These Werebeast Gongs Are Rogues CH 049 The Eve Of Going To The Jungle

“Moya, when did you come?” Lei Jin stood up, his hands that had already been wiped clean felt slightly hot, and he wiped his pants nervously, suddenly feeling like being caught cheating by his wife.

“As soon as I got home, I heard that something happened at the temple. Ah Ma sent me to come over to see if Eldest Brother was hurt or not.” Moya replied.

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“Oh, I’ve already stopped the bleeding.” Lei Jin saw that there was nothing unusual about Moya, and thought with a lucky feeling that Moya might not have seen what happened with such a large area of ​​trees here.

“Eldest Brother is really injured?” Moya’s calmness from just now changed, and his eyes showed anxiety. Xiya had been sitting with his back to the tree trunk, and Moya had yet to have the chance to look carefully.

“It’s not a big deal, look at how anxious you are.” Taking advantage of the time the two were talking, Xiya calmed his breathing down. He pointed to the wound and said, “Look, the bleeding has stopped with Lei Jin’s help.”

Moya still obviously looked a little worried.

“The herbalist doesn’t have time to come over now, so use alcohol to disinfect the wound first.” Lei Jin interjected, and turned back to Ivey: “Ivey, where’s the wine you brought?”

“It’s here, it’s here.” Ivey handed over the wine jar in his arms.

“Moya, you press Xiya’s leg to keep him from moving around, it may hurt a little bit.”

Moya nodded in agreement.

Lei Jin pulled open the seal of the wine jar, and the rich aroma of the wine filled the air. It was really good wine as Ivey said. Lei Jin took a mouthful of the wine in his mouth and moved closer to Xiya’s wound.

“Wait a minute.” Ivey stopped, and said: “I have never seen someone who uses wine to heal a wound, Lei Jin, are you sure this method was feasible?” In truth, Ivey felt that his question was a little superfluous. Xiya and Moya’s attitude were not suspicious at all, and he didn’t even know how the two of them have such defenseless trust in Lei Jin?

Lei Jin couldn’t answer with wine in his mouth, but the person involved said, “Ivey, let Lei Jin try.”

Xiya spoke up, and Ivey couldn’t say anything more.

Lei Jin sprayed the wine in his mouth on the wound.

Although Xiya tried his best to endure it, he still couldn’t help but groan in pain, instinctively trying to retract the leg that was pressed down by Moya.

“Eldest Brother…..” Moya said worriedly.

Xiya shook his head.

“Press down tight, Moya.” Lei Jin said.

After repeating this several times, the dirty blood in Xiya’s wound had been washed away, and Lei Jin had used up nearly half of the jar of wine.

Moya took out a small cloth towel from his pocket and helped Xiya wipe the sweat off his face.

“Xiya, are you okay?” Ivey looked at Xiya’s pale face from the pain just now.

Xiya didn’t have the strength to speak yet, he just shook his head to show that he was fine.

They have been busy for a long time, and those with the serious injuries have been mostly taken care of by the herbalists. Two of them were already starting to come this way.

Ivey didn’t have time to care about lining up, he directly went up to them and invited one over. Firstly, he was really concerned about Xiya’s injury, and secondly, he was still worried about Lei Jin’s method of using wine to heal the injury.

The middle-aged herbalist held a small knife in his hand, which was not even as long as the length of his palm. Don’t know what material it was made of, but it looked extremely sharp. The young female followed behind, carrying a medicine box and a jar of clean water.

“The wound was cleaned very well.” The herbalist praised with a smile after checking it.

“Teacher, then is there still a need to wash it again with clean water?”

“No, I just need to cut out the flesh near the wound.”

“Wait a minute, I’ve already disinfected the wound, he won’t be infected, you can just apply the medicine.”

“Disinfection? Infection?” The middle-aged herbalist didn’t know what Lei Jin meant.

“If you don’t gouge out the flesh there, the medicine won’t work. When the flesh there rots, his whole leg will become useless.” The young female behind said with a frown. This had always been the treatment for wounds in the tribe.

“Subi, don’t talk yet. You are Lei Jin, right? I’m Qing Qiao, the herbalist in the tribe. If I’m not wrong, you washed Xiya’s wound with wine, right?” He smelled it as soon as he came over. There was a very strong smell of alcohol.

Wine? Subi opened his mouth wide in surprise, but he still listened to what his teacher said and did not make a sound.

Lei Jin nodded, there was nothing to hide.

“Are you sure that you don’t need to gouge out the wound after you wash the wound with wine? You must know, if you really put medicine on him and wrap the wound like this, if the wound festers, Xiya’s leg will be crippled entirely.”

Lei Jin tried this method in the modern world many times. After all, when he was still at the bottom of the ranks, it was necessary to charge at the front of fights every time. But he had no money to go to the hospital every day, so he could only buy a bottle of white wine from a small shop and wash the wound by himself. After so many years there had been no problem, but as the saying goes, you could never be too sure. Just in case, if there was a possibility Xiya’s leg might really become crippled, he couldn’t bear the responsibility.

“Herbalist Qing Qiao, just apply the medicine like this. At worst, I’ll take apart the bandages tomorrow to have a look. If the wound has festered, I’ll gouge out the flesh and treat it immediately. If it’s fine, then it won’t be so painful for those injured in the tribe in the future. Just wash it with more wine and it will be fine.” Seeing that Lei Jin was troubled, Xiya immediately uttered a word to smooth things over.

Herbalist Qing Qiao finished applying the medicine to Xiya, bandaged it, and gave three packs of medicine, telling him to pay attention tonight. If he had a fever, he must take the medicine in time to reduce the fever.

