After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 265 PDA & Official Status

At this point in the conversation, it seemed that there was nothing left to say.

Shen Chen’s face, which just now could still show some emotion, gradually returned to the expressionless face that Tao Mu was most familiar with. He glanced at Tao Mu silently before getting up and leaving.

Before leaving, Tao Mu suddenly asked from behind him: “When did you recall the memories of so many lives?”

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Shen Chen paused slightly, turned sideways, and told the time. Then he saw that Tao Mu’s expression was slightly startled, and then as if he had thought of something, a thin layer of blush spread from the tips of his ears down to his neck. The sadness and gloom in his eyes was diluted by a bright emotion, and his whole person looked much more lively.

This kind of Tao Mu had never appeared in Shen Chen’s memory. In Shen Chen’s memory, Tao Mu was only full of all kinds of bitterness and hatred. The hostility in his eyes was like the snow on the top of Mount Everest, which could not be melted even by the hot sun.

Shen Chen silently sighed in his heart, he was a little bit emotional for a moment, suddenly realizing that perhaps Tao Mu had never been really happy in so many reincarnations. Was it because he had never been fully recognized by the Shen family in so many lives?

Shen Chen was a little curious. But in fact, the result was not important anymore. Shen Chen felt that, at least in this life, Tao Mu had truly let go.

Tao Mu didn’t notice Shen Chen’s curious pondering, he just recalled the time Shen Chen said——it actually turned out to be the first time he and Li Xiaoheng hai hai. Tao Mu thought back carefully, at that time he had just received a call from the reborn Shen Chen, and while his mood was shaken, he subconsciously called Li Xiaoheng. Li Xiaoheng immediately flew over from Beijing that night. The two chatted in the hotel for most of the night, and the rest came naturally.

According to Shen Chen, he basically remembered the memories of so many lives when he was dreaming in the second half of the night. If he deduced it carefully, wasn’t that the time when he and Li Xiaoheng became one for the first time?

Then connecting it to what Shen Chen said about Li Xiaoheng being an exception, a character who had never appeared in so many reincarnations, and that Li Xiaoheng was not influenced by Shen Yu at all back then, which directly caused Tao Mu to keep a photo of Li Xiaoheng to ward off evil spirits when filming, and add to the fact that after Shen Yu met Li Xiaoheng, the plot halo became more and more useless…..

Tao Mu had some vague realizations. Perhaps the one who could really break the halo was not himself who felt he had finally given up his obsession with the Shen family, but Li Xiaoheng who had never been influenced by Shen Yu——to be precise, the Li Xiaoheng who was not affected by the plot halo.

But how to explain Li Xiaoheng suddenly appearing in his life?

After talking with Shen Chen, Tao Mu, who felt that the amount of information was so overwhelming that his mind was short-circuited, subconsciously sent a video call to Li Xiaoheng.

After the other side connected, and he looked at Li Xiaoheng’s sharp-edged and overly handsome face, Tao Mu suddenly realized that he didn’t know how to speak.

Why did he always encounter this kind of thing that was even more bizarre than the plot events of a TV series? As if rebirth once was not enough, you have to keep reincarnating, and the people around you may be turned into one dimensional characters if you were not careful. Would Li Xiaoheng really believe this kind of weird thing?

Very clearly, Li Xiaoheng was still willing to believe it. In other words, Li Xiaoheng was willing to believe every word Tao Mu said.

“You’re not the kind of person who would be bored enough to make up lies to deceive people.” In the video, Li Xiaoheng smiled at Tao Mu and said in a gentle voice, “Don’t worry. It doesn’t matter what the worldview you have experienced before was like. I am here, at least in this life, and I will never let you down.”

From Tao Mu’s slightly chaotic description, Li Xiaoheng analyzed and concluded that the reason why Tao Mu continued to reincarnate was because he couldn’t satisfy his heart’s wish in every life.

Because his life’s wish could not be satisfied, an obsession formed, and because of the obsession, he kept reincarnating.

