Recommendations & List Of Possible TL Projects IV

1) Little Psychopath’s Guide To Pretending To Be Good [Rebirth]/小疯子装乖指南[重生]

By Li Wenjiu/李温酒

Chen Qizhao was reborn, and returned to the age of eighteen when he was still the bad little tyrant of the Chen family.

At this time, his brother hadn’t been in a car accident, his parents were in good health and not seriously ill, and the Chen family was still the affluent and wealthy Chen family. Everyone thought he was still that useless idiot who was easily taken advantage by others.

“Everyday he only knows to quarrel with his older brother, arrogant and spoiled!”

“He has good looks, but he’s an idiot.”

“Then isn’t that trash? It’s enough to just flatter and keep him happy.”

“It’s a pity about that child of the Chen family.”


Seeing a pack of rogues who were full of their own motives, mice who were covetously eyeing them on the side, and old foxes who were secretly plotting and scheming.

Chen Qizhao put on the mask of arrogance again: So you love acting so much? How about acting together?

Later, everyone found out that at the end of this drama, they would either go bankrupt or go to jail.


Chen Qizhao had acted recklessly all his life, and many people hated him.

But when he was abandoned by everyone, only Shen Yuhuai tried to uphold justice for him.

It didn’t matter what others thought of him, but in front of Shen Yuhuai, he didn’t want to give him a bad impression.

Later, after he inquired about it, he learned that Shen Yuhuai liked good behavior.

So every time he met Shen Yuhuai, he restrained all his badness and became good and obedient.


No matter how Chen Qizhao was rumored to be, in Shen Yuhuai’s impression, Chen Qizhao had always been a good boy.

Until one time he ran into Chen Qizhao teaching some street hoodlums a lesson, with harsh hits and vicious words, which was completely different from his usual self.

Seeing him, Chen Qizhao let go of his hand, and said a little implausibly: “Actually, I’m really a good boy. I’m just pretending to be like this now, otherwise I will be bullied.” Seeing that he couldn’t smooth things over, he gave up and said: “Do you believe me?”

Shen Yuhuai was silent for a while, before saying without a change in his expression: “I believe you.”

[MC looks soft and cute, but the actual personality is that of a surly and crazy madman x ML plays hard to get, three-part trap and seven-part scheming with deep shrewdness]

TN: The revenge novel that will keep you awake until 3am.

2) Life After Marriage Alliance With The Boss Merman/和人鱼大佬联姻后

By A Lotus Root/一节藕

Merpeople and humans live together under the same social system.

Si Yue was not a merman, he was just a young master from a rich family who did not have a job.

Merpeople have extremely high IQs, were suspicious by nature, and always kept a distance from humans, so Si Yue had never thought about having any intersection with merpeople in his life.

Until his father told him that the family needed him to enter a marriage alliance – with a merman.

The other party’s personal assets were hundreds of billions, possessed looks that was just his type, and had a good personality – he was a good fish.

On the night of marrying over, Si Yue crammed on merpeople knowledge

1. The lighter the color of the merperson’s tail, the rarer it was.

2. Merpeople will reveal scales behind the ears in front of the person they like.

3. Humans have the possibility of transforming into merpeople.

4. The breeding season of merpeople was generally at the transition time of spring and summer


Just as Si Yue was about to continue reading, the book in his hand was taken away by a man who appeared behind him. The man’s voice was mild, “My breeding season is not spring or summer, just like you, anytime of the year is fine.”

Si Yue: “!”


The merman who was under an ancient curse would turn into an irrational beast at a certain period of time each month.

One night, Si Yue saw torn parts of a sea creature littering the dining table.

As for Bai Jian, who was sitting at the head of the dining table, he controlled Si Yue in place with his sharp claws and tail.

The immortal merman’s voice was ethereal and terrifying, “My lover should enjoy a sumptuous meal with me.”

Si Yue: “Save…me…”

MC is am innocent and shy medical student/researcher who is only arrogant on the surface X ML is a bigwig merman

TN: Unique premise, endearing MC and possessive smitten ML? Check.

3) Hello, Uncle/大叔,你好

By Da Jiangliu/大江流

In the third year of high school,

Jiang Yanwei’s parents divorced,

His father married a twenty-year-old mistress as his wife and also gave birth to a young son by the way.

