Source of Calamity CH 036 Usefulness Value

“Am I seeing wrong?” Shen Li rubbed his eyes, suspecting that he was hallucinating.

If it was not a hallucination, how should this scene be explained?

Originally, Su Shiqing was sitting alone on the sofa. For some reason, he was now sitting next to Shen Yun and Shen Mu. Forget about Shen Yun. Shen Li knew what his second brother was like, that was simply a smiling character, but Shen Mu was not. Shen Mu was similar to himself, his emotions were written on his face.

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Now Su Shiqing was sitting between the two of them, holding a teacup in his hand, and Shen Yun and Shen Mu were talking and laughing with him, the picture of harmony. Those who didn’t know better would have thought Su Shiqing was their younger brother.

Shen Li felt very uncomfortable, feeling as if his brothers had been snatched away.

“Anyway, it’s just because he is a guest.” Shen Li said stiffly.

Shen Zhen: “Oh, really? From now on, he will not be a guest.”

Shen Li glanced at Shen Zhen and felt that Shen Zhen did not have good intentions, but the scene in front of him was so disgusting to him, so Shen Li ignored Shen Zhen. He walked over swaggeringly, and sat down next to Shen Mu: “Third Brother , what are you talking about?”

Shen Mu smiled and said, “Shi Qing is talking about his past.”

Shen Li said sarcastically: “How long have you known each other? Now it’s Shi Qing? How very affectionate.”

Shen Zhen still sat alone on the other side, drinking tea with a smile, and when he looked up, he saw Shen Fu staring at him, so Shen Zhen stood up and walked to Shen Fu’s side.

“What I mean, you should understand, right?” Shen Zhen said gently.

Shen Fu said with a smile: “There is no one who knows the son like the father.”

Shen Zhen looked at Shen Li and the others, and chuckled lowly: “It is good if you understand what I mean.”

Shen Mu impatiently said to Shen Li: “What are you doing acting so crazy all of a sudden? Did Shi Qing offend you or provoke you? How old are you, yet you’re still as intolerant as a child?”

Shen Li was scolded and asked incredulously: “Third Brother, am I your younger brother or is he your younger brother?”

Shen Mu said coldly: “From today on, he is also my younger brother.”

Shen Li: “…..Say that again?”

“Don’t argue anymore.” Su Shiqing sat there, his neck tucked in, looking timid and frightened, and his body was even trembling slightly, like a little quail. “Please don’t quarrel over me.”

“Xiao Li.” Su Shiqing looked at Shen Li, his eyes full of sincerity, “If I did something wrong, I apologize to you, but don’t lose your temper at Ah Mu, what don’t you like about me? Could I change it?”

Shen Li scolded him in irritation: “Did I say you can talk? Can you shut up?”

“How do you talk?!” Shen Yun frowned, and he lectured Shen Li, “You bullied Shi Qing, yet Shi Qing apologized to you, what else do you want? Your temper is getting bigger and bigger. Do you even think that God is the boss and you’re the second-in-command? Apologize to Shi Qing!”

Shen Li pointed at his nose and asked incredulously, “Me? I apologize to him?”

“No, there’s no need to apologize.” Su Shiqing said quickly, “I must have done something wrong, so no need to apologize to me, Xiao Li, I apologize to you, I’m sorry, don’t be angry, okay?”

Shen Li laughed angrily.

Shen Mu: “Did you hear that? Why don’t you apologize quickly?”

Shen Yun: “You’re not very capable, but you have a big temper.”

“You are lecturing me because of him?” Shen Li pointed at Su Shiqing, “Do you still remember who your younger brother is?”

Shen Mu said impatiently: “You think we want you as a younger brother? I would rather Shi Qing be my younger brother.”

Shen Yun didn’t speak, but there was affirmation in his expression.

Shen Li suddenly felt that the sky was falling.

He turned his head to look at Su Shiqing.

This person had the face of a little white rabbit, but he had the abilities of a vixen. He gritted his teeth fiercely, wishing that Su Shiqing would die.

“I’ll be leaving first.” Shen Zhen put down the teacup.

Everyone’s eyes focused on Shen Zhen again, and Shen Zhen raised his eyebrows and said, “Su Shiqing will be left to you.”

“By the way.” Shen Zhen seemed to remember something, and added, “If there is any problem in regards to him, don’t come to me, I won’t take care of it.”

After saying this, Shen Zhen turned and left the Shen family.

With Su Shiqing around, it was enough to stir up the peace in the Shen family, but with Shen Fu and Shen Li around, Su Shiqing would not be able to live a good life in the Shen family.

As for Su Yutong and Su Jinghan, they were not ready to be used yet.

With a smile on the corner of Shen Zhen’s mouth, he felt that today’s foggy weather looked extraordinarily beautiful.

Letting Su Shiqing go to the Shen family, there would be no peace on both sides.


“Do you think this suit suits me?” Su Yutong was asking Su Jinghan. He was wearing a dark gray suit with a vest inside. It was very formal. He hadn’t dressed so formally for a long time.

Su Jinghan also changed into a black evening dress, showing her flawless back, and her hair was specially styled. She examined Su Yutong and said with a smile, “Very good.”

Su Yutong: “Damn, you look like a black widow.”

Su Jinghan threw a slap over: “Do you know how to talk? If you can’t talk, just shut up.”

Su Yutong touched the back of his head after being slapped, and grinned: “I didn’t expect that we still have today.”

