These Werebeast Gongs Are Rogues CH 047 Xiya Gets Injured

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A few days have passed since that night. He couldn’t count how many times Moya did it, exhaustion and pleasure entwining together, he seemed to have dozed off towards the end, but Moya still didn’t let him go. Amidst the haze of pleasure and drowsiness, he seemed to hear Moya say such things as “selfish”, “take you away”, “but I can’t”, and so on. It was also heard intermittently. Both of them were clearly enjoying the pleasure physically, but at that moment he felt inexplicable pain in Moya’s voice. When he woke up the next day and saw Moya’s calm expression, Lei Jin even suspected those words were just his own hallucinations.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

His body had always been in good shape. He had worked hard all the way from the bottom levels. Without a strong body as capital, he would not have succeeded. He used to have all-nighters and even changed bed partners in the middle but he was never tired out like this. He felt as if he was crushed back and forth twice by a car. It was numb below the waist, and walking was like stepping on a carpet of cotton balls. One could imagine the intensity of that night.

Xiya and the others were still erecting some stone pillars or whatever these days. Lei Jin started to make bows and arrows when he got better. He wanted to go hunting in the future, and be self-reliant without the need of others feeding him. Even if he left and no one was there to help him, he would have a weapon for self-defense. After all, he had seen that jungle before. He was lucky last time, but he couldn’t guarantee that it would be the same next time.

The werebeasts here usually hunt with bare hands and rarely use weapons. Naturally, there weren’t any at home. Strings were easy to find. There was a kind of sweet-scented osmanthus cattle meat that they ate here with tendons that could be used as strings. Lei Jin tried it, and it was very firm, elastic and flexible, so he only needed to find materials for making the bow body. Roger said that the horns of sweet-scented osmanthus cattle were of course the best, but their horns grow very slowly, only growing the length of a palm in ten years. If it was used to make a bow, it must be at least fifty years old which was rare. Moya promised to look for it next time when hunting. Lei Jin remembered that there was a large bamboo forest on the mountain, although bamboo was easy to break, but it was better than nothing. After eating, he took the stone ax and decided to go to the mountain to chop some bamboo, and just make do with it. He could think about the rest later.

Lei Jin chose some tougher bamboos, cut a few, split them open, and chose the suitable ones to bundle up with a rope. He caught two pheasants and hung them on the bamboo strips behind him. He then picked a bag of fruits and hugged them in his arms, ready to go downhill. He often ran around in the tribe these days, and many people were familiar with him so it was necessary to greet each other when meeting.

But today, as soon as he entered the tribe, he found that the atmosphere was not right. Lei Jin heard some yelling as if something had happened, and hurriedly ran in the direction of the shouts. Lei Jin was about to pull someone over for questioning when Ivey happened to run over while sweating profusely.

“Ivey.” Lei Jin called to stop him. Xiya hadn’t come home these days, and he heard that he had been staying with Ivey.

“Lei Jin?” Ivey didn’t seem to expect it to be him, but he also stopped and raised his hand to wipe the sweat on his forehead.

“What happened in the tribe?” Lei Jin looked in the direction Ivey came from.

Ivey glanced at Lei Jin, thought for a while before saying: “The stone pillar behind the temple fell down and hit a lot of people. Xiya was also there. I’m going to see if the herbalist has gone over.”

“What? Is he alright?” Lei Jin was obviously taken aback. They couldn’t be lovers, but that didn’t mean that he wanted to see anything happen to Xiya.

“Go and see for yourself.” Ivey sighed, hesitant to speak.

Seeing the back of Lei Jin running off, Ivey smiled like a thief, and said to himself: “I didn’t say that anything happened to Xiya, I just said that he was there. Xiya, don’t say this brother did not help you out, it seems that you are not without a chance at all.” Don’t think that he didn’t know what was going on with Xiya staying over at his place, this Lei Jin obviously had the smell of another werebeast on him, and Xiya’s mood was clearly quite down. Just thinking about it with his toes, he could deduce that with Mingya still too young, the only werebeast it could be was Moya.

He was just hoping that they would make up quickly, and go home quickly. These days Xiya was here, Aki had become shy again, causing him to be unable to be intimate with his female.

“That’s right, herbalist, herbalist.” Almost forgetting the official business, Ivey patted his head, and quickly shifted into his beast form and flew away.

On this side, Lei Jin rushed to the back of the temple, which was like a stone forest, densely erected with hundreds of unusually thick stone pillars, each as thick as five or six werebeasts embracing them, with many patterns carved on the stone pillars. But this time Lei Jin didn’t have the heart to take a closer look, because he saw a pillar on the edge of the stone forest, and there was already a lot of blood beside it. The injured werebeasts had been helped to the side, and some were so seriously injured that no one dared to move tem. They were just waiting for the herbalist from the tribe to come.

Lei Jin searched around inside, but didn’t see Xiya, so he couldn’t help but start to worry that something serious happened to Xiya.

“Lei Jin, are you looking for Xiya?” Qi Luo supported Jia He, who was still bleeding from his shoulder, and sat down under the shade of a tree. Seeing Lei Jin mixed in with the crowd, seeming to be looking for someone, he called out to the other.

“Did you see him?” Lei Jin asked.

“I think I just saw him going inside.” Qi Luo pointed in the direction uncertainly.

“Thanks, Qi Luo.” Lei Jin followed the direction Qi Luo pointed to. The stone forest was very quiet. Lei Jin tried shouting twice, but no one answered. He noticed some blood stains and followed it, finally finding Xiya behind a stone pillar, sitting on the ground covered in blood.

