After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 272 First Life Part 4

The reason why the Shen family insisted on having Shen Er attend the birthday party was not only because Shen Er was the birthday star, but also because Chairman Shen was going to announce an important decision at the birthday party——that was, to transfer 7% of the shares of the Shen Group to Shen Er’s name, and announce that Shen Er would be an adult with full behavioral capacity from today on. However, for Shen Er himself, this operation had no practical effect——even if Chairman Shen transferred the shares to his name, Shen Er would still hand the shares to Shen Chen, and ask his elder brother to help take care of them.

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Unlike Shen Chen who had devoted himself to being a qualified family heir since he was a child, Shen Er obviously preferred acting to managing the family business. He even felt that he should not have applied to Fudan University, but directly applied to a film academy. But fortunately, Shen Er didn’t do this at the beginning, because Chairman Shen and Shen Chen would never allow a man from the Shen family to apply for an acting school——unless Shen Er was really a hopeless case.

And the fact that Shen Er was able to be admitted to the Economics Department of Fudan University after starting school two years ahead of schedule, proved that he was at least not a hopeless case. So after the birthday party, Chairman Shen and Shen Chen asked Shen Er to join the company as an intern after school started, only for Shen Er to firmly refuse. And that night, he sneaked back to H Town while his family was asleep. This willful attitude also made the family unable to do anything about it.

Back in the crew, “Tao Mu” was too excited to sleep. He just had the happiest birthday in eighteen years. This feeling made him so ecstatic that he still couldn’t help but savor it into the middle of the night. When he walked into the crew the next morning while still floating on cloud nine, he was surprised to find that Shen Er was also there.

“Didn’t you go back to Shanghai?” Because of Shen Er’s generous contribution to help “Tao Mu” celebrate his birthday, “Tao Mu” was also grateful to Shen Er. So he dared to come over to strike up a conversation.

Shen Er didn’t sleep all night, and his energy was a little weak. He just gave “Tao Mu” a sleepy look, and let out a “huh”.

“Tao Mu” saw that Shen Er was particularly uncomfortable, thought for a while, and ran out to make a cup of honey for Shen Er. Shen Er raised his eyelids and looked at “Tao Mu”, and found that “Tao Mu” was wearing the necklace Shen Yan gave him around his neck, and praised with a smile: “It looks good.”

“Tao Mu” touched the emerald pendant on his neck unnaturally, and thanked in a low voice: “This is the first time I have received a birthday present, and it is also the first time I have celebrated my birthday.”

“Speaking of which, I haven’t given you a birthday present yet!” Shen Er forced himself to gather his thoughts and took a sip of the honey water: “What do you like?”

“Tao Mu” was taken aback for a moment, and stared blankly at Shen Er.

Shen Er said with a smile: “We two were born in the same year, the same month and the same day, so we can be considered to have an affinity.”

“Tao Mu” didn’t speak. Finally, Shen Er gave “Tao Mu” the latest Apple phone. He felt that “Tao Mu” had already started working, and it would be more convenient to have a mobile phone.

From this day on, “Tao Mu” became Shen Er’s little follower, following Fu Ran to busy back and forth every day. Then, when the film crew was wrapping up, he got a salary of 16,000 yuan from Shen Er.

“Tao Mu” looked at Shen Er anxiously, he actually wanted to be Shen Er’s assistant. But Shen Er was not a professional actor. The school term started, and Shen Er had to go back to study. He also had to meet the requirements of his father and elder brother, and go to the company for an internship on weekends and there wasn’t any need for an assistant at all. So “Tao Mu” could only enter other crews. But this time, “Tao Mu” not only worked as an assistant, but also worked part-time as a group extra. Because he saw from Shen Er his dedication to acting. It had to be said that although the circumstances of the two were very different, “Tao Mu” inexplicably saw Shen Er as his goal. At least at this moment, he wanted to get closer to Shen Er.

Tao Mu in the dream also watched all this with complicated emotions. Because of the various experiences before and after rebirth, Tao Mu didn’t have a good impression of Shen Yu. He just felt that Shen Yu’s brain circuit was abnormal, and he couldn’t be communicated with at all.

The dream was unfolded from the perspective of “Tao Mu”. When “Tao Mu” saw Shen Er again, it was already winter vacation. “Purple Cloud” starring Shen Er started broadcasting. Because of his handsome appearance and cool fighting scenes, the drama and the main actors in the play became an instant hit. As a result, Shen Er also got a chance to play the second male lead in the movie “Jianghu”.

