Source of Calamity CH 030 Unexpected Delight

Chen Xiao felt that she probably had stumbled across the worst bad luck in her life. When she came to work in the morning, she found that there was a problem with the data she compiled last night. Yet she had worked overtime until eleven o’clock last night and made sure everything was accurate before she left.

After working in the company for five years, she didn’t think she would make such a low-level mistake. After all, she was now a small supervisor, how could she not even do the inspection well?

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But the fact was that her data did have a problem, and there was a big deviation from the real data.

Originally, Chen Xiao wanted to take the time to redo it again, but people from the supervisory department came.

Chen Xiao also knew this person——Meng Hui.

He was sort of notorious.

The low level female employees of the company, who were good-looking, have all been harassed by him, but it was only verbal harassment, and the surveillance did not capture it, so even if they wanted to make a complaint there was no evidence. The female employees could only swallow their anger and grievances. And Meng Hui was very generous to the people in the same department and very ingratiating to the leaders above, so although his office life might not be called a fish in the water, it had always been satisfactory.

The company was too big, so it was normal to have a few people like this. Chen Xiao originally planned to treat this man as air.

Unexpectedly, he seemed to have a dog nose. Just as Chen Xiao started to redo the data, he appeared, and directly called up the wrong data and started to check it.

“Even if I am fired I will f**king beat him up!” Chen Xiao was in the women’s bathroom, her make-up was all smudged with tears, but her anger was not less for it, and said with a stiff neck, “No big deal, it’s just unemployment, I won’t make it easy for him! “

A colleague persuaded her: “Just endure it, you finally became a supervisor. If you quit, someone else will just pick up the benefit. How many projects have you been through in the past few years, and you get big year-end bonuses every year? It’s normal for him to see you and be unhappy, it’s only mediocrity that is not envied by others.”

Chen Xiao wiped her eyes with a tissue. Her eyeliner and mascara were not waterproof, and were completely smudged. Chen Xiao also didn’t care about her image anymore, and said as if shattering the jar: “No way, he wants me to get lost, so even if I leave I will drag him with me!”

The colleague took out the toilet paper she was clutching, threw it into the wastebasket, and patted Chen Xiao on the shoulder: “Didn’t Wang Hong say that he went to contact people? Don’t be impulsive.”

Chen Xiao understood her boyfriend: “What can he do? He has only been in the company for a year, and he doesn’t even recognize everyone. How can he help?”

Colleague: “Since he said it, there must be a way.”

“So shameless.” Chen Xiao trembled angrily, “Speaking ill of people behind their backs, what kind of man is he? Did I say something wrong in the chat group? He is not only a hag, but even worse than a hag!”

The colleague quickly said: “Keep your voice down, he is very vindictive.”

Chen Xiao yelled at the bathroom door: “I’ll say it if I want to, dare to do sh*tty things but don’t dare to own up to it. He is a piece of sh*t himself, and so he sees others as sh*t. If he had a good-looking face himself, he would definitely be the first to climb the high-level executives’ bed. If he can’t eat grapes, he will say grapes are sour, bah!”

The colleague was helpless: “Are you sure there was no problem with the data when you left last night?”

The topic was brought back, Chen Xiao said: “You still don’t know my memory? Today’s wrong data, only the small data are all right, and the wrong ones are all big data. I think someone changed my data. I guess it’s too troublesome to change everything and only the big ones were changed.”

Colleague: “No one will believe this.”

Chen Xiao: “It’s that surnamed Meng who came to change my data in the middle of the night.”

Colleague: “You don’t have a password for your computer?”

Chen Xiao: “Set what password on the company’s computer?”

The colleague recalled that she did not set a password either: “Let’s set one in the future.”

These small employees didn’t have any confidential documents in their hands, so they didn’t have the habit of setting passwords.

But making a mistake in their position, and it was also such a mentally retarded mistake, even if she was not fired, Chen Xiao would be demoted.

After working for five years, don’t know how many times she pulled all-nighters. In the end, all her efforts came to naught, and she had to start from scratch again. Anyone who was in her place would collapse mentally.

The colleague said: “Don’t worry, maybe Wang Hong really has a way.”

Chen Xiao sniffled, and she asked, “Did you bring eyeliner and mascara? Did you bring concealer?”

Colleague: “…..You are amazing, you still have the mind to put on makeup.”

Chen Xiao: “I can’t let that b*tch Meng Hui see me like this. Even if I leave, I have to leave cleanly and beautifully.”

The colleague took out the eyeliner and mascara from her bag, and also handed the concealer to Chen Xiao: “Do you want me to help?”

Chen Xiao painted eyeliner in front of the mirror, her hands were trembling, she couldn’t draw it well, so she said, “Please help me put it on, thank you.”

The colleague sighed: “Thank me for what, I didn’t thank you when you stayed up late with me to enter data.”

When she left the bathroom, Chen Xiao turned into that strong woman again. She was wearing a professional suit and high heels, and she walked like the wind, with an imposing aura.

Meng Hui was talking to the person next to him, when he saw Chen Xiao arrive, and a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.

Since she dared to say that about him, he would definitely teach her a lesson.

Chen Xiao stood in front of Meng Hui, the two looked at each other, and sparks and gunpowder crackled.