“Xiya, are you alright?” Lei Jin felt his scalp tingling, don’t tell him that something had reaLly happened to him. He quickly ran over in two steps.

Xiya’s lips were bloodless, his eyes were closed, and his long eyelashes lowered over his eyes like little fans, casting a dense row of small shadows. He still remained silent when he heard Lei Jin’s voice.

Lei Jin felt his fingers tremble a little as he tentatively put them under Xiya’s nose.

“I’m still alive.” Xiya suddenly opened his eyes, his complexion was alright, but his violet eyes were bloodshot and full of exhaustion.

“Why didn’t you utter a word if you are alive?” Lei Jin let out the breath he had been holding in his chest just now, sat down next to Xiya, and said, “Big guy, do you know that people who scare people can scare people to death.”

“Are you sure you were looking for me?” Xiya’s eyes became colder. Just now, he didn’t notice the strong smell of blood on his body. But now that Lei Jin got close to him, he could smell it immediately. The scent of Moya on Lei Jin had become even stronger.

“Nonsense, didn’t you hear me calling your name just now?” It’s good that nothing happened. Lei Jin thought silently.

“I thought you were looking for Moya, he’s not here today.” Xiya wanted to stand up, but the wound on his leg had him furrowing his brows.

“I know he’s not here today.” Moya would let him know whenever he went out.

“I forgot, you guys share the same bed every day, so naturally you know where he is going today.” Xiya laughed at himself.

“Why are you talking sourly?”

“I don’t need you to worry about my affairs, thank you for coming to see me, but there’s no need, you should go home first.” Xiya smiled, but there was no smile in his eyes.

“Xiya, do we have to be like this? We can’t just be good friends? I’ve always regarded you as a good brother.” Lei Jin brought up the elephant in the room for the first time.

“Good friend? Good brother? With my brother’s female?” Xiya asked.

“Me and Moya…..” How should he explain it? Saying that there was no relationship at all, but he did go to bed with Moya, saying that it was just a bed partner relationship, but the people here didn’t agree that this kind of relationship was a thing at all. He also didn’t want to define Moya in that position either.

Seeing him having trouble on what to say, Xiya dragged one leg while he supported himself on the pillar and stood up. He looked down at Lei Jin and said, “I understand, you don’t need to explain, and you don’t need to feel troubled, I will stay away from you in the future, and I won’t increase your burden.” Then he was about to leave.

“Wait, stay far away? Where are you going? Aren’t you going home now? Xiya.” Lei Jin put the bamboo slices and the fruit in his arms on the ground and stood up.

“Forget it, instead of going home just for the three of us to be embarrassed, why bother? Don’t worry, I have a place to stay.” Xiya started to comfort him instead.

“Don’t fool around, Xiya, you are injured, they will worry about you, you go home with me first, no, you sit down first, let me see the wound on your leg.” Lei Jin saw that his footsteps were unsteady and hurried forward to support him.

This Xiya was really difficult to deal with.

Xiya frowned, letting him support him, and asked, “Then will you worry about me too?”

“Everyone will be worried.” Lei Jin avoided the question and decided not to walk into his trap.

Xiya looked at the top of Lei Jin’s head, and the smile that just surfaced was quietly hidden in his eyes. Lei Jin, as long as you still care about me, I won’t let you go. You can only blame yourself. If you were more indifferent, maybe one day I will really give up.

Xiya staggered, and Lei Jin took a few steps back with him, and the two of them finally managed to stand firmly against the stone pillar.

“Your leg…..” Lei Jin raised his head to ask him.

Xiya suddenly leaned over and pressed down, first tentatively licking Lei Jin’s lips twice.

A look of surprise flashed in Lei Jin’s eyes, and he pushed him away with a hand.

“It hurts…..” Xiya inhaled sharply, his leg trembling a bit.

“Aren’t you looking for trouble?” Lei Jin rubbed his forehead, unable to quibble with a patient, and stretched out his hand to support him.

Xiya took advantage of the situation and pressed over, staring at Lei Jin’s lips with burning eyes.

“Can’t you behave…..”

This time it was no longer just a tentative probe, the tongue quickly entered from Lei Jin’s slightly opened mouth, and began to plunder possessively, without giving him the slightest chance to resist.

Lei Jin raised his hand, but thinking of Xiya’s wound, he put it down heavily, and clasped his fingers tightly on the stone pillar behind him.

“Enough, Xiya.” When Xiya’s lips moved to his neck, Lei Jin couldn’t help it anymore, stopping the other with a frown.

“Give me a chance too, Lei Jin, didn’t you also accept Moya?” Xiya’s fingertips stroked a purple hickey on Lei Jin’s neckline.

“You and Moya are different.”

“I’m not forcing you to make a decision now, as long as you remember this matter, I will wait.”

“It doesn’t matter how long you wait.”

 Xiya smiled, not intending to argue with him.

Lei Jin, sometimes as a person, you really can’t be too rigid.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Lei Jin let go of his hand, which was tightly clasped just now, and there was an imprint on the palm of his hand, dotting horizontally and vertically over his flesh, which seemed to be some words? Lei Jin turned around and looked at the patterns carved on the stone pillars. Some of them resembled words, which were more regular, and some resembled pictures, which were very abstract. The most important thing was that those scattered dots seemed to be a map of the starry sky, maybe? He had seen it in elementary school geography textbooks, but he couldn’t understand it. Something flashed through his mind. Where did he seem to have seen this picture? Where was it?

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