After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 268 Coma

“You changed the company’s name?” Shen Yu looked at Yao Wenxiao with a complicated expression.

When he was waiting for the notification at the front desk, Shen Yu noticed it. Yao Wenxiao changed Yuxiao Media to Wenxiao Media. Shen Yu originally thought that he wouldn’t care. However, when Shen Yu really saw all this, Shen Yu still felt sour in his heart. It was as if something had passed him by and never to return.

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Yao Wenxiao looked at Shen Yu’s distraught and injured expression as if he had been greatly hurt, and found it quite interesting.

“And so?” Yao Wenxiao looked directly at Shen Yu, and asked calmly, “Do you think I shouldn’t have changed the company’s name?”

“That’s not what I meant.” Shen Yu subconsciously explained, “I’m just, a little sad.”

“Why are you sad?” Yao Wenxiao sneered. Originally, he wanted to say something, but when he saw Shen Yu’s face that always appeared innocent and pure and as if he didn’t know where he was wrong, he suddenly lost interest.

There were many people and many things that you couldn’t notice when you were deep in the situation, but once you jump out of the maze and watch with the attitude of a bystander, you would find many details that were completely different from your original impression.

For example, Yao Wenxiao had always felt that Shen Yu was a person who had no shrewdness or scheming. But in fact, Shen Yu was very deliberate even in speaking. Towards this expression of one hesitating to speak, if it was the silly Yao Wenxiao from before, he was afraid that he would come up with all kinds of conclusions himself. Yao Wenxiao couldn’t help but think back to those years, every time he saw Shen Yu put on such a face of being greatly wronged, he couldn’t wait to jump forward, accusing the other party of bullying Shen Yu indiscriminately, and even helping Shen Yu vent his anger without thinking like a complete idiot. Thinking of all of this he couldn’t help but think it was funny.

“You…..” Shen Yu looked at the sneering smile on Yao Wenxiao’s face, and suddenly felt a little flustered: “Don’t say that. I just think that we were so happy once, but now…..we can never go back. So I was a little emotional, a little sad.”

“Pfft!” Yao Wenxiao chuckled, but didn’t say anything, and instead asked, “You have never been one to show up for nothing. Tell me, what do you want me for?”

Shen Yu frowned. He felt that Yao Wenxiao’s attitude towards him was not as friendly as he imagined. Shen Yu hesitated a little, subconsciously bit his lip, ignoring this uncomfortable feeling. He went straight to the point: “Do you know that Tao Mu is the real second son of the Shen family?”

Yao Wenxiao raised his eyebrows: “What do you want to say?”

“You also know that the Shen family’s conditions are not as good as it used to be now that they have lost the Shen Group. My dad is sick and hospitalized, and he can’t even afford a caretaker. I just think that since Tao Mu is also a child of the Shen family, he has an obligation take care of——”

“Obligation?” Yao Wenxiao didn’t wait for Shen Yu to finish, and sneered out loud: “Putting aside whether or not Tao Mu is the flesh and blood of the Shen family. Do you even understand the law? Tao Mu already has adoptive parents, and his legal fathers are Liu Yao and Meng Qi. He has no obligation to the Shen family.”

“But Tao Mu is the blood of the Shen family after all——”

“So what?” Yao Wenxiao tilted his head and looked at Shen Yu: “Aren’t you also Yu Qingqing’s son? Yu Qingqing went to jail, and I don’t see you taking on the responsibilities of her child and go to the prison to visit her.”

“You——” Shen Yu was stunned speechless. He didn’t expect Yao Wenxiao to say such a thing, so he avoided answering: “This is different.”

“Then tell me, what’s the difference?” Yao Wenxiao rotated the pen around his fingers and asked with great interest.

“Yu Qingqing is sentenced for the crime of abandonment. She abandoned the real second son of the Shen family, and her husband even stabbed my elder brother. The two of them deserved to go to jail. If I go to visit her at this time, wouldn’t it hurt my father and elder brother? The Shen family has raised me for more than 20 years. I can’t repay them with much, but I can’t do something that would make them sad either.”

“But Tao Mu is different. Mom and Elder Sister, they really want to find their son and younger brother. What’s more, Dad is sick now. If Tao Mu can return to the Shen family at this time——”

“Then you can throw the burden of the Shen family to Tao Mu?” Yao Wenxiao interrupted Shen Yu. He leaned on the back of the chair and clapped his hands: “I really didn’t see it before, the Shen family had raised you for twenty years, and spent a lot of money and energy on you. Now you are only asked to take care of Shen Shiyuan in the hospital for a few days, yet you can’t even take it anymore?”

“I’m not!” Shen Yu clenched his fists and stomped his feet angrily with an aggrieved attitude of being wronged: “Yao Wenxiao, how can you think of me like this? Even if we are not friends now, we were once childhood friends. Can it be that in your mind, I am that awful of a person?”