It had been a long time since they entered a formal occasion. They had gone when they were young. Later, the Su family declined more and more, so they could only play with the children of the same status. The people they met were like that, and so their style was also lower and lower.

Su Yutong was so nervous he sprayed the wrong cologne, so he had to change out of his suit again, take another shower, and sprayed it again.

At the appointed time, Su Yutong went to get in the driver’s seat. Su Jinghan was talking to Father Su. Father Su was smiling and beaming with joy. He said to Su Jinghan, “Be careful when talking to people, don’t offend anyone.”

Su Jinghan: “Dad, I know.”

Father Su sighed: “Opportunities like this don’t come often, so we must seize them.”

Su Jinghan: “Anyway, as long as Su Shiqing gets out of this family, I will feel much better.”

She was very relaxed: “Dad, don’t help them, lest Young Master Shen find out, we can’t explain it.”

Father Su waved his hand: “Do you think your father has dementia? I know who is close and who isn’t.”

Su Yuan and Su Shiqing, these two were the leeches of the Su family. They have never made any contribution to the family. Apart from looking for trouble, they possessed no positive traits. They were simply walking trouble magnets.

In the past, Father Su was afraid of offending Qin Yue, but Qin Yue would not give any benefits to the Su family, only to Su Yuan.

Father Su was not a fool, Shen Zhen could help his children, but Qin Yue only wanted to lift up the social status of Su Yuan’s branch of the family, and now that Shen Zhen was following Qin Xing, Father Su knew how to choose.

The sky was getting dark, the whole city became brightly lit, neon lights flickering. There were crowds of people on the streets, and music was playing in the shops on the roadside. Only at this time could the office workers relax.

When Shen Zhen arrived at the hotel, he walked into the lobby and saw the Su family siblings sitting on the sofa waiting for him. They were dressed very grandly, a little too grandly. As soon as they saw Shen Zhen, they stood up quickly, with somewhat reserved expressions and behavior.

“Relax.” Shen Zhen took off his coat and handed it to the waiter, while saying to Su Yutong and Su Jinghan.

Su Jinghan said, “We won’t cause you any trouble, will we?”

Shen Zhen gave her a meaningful look: “Just don’t be like Su Shiqing.”

Su Jinghan shook her head like a rattle: “Of course not.”

Su Yutong curled his lips: “Whenever I see Su Shiqing I want nothing more than to could smash his dog head in.”

“Whose dog head are you going to smash?”

Shen Zhen turned around and looked at the source of the voice.

A man came out from behind the pillars in the hall. He was wearing a fine white suit. He appeared to be of mixed race, with black curly back, deep eyes, strong features, and a kind of wild beauty. He was tall and had long legs so when he walked over it brought a sense of oppression.

Su Yutong: “…..Chu Haoyi…..why are you back?”

Chu Haoyi sneered: “If I didn’t come back, how could I hear what you said? I was wondering why Shi Qing doesn’t live in the Su family’s house now, so it was your doing? You and your sister have been bullying him since childhood, and you can’t see Shi Qing live well. You have already grown so big, yet your mind is still so small.”

Su Jinghan was a little dazed the moment she saw this man, but she soon came back to her senses. She took a step forward, stood in front of her younger brother, and glared at Chu Haoyi angrily: “What did you come back for? To support your Shi Qing ? He doesn’t need your support, the eldest young master of the Qin family holds him in the palm of his hand, what? Do you have the guts to cuckold eldest young master Qin?”

Chu Haoyi’s expression became gloomy: “I will deal with the matter between him and Qin Yue, so I don’t need you to remind me.”

Su Jinghan smiled and said: “Do you think he is pure like a white lily? Did you think he had been waiting for you back at home? Chu Haoyi, why don’t you look in the mirror and see how ridiculous your expression is now? You just brainwash yourself, after some time, he will really be a pure white lily.”

“Shut up!” Chu Haoyi roared unbearably with veins popping up on his forehead.

This shout frightened Su Yutong and Su Jinghan, they didn’t want toget in a physical fight witu Chu Haoyi here——any they might not even be able to win it either.

Chu Haoyi calmed down. When he saw Shen Zhen, he said in a cold tone, “I advise you not to socialize with these two siblings. Their temperament is so bad that you don’t want to try it yourself.”

Shen Zhen: “Oh, really?”

Chu Haoyi: “It will benefit you to stay away from them.”

Shen Zhen shrugged: “Why should I listen to you?”

Shen Zhen’s eyes were in a half smile, sarcasm on his face. Chu Haoyi didn’t know how to answer these words, and also felt that what he said was inexplicable, they were strangers just meeting by chance, whether the other was unlucky or not, or who they chose to interact with, it was not his place to care.

Chu Haoyi didn’t speak any more, but before he left, he took a look at the Su family siblings.

Su Yutong complained: “Why are we so unlucky, he actually returned to China.”

Su Jinghan: “Who knows…..”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

However, Shen Zhen recalled the name Chu Haoyi, having some impression. He should be one of Su Shiqing’s many suitors. As for whether he caused trouble for Qin Yue, he couldn’t remember it. He couldn’t help it, Su Shiqing had too many suitors. When he read the book, he didn’t look too carefully, and everything that had nothing to do with him he just scanned briefly.

What kind of role did Chu Haoyi play in the book?

Was he a minor character, or a big one?

If he was an important character…..Shen Zhen rubbed his chin, maybe he was worth using.

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