After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 270 First Life Part 2

He clearly knew that he was dreaming, and vaguely guessed why the “Tao Mu” in this life turned into Shen Yu. Tao Mu, who was even more curious about what would happen next, calmed down and watched the development of the dream patiently.

“Tao Mu” cried for a long time in the bathroom, and when he finally returned to the set with red and swollen eyes, everyone had almost finished their lunch. “Tao Mu” missed the time to get the boxed lunch, and it was the unit manager who scolded him just now who kindly helped “Tao Mu” get a boxed lunch. It was just that “Tao Mu” stayed in the bathroom for too long, and the boxed lunch was already cold. In order to please his childhood friend, Yao Wenxiao ordered all the dishes according to Shen Er’s taste. Shen Er was from Shanghai, so he was more used to eating Shanghainese food. Shanghainese food was originally in the style of thick oily red sauce, and so the taste was a bit greasy when it was cold. Of course, the chef’s skills were extraordinary, “Tao Mu” still gobbled down the boxed lunch. He could also hear the other staff members of the production team flattering Yao Wenxiao and the Second Young Master Shen. Saying that Yao Wenxiao was straightforward and generous, and said that although Second Young Master Shen came from a wealthy family, he was able to endure hardships. He didn’t even need a stand-in for filming wire and fight scenes, and he could even ride horses and shoot arrows. He was indeed a noble son from a true wealthy family. The foundation was simply stronger than those idol stars who just rely on their faces to make a living.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“Tao Mu” curled his lips, disapproving. He felt that Shen Er was just born well, knew how to reincarnate, and had such a pair of rich and powerful parents, so he had the time to learn so many things. For someone like him with a bad fate who was born as an orphan, he had to work hard to survive. The reason he could even complete the nine-year compulsory education was by relying on national policies. And it was a luxury to even go to high school, let alone go to university.

It was obvious that they looked down on people from above, and because they had money to buy people’s hearts, everyone flattered them like they were blind. They didn’t even care about what was right or wrong. It was clearly not his fault, but he was forced to apologize. And he was almost kicked out of the crew just to please them. “Tao Mu” became more and more sad and indignant as he thought about it. He ate the last mouthful of the boxed lunch, but before he had time to even drink a sip of water, he was called to work by the props team.

“Tao Mu” accidentally got a side stitch. Clutching his stomach, he complained of pain, and his face even turned pale from the pain. Seeing this, the assistant director in charge of props and scenery stopped “Tao Mu” from working, and told him to find a corner to rest and come back later.

“Tao Mu” nodded again and again, expressing his thanks, but even more disapproving in his heart. He felt that it was the prop master’s fault that he would get a stitch in his side. Who would force someone to do work while they were still chewing rice grains right after eating? It was simply oppressive child labor.

“Tao Mu” continued to be aggrieved, completely forgetting that the reason why he ate later than others was all because he stayed too long in the bathroom. Besides, the crew had a schedule for filming. When to shoot and what scene to shoot, the prop team must drive out the set props first, so as to ensure the smooth progress of the follow-up shooting work. When one was in a hurry, it was not uncommon for one to work all day hungry, let alone work immediately after eating.

Of course “Tao Mu” would not consider these things. Holding his stomach and hiding in the corner to be lazy. In fact, when the prop master asked him to rest, “Tao Mu” didn’t hurt so much anymore. But it was a fool who would not rest when they were able to. “Tao Mu” was a self-proclaimed smart person, how could he do such a stupid thing.

So this afternoon, “Tao Mu” leisurely shirked his work. Seeing Second Young Master Shen, who was praised and flattered by the entire crew, exchanging moves with the martial arts director and martial arts stand-ins until late into the night, more and more he felt that there was something wrong with Second Young Master Shen.

When obviously he could use a stand-in to film and it was fine to just pose for a few camera takes in front of the camera, but that Second Young Master Shen had to go battle in person, so he was covered in bruises and rub medicine every day. He heard that when the medicine was applied to him, he lost his temper with his assistant because it hurt too much. Wasn’t this the act of an idle person with nothing better to do? He caused the injuries to himself, what right did he have to lose his temper with his assistant? Were assistants not human? Was it wrong to help him apply the medicine with a kind heart?

