After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 271 First Life Part 3

The time node in the dream very soon arrived on July 7th. Imprisoned in the body of “Tao Mu”, Tao Mu, who observed the dream from the perspective of “Tao Mu”, once again saw the Shen family come to visit the crew.

“Stinky boy, why do you torment yourself like this?” In front of Tao Mu, Shen Yan, who never had a good expression, grabbed Shen Er’s arm and looked him over carefully: “You have become dark and thin, are you filming or working at a construction site moving bricks?”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

As Shen Yan spoke, she rushed towards the director aggressively: “Speak! Do you think my little brother is a fool with a lot of money and so you bully him on the set?”

Mrs. Shen’s expression was not very good either. She hugged Shen Er distressedly, and felt that her silly son had really suffered quite a lot. Only Chairman Shen and Shen Chen disagreed. Both father and son nodded with great satisfaction, and commented: “Not bad. Only by suffering through hardships can one become a superior person. The men of our Shen family should have the consciousness to work hard for their careers.”

At this point, Chairman Shen changed his tune and said lightly: “However, you must also take things in degrees. You are still young and your body has not yet fully matured. Don’t work too hard.”

Shen Chen also added calmly: “With your current situation, you should exercise your brain to improve your IQ, you don’t need to strengthen your body.”

Shen Yan said with a smile: “That’s right! Your physical fitness is already far superior to that of your peers!”

Being ridiculed by the whole family as an idiot with “well-developed limbs and a simple mind”, Shen Er exploded. Turning around, he complained to Mrs. Shen: “Mom! Elder Sister is bullying me again!”

Mrs. Shen patted Shen Er on the head, and hit Shen Yan in the arm casually: “Don’t always bully your little brother.”

Shen Yan was also “angry”: “When did I bully him? It’s obviously Dad and Elder Brother who started it, so you only think of your son!”

Saying that, Shen Yan hit Shen Er again: “You too, a brat who bullies the weak and is afraid of the tough. You only know how to tell on me! Why do I have such an unfilial little brother like you.”

“How old are you, who wants to be filial to you? You are so shameless!” Shen Er returned Shen Yan’s hit. Shen Yan was not one to suffer losses, so she returned the hit back. So the two siblings, in front of everyone, began to fight playfully. Shen Chen, who hated noise by nature, frowned, and pulled his silly little brother behind him. Sharp-eyed like him, he immediately noticed that Shen Er’s back was bruised purple.

Shen Chen furrowed his brows instantly: “What’s going on?”

Faced with the questioning from the big boss investor, the director dared not be negligent, and immediately said with a smile: “Second Young Master Shen is very serious when filming, and all wire scenes are done personally by him without any need of a stand-in. When exchanging practice moves with the stunt coordinator and stuntmen, occasionally if one is not careful there can be collisions.”

When the director said this, he immediately explained: “But don’t worry, our stunt teachers are all professional, and they have a sense of measure when controlling their strength, so we won’t really hurt Second Young Master Shen.”

“Aiya, Elder Brother, don’t worry, it’s nothing.” Shen Er waved his hands carelessly, continuing the director’s words: “Besides, I’ve always been like this, I’m just easily bruised even with just a little touch. It looks serious, but in fact it doesn’t hurt at all.”

“Just go and brag!” Shen Yan rolled her eyes, and unceremoniously exposed Shen Er’s lie: “You don’t hurt? Then why do you scream like a pig when you apply medicine at night? And you also don’t dare to let Fu Ran tell us?”

Shen Er’s phoenix eyes widened: “Are you spying on me?”

“I’m too lazy to bother with you!” Not to be outdone, Shen Yan glared at Shen Er tit for tat: “If it wasn’t because Mom and Dad were worried about you and forced me to call Fu Ran, do you think I would care about your business?”

“Sophistry!” Shen Er didn’t believe Shen Yan’s nonsense. It had been like this since childhood, Shen Yan always liked to follow behind him sneakily. She also liked to investigate the classmates who have a good relationship with him in private. Both boys and girls, there were no exception. Shen Er had quarreled with Shen Yan about this matter countless times!

“Isn’t it just because I’m afraid that you silly head would be deceived by others!” Shen Yan snorted: “You don’t know how snobbish the people outside are, seeing that you are the second son of the Shen family, there are so many people who want to take advantage of the Shen family through you. And also those girls who want to turn from a sparrow into a phoenix!”

When Shen Yan said this, she suddenly thought of something: “By the way, are there any female stars in your production crew who like to get close to you, and knock on your door at night with the excuse of discussing the script with you?”

As soon as these words came out, the director standing on the side and the main actors of the crew who surrounded them were a little embarrassed. Several actresses even stopped in their tracks with guilt.

