After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 267 Single & Childhood Friend

As we all know, Li Xiaoheng was a workaholic. Moreover, he was a workaholic who had a very full work schedule and almost never rested on weekends. But this kind of character could actually visit all the film sets of the TV series filmed by Tao Mu in one go. It was conceivable how far the personal friendship between the two had reached.

Anyway, the entire crew of “Soldier Elite” knew the relationship between Tao Mu and Li Xiaoheng tacitly because they had experienced the incident of Miss Qi from the hot spring resort coming to find fault half a year ago. In regards to envy and jealousy, of course there were some. After all, Tao Mu was young, and not only did he have capital and ability, but he could also could find a lover like Mr. Li, who was also young and talented, and also obeyed his words and put him first in his heart. This was simply a double success in both love and career, an absolute winner in life, alright?

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But thinking about it carefully, the reason why Mr. Li cared so much about Tao Mu was also because the two were well-matched, and they were good partners in business. If it were someone else, very likely they wouldn’t get the same treatment from him.

After all, there were often little wives of domineering CEOs, but self-made, worth tens of billions, and good-looking business genius-type wives were not common! Not to mention Tao Mu’s current status and influence in the entertainment industry——especially Tao Mu’s ability to produce film and television dramas and shoot people into popularity and stardom. In the eyes of many male and female artists, it was no exaggeration to say that he was definitely a proper Tang Seng meat (TN: monk in Journey to the West, whose flesh had divine properties). If it wasn’t for Mr. Li’s impressive ability and background, which made those little demons dare not act rashly, Tao Mu’s phone would have been blown up long ago! To exaggerate a bit more, even the door of his hotel room would have been smashed down!

Many artists were secretly guessing in private, Mr. Li was probably worried about exactly this, so he took time out of his busy schedule to visit the film set, and announce his sovereignty every now and then.

“I wonder when Mr. Tao and Mr. Li are going to announce their relationship!” During the filming break, several actors gathered together, secretly watching the interaction between the aloof CEO and their little wife of the domineering CEO, while gossiping in low voices.

“I really admire Mr. Tao’s fortitude. When most people meet such a high-quality boyfriend, they probably couldn’t wait to make it public. It’s only Mr. Tao who could hold it for such a long time!”

“Our Mr. Tao is not an ordinary person either, okay?” Du Kang, one of Tao Mu’s three college roommates, protested as Tao Mu’s family member: “Our Tao Mu is so handsome, so young, and so rich. Is there even any difference between the two? Besides, Tao Mu is still an actor. You all know how much a public relationship in the entertainment industry will have an impact on an actor’s career. So I don’t think Tao Mu will make the relationship public any time soon.”

Tao Mu’s other two roommates also echoed with certainty: “That’s right! Anyway, our family’s Tao Mu is only 20 years old this year, so he is not in a rush at all, okay?”

“I don’t think so?” The actress before was very unconvinced, and pointed her chin in the direction of Tao Mu and Li Xiaoheng: “I heard that Mr. Li stayed directly in Mr. Tao’s room last night. Both of them are already so open, isn’t it because they’re not afraid of fans knowing, and even want to make it public?”

“No way! Mr. Tao is only twenty years old this year. Why is he in such a hurry to reveal his relationship? Isn’t he afraid of losing fans?”

“He is a billionaire boss, so why would he be afraid of losing fans? Besides, so what if fans are lost? Will those fans uninstall FlyNews just because Mr. Tao announced his relationship?” Gu Yuzhang impatiently took over the topic.

All the actors looked at each other in blank dismay: This remark…..was sharp enough!

“Compared to this!” Gu Yuzhang continued: “I am more interested in another thing. The registered users of will break through 200 million soon. Didn’t Mr. Tao say that he will sing to celebrate?”

“Yes, yes, I remember this!” Someone suddenly echoed: “It is also said that Cheng Yi will be the music producer of the single ED, right?”

“I remember it too. Cheng Yi also said Mr. Tao’s singing is amazing, and he praised Mr. Tao a lot!”

Having said that, everyone remembered. The several actors looked at each other. Tao Mu’s three roommates winked and smiled, got up and walked towards Tao Mu.

At the other end of the film set, Mr. Li obediently sat on the side, watching the makeup artist touch up Tao Mu’s makeup. The filming of “Soldier King” was coming to an end, and the last few scenes had to be filmed in remote mountains and old forests. After a long period of exposure to wind, sun, and rain, coupled with the skillful hands of the makeup artist, Tao Mu barely resembled the image of the boy who once had a ton of idol baggage after finishing his makeup. He was as rough as he could be.

But in the eyes of Mr. Li, who had a ten meters thick filter, their family’s Tao Mu was still a golden age beauty, and his pheromones were so bursting that it made people’s hearts thump uncontrollably.

The three roommates who approached noticed Li Xiaoheng’s overly focused gaze and couldn’t help rolling their eyes. The old father’s emotion that their cabbage was gouged by a pig surged in their hearts.

“Mu!” Wen Bao said with a smile, “The registered users of will soon exceed 200 million. Didn’t you say you were going to sing to celebrate? Are you prepared?”

Du Kang also hurriedly interjected: “Speaking of which, everyone hasn’t heard you sing yet! Why not after we finish filming today, let’s go out to have dinner and sing karaoke to celebrate?”

Chu Sui’an glanced at Li Xiaoheng who was next to Tao Mu, and added: “Mr. Li came all the way, so it can be regarded as a welcome reception for him as well.”