“Am I wrong?” Yao Wenxiao spread his arms and shrugged his shoulders: “You don’t want to get rid of the burden of the Shen family, you just simply don’t like Tao Mu. When you see his happy life, you are unable to reconcile with it. So you want to pull Tao Mu into the quagmire of the Shen family? Have a complete stranger in the legal sense who has never lived with the Shen family support the old and the young of the Shen family?”

“But why do you think that an outsider who has never lived with the Shen family would be willing to shoulder the responsibility that you, the adopted son who has been doted on by the Shen family for twenty years, is not willing to shoulder?”

“I don’t——”

“Let me guess again,” Yao Wenxiao tapped on the table, and continued to analyze: “With Tao Mu’s personality, he obviously doesn’t want to recognize the Shen family. Back then, when the Shen family was well-off, he was still unwilling to recognize each other, let alone now when the Shen family is in straits. But you have to force Tao Mu to recognize the Shen family. So you came to me, probably because you want to use Wenxiao Media to guide public opinion and put pressure on Tao Mu?”

Yao Wenxiao hooked up the corners of his mouth in amusement: “Shen Yu, why didn’t I find out before, that you actually have this kind of scheming?”

“I don’t!” After being exposed by Yao Wenxiao analysis by analysis, and even tossed these scheming thoughts out to bask in the sun, Shen Yu’s face turned green and then white, and he shook his head violently to refute: “I don’t think this, I just think that Dad is suffering now, if he can see his real son, he will be happier.”

Yao Wenxiao sneered: “You didn’t think so before.”

“Remember what you did when the Shen family ran to Hong Kong and wanted to recognize Tao Mu?” Yao Wenxiao deliberately pointed out: “You worked together with Lin Rong’an to forge a fake DNA test, and even ran to Hong Kong Airport to stop the Shen family only to be slapped by Mrs. Shen. It didn’t take long for this to happen, you wouldn’t happen to have forgotten, right?”

Yao Wenxiao ruthlessly tore off Shen Yu’s mask, making Shen Yu have to look directly at his naked greed and desire: “In the end, you just like the power and wealth of the Shen family. Once the Shen family can’t provide you with what you want and the living standards you want, you will treat the Shen family like a worn shoe. Just like you did to me.”

Yao Wenxiao said calmly: “From the beginning, what you cared about is not the familial relationship of the Shen family at all, just like what you cared about at the beginning was not the friendship between us at all. If this is the case, why do you still have to pretend so hard? It’s clearly simple greed, it’s just wanting to seek an identity, status, and life that doesn’t belong to you. Why do you use such beautiful words as kindness, innocence, love, and righteousness to disguise yourself? Are you not tired of living this way? Or, have you been pretending for so long that you even deceived yourself?”


As if some persistence deep in his heart had been broken, Shen Yu could only feel a rush of blood rushing into his head, such that his whole body trembled involuntarily. He couldn’t help clenching his fists, stared at Yao Wenxiao with red eyes, and shouted in a voice full of resentment: “You are talking nonsense. You are talking nonsense. I am not such a person at all. Why do you slander me?”

Not right, not right, it was not like that. It shouldn’t be like this. Shen Yu was the second young master of the Shen family. He should be an innocent, pure, kind, affectionate and righteous son of a wealthy family. He should be loved and helped by all his family and friends, and he should always enjoy everyone’s dedication to him without a bottom line. Shen Yu was not wrong, why did Yao Wenxiao say that?

Shen Yu took a deep breath, and accused Yao Wenxiao with a face of accusation: “Yao Wenxiao, I thought we were still friends, you let me down too much!”

“Friends?” Yao Wenxiao raised his eyebrows: “I’m curious, Shen Yu, how do you define the concept of a friend? When my Yao family was betrayed by your Shen family, I didn’t blame you. I even helped you secretly to vent your anger and suppress those bullies. I even went to Hong Kong to celebrate your birthday. But how did you treat me back then?”

“Use me if you have need, and put me aside when you do not. Now you still have the face to accuse me that I don’t regard you as a friend.” Yao Wenxiao snorted softly: “Shen Yu, you have always wanted to compete with Tao Mu. But you, down to your core, are really much more lacking compared to Tao Mu.”

“Although Tao Mu is shrewd and ruthless, he would not scheme and manipulate those around him or his friends. Those who follow him would always gain greater benefits. Whether it is in terms of career or emotional support, they can all gain a great sense of satisfaction. That’s why more and more people gather around him. But you, who are full of high-sounding principles, only count on the people around you to give and make sacrifices. Once things don’t go your way, you will stand on the moral high ground to criticize. But when you ask others to give and give, have you ever thought about what you have done for others?”

