After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 269 First Life Part 1

Dazedly, Tao Mu knew that he had a dream. The dream unfolded with “Tao Mu” as the main viewpoint. However, everything that happened in the dream made Tao Mu feel both familiar and strange——what was familiar were the people, what was not familiar was the relationships between the people and the development of the plot in the dream.

“Tao Mu, why did you only come back now! Where are the boxed lunches? What time is it now? Hurry up! The whole crew is waiting for you! It’s been almost an hour. Why are you always so slow in everything you do?” In his field of vision, a dark and thin face appeared. Tao Mu had a good memory, and immediately recognized this person as the unit manager of the drama “Purple Cloud”.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“Yes, I’m sorry.” Tao Mu heard his flustered apology——no, it wasn’t his own voice.

Tao Mu’s heart jumped, and he was horrified to find that this voice was very familiar: “I didn’t mean it. I was almost hit by car when I went to pick up the boxed lunches——”

“Aiya, don’t explain anymore. Hurry up and put the food down! Everyone is starving.” While talking, the unit manager snatched the thermos box from Tao Mu’s arms and put it on the table beside him. After opening it, he immediately became angry: “Why is it only this? And why is this boxed lunch spilled? Tao Mu, what’s the matter with you? The boxed lunches are spilled like this, how do you have everyone eat this?”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it.” Tao Mu cried and apologized: “I was almost hit by a car when I came back——”

“If you were hit by someone, go to the person who hit you! Now I ask you, after making the boxed lunches like this, how will everyone eat it?” The unit manager cursed angrily: “Tao Mu, are you deliberately trying to make things difficult for me? You can’t even do such a small thing well, what else can you do——”

Before he could finish speaking, he suddenly heard an arrogant and rapid braking sound behind him. Everyone turned their heads and saw a red supercar parked by the side of the road. The car door opened, and a young man with hair dyed blond and wearing a three-piece dark purple suit stepped down. Taking off his sunglasses, he casually asked, “Where is Second Young Master Shen?”

The unit manager didn’t have time to question “Tao Mu”, and immediately moved over to apologize and said with a smile: “Mr. Yao, you are here. Second Young Master Shen has just finished a scene and is resting in his private lounge.”

Tao Mu’s pupils dilated, recognizing that this person was Yao Wenxiao. So the current plot development was that Yao Wenxiao came to visit the film set for Shen Yu?

But why was he dreamimg about these things?

Tao Mu was just thinking about it, when “Tao Mu” in the dream suddenly became excited, pointing at the arrogant Yao Wenxiao and said excitedly: “It’s him! It’s him who almost hit me just now. Only then did I spill the boxed lunches.”

“Who are you!” Yao Wenxiao raised a thick eyebrow, and glared at “Tao Mu”, full of hostility: “You can eat indiscriminately, but you can’t talk indiscriminately. When did I hit you? Hey kid, don’t try to scam me, aren’t you a little too tender?”

“I’m not!” “Tao Mu” had a wronged expression on his face, and he almost cried, “It’s clearly you who drove too fast just now and almost hit me when turning. It was because of you that I fell…..I recognize this car!”

“Hey! You’re still not done, are you?” Yao Wenxiao grabbed “Tao Mu” by the collar angrily, and was about to speak when he was interrupted by a voice from behind.

“Yao Wenxiao!”

Yao Wenxiao, who was originally arrogant and domineering, heard his name being shouted in a voice full of warnings, and immediately let go of “Tao Mu” sheepishly. He smiled ungratiatingly at the direction the voice came from: “Shen Er, you came?”

Tao Mu followed the source of the sound and saw a figure walking towards him surrounded by seven or eight assistants. When the person walked into view, Tao Mu was stunned!

How was this possible?!

Tao Mu was shocked to see that the person Yao Wenxiao called “Shen Er” actually had a face exactly like his. No, it should be said that this “Shen Er” turned out to be him——Shen Yu actually had Tao Mu’s face and turned into Tao Mu’s appearance?

Clearly aware that he was dreaming, but he didn’t know why he had such a dream, Tao Mu was suddenly dumbfounded.

In the dream, the plot was still going on.

“What’s the matter with you?” Shen Yu raised his eyebrows, and asked impatiently, “Who are you in conflict with this time?”

“You can’t blame me this time!” Yao Wenxiao snorted embarrassingly, and squinted at “Tao Mu” who stood next to him aggrieved and indignant: “He insisted that I bumped him with my car. Say, it is broad daylight, I’m not drunk, wouldn’t I know if I hit someone with my car?”

