His Majesty And Ministers CH 20 Pingyue City

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So Jing Ye slept like this, and slept two days straight.

He woke up early in the morning.

The first thing he saw was snow-white fur, and then a fluffy dog ​​face, with soft ears that fold down and dark eyes. It was currently exhaling hot air with its tongue hanging out.

Jing Ye: “…..”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Someone hugged him from behind, touched his earlobe, and drawled: “The fever is gone.”

Jing Ye moved his lips: “Water…..”

“You want to drink water again?” The young man was very impatient, “Didn’t I just feed you?”


Jing Ye saw him stretch out a long arm, pick up the water bowl placed by the bed, took a sip, and pulled Jing Ye’s face up to him.

Jing Ye: “! Gulu gulu…..”

The young man held his waist, raised his head slightly, his eyes sparkling: “Are you still shy? I’ve already fed you a hundred and eighty times.”

As he spoke, his attention was attracted by Jing Ye’s slim waistline. He couldn’t help but squeeze it hard, feeling the texture between his fingers and palms: “Say…..you are a man, why is your waist so thin.”

Jing Ye’s waist shook, and he couldn’t help but move forward to get away from this strange atmosphere. Suddenly, he felt a burning sensation between his legs, as if there were some serious abrasions.

Not only between the legs, but all over his whole body, there was the slight sting of skin being bitten, and his lips…..

The person behind him moved forward, Jing Ye only felt that something was pressing against his butt, hard and hot.

The young man laid his head on his neck, and the heat from his breath blew into his ear as he murmured: “Don’t move, I really won’t be able to resist.”

Jing Ye: “…..”

When the young man raised his eyes, he saw his gentle brows and corners of his eyes, long lowered eyelashes, and pale and flawless cheekbone and jaw. He felt inexplicably soft and warm in his heart. So he simply lowered his head and lazily licked and kissed this person’s smooth neck and shoulders.

Jing Ye frowned, but didn’t say anything.

The silly dog squatting on the edge of the bed tilted its head and stuck out its tongue, watching the intimacy between the two of them. After it became fond of Blacky from next door, it would also often run over to lick each other’s fur attentively.

The sky outside the window gradually brightened, and there were footsteps outside the silk screen. The door was lightly knocked twice: “Young Master, it’s time to get up.”

“Come in.” The young man hugged and rubbed against Jing Ye for a long time, and finally sat up lazily. Jing Ye hadn’t walked on firm ground for many days, his body had already become stiff, and he felt no strength in his limbs when he moved.

A group of maids walked in with water basins, face towels and other items. The woman at the head of the line looked eighteen or nineteen years old, with willow leaf eyebrows and almond shaped eyes, currently curved in a smile.

After the young man was dressed by them, he picked up the black sheathed sword on the table, looked back at Jing Ye, and then strode out.

The woman bowed as the young man walked out, then turned around and walked to the bedside, and said, “Gongzi, do you want to get up?”

Jing Ye looked at her and nodded. The woman turned around and waved, and the servants presented things for washing. She helped Jing Ye get out of bed, who almost stumbled.

While serving him, the woman smiled and said, “This servant’s name is Shanyue, and I am the head servant girl of Little Mountain Residence. The city lord has ordered this servant to serve the young master and gongzi.”

Jing Ye: “Hmm.”

“Young Master was brought up under the city lord’s pampering. Since he was a child, except for martial arts training, he followed his wishes very well.” Shanyue smiled, “Although the young master is a little spoiled, he has a good heart. After getting along for some more time, Gongzi will understand.”

Jing Ye: “…..” Hehe.

Shanyue sighed: “Isn’t there no need for Gongzi to be so rigid?”

Jing Ye raised his eyes and glanced at her, saying lightly, “Even if there are fancy clothes and fine wine, I am still just a prisoner.”

“Gongzi’s words are inaccurate.” Shanyue smiled and tied the belt for him, “In the past, your respected father was also invited to Pingyue City as a guest, but unfortunately…..later, he escaped from the marriage.”

Jing Ye was speechless, so was it their tradition to kidnap an emperor to marry?

“In order to prevent the same tragedy happening again.” Shanyue smiled modestly, “The city lord specially invited several famous assassins in the city to conceal at Gongzi’s side.”