“I didn’t make a mistake in the data.” Chen Xiao said word by word, “Someone changed my data.”

Meng Hui smiled and said, “You can go check the monitoring then. If no one was in the office last night, what would you say then?”

Chen Xiao: “Go ahead, go now, as if I’m afraid of you?”

The two of them were still in the office area, by Chen Xiao’s seat.

Meng Hui sneered: “Chen Xiao, you really won’t cry unless you see the coffin.”

Chen Xiao stared at Meng Hui: “Meng Hui, don’t think I’m afraid of you. I’ve been in the company for five years and I haven’t missed a single data error, no matter how small. Even if I’m unlucky this time and get framed, I’m not wrong.”

“Instead, it’s you who harass the female staff and find fault during the inspection when you see someone you don’t like.”

Chen Xiao said: “I haven’t seen many people like you, but you are the best at it.”

Meng Hui shrugged: “Do you have any evidence? If there is no evidence, it is slander. So many people have heard it. I could sue you.”

Chen Xiao: “Go, go!”

Chen Xiao felt that she was about to leave the Qin Group. She had feelings for this company. She joined the Qin Group branch office as soon as she graduated, and was promoted to the head office because of her good performance. It took five years to become a supervisor, and the promotion speed could not be called slow.

Although she couldn’t say she understood Meng Hui, she knew about him.

His own brother was the department manager of the supervisory department, that was, the department head, and he had worked hard for ten years before he could rise to this position.

Meng Hui’s elder brother was very popular in the company, with good people skills, and an upright character, but he doted on his younger brother very much.

Even if his brother knew what Meng Hui had done, he would at most say a few words in private. If Meng Hui didn’t listen, he had no choice and could only cover it up for his brother.

Chen Xiao knew that Meng Hui being able to say such things as investigating and checking the monitoring proved that he was not afraid to be investigated, and the monitoring could not find anything at all.

“You don’t need to chase me away.” Chen Xiao raised her head high, “I’ll leave by myself.”

Chen Xiao was like a female warrior. She picked up her bag, packed her things neatly, and was ready to go out with her head held high.

But when she reached the door of the office area, she couldn’t move.

Why should she leave, why was she leaving?

She wasn’t the one who did the wrong thing, so why wasn’t Meng Hui the one who left?

Just when she was about to open the door, Wang Hong arrived. Wang Hong came in a hurry. He pushed the door in and grabbed Chen Xiao’s wrist: “Where are you going?”

Seeing her boyfriend, Chen Xiao burst into tears uncontrollably.

In the company, Wang Hong couldn’t hug his girlfriend in his arms to comfort her, so he acted like a good brother, put his arms around his girlfriend’s shoulders, and said seriously: “Don’t worry, the savior is here.”


Not only Chen Xiao, but also the surrounding employees heard these two words.

What kind of person could be called a savior?

Could it be that Wang Hong called the head of the information department?

It couldn’t be?

Under everyone’s curious eyes, a person suddenly rounded the corner of the corridor outside the door. The person was wearing a black suit, very neat and proper, his hair was combed back, exposing his forehead and fine facial features, and his walking pace was calm and unhurried, like some young master who had walked into the wrong venue.

On the way here, Shen Zhen listened to Wang Hong explain the cause and effect, and asked questions about points that were unclear.

He probably understood what people like Meng Hui were thinking.

This kind of person didn’t necessarily like to bully others. To be precise, his ultimate goal of bullying others was not just to gain benefits.

But to establish his “upper” status and tell others his superiority in this way. Over time, people would acquiesce that he was the “management”.

His words have a certain authority.

Therefore, when this authority was not widely recognized, he would not allow anyone to violate his authority.

Even if he was anonymous when he was smack-talked by Chen Xiao. Because once this habit was developed, he himself would become arrogant.

Thinking no one could challenge himself.

That was to say, he had successfully brainwashed himself before he had brainwashed others.

“Chen Xiao, right?” Shen Zhen looked at Chen Xiao.

Chen Xiao didn’t know Shen Zhen, she didn’t know how this man became her savior, but she still nodded honestly.

Shen Zhen: “Wang Hong will accompany you to drink something, go.”

Wang Hong walked out with his girlfriend in his arms, and temporarily left her things with her colleague.

“Shen Zhen?” Meng Hui, who was a distance away, recognized Shen Zhen, and he sneered: “You still dare to come?”

Shen Zhen walked over, and his leisurely strolling pace infuriated Meng Hui.

“Why don’t I dare to come?” Shen Zhen asked with a smile.

Meng Hui was stunned suddenly, that’s right, Shen Zhen went to the top floor to gain an intimate relationship with a high-level executive, and he was still in the company, which meant he had succeeded, otherwise he would have left yesterday, how could he still appear in front of his eyes now.

Meng Hui swallowed.

Shen Zhen: “I’m the secretary to the CEO now.”

Meng Hui: “!!!”

“So I have some privileges too.” Shen Zhen smiled at him.

Shen Zhen said: “For example, having you and your brother both be suspended, and accept an investigation first.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“If there is no problem with what you two have done, then don’t worry about anything, if not…..”

Shen Zhen said, “Sexual harassment alone is enough for you to be fired, right?”

Shen Zhen: “How about it, I’m still in front of you, are you delighted, are you surprised?”

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