These Werebeast Gongs Are Rogues CH 046 Understanding The Tribe

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“If you are not afraid that I will break it for you, just try it.” Lei Jin gestured with his hand, squinting his eyes and smiling evilly. In the past few days, just as he wanted to praise Moya for being more honest, actually just sleeping against each other quietly at night, and never going half a step beyond the threshold other than applying medicine on his entrance. Who knew that Moya would suddenly say this, asking on the surface, but with no trace of discussion in his eyes. Damn, was he now addicted? If you think you could have your way, that I would open my legs obediently, then you have another thing coming!

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Don’t know if the threat from that day played a role, but Moya obediently didn’t do anything these days…..It was just that his hands and feet were a little dishonest at night, always putting them where they shouldn’t be. Lei Jin just let this go, sleeping like normal.

These days the werebeasts were busy mining stones in the mountains, saying that they wanted to erect pillars behind the temple, so Lei Jin walked around, dragging along Roger, who was almost going moldy at home.

After walking around for a few days, he found that the village looked like a circle from the outside, with towering mountains to the north, and endless grasslands on the other three sides. The streets of the tribe were built in the direction of the water flow, and several tall buildings were built around them. There were werebeasts who took turns patrolling throughout the day. The west gate of the tribe was the main entrance and exit, and most of the werebeast patrols were concentrated there. The last time he went out to collect firewood with Xiya, they went out from the west gate. The other directions didn’t need any gates or patrols. According to Roger, the Leopard Tribe basically had no natural enemies on the grassland, and even some ferocious beasts would not get too close to the tribe.

Roger’s house was basically located in the southernmost part of the tribe, and there was a dense prairie just outside the door. Females occasionally go into the mountains to collect some firewood or pick some wild vegetables, fruits, herbs, and so on. There were almost no animals there. But what surprised Lei Jin most was the east side.

Going out from the east, there was a large wasteland in the beginning, the vegetation was sparse, and a layer of sand would be blown up by the passing wind. In the further distance, there were dense fields with irregular furrows, and there were small broken stones or branches separating between each.

“Roger, were there originally farming fields in the tribe?” Lei Jin and Roger approached, and found that the growth was quite good, the swath of green included wheat, potatoes, sweet potatoes, some beans, and more. There were even peppers that were as long as the length of a finger.

“Roger, what is this? I remember growing it at home.” Lei Jin chose a shady place, sat on the ground recklessly, and pointed to the green vines crawling on the ground. He remembered that Roger also planted it at home. It was just that the one at home was framed with wood, exuding a very delicate and familiar fragrance.

“That’s vanilla.” Roger also imitated Lei Jin and sat down, stretched his legs and feet, and carefully looked at the things growing in the ground.

“I’ve never heard of it, what is it for?”

“When it grows fruit, it can be used as a seasoning or as an anti-mosquito fragrance.” Roger plucked a leaf and smelled it.

“So it’s a good thing.”

“You just found out? If this wasn’t sprinkled in the room at night, you would have already been fed to the mosquitoes.” Roger glanced at him, patted his trousers and stood up.

“No wonder the smell was a bit familiar, but I really didn’t expect it.” Lei Jin consciously pulled himself up with a hand on Roger’s wrist to borrow strength.

Roger let him do it.

“Roger, whose farm field is this?” The two walked around the field. At that time, he might be able to exchange goods with the other. He couldn’t hunt large animals yet, but he was quite good at hunting pheasants and rabbits, and he could also catch fish.

“It is shared by the tribe. Everyone takes turns to cultivate it. When it is harvest time, it will be distributed to each household in the tribe.”

“But I don’t see many farm fields here, how can we divide them?” At a glance, the land here was not small, but after walking these days, he now knew the approximate number of people in the tribe, not to mention the werebeasts here ate a lot, and the female’s appetite also didn’t seem to be too small either. After these things were divided among the entire tribe, there would not even be enough to pick their teeth.

“Of course it’s not enough. There are currently more than 3,000 adult werebeasts in the tribe, and nearly 2,000 females, not including children. How can this be enough?”

Lei Jin didn’t speak, and Roger continued: “You have been here for a while, and you know that most werebeasts only eat meat, and the things produced in this field are only distributed according to the number of females in each family. Even so, it is not enough for each family, and we have to go to the mountains to pick some fruits, wild vegetables and other miscellaneous things.”

“However.” Roger’s tune changed, he looked back at the sandy barren land at the edge of the tribe, frowned and said, “Fortunately, there is not much land planted, otherwise it would be impossible to say whether this tribe still exists.”

“What do you mean? Roger, I don’t understand these things, so don’t leave me in suspense, I’ll suffocate to death.” Lei Jin walked towards him, throwing an arm over Roger’s shoulder.