Jing Ye: “…..”

And you are f**king telling me that this was not captivity?!

In the garden.

Several servant girls trimmed flowers together in one area.

Servant Girl A: “Look at the young master’s wife!”

Servant Girl B: “The eyelashes are so long.”

Servant Girl C: “The cheeks look so soft.”

Servant Girl D: “…..ah…..the smile is so gentle…..”

Servant Girl E angrily snapped off the flower branch in her hand: “No wonder we weren’t needed to serve in the bedroom, Shanyue that little b*tch…..”

The maids rolled up their sleeves one after another: “Just you wait! After the work is done, we’ll go and beat her to death!”

“Ah-choo!” Jing Ye rubbed his nose.

Shanyue took the teacup from the little servant girl and said with a smile, “Gongzi, drink some warm tea.”

“En.” Jing Ye lowered his head and took a sip, and she took the opportunity to glance at the group of maids who were daydreaming behind him.

Not to be outdone, the enemy party glared back.

When Jing Ye finished drinking the tea and raised his head, he was startled by Shanyue’s fierce look, “What’s the matter?”

Shanyue’s face changed as quick as flipping a book page, and in the blink of an eye, she smiled as bright as a spring flowers: “It’s nothing.”

Jing Ye followed the direction of her eyes from before and looked back, only to see a group of pretty and gentle mannered girls playing in the flowers: “They…..is there something not right with them?”

“It’s nothing.” Shanyue smiled, “It’s just that they are so happy that I feel very uneasy.”

Jing Ye: “…..”

Whatever happened to being as kind as an angel.

He proposed to leave the City Lord’s Mansion and take a look outside, Shanyue readily agreed.

Pingyue City was the most peaceful place in the empire.

Because there were too many unremarkable expert masters here, no matter how lawless people were elsewhere, they would all become polite and careful when they arrived here.

Jing Ye picked out a noodle stall and sat down. A young man dressed as a scholar came to wait on him: “What kind of noodles does the customer want?”

Jing Ye: “What kinds are there?”

The young man smiled and said, “Pulled noodles, stewed noodles, knife-cut noodles, cat ear noodles, fried noodles, braised noodles, boiled noodles, cold noodles, fried sauce noodles, big knife noodles…..”

The list went on, and Jing Ye couldn’t help but laugh: “You know how to make all these kinds?”

The scholar also laughed: “I don’t know any of these.”

Jing Ye: “…..”

“That’s why this customer must not order any of these.” The scholar said, “This humble shop only has plain noodles in soup.”

“…..” Jing Ye’s eyes twitched, “Then let’s have a bowl.”

“Please wait a bit, customer.”

Sure enough, he just needed to wait a bit, because there were only three steps for the scholar to make the noodles, boil the water, throw the noodles in, and then ladle it out of the pot.


Jing Ye looked at the steaming noodle soup in front of him, and suddenly felt very gratified, at least the noodles were cooked.

Wait, wasn’t this too low a requirement!

He swallowed his saliva and was about to ask the scholar if he had any salt. Suddenly he heard a coquettish shout: “Pervert!”

He turned his head and saw a figure flying out of the tea house opposite the stall, and then with a “bang” hit the bluestone street.

The passers-by turned their heads to take a look, then turned around and continued to walk without bothering with a second glance.

The person propped himself up on the ground with his hands and sat up slowly. He seemed to have hit his head when he was thrown out. He rubbed the sore spot with his hand and sighed.

This scene was too curious, and Jing Ye couldn’t help but take a second glance.

The man stood up slowly, revealing broad shoulders and a narrow waist, making him look even taller than he already was. He had long legs, with leather riding boots tightly wrapped around his slender and powerful calves. Turning his face, he revealed one that had prominent facial features that were very handsome indeed.

The man called laughingly towards the building, “Wife, I’ll come back tomorrow!”

It turned out to be a henpecked husband, Jing Ye was amused and speechless.

The man laughed a few times at the direction of the teahouse, then suddenly turned his head and looked straight at Jing Ye who was sitting at the table.

“Are you looking at me?”

Jing Ye was caught off guard. After all, he was caught watching the joke of the other so he was a little embarrassed. He cupped his hands: “I was not polite, this brother, please forgive me.”