Shen Er got acquainted with Yan Sheng because of this drama. Film king Yan also came from a wealthy family and loved acting. The two second generation rich kids sat together to discuss acting skills, and they had a lot of common language. And “Tao Mu” also happened to enter the crew of “Jianghu” and became a special actor.

Seeing Shen Er again, “Tao Mu” was actually very excited. He was eager to catch up with Shen Er, wanting to let Shen Er know what he had experienced in the past few months. But because he was always pestering Shen Er, he inadvertently offended an actress in the crew who wanted to get close to Shen Er, so the actress hinted to the props team to teach “Tao Mu” a lesson. So the prop master tampered with the wires and “Tao Mu” fell from the roof and broke his calf.

The crew of “Jianghu” paid for the medical expenses of “Tao Mu”, but “Tao Mu”‘s role was gone. “Tao Mu” who learned the truth, hated the actress deeply, and also spread his anger to Shen Er. However, his status was too low to quibble with anyone at all. The greatly emotionally stimulated “Tao Mu” decided to climb up to the top at all costs.

After he recovered, he found Shen Er and said that he had lost his special role in “Jianghu” because of Shen Er, and hoped that Shen Er could introduce other roles for him. Shen Er deeply sympathized with what happened to “Tao Mu”, not to mention that with his status, introducing a newcomer to play some unimportant role was not a problem at all.

“Tao Mu” relied on Shen Er’s connections to enter an idol drama as the fourth male lead. It must have finally been a turn of luck for him. After this idol drama aired, the ratings exploded. With this role, “Tao Mu” also became popular and was signed by a film and television company as a contracted actor.

“Tao Mu” used the company’s network resources to climb up by any means. However, whether one could be popular or not, sometimes it depended not only on behind the scenes support, but also on fate. “Tao Mu” thought that his fate was bad. So even if he signed a contract with a brokerage company and struggled for two years, he still failed to become a big hit. “Tao Mu”, who didn’t want to accept his fate, began to learn from some seniors in the circle——the methods of raising little ghosts and finding a master to change his fate.

And of the people “Tao Mu” knew, the person with the best fate was of course Shen Er. So “Tao Mu” was deceived by various quack warlocks, almost frittering all his savings away, yet still wanted to steal Shen Er’s fate and fortune.

Don’t know if those quack warlocks were really useful, or if his luck had finally arrived, after “Tao Mu” had struggled for several years he really became popular with an ancient costume idol drama and he soon became a hot and popular superstar. At the peak of his popularity, he even overtook Shen Er. This also made “Tao Mu” full of glee. He could finally stand shoulder to shoulder with Shen Er.

During this period, Shen Er also met Zhuo Yan at a financial dinner party——a handsome and promising financial manager. But no matter how young and promising he was, he would become ordinary when contrasted with a high society family like the Shen family.

But to everyone’s surprise, this seemingly ordinary financial person actually successfully pursued Shen Er. Of course, the love between the poor boy and rich young master was destined to be blocked by his family. What’s more, Shen Yan, who liked to hire private detectives to investigate the people around her silly little brother, had also found out Zhuo Yan’s true identity——it turned out that he was an enemy of the Shen family.

Zhuo Yan’s complicated family background, coupled with his family’s strong opposition, made Shen Er finally choose to break up. But it was too late. Zhuo Yan deliberately got close to Shen Er for revenge. During the duration of the two’s relationship, Zhuo Yan had already extracted many business secrets of the Shen Group from Shen Er’s mouth. And allying with the Shen family’s family friend——the Yao family, they arranged a lot of schemes in private. When everything was ready, they instigated a car accident which seriously injured Shen Shiyuan and Shen Chen. In the end, Shen Shiyuan died in the operating room while Shen Chen fell into a deep coma and became a vegetable. Due to internal and external troubles, the Shen Group also directly went bankrupt.

The bankruptcy of the Shen family was due to Shen Er letting the wolf into the house. Unable to bear the double blow of family bankruptcy and the loss of her husband and son, Mrs. Shen also fell into a deep illness. Shen Yan put all the responsibility on Shen Er and drove Shen Er out of the Shen family.

Once a wealthy young master fell down from his pedestal, it attracted more than just gossip after dinner. After all, Shen Er was too beautiful, like a proud phoenix forever soaring in the sky. People could only watch from a distance but dare not hold any blasphemous thoughts. Now that the phoenix landed, it naturally attracted countless greedy thoughts. However, Zhuo Yan and Yao Wenxiao, who had teamed up to betray Shen Er before, went crazy, retaliating against those who had made it difficult for Shen Er like mad dogs. They even turned the third son of the Lin family from Hong Kong into a eunuch.

