Source of Calamity CH 035 Cute Like A Husky

At 6:30 in the morning, Shen Zhen woke up from his sleep. He stepped on the carpet with bare feet and opened the curtains to look outside. The building he lived in was in the very center of the city. Every night, the lights were bright and the night scene was dreamlike. In the morning, the sky was foggy, the beautiful scenery disappeared, and the buildings looked plain. Shen Zhen yawned at the window, and turned on the water to wash and brush his teeth while still in just underwear.

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Mama Zhang had already prepared breakfast. Seeing Shen Zhen come out, she reminded, “The temperature is cooling down again, you should wear more, don’t catch a cold.”

The temperature inside was just right, Shen Zhen said, “Got it, I’ll go out in a down jacket, and I won’t come back for lunch at noon.”

Mama Zhang had already eaten, she picked up a roll of yarn and sat on the sofa, wanting to knit a scarf for Shen Zhen.

When Shen Zhen was putting on his shoes in the walkway, he kept staring at Mama Zhang, thinking of his own mother.

Opening the door and going out, Shen Zhen thought to himself, he didn’t even remember what his own mother looked like.

Walking downstairs, Shen Zhen saw Su Shiqing waiting on the side of the road at a glance. Su Shiqing seemed to be in a good mood. He was talking on the phone with someone, with a smile on his mouth, affection in his eyes, and even his eyebrows were beaming.

Shen Zhen walked over, Su Shiqing noticed Shen Zhen, and then said to the person on the other end of the phone: “I have something to do, I’ll call you after the matter is settled.”

Something seemed to be said on the other line, Su Shiqing replied with a smile: “Okay, I wll remember, and you should also remember to have breakfast, I will hang up first.”

He hung up the phone, then turned to Shen Zhen and said, “Xiao Zhen, you’re here.”

Shen Zhen didn’t care who he was talking on the phone with, he wasn’t interested in Su Shiqing’s private life at all.

As for whether there was a patch of green grassland on Qin Yue’s head, it was none of his business.

“Let’s go.” Shen Zhen said, “Take a taxi.”

Su Shiqing was in a bright mood today. When he looked at Shen Zhen, he even felt that Shen Zhen looked friednlier than before. He put on a familiar attitude and said to Shen Zhen: “Xiao Zhen, what kind of people are your parents? From now on, we will be brothers too, so we need to interact frequently.”

Shen Zhen sneered: “Don’t act like we are so familiar, I don’t know you well, if you have nothing to do, go play with your mobile phone, don’t talk to me, lest I go back on my word.”

As soon as Su Shiqing heard the words “go back on his word”, Su Shiqing shut his mouth in a sensible manner.

He glanced at Shen Zhen a little aggrieved, but soon calmed down again.

Why be angry with Shen Zhen, no matter what happened to Shen Zhen, Qin Yue would not love him, only love himself.

What was more, his “good friend” had also returned to China, and he was also going to be registered under the Shen family. His future would only get better and better.

At that time, if Shen Zhen was down on his luck and had something to beg from him, then he would also just ignore him.

Su Shiqing even imagined Shen Zhen begging himself in his mind. His mood instantly improved, and he the smile on his face remained in place when he got into the taxi.

Of course, Shen Zhen didn’t know what Su Shiqing was thinking, but Su Shiqing often acted mental, and Shen Zhen was used to it.

Of course the Shen family also knew about this, as the butler of the Qin family came to tell them the news. But they only knew that someone was coming to the Shen family, which was a big deal, but also not a big deal.

It was a big deal because once they were registered to the Shen family, it was equivalent to having one more person in the family.

It was not a big deal because, so long as the person arrived at the Shen family, they only needed to maintain a decent veneer of cordiality. However, it was impossible for them to treat that person like their own child.

But after all, it was a big event, so the Shen family got up early and dressed very formally.

Shen Fu wore a Chinese tunic suit, holding his dragon-headed cane, and his three sons followed behind him. Shen Fu turned his head to look at his sons. His sons had grown up and had their own thoughts. He pretended not to know, but it didn’t mean he was really demented.

Of these three sons, the second child, Shen Yun, was too timid, the third child, Shen Mu, was too reckless, and the fourth child, Shen Li…..this child hadn’t matured at all yet.

Shen Fu sighed.

If it wasn’t Shen Zhen who he sent away at that time, maybe it would be a different situation now.

Shen Fu himself did not expect that the Qin family would raise Shen Zhen like that.

Haggling over every cent, every grievance must be repaid, but he was also cool-headed enough and well-organized enough.

There was a wolf in Shen Zhen, which was what the Shen family lacked now.

However, it was useless to regret now, after all, Shen Zhen’s heart was not with the Shen family now, no matter how well he did for himself, the Shen family would not get any benefit.

Since Shen Li was beaten up by Shen Zhen last time, he became a little cowed when he heard that Shen Zhen was going to bring someone over, so he whispered to his older brothers: “He won’t beat me again, will he?”

Shen Mu: “What are you afraid of, can’t you just hit back?”

Shen Li: “You don’t feel pain in your back when you stand and talk! It’s not you who got beaten up. Last time he beat me up, you didn’t even help me. Are you still my third brother or not?”

Shen Mu looked at Shen Li contemptuously: “He is about the same size as you, and yet you were one sidedly beaten up. No one would believe it even if it was spread to the public, yet you still want me to sideline the fight?”

Shen Li’s face was shamed by the words, and he snorted, feeling that he was no longer the most favored child in the family.

“Who is he going to bring here?” Shen Li was still a little curious, “Can’t the Qin family afford to support them? They are even stuffing them into our house.”