Yes, this indeed happened but Shen Er didn’t pay attention to it, and naturally he didn’t want Shen Yan to know: “You are mental! You don’t need to mind my affairs. You can just take care of yourself. Find a boyfriend if you have nothing to do, don’t always have private detectives investigate the people around me everyday!”

“It’s for your own good! You ungrateful little wolf cub who doesn’t recognize a good heart!” Shen Yan slapped the back of Shen Er’s head.

The two siblings glared at each other and harrumphed endlessly.

On the other side, Shen Chen, who had just called their private doctor, patted his silly little brother on the back of the neck, and smiled warmly at the director: “My little brother is naive and stubborn, and he must have caused trouble for the director a lot…..”

The director didn’t wait for Shen Chen to finish speaking, and immediately replied with a smile: “No, no, Second Young Master Shen is very serious about filming, he is a good example for our crew.”

Going this far…..Even Shen Yan who was busy pinching Shen Er couldn’t help curling her lips.

The director also knew that his response just now was a bit too ingratiating. But he couldn’t help it either, the Shen Group was the biggest investor in this drama, not to mention that with the Shen family’s status they were not someone who a small director like him could afford to offend. The director would rather be overly courteous than to offend the Shen family by being careless.

Shen Chen was used to seeing this kind of people, so he didn’t care. With a calm face, he said: “Today is my little brother’s eighteenth birthday. According to the custom of our Shen family, we should hold a birthday party and invite all relatives and friends to my little brother’s coming-of-age ceremony. But my little brother has a stubborn personality, insisting that his filming task is heavy, and he can’t ask for leave. So our whole family came here in person, and I hope the director can give us a little face——”

“No, no, there is absolutely no such thing!” The director immediately panicked when he heard these words: “Although our crew’s filming progress is a little behind, but if Second Young Master Shen asks for leave, we would definitely——”

“Elder Brother, don’t make it difficult for our director!” Shen Er frowned, and said impatiently: “You know I don’t like to attend parties. Besides, you say that you are holding a birthday party for me, but the invitations are all for your business partners. I also don’t have anything to say, and can only smile until my face is stiff. I don’t like it.”

Chairman Shen frowned: “What are you talking about? Those uncles took the time to come to your birthday party, and you still have so many complaints? You——”

“Chairman Shen, CEO Shen, Mrs. Shen, Miss Shen, please drink some water.”

Chairman Shen’s words were interrupted, and he turned his head to see that it was a young man who was about the same age as his second son, who brought several bottles of mineral water on a tray.

“Tao Mu” smiled obediently at Chairman Shen, motioned for everyone to get water, and finally walked towards the director and Shen Er: “Director please drink some water, Second Young Master Shen please drink some water.”

Mrs. Shen didn’t like to hear her husband criticize her younger son, so she talked to “Tao Mu” with a smile: “This child is Fu Ran, right? Thank you for taking care of our family’s child these days——”

“Mom, he’s not Fu Ran!” Shen Er hurriedly interrupted Mrs. Shen: “He’s our crew’s assistant.”

“Second Young Master Shen is right.” “Tao Mu” nodded with a look of disappointment, and said sadly, “How could I be blessed to be a classmate of Second Young Master Shen. I am an orphan without a father or mother. I grew up in an orphanage and dropped out of school after graduating from junior high school. I have been working part-time out in society since.”

At this point, “Tao Mu” said timidly: “Actually, today is also my birthday. I am very envious of Second Young Master Shen having such a good family like yours. Second Young Master Shen, please don’t be difficult with your family. They have worked so hard helping you organize a birthday party, it is definitely because they really care about you.”

Mrs. Shen hurriedly said: “Look at this child, how good you are at talking. And you also know that it is not easy for us to be parents. As they say, the children of poor people are forced to grow up early. Look how sensible this child is.”

Shen Yan also answered with a smile: “That’s right.”

She pointed at “Tao Mu” and said to Shen Er: “Look at him, and then at yourself. How dare you complain about the birthday party that Mom and Dad took the trouble to organize. You really don’t know your blessings.”

Shen Er rolled his eyes. But he didn’t say anything. He just said to “Tao Mu”, “I didn’t know that today is your birthday. But it’s rare that two people born on the same day in the same year meet, and it’s also a kind of fate.”

Shen Er paused, and said to the director: “How about this. Since I have already asked for leave, our crew will also have a day off. I’ll ask Wen Xiao to book a few tables at the Sheng’an Hotel, as a celebration for this classmate’s birthday, everyone can come and have some fun.”

Shen Er didn’t remember “Tao Mu”, he even forgot the conflict between Yao Wenxiao and “Tao Mu”. The director remembered it clearly, but at this juncture, he couldn’t say much. He could only apologize and said with a smile: “Second Young Master Shen is really considerate. You, hurry up and thank the Second Young Master Shen.”