Roger rolled his eyes and allowed him. Pointing to the patch of sand, he said, “Do you know what that is?”

“Isn’t it just a piece of sand?” Lei Jin dismissed it. Did Roger think he was a fool? It was sandy land, he knew that much, okay?

“It wasn’t at the beginning, it was also a dense grassland, and then it became a farm field, and finally it became what you see now.” Seeing that Lei Jin was puzzled, Roger explained: “The farming method here is to burn a piece of grassland at first, the grass ash is used as fertilizer, and these crops are then planted on it. When there is no fertility in the field and the crops do not grow well, the next piece of grassland will be burned, and the abandoned piece will become sandy land. Those sandy lands were the past abandoned farmland.”

“Then if the burning continues like this, won’t this place become a desert sooner or later?” After the explanation, Lei Jin understood.

“It’s possible.” Roger didn’t deny the possibility, but it was definitely not something that would happen now.

“Then won’t this tribe be covered up by the wind and sand sooner or later?” Lei Jin stared at Roger at a close distance. Those dark green eyes, which were almost exactly the same as Moya’s, were full of indifference under the cover of mildness. He poked Roger’s chest and asked: “Since you know, why don’t you stop it?” The people here didn’t know how to fertilize the fields, but Roger, who came from modern times, definitely knew. Who didn’t possess such common knowledge in the age of the Internet? And looking at Roger’s appearance, he clearly had knowledge on a lot of things, but it seemed that he didn’t say anything on purpose, which was quite strange.

“How’s it any of my business?” Roger asked, a little annoyed. He was not the savior of this place. What would become of this place in the future was none of his business. He didn’t come here on his own initiative.

“Aren’t your husbands here?”

“Who are my husbands?” Roger’s pupils dilated slightly, and he kicked him with his leg. Because the distance was too close, it was useless even if Lei Jin was nimble, so he could only take it.

“Why did you turn your face without even a warning?” Lei Jin jumped two steps away while hugging his kicked leg, muttering to himself, what was An Sen and An Luo if not your husbands?

Lei Jin saw that Roger’s complexion was not good, so he sensibly didn’t say anything. He stretched his leg a bit and said, “Okay, I was wrong. But don’t you worry about the sand blowing over one day? Don’t you live here too?”

“It won’t come over in a while.” When it came, he would then make plans. But when that day really came, he would have likely already turned to ashes, so the future should be discussed in the future.

“Hey, Roger, wait for me.” Seeing that he didn’t say a word, just turned around and left, Lei Jin hurriedly followed, but not before looking back at the field reluctantly, when would it be time to harvest? Ai…..

On the road, they met several females carrying baskets to go to the woods together. Lei Jin and Roger also pondered about digging some wild vegetables as well, as there were no more green vegetables at home. When they went, Lei Jin followed the animal trails to their dwellings and set up traps on the road where the animals passed by. Four or five sharpened wooden sticks were densely erected underneath, covered with grass. On the nearby tree, Roger hung two grass rings wreathed together. It was said that this was the sign that warned the people of the tribe that there was danger here.

Lei Jin didn’t recognize wild vegetables, but Roger had been in this world for a long time and knew a lot, but compared with others, he was just satisfactory. Lei Jin heard what those females said about garlic vegetables which smelled like garlic, and mustard vegetables which taste great as a cold dish, as well as sliced ​​mushrooms which taste delicious in a soup. For the sake of his stomach and after hearing what they said, Lei Jin took the initiative to go over to inquire. He had become very popular in the tribe recently, plus the bonus of his handsome smiling face, even females couldn’t help but have a good impression of him, especially older females who liked such children even more, so they didn’t hide anything from him. Finally, when they saw that he did not pick many vegetables, the several people simply gave him a few from their own baskets.

Lei Jin exclaimed that the people here were really nice, and gave everyone a big smile, before accepting it all without hesitation.

Roger looked at his proud and gleeful appearance, and expressed that he really couldn’t figure him out. Sometimes he was lazy, sometimes sharp, and behind the laziness was hidden strength and wits that should not be underestimated.

When they went back, they saw that the grass on the trap had sunk in. They guessed that some prey had been caught. The two looked at each other and walked quickly to see that it was a deer, which had been pierced through and had been dead for a long time. Lei Jin climbed down, threw the prey up, and took out the sharpened wooden sticks and threw it away, so as not to hurt people next time.

The several females in the vicinity were amazed when they saw it. They have never seen a female who could hunt before, and it was also not a small prey.

“It probably stepped in by mistake. We rarely see roe deer in this forest.” The two carried it back and drew many eyes all the way. Add to the fact that those females spared no effort in explaning, Lei Jin had once again achieved glory in the tribe.