The more Yao Wenxiao talked, the less interested he felt. Before, because of Shen Yu, he felt disdain for Tao Mu’s character. It wasn’t until Sheng’an Group got into a fight with Tao Mu, and his grandfather Yao Sheng’an was defeated by Tao Mu, that Yao Wenxiao began to face Tao Mu seriously.

Then he discovered that Tao Mu, as an opponent and enemy, could inspire hatred, but he could also make people sincerely convinced and willing to concede defeat. His grandfather was calculated by Tao Mu, and even though he lost the Sheng’an Group, he had been full of praise for Tao Mu in private. He felt that Tao Mu must be the most reassuring kind of person as a friend or business partner.

In contrast, Shen Yu was a person who you felt was worthless as an opponent and worthless as a friend.

So much so that Yao Wenxiao now found it unbelievable. How could he have once fallen in love with someone like Shen Yu in the first place?

Shen Yu grew up to be twenty years old, and before meeting Tao Mu, he had always been smooth sailing and attracting everyone’s attention. But since meeting Tao Mu, everything that belonged to him had changed. It was no exaggeration to say that Tao Mu had become Shen Yu’s heart demon, a thorn in his side. Shen Yu could accept anyone saying that he was not good, but absolutely could not bear anyone saying that he was not as good as Tao Mu.

“You’re talking nonsense!” Shen Yu burst into tears, and subconsciously grabbed the ornaments on the table and threw them at Yao Wenxiao: “How can Tao Mu be better than Shen Yu? Tao Mu is just an orphan that no one wants, even his biological parents think he is superfluous and abandoned him as a baby. He has deep scheming and his words are like honey hidden with razors. He should be trampled under others’ feet forever like a puddle of mud. What right does he have to be better than Shen Yu?”

“Are you crazy?” Yao Wenxiao didn’t expect Shen Yu to become violent while talking, and almost missed being hit by the flying ornaments. He quickly called the security guards to come in while dodging.

The security guards outside the door quickly brought Shen Yu under control. Yao Wenxiao was in a state of embarrassment, with a blood-red mark on his cheek. He angrily picked up another phone on the table: “Shen Chen, did you hear that? Your younger brother is crazy, come here and take him away!”

Shen Yu, who was still struggling and crying under the control of the security guards, stopped abruptly. He looked at Yao Wenxiao in disbelief.

Yao Wenxiao sneered and said, “Don’t pretend to be crazy with me. With this time and energy, you should think about how to explain this to the Shen family.”

“Shen Yu!” Yao Wenxiao licked his lips, and wiped the wound on his face with the back of his hand: “You just said something wrong. Although Tao Mu is an orphan, the one who was really abandoned by his parents was not him, but you. And the one who all family and friends love is also him, not you.”

“Fakes will always be fakes. Even if you stole the identity, status and life that should have belong to Tao Mu by chance, you are not him after all.”

One was a smart person who could climb up from the depths of the muddy swamp and strive to stand at the highest place even if he was as insignificant as dust; one was a stupid person who even though he clearly had a good family background, harmonious familial relationships, and a childhood friend who thought the world of him, still frittered away a good deck of cards. Although the two were both human beings, it was absolutely impossible for them to have the same ending even if they were forced into the same situation one day.

“Shen Yu, stop making trouble, and live your own life well. You will never be able to compare with him. And you don’t need to compare with him.”

Seeing that the two of them were once the best of friends after all, Yao Wenxiao couldn’t hold back and said these words anyway. It was also out of good intentions, for fear that Shen Yu would try to take on Tao Mu. With Tao Mu’s ruthless method of doing things, Shen Yu couldn’t beat him at all.

However, what Yao Wenxiao didn’t expect was that the moment he said these words, Shen Yu suddenly opened his eyes wide in fright.

At this moment, time seemed to stand still. Immediately after his vision went dark, Shen Yu seemed to hear the sound of glass breaking again. Shen Yu suddenly felt a sense of nausea. All the scenery rippled like lake water, then spun rapidly, and finally formed a vortex.

Shen Yu could only watch as pictures emerged one after another from the whirlpool.

“Shen Yu? Shen Yu?” Yao Wenxiao looked at Shen Yu, still held between two security guards, who suddenly passed out while struggling fiercely for no apparent reason.

He subconsciously raised the phone and reported to Shen Chen on the other end: “Your younger brother has passed out. It has nothing to do with me, I didn’t touch him.”

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“He’s not my younger brother!” Shen Chen frowned, and said coldly, “Send him to the hospital.”

At the same time, Tao Mu, who was seeing Li Xiaoheng off at the airport, also felt his vision go dark, and fell directly on Li Xiaoheng’s body.

Li Xiaoheng subconsciously caught the person in front of him, frightened out of his wits: “Xiao Mu!”

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