“Tao Mu” commiserated with Shen Er’s assistant in private, and even found opportunities to try and get close to Shen Er’s assistant. When he learned that Second Master Shen’s assistant was actually a classmate of his at the same school, but because his family was short of money, so he came to work as an assistant for Shen Er temporarily, he became even more indignant.

“How can he do this? Since you are classmates, why didn’t he just lend you money if you are short of money? He also asked you to be his assistant. Isn’t he bullying people?”

“Why do you think this?” The little assistant looked at “Tao Mu” strangely, and couldn’t help but defend Shen Er: “Don’t you have to pay back the borrowed money? Besides, how can this be about money? I am studying advertising planning. It is very helpful for my profession to have the opportunity to personally experience how a film crew shoots. As the saying goes, it is better to teach a man to fish than to give him a fish, and I have to thank Shen Yu for giving me this opportunity.”

Shen Er’s classmate was named Fu Ran, and like Shen Er, he was a top student of Fudan University. It was just that Shen Er was from the Economics Department, and Fu Ran was from the Advertising Department of the School of Journalism. The two were even roommates. Because of his family relationship, Shen Er had been pampered since he was a child and had never suffered much. His temper was a bit arrogant, but he was still easy to get along with in front of family and friends.

Fu Ran’s family was poor, and when he first knew that there was such a big Buddha as Shen Er living in his dormitory, he was very worried. He was afraid that if he accidentally offended the rich young master, or accidentally damaged Shen Er’s things, he wouldn’t be able to pay for it. At that time, he literally trembled over even taking a breath in the dormitory. But as a result, after getting along day and night, Fu Ran found that although Shen Er’s temper was not very good, there was nothing to complain about his character.

He never looked down on others just because his family was rich, let alone show off his wealth deliberately in the dormitory. Just like ordinary people, he skipped classes and stayed up late to play games, and rushed to cram before exams. And his personality was very attentive and considerate, he looked cool and domineering, but his heart was actually very soft. Take Fu Ran becoming his assistant for example, it was because Shen Er accidentally learned that Fu Ran didn’t plan to go back to his hometown during the summer vacation, and instead wanted to distribute flyers outside or work as a cashier to earn tuition and living expenses, so he took the initiative to ask.

“Since you want to take a summer job, come and be my assistant. I’m going to make a drama in the summer vacation, and I just need a life assistant. I’ll give you 8,000 yuan a month, and you join me in the crew. Aren’t you studying advertising? You will have a chance to discuss with the director how to shoot.” When Shen Er said these words, Fu Ran was very embarrassed. It was nothing else, he just didn’t think he was worth 8,000 yuan. One must know that many seniors who graduated from senior year found their first job with a monthly salary of only three or four thousand yuan. What virtue and ability did he, Fu Ran, have to actually make that much money right off the bat.

Fu Ran knew that Shen Yu gave this salary because he had already calculated the total cost of his tuition and living expenses, but Fu Ran felt that he could not agree.

Then Shen Er said again: “You don’t have to feel embarrassed. There must be a reason for me to give this number. You will know when the time comes. As the boss, I have a lot of peculiarities. I will be the one embarrassed if I give less.”

Hearing what Shen Er said, Fu Ran had no choice but to accept the job for now. So he came to H Town with doubts, and secretly thought that if the job was particularly easy and he could also learn something, he would definitely not be able to ask for so much money. In the end, it was not until he got to work officially that he found that Shen Er wasn’t lying at all. After work at two o’clock in the middle of the night, he still dragged Fu Ran to practice lines with him, and then at five o’clock in the morning he had to drive to the breakfast shop to buy a breakfast that matched Shen Er’s taste. And that was just the easiest of his work responsibilities.

The most important thing was that Shen Er, who was addicted to filming, was particularly emotionally unstable. He was not professionally trained, and he had no acting experience. It was the first time he had acted as a male lead, so he was naturally under great pressure. Because Shen Er was the kind of character who must win even if he played a children’s game. So even if he entered the entertainment circle to play around, he must still play above the standard line.

