These Werebeast Gongs Are Rogues CH 050 Lei Jin Goes Missing

There was a small hunt once a month in the tribe. At this time, people could go at random and there were not as many people. Except for a part of the prey they hunted to be handed over to the tribe, the rest were to each family. Once every three months was the so-called big hunt. Other than the patrolling werebeasts left in the tribe the other werebeasts must go, and the prey brought back from the big hunt must be divided equally among the tribe, including those old werebeast partners and families without adult werebeasts.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

This time, except for Mingya who would stay with Roger, An Sen, An Luo, Xiya, Moya and Lei Jin were all going to go out. It was estimated that it would take about ten days. Packing a couple change of clothes was enough, but Lei Jin prepared a lot just in case. He made two more bows, a large bundle of arrows, and roasted a large bag of jerky.

Moya helped cut the meat into thin slices, brushed it with oil, salt and seasonings, and put it on the roof to dry. Lei Jin then grilled it on the charcoal fire and continued to dry it.

When everything was ready, they were just waiting for the departure tomorrow. Now that he was really going to leave, apart from the excitement of going home, Lei Jin also had some indescribable feelings. In any case, he had been here for three to four months. This family had also been very good to him, especially Moya. He knew that even though the two of them already have an intimate relationship, if he successfully went back this time, they would probably never have the chance to meet again in this lifetime.

That night, the two avoided Xiya and Mingya. For the first time, Lei Jin let Moya have his way without any resistance. Afterwards, the two of them washed in the stream.

Lei Jin suddenly asked: “Moya, if I want to go home, will you go back with me?”

After asking, Lei Jin suddenly didn’t want to hear Moya’s answer.

But since he asked, he couldn’t take it back, and he wasn’t the kind of person to avoid things. At that moment, Lei Jin felt that his heartbeat could be heard even in the quiet surroundings.

But Moya fell silent, and did not speak.

In the end, the result was still the same! Lei Jin looked at his own blurred reflection in the stream, and at that moment a lot of things flashed by in his heart, as if there was nothing there, just empty, nothing to settle for.

After washing up, Lei Jin avoided Moya’s hand, and went back to his room to sleep. Even when Lei Jin fell asleep Moya did not come back, but when he woke up the next day, there were obvious signs of sleeping next to him.

Packed up and prepared, everyone got ready to go. Before going out, Roger pulled Lei Jin aside and said in a gruff tone: “If you can’t find the way back, just get your ass back here. My family is not afraid of feeding one more of you. At least you can cook well.”

Lei Jin smiled and did not banter with him this time. He gave Roger a big hug and said, “Thank you Roger, I know you don’t want me to go. After I leave, you are the only one left in this world. You have to take care of yourself.”

“Don’t be disgusting, you! Whether you can find your way back is another matter.” Roger handed him a small roll of things in his hand, and said: “I don’t know if this thing is useful to you now, but take it anyway.” It took him nearly twenty years to vaguely figure out that the way back was related to the distribution of the constellations in the sky of this world, but he had not yet made a final judgment on where the entrance to go back was located. It might be possible for Lei Jin to find it by chance, but the result was likely not optimistic. He originally thought that Lei Jin would stay for a few more days, and he might find some more clues by then.

The werebeasts who were going to participate in the hunting had to gather in front of the temple. When Mingya, who had always been obedient by Roger’s side, saw them walking away, he lowered his head and asked Roger: “Ah Ma, was Mingya very obedient this time?” Ah Ma said that Lei Jin was leaving, and that Mingya should not pester him.

“Mingya was very good today.”

“Ah Ma, I still want to go and see him.” Seeing that Ah Ma didn’t speak, Mingya was worried that he would not let him go, so he anxiously assured him: “Ah Ma, I will just watch him from behind the tree, and I won’t let him find out.”

“Go, come back early.” Roger patted his head.

“Then, Ah Ma, I’m going.” Mingya jumped on his four paws, and quickly ran towards the temple.

Roger recalled last night when he was planning to sleep, Moya suddenly came to him. The two sat outside the house for a long time, at the end, Moya seemed to have finally made up his mind, and asked: “Ah Ma, if I leave with Lei Jin, will you blame me?”

Although Mingya ran fast, when he arrived, he was still a step late. The werebeasts had already turned into their beast forms, spread their wings, and flew off into the distance. He knew that Lei Jin must be on the back of Eldest Brother or Second Brother, but he couldn’t see it. Mingya ran behind for a long time, but his wings could not fly yet, so he could only watch Lei Jin and the werebeasts in the tribe shrink in size in the sky until they disappeared from sight.

Mingya tried his best to raise his head, but the tears in his eyes still slipped to his mouth, and it tasted a little bitter.

The first few days of hunting were relatively smooth. The werebeasts of the Leopard Tribe were inherently valiant, and when they chased their prey, they could cooperate with reasonable division of labor. Some were responsible for following the prey’s trail, others in cutting off escape routes, and the rest in direct combat. With such cooperation, few prey could escape their encirclement.

During the day, the werebeasts basically maintained their beast form so that they could chase their prey at any time. At night, except for those who patrol at night, they all returned to their human form. Being in the jungle, everyone just randomly found shelter from the wind, set up a bonfire, and roasted their prey. With big mouthfuls of meat to go with the big jars of water, the werebeasts could drink it all in one go.

At first, the werebeasts were a little surprised when they saw Lei Jin also coming with them. They felt that Lei Jin, as a female, just came to watch the fun, and Xiya and Moya spoiled their female too much. After all, this was hunting, not playing, how could they let their female fool around like this. It was very dangerous for werebeasts to be distracted from hunting.