Shen Yu still frowned, his dark eyes moved slightly, and fell on “Tao Mu”.

“Tao Mu” straightened his back subconsciously, and said, “He really almost hit me. He drove too fast when he turned the corner, and knocked me down all at once. So even the boxed lunches were spilled.”

“Hey you kid——” Yao Wenxiao rolled up his sleeves and scolded, “You insist on biting me and not letting me go, are you?”

“Okay!” Shen Yu was already hungry after filming all morning. After waiting in the lounge for a long time, his boxed lunch was still not delivered. He sent his assistant out to inquire, and heard that Yao Wenxiao came to visit his film set, only to get in a quarrel with the assistant who delivered the boxed lunches. So Shen Yu got impatient and simply came out by himself. But he didn’t come here to break the lawsuit for these two people.

“Call your restaurant!” Shen Yu’s face was dark, and he ordered angrily: “Hurry up and send a batch of boxed lunches over.”

Yao Wenxiao thought that Shen Yu was taking the side of this nonsensical little assistant in front of him, and immediately became anxious: “No! Why? I didn’t bump into him!”

“I don’t care if you hit him or not. I’m almost starving to death!” Shen Yu glared at Yao Wenxiao angrily, and gestured at the set with his chin: “Look at how hungry everyone is? I hung on the wire all morning. In the afternoon there are still more scenes to film. Yet you still stand here and waste time with him. Do you want to starve me to death?”

“Besides, you came here under the pretense of visiting me, yet you didn’t even bring a cup of milk tea, and you even clipped our film crew’s boxed lunch assistant. Am I wrong to ask you to pay for a meal?”

“What’s the matter, do you still want this little assistant to repay the crew a meal?” Shen Yu said, sweeping Tao Mu with his long and narrow phoenix eyes, and said lightly, “Do I need to remind you how much he earns a month?”

Yao Wenxiao was speechless after being lectured, and like a husky that fell into the water, he complained with a whine: “I can’t say no to you, you only know to bully me! You knew how to bully me since you were a child! Do rich people have no human rights? So it’s always our fault once we get in a conflict with the poor?”

“Shen Er, you are too biased!”

Yao Wenxiao complained with his mouth, but his hands didn’t stop. He took out his mobile phone and called the manager of his restaurant’s branch in H Town, asking him to quickly make a few tables and deliver them over. Every dish was Tao Mu’s favorite.

During this period, Tao Mu was also adding his two cents on the side. This dish would not add onion and that dish would not add garlic. He even listed in detail which dish to add a certain number of spoonfuls of sugar and which dish to stew for a certain amount of minutes. In the end, he still did not forget to tell: “Have the master chef cook personally, I will not eat the food cooked by the little apprentices.”

Yao Wenxiao rolled his eyes: “Got it! As if you still need to say this.”

He complained again: “It’s just my bad luck. I came to visit your set, and I have to pick up the tab for a few meals.”

Shen Yu squinted at Yao Wenxiao: “Do you want me to wire you the money?”

Yao Wenxiao hurriedly apologized and said, “No, no, you eat, order whatever you want, if it’s not enough, keep adding more.”

Shen Yu snorted and said nothing more.

Seeing this, the unit manager who was standing at the side thanked him again and again: “Thank you, Mr. Yao, and thank you, Second Young Master Shen. If it weren’t for your help, the production crew would have had a hard time organizing the meal today.”

Each crew had a limited budget. A single meal cost at least a few thousand yuan. If Shen Yu and Yao Wenxiao didn’t take care of this matter, the unit manager and the assistant would have to pay for the meal. So the unit manager said this not only to compliment Shen Yu and Yao Wenxiao, he was also truly grateful.

When going out to work and earn a living, a few thousand yuan was no small matter. How many group extras in H Town earn less than 2,000 yuan a month! What was more, Yao Wenxiao was a wealthy young master with a generous hand, and the sum of the tables he ordered was at least 20,000 yuan. This was equivalent to giving the whole crew extra meals. So don’t even mention the unit manager, even the director and several other actors who rushed over after hearing the commotion thanked him repeatedly.

Only the other person involved stood there reluctantly, with a face full of class struggle.

Seeing this, the unit manager secretly poked “Tao Mu” in the back to let “Tao Mu” also hurry up to thank him.

However, “Tao Mu” just bit his lip and stood there indignantly, head raised and neck stiff. He felt he had done nothing wrong. It was Mr. Yao who was wrong. Why drive the car so fast, wasn’t it because he was relying on how much money his family has? What a big deal!