The corner of the man’s lips twitched: “Looking at your appearance, you have just entered the city?”

Jing Ye nodded: “Exactly.”

The man wanted to ask more, but Shanyue next to Jing Ye stepped forward and said, “Jing Gongzi is a distinguished guest of the City Lord’s Mansion, and he doesn’t understand Mister Wen’s rules, so please forgive him.”

“So your surname is Jing.” The man smiled, “Do you have a courtesy name?”

It was strange for two strangers meeting by chance, and suddenly jumping to exchanging courtesy names. But the way he asked was very natural.

Jing Ye’s courtesy name was given by his father on his sickbed, before he died from illness suddenly. No one called him it, and no one even knew what it was. After all, who could call the emperor’s courtesy name directly?

Jing Ye paused for a while, then said, “The courtesy name is Han Fang.”

“Jing Hanfang.” The man whispered then smiled, “Fang’s meaning is bright dawn, it’s a good courtesy name.”

“I still have things to do today.” He took out a pocket knife, played nimbly with it between his fingertips as he turned around, “I’ll treat you to eat noodles next time, Brother Han Fang.”

Jing Ye frowned and looked at Shanyue. The latter shook her head, and so he could only cup his hands again: “Have a good day.”

The man’s pace seemed to be casual, but he was actually extremely fast, and soon disappeared down the street.

Jing Ye turned back and sat down. He asked Shanyue, “Who was that person?”

Shanyue: “Across the river, the snow white robes are bright.”

“This is Su Shi’s poem.” Jing Ye smiled, “Is there any special meaning?”

Shanyue smiled and said, “No special meaning, because this person is very famous, and his name is Xueyi, Wen Xueyi, so everyone would mention him when they recite this poem.” (TN: xueyi=snow white robes)

“He recently fell in love with the proprietress of the restaurant opposite.” The scholar brought another bowl of noodles, threw it to the customers at the next table with a smile, and then sat on the bench on Jing Ye’s right hand, “Every day he would come and get beaten, getting hit yet still very happy. It’s been a month, brang a lot of rare treasures to give to that woman, but unfortunately they were all smashed to pieces by her.”

“Is that so.” Jing Ye stirred the noodles in the bowl with wooden chopsticks, “That’s really a devoted love.”

The scholar looked at him: “Why aren’t you eating it?”

“…..” The corners of Jing Ye’s eyes twitched again, “The taste of this noodle wouldn’t be strange, would it?”

“How could that be?” The scholar widened his eyes. “My Ning family’s noodle shop is the number one in the city. If you don’t believe me, ask them!”

Jing Ye turned his head and saw that the men at the next table were eating like wolves.

Jing Ye: “…..”

Just who the hell was problematic here!

“Why don’t you put other things in it?” Jing Ye asked tentatively, “For example, some salt…..”

“That’s why you don’t understand.” The scholar took out a bamboo fan from his sleeve and unfolded it with a “snap”, “Everything has a way of doing things, like a dream like a bubble, like dew like lightning, the things in the world are chaotic, this bowl of plain noodle soup shows the true taste of life.”

“Oh…..” Jing Ye seemed to have an epiphany, nodded, and suddenly said, “Mister, what do you think of the Harmony Pavilion’s three whites?” (TN: three whites refer to stewed and seasoned duck slices, duck feet, and duck liver)

Scholar: “The color is as white as snow, the quality is soft and the meat is tender, it is of top quality.”

Jing Ye: “…..”

Whatever happened to the true taste of life.

“Fine, fine.” The scholar smiled, “Looking at you, who is of the dusty secular world, it’s normal for you to not be as pure and penetrating as them…..” The folding fan pointed to the men around him who were stuffing their faces with noodles, “…..You don’t need to pay for the noodles, customer, have a good day.”

Jing Ye clearly felt a strong sense of envy emanating from the men. He still got up and nodded and said, “Mister is generous, your business will be booming.”

“You’re too kind.” The scholar smiled gently, shaking his folding fan.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Jing Ye left with Shanyue, and one of the men hesitated for a while, then raised his head cautiously: “Actually, I am not so pure and penetrating…..”

The scholar glanced at him and said, “Can you afford to eat three whites? You penniless ghost.”

Man: “…..”

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