But after getting along with each other for a few days, everyone changed their minds. Lei Jin didn’t cause any trouble for everyone. Every time he encountered a ferocious beast he knew couldn’t help with, he would obediently hide on the side.

When encountering prey that weren’t so big, Lei Jin could shoot arrows and help out a little. He could also hunt some small wild prey by himself. Lei Jin’s temperament was also cheerful and unrestrained. Most werebeasts have heard his name and know that he had helped the tribe a lot, but Lei Jin was a female with a werebeast after all, and the werebeasts didn’t have much chance to get along with him normally. It was only this time they had the chance to become more familiar with each other, and also got along quite well.

Although they were in the wild, Xiya and Moya knew that Lei Jin still had to take a bath every night, and if he didn’t wash one day, he wouldn’t be able to sleep well all night, so they took turns to accompany him.

Moya and Lei Jin had a few chances to be alone, but everytime Moya wanted to speak, Lei Jin interrupted with excuses.

This was the night of the seventh day in the jungle. Although there were not many people who came this time, the amount of prey they hunted was no less than before. The werebeasts discussed that if the result in the next two days were good, they could return to the tribe one day earlier.

Although Lei Jin followed everyone, he also secretly observed that during the first few days they were still at the edge of the jungle, where the sun was shining and the vision was clear. These days, they had gradually reached the depths of the jungle, where the trees obscured the sun and it became darker and more humid. Lei Jin felt that it should be close to the place where he came from, but he was still not sure which direction to go.

That night, it was Moya’s turn to accompany Lei Jin to take a bath. Lei Jin stretched a bit on the shore, took off his clothes and plunged into the water. The waters in the jungle were naturally cold and Lei Jin didn’t dare to stay too long. After rinsing himself head to toe, it was Moya’s turn while he waited on the shore to dry.

Moya was worried about Lei Jin on the shore, as the wild beasts in the jungle often come to the shore to drink water at night, so he came up after a quick wash.

The water on Lei Jin’s body was not dry yet, so of course he hadn’t put on any clothes. Seeing Moya coming up from the waters naked at this moment, he didn’t react much either. After all, the two of them had done everything, and it was too late to pretend to be shy now. Of course, Lei Jin himself didn’t know how to be shy anyway.

“About your question that night…..” Moya just started.

Lei Jin had originally closed his eyes to rest his mind, he was very tired after running around these days, but now when he heard Moya’s words, he opened his eyes lazily and said: “I was joking, you still took it seriously? There are no werebeasts in my world, if I really brought you back, I would worry that there would be no place to release you, right?”

He had already forgotten, who knew Moya was still entangled. His brain circuit must have been disconnected at the time, so he would ask that idiotic question. He regretted it now, and really wanted to beg Moya not to mention it again. Everytime it was mentioned it was as humiliating as if he had been slaped him in the face.

“Lei Jin, listen to me.” Moya came over, grabbed his shoulders with both hands only to come into contact with cold skin, “Why is your body so cold?”

“Maybe I haven’t recovered from the water just now.” Lei Jin replied indifferently, “By the way, I don’t know the direction now. Do you know how far it was from where I came from?” After discussing it together before, Xiya and Moya seem to know that place.

“If it is fast, we will arrive tomorrow, if it is slow, it will be the day after tomorrow.” Moya replied.

“It’s indeed really fast.” A gust of wind blew over, and Lei Jin shivered.

“It’s windy by the river, put on your clothes, let’s go back.” Moya picked up Lei Jin’s clothes that were placed on the stone.

Lei Jin didn’t take it, and smiled at Moya: “It’s cold, but isn’t there still you?”

Moya didn’t understand what he meant.

Lei Jin encircled his neck with his arms directly, sighed softly and said, “Moya, let’s do it.”

Under the moonlight, Lei Jin’s beautiful body was even more of a temptation to Moya. The two exchanged a kiss, equal heat in their eyes.

The two arrived behind a boulder, Moya was afraid that the stones on the ground would hurt Lei Jin, so he sat on the ground himself and had Lei Jin sit on his lap. Lei Jin cooperated all the way tonight. Moya’s hands reached behind him, separated the two soft mounds, and fingertips moistened in clean water gently opened him up.

Lei Jin endured the strange feeling, and after a while, when Moya still did not come in, he said impatiently: “It’s ok, don’t stretch anymore, just come in.”

“I didn’t bring jade mugwort, you will get hurt.” Although Moya was impatient, he still had a sense of reason.

“The first time you went in me, you didn’t bring it with you either. Why did you still dare to barge in, huh?” Lei Jin said carelessly, not appreciative at all.

Speaking of that time, Moya had nothing to say, but the movement of his fingers didn’t stop.

Lei Jin intentionally rubbed against him twice, and sure enough, he felt Moya’s breathing become heavy, and the next moment he felt his insides filled with searing heat.

Seeing that the two had gone for such a long time and hadn’t come back, Xiya was worried that something might have happened to them, so he went to the river to look for them. At first, he didn’t see anyone, but only saw the clothes of the two on the stone. Startled, he wondered if the two encountered a surprise attack while taking a bath? But after taking just two steps, Xiya knew what was going on.

Behind the boulder came Lei Jin’s low voice: “Moya…..hurry up…..faster…..”

“Lei Jin…..hold me tight…..”



You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Moya released inside of Lei Jin’s body, knowing that Lei Jin’s physical strength should not be consumed too much in the jungle, he only stayed for a while and then decisively withdrew. He kissed the sweaty forehead of the person in his arms, and said softly: “Don’t worry, go to sleep, no matter where you go, I will accompany you.”

Of course, the person who said this now would not know. An unexpected thing happened the next day, and Lei Jin went missing since.

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