With the help of Ivey, Moya supported Xiya onto his back and went home.

Roger had been waiting at the door for a long time, and seeing that Xiya was being carried back, he staggered a bit, ran up quickly, and asked, “Xiya, where are you hurt?”

Xiya relayed his condition again, telling him not to worry too much.

In the evening Lei Jin cooked meat broth, and Xiya had a good appetite, eating several bowls in a row, and happily drank the medicine prepared by Moya.

Fearing that Xiya would come down with a fever in the middle of the night, Roger originally said that he would keep watch, but Roger’s health had never been very good, and Xiya was injured today, so he barely ate anything at all tonight. It was only after the joint persuasion of Moya and Xiya that he gave up the idea. Tonight Lei Jin and Moya slept on the floor in Xiya’s room. The little guy also wanted to come over, but Lei Jin grabbed his ears and sent him back to his room to sleep. As a little child, how could he stay up late like adults?

The two dared not really fall asleep. After a while, they would get up and feel Xiya’s forehead. It was alright in the first half of the night, but in the second half of the night, he really came down with a fever and even started talking nonsense. His hands wouldn’t let go of Lei Jin either. Moya went to boil the second bag of medicine, and the two of them worked together to force it into him.

After taking the medicine, the effect would not be seen for a while, and the high fever persisted, so they brought out the wine jars at home, poured it into a basin, and rubbed it all over his body again and again.

After tossing around for most of the night, the fever finally subsided, and Xiya slept a lot more peacefully.

Lei Jin shook his arms and moved his body around to relieve the soreness. After wiping down Xiya, his arms were almost stiff. Moya pulled him over, exerted force on his fingertips and kneaded his muscles for him. It indeed felt much more comfortable.

It was still pitch black outside, but Moya said, “It’s almost dawn, shall we go see the sunrise on the grassland?”

Lei Jin rubbed his sore eyes, he had been busy all night, and he wanted to sleep most right now. He had never been a romantic guy at all, but seeing Moya’s eagerness, he felt that it was not good to spoil his interest too much.

Moya didn’t turn into his beast shape, but spread his wings, and took Lei Jin across the creek in front of their dwelling and over the sparse trees and tall grass on the grassland. The two flew towards the direction of the rising sun in the east. Along the way, the sky gradually faded white.

Finally, they stopped at a slightly higher hill on the grassland. Looking around, the green grassland was vast and boundless, with flowers dotted on it, and a jade-colored river winding through it.

The sun had already peeked out on the horizon, and through the thin clouds, they could see the clear red outline of the sun.

Lei Jin sat beside Moya, and yawned quietly. When he looked up again, the sun had already broken free from the clouds, and everything on the grassland was covered with a golden halo. He also saw a flock of birds fly by in the sky. On the grassland, the herbivores began to wander out to eat grass and drink leisurely in groups. Hidden behind the bushes were predators waiting for the right moment to pounce.

It was an early morning on a vibrant grassland.

“Every time I see the sunrise on the grassland, I feel hopeful.” Moya said with emotion, but he didn’t hear Lei Jin’s answer, so he turned his head only to see that he had already fallen asleep beside him.

Moya smiled self-consciously, it seemed that he was really tired last night, and didn’t even wake up when he carried him in his arms despite this being the position he hated the most.

When they went back, Xiya was already awake, sitting on the edge of the bed, ready to get down.

Moya hurriedly said: “Eldest Brother, don’t be in a hurry, I’ll put Lei Jin down first, and then I’ll help you.” Xiya saw that Lei Jin was sleeping soundly and defenselessly in Moya’s arms, and felt a little sour in his heart. But he also knew that this was not the time to be jealous, however it didn’t stop him from wanting to hug him.

“Moya, could I hug him?” Xiya discussed.

Moya tightened his hold on Lei Jin, glanced at Xiya, then handed Lei Jin over carefully. He said, “He just fell asleep.”

Xiya nodded, taking him over lightly in his arms. Lei Jin frowned uncomfortably, and muttered: “Moya, no, I’m sleepy.”

Xiya’s face froze slightly, and he said, “Okay, Moya, you can take him to sleep.”

“He took care of you all night last night.” Before leaving, Moya left these words that seemed to explain as well as to comfort.

Xiya looked at his back, smiled slightly, and muttered, “As if I need your comfort here, I’m the elder brother, okay?”

After that night, Xiya didn’t have a fever again, and the wound on his leg healed day by day. After more than half a month like this, such a big wound healed completely, although it left a scar.

Even Lei Jin was amazed. People say that it should take at least a hundred days to recover from such a bone deep wound but the werebeast’s recovery ability was too amazing. Herbalist Qing Qiao even visited in person, and was very happy with Xiya’s quick recovery. Although the other werebeasts were not bad, Xiya was undoubtedly the one who recovered the fastest among them.

The hunting period in the tribe was about to come. This time, due to the large number of injured werebeasts, there was obviously a shortage of manpower. Lei Jin heard that they would be going to the jungle this time, so he must go no matter what. Besides, his bow and arrows have also been made during these days. The power was not bad, at least he had managed to shoot a deer with it last time.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Originally, no one in the family agreed with him going, as it would be chaotic, and they were afraid that they would not be able to take care of him. But Lei Jin insisted on going, and Xiya and the others probably understood his intention, so they had to let him go in the end. At most, they would make sure to protect him well.

But they forgot that Lei Jin was someone who could not be trusted. This jungle hunting ushered in the first major crisis between them, but who could say that this was not also a turning point?

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