Xiya didn’t come back for dinner that night. Apparently there was a ceremony to be held in the tribe, and all of Ivey’s friends went. Naturally, Xiya was no exception. It was likely to last very late tonight, so he won’t be coming back.

When Lei Jin came back from washing up, he had to pass by Xiya’s room, and he felt a little unused to seeing the empty bed.

“I heard that you caught prey today?” All the way home, there were all kinds of jealous and envious eyes, and even Xia Wei was blabbering about it all the way.

“En, I caught it in a trap.” Lei Jin agreed casually, sitting on the side of the bed, wiping his hair. He wanted to sleep, but his hair was not dry, it was really annoying. He really missed the days when there was a hair dryer, especially now when it had grown long, nearly covering all the way to the neck, so it was getting slower and slower for it to dry.

“I’ll wipe it for you.” Moya couldn’t stand it anymore. The originally black and soft hair was pulled into a mess by him, and he didn’t seem to care if it was ripped off. If Lei Jin continued like this again, he would not be surprised if he became bald one day.

Lei Jin was happy to enjoy being served by others, so he handed the cloth towel in his hand to Moya. While Moya wiped it for him, he massaged his scalp gently, feeling the wet strands gradually dry in his hands.

Lei Jin narrowed his eyes comfortably, and hummed twice: “Moya, if you come to our place, you can go to the hair salon to wash hair, and I will hire you.”

Whoever heard of hair wash workers being kept. Lei Jin, you really are different.

Moya didn’t know what Lei Jin was talking about, but it was enough to see that satisfied expression.

“Is it that comfortable?” Moya asked with a smile.

“Professional level.” If Lei Jin said that it was professional level then it was really good. He had enjoyed a lot of massages before. He used to have a little lover who specialized in this. Compared with him, Moya’s level was a little lower, but fortunately, he could control his strength well, which made up for it.

“I have done it for Papa before, and I can also do a full body massage. Would you like to try it?” From an angle that Lei Jin couldn’t see, Moya smiled cunningly.

“It really looks like my father when he wants to do bad things.” The little fox screeched in startlement, and under Moya’s cold eyes, it obediently went back to sleep with its tail in its arms. It planned to pretend to be dead to the end when he heard anything tonight, and never come out.

“Roger? He really knows how to enjoy it. Okay. It’s been a long time since I found someone to do a massage, and I really miss it.” Lei Jin muttered and lay down on the bed.

“You asked someone to do this before?” Moya rotated his wrists, starting from the neck, and when he heard Lei Jin’s answer, the fire in his eyes suddenly flashed. Besides him, someone else touched his body like this?

“I go often, tss… gentler.” It had been a long time since, and his muscles were really sore and painful when Moya suddenly pressed it.

From top to bottom, Moya’s strength was just right, and he didn’t even forget the soles of his feet. Lei Jin’s vigilance dropped, and he was already starting to feel drowsy.

“Is your whole body feeling comfortable?” Seeing that he was drowsy, Moya whispered in his ear.

“Wuu…..comfortable…..” Lei Jin replied subconsciously, so comfortable that he was about to fall asleep.

After Lei Jin finished speaking, he felt Moya leave, and after a while, he heard the sound of the cabinet door opening and closing. Lei Jin closed his eyes, touched the blanket next to him and wanted to pull it over to cover himself, when he felt Moya come back and snatch the blanket from him.

Lei Jin managed to muster up the energy to wonder about what Moya wanted to do now. It was cold at night, okay?

Before he had time to think more about it, Lei Jin felt that the only pair of shorts on his body were pulled to his knees, and a burst of coldness touched him from behind. Lei Jin lost the last trace of sleepiness and immediately woke up.

“What are you doing, Moya.” Lei Jin’s raised body was pressed down by Moya. Lei Jin turned his head and saw that what Moya was holding was the medicine given by Chunji that day. The lid had been opened, the contents of which must have just been upended at that place. Originally he had been carrying it with him every day, but he had just randomly thrown it into the cabinet when he saw nothing happened these few days.

Moya chuckled lightly, intentionally provoking him. He poured some more of the juice of the jade mugwort into his hand in front of Lei Jin, and waved it in front of Lei Jin’s eyes.

Lei Jin raised his hand and wanted to slap it away.

“Nope, it’s for here to eat.”

Lei Jin’s eyes widened, feeling Moya’s two fingers being inserted straight in.

Moya almost couldn’t hold back anymore, the fiery memories of the last time flooding over him. The inside was still as hot as last time, and because of the medicine it was also a little moist. The constant contraction also attracted his eyes.

Moya didn’t even have time to take off his clothes, he eagerly took out his member.