“Tao Mu” really didn’t expect Shen Er to have such a response, and he was quite happy. He stood forward and said thank you obediently.

Seeing “Tao Mu”‘s obedient and clever appearance, Shen Yan liked it very much, so she took out an emerald pendant carved with a blessing for safe and sound that she bought when she just got off the plane, and gave it to “Tao Mu”: “Meeting is fate, I wish you a happy birthday. “

“Tao Mu” was instantly surprised, his eyes widened and he was at a loss.

Shen Er said: “It’s given to you so just accept it. It’s not worth much, just for auspiciousness.”

Shen Yan agreed casually: “Yeah, it’s only just 20,000 yuan. I bought it to play with. You can have it.”

“Tao Mu” had no choice but to take it over and say his thanks again.

Shen Yan patted “Tao Mu” on the head with a smile, and said, “Good boy.”

Then she turned to look at her silly little brother, and deliberately needled him: “If only I had such a well-behaved younger brother. Unlike you who only know to irritate me since you were a child!”

Shen Er rolled his eyes and didn’t bother to respond to Shen Yan.

While talking, Yao Wenxiao and Fu Ran hurried back sweating profusely. There were also a few plastic bags in their hands, which were filled with various frozen fruits and ice cream. They were all the things that Shen Er casually said he wanted to eat when he was filming just now. Yao Wenxiao also happened to feel that the set was boring, so he dragged Fu Ran to go shopping.

But he didn’t expect that when he came back, he would run into these members of the Shen family. Yao Wenxiao was a little surprised: “Uncle Shen, Aunt Shen, Elder Brother, Sister Yan, why are you all here?”

“It’s Wen Xiao! It’s so hot out, you have suffered!” Mrs. Shen nodded at Yao Wenxiao with a smile, and said, “We came to pick up Xiao Yu. This child, I don’t know whose child temper he takes after. Everything is all ready for the birthday party at home, so how could he, the birthday star, not go back?”

“Isn’t that right! You only know to cause trouble for your family!” Shen Yan snorted, and told Yao Wenxiao what happened just now with the intent to drag Yao Wenxiao to criticize Shen Er together.

Yao Wenxiao was very shrewd, and he also had a media company under him, so he knew very well how words could be played with. Hearing Shen Yan’s description, he couldn’t hold back, and directed his anger at “Tao Mu”: “You’re good, kid! Actually successfully sucking up to the Shen family? You can ingratiate all you want, but why do you have to step on Shen Er to curry favor with the Shen family——”

“Okay!” Shen Er frowned and interrupted Yao Wenxiao. What “Tao Mu” said just now, he really felt a little unhappy when he heard it. But he didn’t think it had reached the level that Yao Wenxiao accused him of. He was just a child with a poor background, and his thinking might be a little biased. Moreover, today was his birthday, and Shen Er didn’t want to make trouble on someone’s birthday.

Besides, what “Tao Mu” said just now had no real impact on him. He was too lazy to care about it.

Yao Wenxiao had always followed Shen Er’s lead. Seeing that Shen Er didn’t care about it, he didn’t say much anymore. He just gave “Tao Mu” a vicious look, and muttered under his breath: “What a manipulative schemer.”

“Tao Mu” didn’t expect that his kind persuasion would be taken in such a way by Yao Wenxiao, and his face flushed with embarrassment and anger. And even more he felt that even though the two of them were born in the same year, the same month and the same day, Shen Er could be superior with both parents and familial harmony, yet he had to rely on others’ charity to even celebrate one birthday. His heart was really upset.

What made him feel even more upset was that the Shen family who had been affectionate to him just now turned a deaf ear to Yao Wenxiao’s words, as if nothing happened. Shen Chen, who never paid attention to him from the beginning to the end, even patted Shen Er on the shoulder, and said in a gentle voice: “I called a private doctor, and we’ll go to the hospital to take a screening after we go back.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Shen Er raised his eyebrows and rage quit: “I still have to go to the hospital when it’s my birthday? Isn’t that unlucky? I won’t go!”

Chairman Shen said in a deep voice: “Don’t lose your temper, listen to your elder brother.”

“Tao Mu” stood in place, watching the Shen family members walk out of the set with Shen Er in the middle, and Yao Wenxiao, who had just insulted him, was now busy coaxing Shen Er to eat fruit and ice cream, and felt even more embarrassed.

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  1. Man, I feel bad for the Shen family now. Their IQs were all properly online, neither were they naturally condescending or fussed about brown-nosing in form of putting their closest relative down. The real TM/fake SY turned them all into monsters…


    1. They still had their own personal problems of overly doting on their youngest, but it hadn’t become a crippling obsession like it did when the fake swooped in to inhabit the nest.


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