Shen Mu shrugged: “How do I know, anyway, it’s good that it isn’t Shen Zhen returning to the Shen family.”

Shen Li whispered: “I think it would be good for him to come back, he can help me beat people up.”

After all, he was also a brother born from the same mother. If Shen Zhen returned to the Shen family, he would go out to play with him in the future, and whoever dared to offend him he would let Shen Zhen beat them up. Thinking about it this way it was quite a good idea.

Shen Mu: “That’s all you will amount to.”

Shen Li turned his head, unwilling to talk to Shen Mu again.

However, Shen Yun said at this time: “Even if we beg Shen Zhen to come back now, Shen Zhen will not come back. You don’t know that Shen Zhen now has his own real estate company, an internet information company, and in addition to being supported and escorted by the Qin family. As if he would return to the Shen family.”

Thinking about it this way, the threat posed by Shen Zhen was much less.

Shen Li: “Oh…..that’s pretty good.”

Shen Mu also said, “A very good thing.”

Their attention was soon diverted from Shen Zhen.

Shen Li sneered and said: “I don’t know who is the guy who wants to be registered under our family? Does he want to take advantage of us? I’ll let him know just why the flowers are so colorful and bright.”

Shen Yun reminded him: “Being sent by the Qin family, maybe we even have to flatter him.”

Shen Li: “Tch…..”

When Shen Zhen arrived with Su Shiqing, the Shen family was already sitting in the living room. The butler led Shen Zhen in. Su Shiqing kept looking around at the villa. Of course, it was not as big as the Qin family manor, but it was much better than the Su family’s house. The Shen family was a nouveau riche, but its foundation was unstable, so similar to an upstart.

Although the Su family was old, they had no money. Without money, they had no right to speak or status.

Su Shiqing looked around, and towards the Shen family he became more and more satisfied, making up his mind to build a good relationship with the Shen family.

“Xiao Zhen is here.” Shen Fu stood up and spoke to Shen Zhen with a smile.

Shen Zhen was as polite as facing a stranger: “There was a traffic jam on the road, and I came a little late, so I apologize for keeping you waiting for a long time.”

Shen Fu shook his head, and replied with a fatherly face: “Not a big matter, we were waiting for you at home, and there was no wind and sun. Please have a seat.”

This time, the treatment was completely different from the last time.

The Shen family knew the interests involved, and they were not fools.

Shen Zhen’s status had risen, and it was not that they had no benefits at all.

At least now that they go out, when other people hear their surname was Shen, and if they ask about their relationship with Shen Zhen, a difficult business deal could be instantly easier.

In addition, Shen Zhen had never intended to return to the Shen family, and would not compete with his brothers for family inheritance. Of course, the Shen family’s attitude towards him would only be better.

“This is Su Shiqing.” Shen Zhen introduced.

Su Shiqing sat obediently by the side, and without being told, he greeted, “Uncle Shen.”

Shen Fu handed over a red envelope, which contained a card. He smiled and said, “Xiao Su is here for the first time, and Uncle didn’t prepare any greeting gifts. Take it and go buy something you like.”

Su Shiqing breathed a sigh of relief, it seemed that Shen Zhen’s family members were not as difficult to get close to as Shen Zhen himself.

“You guys talk first, I’m going to the bathroom.” Shen Zhen stood up, walked to face Shen Li, and said indifferently, “Get up and lead the way.”

Shen Li: “…..”

Originally, Shen Li wanted to yell at Shen Zhen for acting mental, but he was afraid of being beaten, so he stood up cowardly, and obediently took Shen Zhen to the bathroom, not understanding why Shen Zhen always focused on bullying him.

Did he have a face that invited bullying?

On the way to the bathroom, Shen Zhen suddenly said, “Do you have cigarettes? Go to the balcony to smoke one?”

Shen Li: “Okay, okay, I don’t even dare to smoke at home…..” Before the words finished, Shen Li was stunned, the person next to him was Shen Zhen! Not his other two older brothers.

“Go or not?” Shen Zhen stared at him with a half-smile.

Shen Li wanted to say no, but his itch for a smoke reared its head, his throat feeling itchy, and he finally gave in: “Go, go.”

Standing on the balcony, the two of them took a deep inhale of their cigarette with an intoxicated face: “Feels good!”

Shen Zhen held a cigarette in his hand, but didn’t smoke it. He lit the cigarette and let it burn by itself.

“The person I brought is not valued in the Qin family.” Shen Zhen said, “The Qin family doesn’t care what happens to him.”

Shen Li’s eyes widened: “What do you mean?”

Shen Zhen smiled and said, “I mean, I don’t like him very much.”

Shen Li understood: “You want me to help you take revenge?”

Shen Zhen patted him on the shoulder, smiled and said, “Don’t speak so harshly.”

Shen Li rolled his eyes: “Why should I help you?”

“It’s not helping me.” Shen Zhen looked at him with caring eyes for the mentally handicapped, “It’s helping yourselves. We will go back in five minutes, and you will find that he has taken your place in the Shen family.”

Shen Li looked at him with contempt: “Are you kidding me? A person who has only been at my house for five minutes can take my place? Why don’t you just say you can fly?”

Shen Zhen was calm and relaxed, “I never lie.”

When five minutes were up, Shen Zhen said to Shen Li, “Let’s go and see if I can fly.”

Shen Li didn’t believe it at all, and walked ahead confidently, he was the most favored one at home.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Shen Zhen said behind Shen Li: “Has anyone ever told you that you are actually quite cute?”

Shen Li’s ears were a little red, and he said sternly: “Don’t think that if you praise me, I will listen to you.”

Shen Zhen clicked his tongue: “As cute as a husky.”

Shen Li: “…..” Someone give him a knife!

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