Should he praise that Chunji’s medicine for being so effective? After Moya’s fingers stretched within a few times, and he pressed the lower halves of each other close, when the intense and hot pressure entered, Lei Jin didn’t feel much pain.

Lei Jin grunted, and Moya didn’t give him any more time to think about it.

Although Lei Jin had done it with Moya once, it had been a few days since. Although it was lubricated, it still hurt a little, but at least it was negligible compared to the burning feeling in his body that seemed to be scorching his insides and about to set him on fire at any time.

Lei Jin’s head faced down, and he was left out of breath from Moya’s more and more fierce thrusting. He couldn’t help turning his head and breathing heavily. Before he could catch his breath, Moya’s next wave of impact came again.

“F**k you…..Moya…..en…..”

Moya wrapped his arms around him, turning his face to his and immediately blocked his mouth before he could finish cursing.

Lei Jin opened his mouth to pant, but Moya pushed his tongue in, and swept it along his gums.

As soon as he let him up from the kiss, Lei Jin panted and begged for mercy: “Moya…..Mo…..ya, let me go first…..I have something…..I have something to discuss…..”

Moya’s hand on his waist was slightly relaxed, considering the previous experience, he couldn’t fully believe Lei Jin’s words on the bed, but he still couldn’t help asking: “If I let you go, will you obediently let me finish? “

“Finish…..absolutely…..finish…..” Lei Jin stretched out two fingers to promise.

As soon as Moya let go of his hand, Lei Jin quickly crawled forward.

Moya’s member slipped out of Lei Jin’s body, and Lei Jin’s legs weakened, but he quickly straightened his waist, his movements extremely quick.

“Where are you going?” Moya stretched out his arm to pull him.

Lei Jin threw the blanket and pillow at hand, then ran off bed, cursing: “F**k you big-headed ghost, do it with the pillow and blanket instead.”

“You lied to me again?” Moya’s eyes were bottomless, and he decided that he would not be soft this time. Before Lei Jin could take two steps, he felt a tightness around his waist, something fluffy wrapped around him, and he was thrown on his back onto the bed.

“I want to see where you can run to?” Moya squeezed Lei Jin’s buttocks with both hands, and spread them apart with force. The pink hole in the middle was still gaping open slightly, tempting him.

“Wait, what’s on my waist?” Lei Jin couldn’t lower his head under Moya’s weight, but what was that furry feeling on his waist? As he twisted, it automatically tightened.

“Can’t wait any more.” Moya suddenly lowered his hips, and his member, which was erect and ready to go, aimed at Lei Jin’s small hole and delved inside. Immediately surrounded by his warmth, Moya lifted Lei Jin’s waist. With a low growl, he bottomed out.

“Go…..die…..Moya…..ungh…..” Lei Jin felt a sting in his lower half, and slapped Moya’s shoulder forcefully in retaliation.

Moya allowed him to hit, but tightened his arms, increased his strength, thrusting in deeply, then pulled out heavily, and then pushed in fiercely, repeating the cycle.

Although it was a bit painful, such fierce movements made the two of them feel the pleasure quickly.

“Slow down…..slow down…..” The turbulent pleasure rushed up from the inside of his body, and the area where the two connected was already feeling a little numb.

“Lei Jin…..your insides are so tight and hot…..” Moya’s fingers rubbed and pinched around his entrance.

Lei Jin didn’t expect Moya to say such a thing, no matter how thick-skinned he was, at the moment when the two of them were so intimate with each other, he would inevitably feel a little embarrassed. This was reflected in his tensing body, which only caused his entrance to unconsciously tighten.

Moya was greatly stimulated, and the thrusts below became more violent, rubbing against the sensitive spots inside Lei Jin’s body again and again.

Don’t know how long it took, all Lei Jin could do was pant and moan, and under Moya’s lead, his pleasure climbed up again and again, and he finally reached the climax first.

But Moya became more and more excited. He hugged Lei Jin, pressed him against the edge of the bed from behind for a second round, and then did it again in the missionary position. Finally, Moya picked Lei Jin up while still inside Lei Jin’s body and walked outside.

“What…..are you….doing?” Lei Jin was startled, and asked hoarsely.

“Going to clean up.” Moya carried him, and every time he took two steps his member would piston inside. Before even reaching the door, he couldn’t help pressing his lover against the wall and went another round again fiercely. Lei Jin couldn’t help moaning loudly, his member only leaking out a little bit of liquid under the friction of their bellies.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

He had thought it was finally over, but when they were cleaning up, once Moya saw how his own cum kept flowing out of his entrance, and that it was only slightly red and puffy this time, his eyes reddened and he couldn’t help but grab that slender waist and enter again.

Lei Jin had no strength left, and just let him bend him into various positions, cursing Moya in his heart.

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