Li Xiaoheng was just an ordinary person, there was no way for him to guarantee too much. But the only thing he could be sure of was that at least in this life, he would be by Tao Mu’s side. He would make sure that Tao Mu would be safe and happy, and died naturally of old age.

“Do you need me to accompany you?” Li Xiaoheng put the completed documents aside and asked with a smile.

Tao Mu hesitated for a moment, although he really wanted Li Xiaoheng to appear by his side immediately. But reason told him that Li Xiaoheng also had his own job. Especially after Tao Mu handed over the coded notebook to Li Xiaoheng, in order to ensure its maximum benefit, Li Xiaoheng had been so busy in the past six months. So Tao Mu hesitated, and didn’t want to delay Li Xiaoheng’s work because of his own reasons!

Tao Mu didn’t want to give people the impression that he was very emotional and liked to trouble others whenever he had something going on! Especially when he just learned that he had been rejected by his blood relatives for so many lives.

Tao Mu was terrified. So subconsciously, he didn’t want Li Xiaoheng to feel that there was anything bad about him.

Thinking of this, Tao Mu subconsciously twitched up the corners of his mouth, tried his best to put on a smile, and said softly, “You’ve been quite busy recently. You don’t need to come here. I’m fine——”

A sigh interrupted Tao Mu’s words. Li Xiaoheng looked at Tao Mu helplessly, bent his fingers and knocked on the phone screen. The sound was heard in Tao Mu’s ears, as if it was knocking on his forehead.

“You have to say that you need me.” Li Xiaoheng’s smile remained unchanged, but for some reason there was a little bit of slyness in it: “You have to say that you need me, you hope I can fly to your side right away. Only then can I push all the work to Assistant Jiang with peace of mind.”

With that said, Li Xiaoheng glanced at Assistant Jiang who pushed the door open.

The expression of Assistant Jiang, who had just entered the boss’s office and was about to report on his work, turned dark: Boss, you have already so openly stated the reason for skipping work, do you still need someone to give you affirmation with peace of mind?

The slightly lowered voice carried a slight smile, so sexy that it made Tao Mu’s ears burn. Although he knew that Li Xiaoheng was teasing on purpose so that Tao Mu could let go of those bad things.

In fact, Tao Mu had never been interested in this kind of dog blood plotlines in idol dramas, and even sneered at it a little. After all, everyone was an adult, so there was no need for such frivolous tricks to make people happy. Moreover, Li Xiaoheng’s behavior was quite restrained, and it was far from the standard of idol drama dog blood.

But when he became the person who was tenderly coaxed, he felt like a chick who had just hatched and fell out of the nest, only to be held gently in the palm of a hand and had his wound blown on. The heart that was originally empty was suddenly filled.

The world was actually a big place. Apart from those unworthy people and things, there were many people worth pursuing and cherishing. If there were regrets in the past, then the correct approach was not to hold regrets, but to learn to let go and start again. On the long road of life, there would always be people who were truly compatible with you and whom you could travel together through ups and downs. If you were lucky enough to reach the end with them then that was naturally very good. But if you separate halfway, at least you have experienced many unseen scenery.

——Yeah, right!

Tao Mu found out that he really didn’t like chicken soup. No matter what others think, anyway, from Tao Mu’s point of view, he had been going around in circles for so many lives, and finally met a Li Xiaoheng. Of course, he must hug their family’s boss Li tightly like a drowning person hugging driftwood!

“You also know, right? I have special revenge skills!” Tao Mu said arrogantly and domineeringly at Li Xiaoheng in the video: “If you dare to cheat on me, dare to treat me badly. I will take you down with me, and then haunt you in every life!”

So your special experience could still be used here to threaten me?

Li Xiaoheng laughed when he heard this. But knowing that their family’s Tao Mu was able to joke about this kind of thing, he was truly relieved.

“Then what should I do?” Li Xiaoheng frowned, pretending to be distressed, and asked Tao Mu: “I want to treat you well in this life, and I also want you to haunt me in every life. Is there a way to have the best of both worlds?”