Jiang Yanwei felt that life couldn’t go on like this anymore.

You nauseate me, I can also nauseate you too.

See who will anger whom to death?

His gaze was aimed at his father’s younger friend, Qin City’s most respected business genius, the man he called uncle…

Boy with second year junior high syndrome VS a black bellied man. Dog-blood, HE, this is a story of wanting to set a trap but end up being caught in that very trap.

TN: We need more smexy uncle novels!

4) Little Merchant In The Republic Of China/民国小商人

By Love Watching The Sky/爱看天

The Bai family in the northern territories was a century-old wealthy merchant family.

The head of the family, Bai Rongjiu, had always been cold and indifferent, until one day he was touched by mortal desires and kept a man.

Jiu ye* let the word out that even if he died, he wouldn’t be able to be touched by others. He belonged to him in life, and he would follow him in death.

But until Bai Rongjiu really died, Xie Jing was still perfectly alive. His master paved the way for him smoothly, enough for him to survive in this chaotic world.

After guarding the tomb for ten years, Xie Jing opened his eyes and discovered that he had been reborn back to his youth. The troubled times have not yet come, and there was still a chance to fix everything!


Xie Jing went back to the winter when he was thirteen years old. It was the most difficult year for him, but now everything had turned around.

Jiu ye raised the little wolf cub in advance and taught him personally at his side.

The child raised by his side grew into a young man in the blink of an eye, with only that pair of bright eyes that were the same as when he was a child, always shining extraordinarily bright whenever he saw him.

Many years later, Jiu ye asked Xiao Xie, “Why are you so kind to ye?”

Xie Jing said: “Because no one in this world is so kind to me except ye.”

Jiu ye asked again: “Then do you know why ye only treats you well?”

Xie Jing’s ears turned red: “I, I know.”

Xie Jing knew it from that love letter. The full text only consisted ten words, which was very similar to Jiu ye’s usual domineering personality – “The south wind has not blown, and I miss you until I become ill, but I don’t want to it.”

But the man didn’t know that Xie Jing came back from more than ten years later, and he missed him deeply, the years hard to heal.


One day, Jiu ye was harsh in his lessons, and Xiao Xie willingly accepted it.

Bystander: He is scolding you.

Xiao Xie says seriously: Jiu ye is kind to others and never scolds others.

Other: I heard him swearing today!

Xiao Xie: Because they always make ye angry.

Others:? ? ?

On another day, Xie Jing used means to win three storefronts for Jiu ye.

Other: You may not know, but Xiao Xie is actually quite scheming.

Jiu ye: Nonsense, there is no one more naive than him in the whole world.

Others:? ? ?

*ye: master, lord

TN: A beautiful love story about making up regrets set in the most chaotic and romantic times.

5) Noble Bones/天生富贵骨

By MuXiNiang/木兮娘

Academician of Agricultural Sciences, Luo Bai transmigrated into the cannon fodder male supporting role in an urban men’s novel, the silly son of the village head’s family.

The system required him to follow the plot and play out his role. There were still seven years before the plot began.

Meanwhile, Luo Bai, who had nothing to do, started to carry out agricultural reforms, and accidentally built an agricultural kingdom.


Seven years later, Luo Bai, the father of agriculture, was ready to start the plot.

Luo Bai: Where’s the protagonist?

System: He was raised by you as a piglet.


Before Li Yan was reborn, he was not a good person. After rebirth, even his internal organs were all dyed black.

Only Luo Bai, he was his only kindness.

*noble bones: the bone structure destined to be rich in phrenology and fortune telling

TN: There is never too much of rebirth, farming and rags to riches novels in one’s life.

6) Top Dupe/顶级平替[娱乐圈]

By Caramelized Winter Melon/焦糖冬瓜

Before being reborn, Luo Yu was known as the “dupe” of the idol school hunk He Mu. Everyone forgot that He Mu was actually the one who had plastic surgery based on Luo Yu and even snatched away Luo Yu’s school hunk image.

Because of He Mu’s guilty conscience, he kept belittling Luo Yu’s existence, and the brokerage company’s ungratefulness also made it difficult for Luo Yu to move forward. It wasn’t until Luo Yu was reborn that he turned the situation on its head.

After Luo Yu was reborn he decided to live for himself. He watched He Mu’s little tricks with cold eyes, and said indifferently: “When your horizons broaden, you will find that some people are not worthy of affecting your life.”