So in this case, in order to relieve the pressure, Shen Er sometimes “tormented” the people around him——for example, when he couldn’t sleep in the middle of the night he would suddenly call the director to see the film footage. When Fu Ran brought the film footage over, he would look through it frame by frame, and retake the parts he was not satisfied with the next day. So much so that the entire crew kept reworking the same scenes. At the beginning, everyone complained, but once they got used to Shen Er’s behavior, they would feel that this kind of person was actually very pure and rare.

One didn’t need to think about financial pressure, life pressure, and messy things like interpersonal relationships. One just had to make sure to do the thing at hand well. Fu Ran felt that “the heart of a child” was the most appropriate way to describe Shen Yu.

Just like a large beast that looked very lethal, it might be scary at the beginning and you dared not approach it, but once you got used to it and looked at it for a long time, you would feel admiration and even dependence in your heart. Feeling very lucky to be able to walk behind this kind of person. Because all the wind and frost on the way forward were endured by him alone, you only need to stare at his back and walk forward with one heart and one mind. When you suddenly come back to your senses, you would be surprised to find that you have already climbed to the top. And you could see more beautiful and magnificent scenery.

Fu Ran also heard about the conflict between “Tao Mu” and Yao Wenxiao. He knew that “Tao Mu” was an orphan. He was only seventeen or eighteen years old this year. He was about the same age as them but he couldn’t go to college but had to go out to make a living. He felt that it was not easy for this child, so he kindly advised him: “Don’t treat Shen Yu with prejudice, he’s actually a really nice guy.”

“Tao Mu” sneered secretly. He felt that Fu Ran was also the kind of superficial person who “gained benefits so had to return the favor”. Because he took Shen Er’s eight thousand yuan, he felt that Shen Er was a good person. But in fact, for a person like Shen Er, what was eight thousand yuan? It was just a single meal’s money. It sounded so good on the surface, but it was just enslaving his classmate. Only a person like Fu Ran would be grateful. Perhaps in Shen Er’s mind, that he could spend money to hire a top student from Fudan University to be his assistant and be able to boss him around was actually a point of pride!

Thinking of this, “Tao Mu” suddenly felt something was off: “I heard from other crew members that the Second Young Master Shen is only 18 years old this year, why is he already in college?”

“He is actually not yet eighteen! Shen Yu’s birthday is on July 7th. Speaking of which, he will celebrate his birthday this year with the crew.” Fu Ran smiled before answering “Tao Mu”: “I heard that Shen Yu went to school two years earlier. Because the eldest son of the Shen family is a child prodigy who skipped grades all throughout school, graduating from a well-known foreign university when he was less than twenty years old. Then he returned to China to formally take over the business of the Shen Group. Shen Yu admired his elder brother very much, it’s just that in his own words, his brain is not as smart as his elder brother’s. So he went to school two years earlier to try to follow in his elder brother’s footsteps.”

“Tao Mu” didn’t hear what Fu Ran said afterwards, and asked in a daze: “The Second Young Master Shen’s birthday is on July 7?”

“Yeah!” Fu Ran nodded and asked curiously, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing!” “Tao Mu” shook his head absentmindedly. He just didn’t expect such a coincidence. That Second Young Master Shen’s birthday was actually exactly the same as his birthday.

He heard from the director of the orphanage that when he was picked up, he was wearing a bracelet on his arm with his date of birth on it, which was also July 7th!

“Tao Mu” looked at the film set with a complicated face. At Second Young Master Shen who was so tired that he was sweating profusely, and even his makeup was worn off. And after applying his makeup, he still went back to exchange moves with the martial arts instructor.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The two people were born on the same day in the same year, one was an orphan who was tragically abandoned by his biological parents, and the other was the noble young master of a wealthy family. One was a pitiful person who had to step into society after graduating from junior high school and struggled to survive after experiencing the indifference and disdain of the world. The other was a lucky guy who could enter school two years early, study at a prestigious university, and play the leading role so easily after first stepping into the entertainment circle to play around.

Why was God so unfair? That the ranks between people should be so clearly divided!

“Tao Mu” tightly clenched his fists, feeling as if a seasoning box had been spilled in his heart, all kinds of flavors exploded, sour, salty, bitter, spicy, except that there was no sweetness.

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  1. So even in the original timeline Our MC was a decent guy, but the “protagonist” was still spiteful and lazy. A great shame for the Shen family to have missed out of this in their various re-runs.

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