Assistant Jiang, who had just walked into the CEO’s office, did not hear the full conversation between Li Xiaoheng and Tao Mu. At this moment, he was listening without beginning and end, so he could only be expressionless. Who knew that the boss was this sappy after falling in love, or was it a special situation between their boss Li and Mr. Tao.

Clearly Tao Mu was also choked by Li Xiaoheng’s unexpected sweet talk. After being stunned for a long time, he managed to gather back his thoughts: “You are really…..”

Who said that their family’s boss Li was rigid, boring and dull? He was able to make such waves that one didn’t even need to paddle a boat!

Li Xiaoheng chuckled and waved at Assistant Jiang. Signaling Assistant Jiang to book a ticket for him.

Assistant Jiang felt very tired when he saw the boss so self-righteously about to skip work.

He very much missed the overtime madman who didn’t know what the sour smell of love was like!

On the other side of the video, Tao Mu finally found out that there was someone else in the office of their family’s boss Li. Recalling what Li Xiaoheng said just now, Tao Mu had an epiphany. It turned out that the sound just now wasn’t just the sound of Mr. Li knocking on the screen with his knuckle, but also the sound of Assistant Jiang knocking on the door.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Tao Mu believed that Li Xiaoheng was a person who knew the importance of things, and would never let Assistant Jiang hear what he shouldn’t hear. But when he recalled how he just now uttered such a goosebump-inducing threat like no one else was in the room!

CEO Tao, who had at least a ton of idol baggage, suddenly withered. Covering half of his face with one paw, he couldn’t help howling: “My image!”

Li Xiaoheng chuckled, he still preferred to see their CEO Tao’s lively appearance!

And by the way, he could also show some PDA. Let everyone around them know that their family’s CEO Tao actually cared about him very much!

Tao Mu, who was ashamed of himself, obviously didn’t realize what kind of image he had in the mind of their family’s boss Li. As for Li Xiaoheng’s blatant PDA behavior, Tao Mu also quite liked it.

If Tao Mu was very rational before, even if he began dating Li Xiaoheng, he would not forget to weigh the pros and cons. But recently, to be precise, after the two of them became open and honest with each other, Tao Mu had become less cautious.

“When you come over, will you stay in my room directly, or should I open another room for you?” Tao Mu raised his head, his face turning red. Fortunately, he had been busy filming recently, and his skin had been darkened by two shades, so it didn’t look so obvious.

Li Xiaoheng gently traced Tao Mu’s eyebrows and outline, raised his eyebrows, and said without hesitation: “It’s better to open another room.”

Tao Mu had entered the filming crew, and the hotel was surrounded by entertainment reporters and celebrity fans waiting to find news or to meet their idols. Li Xiaoheng was not afraid of reporters seeing his whereabouts, anyway, his relationship with Tao Mu was already a well-known secret in the industry. Those reporters didn’t have the guts to break the news.

But celebrity fans or stalker fans were different. No matter how capable Li Xiaoheng was, he still could not control everyone. Considering Tao Mu’s career and image, it was better to be cautious about many things.

Of course Tao Mu could also understand Li Xiaoheng’s concerns. In fact, this used to be his concern. After all, he once requested that the two make it public when he graduated from university on the grounds of career needs. The implication was that before the age of 22, he didn’t want too many people to know their relationship.

Li Xiaoheng also agreed at that time. But when Tao Mu thought about it now, it was meaningless if there were too many scruples when dating. Just let them know! Anyway, the country had passed the “Same-Sex Marriage Law”. They were in a dating relationship that conformed to the laws and regulations of the country. Did they still need to hide it?

Thinking of this, Tao Mu said presumptuously: “That, uh, the filming crew’s budget is tight, and I don’t have the money to open another room for you. Just make do with it and stay with me!”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

After saying that, Tao Mu subconsciously coughed, scratched his eyebrows with his index finger, the tips of his ears going red: “I have something else to do, so we’ll talk later.”

After finishing speaking, Tao Mu hung up the phone furiously. Only CEO Li was left smiling dumbly at the pitch-black screen.

This, did this mean he was going to have official status?!

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