Luo Yu had overcome obstacles all the way. He lived in the eyes and evaluations of others before, but now he lives the way he wants.

When Luo Yu stood on the podium of the awards ceremony, everyone was saying that “Luo Yu is already a top actor in the acting world, and He Mu is still putting on the outdated school hunk image”.

In conclusion, no one can bind Luo Yu within a frame, only Luo Yu can define himself.

TN: Finally a novel with an ML that isn’t just background, guaranteed to be stuffed full of dog food.

7) Acting Depends On Immortality, Cultivating Immortality Depends On Popularity/演戏靠仙气,修仙看人气

By Nuan He/暖荷

Cheng Xuan’s life experience was very exciting. He transmigrated from the original world of technological modernization to a world of cultivation where cultivators walk the earth and high level cultivators could destroy the world with just a wave of their hand.

When he discovered that those powerful people had lost their wits due to crossing tribulation, fighting each other violently, and they might destroy that world at any time and implicate his own life, he was very prescient and took his good friend to prepare to transmigrate to another world.

The transmigration was successful, but there was a little problem with the target location. They ended up in a world with no spiritual energy, and neither was it Cheng Xuan’s original world, but fortunately, this new world very similar to Cheng Xuan’s original world, allowing him to practice cultiavtion in an alternate way here.

So, in order to survive, and for him and his good friend to have a happy life in the future, Cheng Xuan resolutely stepped into the entertainment industry, starting as a child star, collecting faith points, and aspiring to reach the summit of the entertainment industry!

TN: Combining showbiz and cultivation, what’s not to love?

8) Super Film Queen/超级影后.

By slinnani

This is undoubtedly a crazy world, the reality is even more dramatic than the movies, with real mutatant powers and real aliens. Compared with the terrifying doomsday crisis, the rise of a legendary Hollywood actress seems too insignificant.

But once the cosmic overlords who are trying to invade the earth have seen her movies, then all this is another matter.

“Her love affairs are enough to shame the most imaginative tabloids, and her life story can make even Hollywood screenwriters dumbfounded.” -Vanity Fair

“There can be many actresses, but not all actresses can have fans that reach the level of the President of the United States, so Rhea Noren will be the only ‘super’ actress.” – “Time Magazine”

However, the first step of the legendary super actress, Rhea Norn, into Hollywood, started from a failure taking an unexpected turn.

TN: The most addicting mary sue novel you’ll ever read.

9) Alluring Demonic Cultivator Transmigrates To The Modern World/魔修诱受在现代

By PeiYueShi/佩月诗

Since I have entered the demonic path, then my heart follows the demonic way. The heart is empty of all object, all desire having ceased, to reach the boundary of the limit, in which the mirror holds only oneself. This is the story of a incubus-like demonic cultivator who after arriving in the modern world, in order to practice cultivation, ended up becoming an alluring shou, stirring up hearts everywhere, bending what is not bent, and bending what is already bent, accomplishing the feat of upending the entire world in a completely not domineering way, and then patted his butt and wanted to leave, only to be entangled in various people and events. (This novel is subject to multiple gongs, rolling thunder, dogblood, and minced meat flying everywhere, innocent children and those with weak hearts please enter carefully!)

Small skit 1: A certain demonic cultivator in flamboyant red lazily said to the handsome monk who was chasing him, “Monk, do you like me or something, following me around like a stalker.”

A certain monk replied calmly, “Benefactor, the sea of bitterness has no bounds, turn your head to see the shore. Please come with me.” (TN: benefactor=term used by a monk to address a layperson)

A certain demonic cultivator smiled alluringly, “If you can watch a heavenly demon dance from me, then I will follow you.”

Small skit 2: A certain little Taoist priest was full of anger, “Demon, give me back my spiritual pill.”

A certain demonic cultivator winked, “Accompany me for one night, and the pill will be returned to you.

Small skit 3: A certain demonic cultivator was locked in a laser electric cage, yet he took it in stride, and even teased the muscular man next to him, “Hey, wolf spiritual demon, if you let me out, I will dual cultivate with you.”

A certain man roared, “I am not a wolf spiritual demon, I am a werewolf!”

A certain demon tapped his lips and said, “In any case, not human either way.”

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