more, even if the Shen family really threw their money in, Li Xiaoheng still had a way to drag the Shen family to their deaths.

“Once the Shen Group is suspended from trading in the stock market, we will have reason to use public opinion to force the Shen Group’s cooperative banks to cut off the Shen Group’s loans. If those banks refuse to do so, we can find a few economists to write a few articles of financial analysis, discuss the reasons why those banks refused to do this and speculate on whether they were really optimistic about the Shen Group as a company, or is there another reason behind it? As long as those banks are too busy fending off trouble, they will naturally give up the Shen Group to protect themselves.”

“Once the banks cut off the loans, the cash flow of the Shen Group will be immediately blocked. The Shen Group is an industrial business, whether it is bidding for land or real estate development, it needs a lot of cash flow and reserves. At that time, if the Shen Group does not want its capital chain to break off, the assets under the name of the group must be used as collateral. However, when the Shen Group loaned from the banks before, many projects have been mortgaged to the banks. So what we have to do is to keep an eye on the Shen Group. Once the Shen Group makes repeated loans, immediately notify the banks in various places, and then promote it on to ensure that the Shen Group has no way to raise funds.”

“And once the capital chain of the Shen Group is broken, then even if we do not block the bidding projects of the Shen Group in various places, the localities will still not hand over the projects to the Shen Group for the sake of insurance. At that time, the Shen Group will fall into an embarrassing situation where their internal capital chain is broken and the external revenue-generating projects are unsustainable. When the time comes for the banks to urge the loans, it will be difficult for the Shen Group to not die.”

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“At that time, owning 51% of the shares of the Shen Group will not be the guarantee of the Shen family’s wealthy and affluent life. It will be the Shen family’s death scythe.”

Didn’t the Shen family stand by and watch the desperate struggle of their family’s CEO Tao just for this 51% stake in their last life? Then Li Xiaoheng would let the Shen family die with their 51% percent stake.

A cold light flashed in Li Xiaoheng’s eyes. But when he looked at Tao Mu again, he grinned and shamelessly asked for favors: “How is it, is my idea okay? Are there any rewards?”

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