“It’s not my fault. He almost hit me in the first place!” “Tao Mu” didn’t take it seriously when he saw the direct and indirect hinting gestures from the unit manager, and spouted complaints.

“Hey you kid——” Yao Wenxiao felt uncomfortable when he saw “Tao Mu” like that. He was just about to roll up his sleeves and show his teeth, but the director standing on the side quickly said, “What’s the matter with this person? Don’t you even know to admit your mistakes? Who hired this person, fire him now!”

“That’s right!” Yao Wenxiao put his hands on his waist and lifted his chin, shouting to the sky: “Fire him——”

Before he could finish speaking, Shen Yu slapped him on the head.

“Enough! Towards a child, why are you quibbling with him?” Shen Yu pressed his stomach impatiently, his mood becoming worse because of hunger.

Seeing this, the director and several other actors standing by the side smiled and flattered him: “Second Young Master Shen is really kind and generous. Since you said that, then this matter…..”

As the director spoke, he looked at Yao Wenxiao again. After all, Yao Wenxiao was also an investor in this drama.

Yao Wenxiao covered the back of his head and sneered: “Who isn’t a precious baby here? Why can’t I quibble with him——”

Before finishing speaking, Yao Wenxiao received Shen Yu’s glare, and Yao Wenxiao could only keep silent, forcefully maintaining his respect: “Fine. Don’t quibble, don’t quibble. These days, doing good deeds must depend on the person, and I will treat this as a meal fed to the dog——”

Before he finished speaking, Shen Yu slapped his head once again: “How do you talk? Who are you feeding, who is a dog?”

Only then did Yao Wenxiao realize that his angry words just now were ambiguous, and immediately apologized with a smile: “No. I mean that this small assistant of your crew is a dog who bites the hand that feeds it, and doesn’t know good people. He is ungrateful, he is.”

Shen Yu didn’t bother to talk to him anymore. Clutching his stomach, he walked back to the lounge while surrounded by a large group of people. Yao Wenxiao ran along behind Shen Yu like a husky running in the wind. Not at all the arrogant and domineering attitude he had in front of “Tao Mu” just now.

The unit manager glared at “Tao Mu” who was standing there gloomily, and snorted coldly: “Why are you so incapable of doing anything? Let me tell you, it’s because you are so young and an orphan, which is quite pitiful that I let you in the crew as an assistant. But if you continue to be such a failure, and you make trouble for me, then you should piss off as far away as you can! I don’t want to be implicated by you. Do you hear me!”

“Tao Mu” was also full of grievances. He just felt that he had worked hard all day, but in the end he was almost hit by a car and then scolded, and was even almost kicked out of the crew. The only person who spoke for him also had such a condescending face, as if he didn’t take him seriously at all. Why? Why was it that everyone was about the same age, yet those people could do whatever they want with the help of their family background? Wasn’t it just because they were born with a golden spoon in their mouth, wasn’t it just because they were reincarnated into a good family?

“Tao Mu” was indignant and depressed. But he didn’t dare to offend the unit manager, so he could only nod aggrievedly. The unit manager didn’t want to see “Tao Mu”‘s gloomy face, so he waved his hand in disdain. Watching “Tao Mu” sobbing all the way into the bathroom with cold eyes, he shook his head involuntarily.

——When he first saw the child, he felt that the child was fair and pure. But as a result, after having more contact with him, he realized that this child was indeed pitiful, but the pitiful person must have something to be despised, and this old saying was absolutely true.

On the other side, “Tao Mu” who had sobbed in sadness all the way into the bathroom, now stood in front of the sink washing his face.

After experiencing that “people not matching” dream sequence just now, Tao Mu had already had some vague guesses in his heart. But when the dreaming Tao Mu saw “Tao Mu” with his own eyes in the mirror, as expected it was Shen Yu’s delicate and pitiful face, Tao Mu was still beyond shock.

What was going on?!

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Tao Mu, whose brain almost short-circuited, was thinking hard in his dream. Suddenly, he thought of the countless lives of reincarnation and revenge that Shen Chen had described to him. Shen Chen said that he had experienced so many reincarnations that he could no longer remember the sequence of each life, let alone why there were so many reincarnations. However——

Looking at the face of “Tao Mu” with the face of “Shen Yu” in the mirror, Tao Mu suddenly had a moment of enlightenment as if in a trance. Maybe everything he saw now was the real source of so many reincarnations!

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    Now I’m very curious to know how the baby switch in the nursery happened. Could it be that some crazy wish of Shen Yu made Shen Yan switch babies in the past(next life)? Or do they switch bodies every?


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