Among so many people present, only Li Xiaoheng had heard Tao Mu’s singing with his own ears. Hearing Chu Sui’an’s proposal at this moment, he couldn’t hold back for a moment, and the corners of his eyes twitched slightly. But he didn’t say anything, and sat next to Tao Mu very shrewdly, waiting for Tao Mu’s reply.

Tao Mu had always been lugging around his heavy idol baggage for so many years, and habitually didn’t want to expose his shortcomings. After being reborn for so long, apart from revealing everything in front of Li Xiaoheng, when being with others, even the most trusted friends there was still a distance separated by an invisible layer. Basically just being friendly on the surface, trying to show everyone the best side of himself, and never losing his temper when his emotions got out of hand.

To describe this behavior in a good way, it was high emotional intelligence, which made people feel very comfortable getting along with him. That was why Tao Mu had only debuted for a few years, yet he had friends everywhere in the circle. This was not only because of Tao Mu’s net worth and capital, but also because of Tao Mu’s conduct in the adult world.

But to put it unpleasantly, this kind of person was too shrewd. People couldn’t figure him out. When encountering someone like Cheng Baodong who believed he was frank and outspoken, there would only be equal disdain with each other.

Anyway, in the eyes of his group of friends, Tao Mu was definitely a good friend with a high EQ that made people comfortable. Even if he was worth over tens of billions, he never out on the airs of a boss and an investor. So Tao Mu, who stuck himself with this layer of character image, was also very considerate towards his buddies!

So it was not a problem to treat everyone to eat and relax, but singing was another story. Before he found a million-dollar tuner, Tao Mu was not going to expose his shortcomings. But being reminded by his friends, Tao Mu also recalled this matter. So when work finished, he quickly called Cheng Yi and asked him to come to the mainland to help record an MV.

Cheng Yi refused on the spot: “Muzi, don’t mess with me. How are you simply just at the level of being saved by a million-dollar tuner? Even if you give me 10 million, I will still scratch my head!”

“Then I’ll give you 10 million!” Tao Mu made a final decision, and said with a grin: “Brother Cheng, give me some face. You promised me at the beginning. You can’t praise others as heaven and earth when caught in the passion of the moment, and then not even pay attention to me for ten million when the passion has cooled?”

Before Cheng Yi could speak, Tao Mu threatened jokingly: “I remember my sister-in-law is my fan, right? If you don’t promise me, I’ll call my sister-in-law. By the way, do you use washboards in Hong Kong? How about kneeling on keyboards?”

Cheng Yi: “…..”

The most popular king of pop in the Hong Kong music scene, the top tier music producer who was famous in the Chinese music scene, was well-known and loved for his maverick and unruly character. He once said that he would never tolerate musicians who just sing with their faces. He did not bow down to CEO Tao under the money offensive, only to kneel down under the threat of his wife.

Of course, the two were just joking. When Cheng Yi released his new album, Tao Mu personally shared and sincerely helped to promote it on FlyNews, even having help make a homepage promotion. At a time when record sales in the Chinese music scene was declining day by day, he directly helped Cheng Yi achieve a sales volume of tens of millions. Making Cheng Yi, who was already at the level of a great god, climb to the top of the GOAT altar. Cheng Yi would remember and be grateful for this matter for the rest of his life.

So don’t mention that Tao Mu was just tone-deaf, even if Tao Mu could kill people with his singing, Cheng Yi would still record this single. And absolutely not accept a penny.

The news that Cheng Yi was going to help Tao Mu record a single to celebrate breaking through 200 million registered users quickly spread. That man who stirred up a bloody storm everywhere he went lived up to expectations and hit the headlines once again. Once again managing to pull off “though this brother is filming in seclusion, the world is still full of legends about this brother”.

At the same time, Shen Yu, who was driven to his wits’ end by Shen Chen’s entrustment to take care of Shen Shiyuan in the hospital, also saw the news.

His heart was instantly full of mixed feelings.

Shen Yu couldn’t help but think of the scene when he and Tao Mu first met a few years ago. At that time, Tao Mu was still just a nobody extra serving him as a stand-in in the crew, and even the male number three with no background could easily bully him. While he was the second son of the Shen family who sat high on his pedestal, innocent and kind and liked by everyone.

It was a pity that the times have changed, and in just a few years, while the situation between him and Tao Mu was still so different. It was just that this time it was Tao Mu who was on top, and he had become so insignificant that he had to do the dirty work of a caretaker for others.

Speaking of which, Tao Mu was the real second son of the Shen family? Why was it that when the Shen family was down on its luck, Tao Mu could continue to be his big star CEO, but he, the adopted son, had to clean up poop and piss for a man who had no blood relationship to him?

Shen Yu didn’t think he felt disdain for such things, he just felt that since Tao Mu was the real son, he should fulfill his obligations as the son. Instead of avoiding far away after the decline of the Shen family, and living his good life leisurely.

After all, Tao Mu and the Shen family were the real family, weren’t they?

Thinking of this, Shen Yu’s heart skipped a beat. Uncontrollably, he went to Yao Wenxiao’s media company.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Yao Wenxiao, who was working, was dazed for a moment when he heard the notification from the front desk. Thinking of those past events again, it seemed as if a few lifetimes had passed.

Yao Wenxiao didn’t want to see this person at first. But after thinking about it, he let Shen Yu in.

He wanted to hear what this childhood friend who once caused him to fall in love madly but abandoned him like a used shoe after the decline of the Yao family would say to him now.

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  1. It’s honestly quite a good thing that Shen Yu wasn’t actually smart. If he could apply his protagonist halo with actual skill and intent then nobody could live.


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