“Tao Mu” who watched all this coldly also found it ridiculous. What was ridiculous was that Zhuo Yan, an idiot who approached Shen Er under the banner of revenge, actually fell in love with Shen Er in the process. In fact, after the Shen family went bankrupt and Shen Er was kicked out of the Shen family, he even went to find Shen Er several times in an attempt to reunite.

It was a pity that Shen Er, a person who would rather be a shattered jade than a whole tile, how could he turn his head back after learning Zhuo Yan’s true face?

What made “Tao Mu” feel even more uncomfortable was that even though Shen Er had fallen into such a dire situation, the people around him would never leave him. Not to mention the two idiots Zhuo Yan and Yao Wenxiao, even Yan Sheng defended Shen Er in every possible way. He even used the Yan family’s power to help the Shen family make a comeback. And Shen Er was indeed worthy of being the blood of the Shen family. He gave up acting and went into business, and he was actually able to make a splash in a short period of time. He even found a breakthrough in the dark history of the Yao family’s rise to fortune. He dug out a cook surnamed Song from nowhere and helped him to file a lawsuit, successfully snatching back the recipe book that was the core competitive advantage of the Sheng’an Group.

Don’t know if there truly existed two destinies being incompatible with each other, but as Shen Er’s prosperity in the business world rose, “Tao Mu”‘s prosperity in the entertainment industry plummeted. His unscrupulous past from back when he did everything to rise up was exposed by his opponent, and he was involved in many scandals, lost several endorsements and owed tens of millions of debts.

The despondent “Tao Mu” decided that it was because his fate could not suppress Shen Er’s. Once again, he had the delusional idea of stealing the other’s fate and fortune to change his own luck. Every day he would worship the gods and carry out superstitious rituals like a madman.

On the other side, Shen Er, who gave up acting and went into business, met CEO Li of Xiaoheng Capital at a business reception. This CEO Li was said to be Shen Er’s fan. After getting acquainted with Shen Er, he first tried out cooperating with the other several times. After that, he launched a passionate pursuit offensive against Shen Er. It was a pity that Shen Er had always been brooding about the fact that he lured wolves into the house, causing the Shen family to be ruined. He could only think of revenge and had no time for anything else.

So Li Xiaoheng made a deal with Shen Er that he would avenge Shen Er and bring Zhuo Yan to justice. Shen Er must then give him a chance after it was done. Shen Er agreed.

Li Xiaoheng did what he promised, and he indeed started to use Xiaoheng Capital and the influence of the Li family to suppress Zhuo Yan. At this time, Zhuo Yan had swallowed the Shen Group and became a nouveau riche in the business world. But there was no way to fight against Li Xiaoheng, who had a strong capital background and even a profound family background behind him. Zhuo Yan’s capital chain soon broke under Li Xiaoheng’s targeting, and the matter of hiring a hit on Chairman Shen and CEO Shen to cause a car accident before was also revealed. The evidence was conclusive, and Zhuo Yan faced prison.

Unwilling to accept such an ending, Zhuo Yan sneaked into Shen Chen’s ward in a fit of anger, and pulled out the oxygen tube. He also stabbed Mrs. Shen and Shen Yan who were nursing Shen Chen in the hospital to take revenge on Shen Er.

When Shen Er rushed to the hospital, Mrs. Shen had already died on the spot due to excessive blood loss. Under the protection of Mrs. Shen, Shen Yan was only slightly injured, but her mental stability was greatly stimulated. Losing control of her emotions, she yelled at Shen Er who rushed over.

“How could I have a brother like you?”

“It’s all your fault that the Shen family became what it is today.”

“Why won’t you just go to hell!”

“Why are you from the Shen family? It would be great if the Shen family never had you!”

Shen Yan wept blood with every word, and every sentence pierced into Shen Er’s heart like a knife. Shen Er also collapsed. He found Zhuo Yan and took Zhuo Yan down with him directly. Zhuo Yan knew that he was bound to die, and he didn’t want to let Shen Er go. Even if they couldn’t be together alive, it was also good to be together in death. When Li Xiaoheng finally found the two of them, Shen Er was collapsed in a pool of blood, beside Zhuo Yan who had already died.

Shen Er felt sorry for Li Xiaoheng. Because he broke their promise. He and Li Xiaoheng met too late and parted too early. If there was an afterlife, Shen Er only hoped that he could know Li Xiaoheng earlier.

After losing his beloved, Li Xiaoheng also went crazy. He refused to believe that Shen Er was dead, and began to frantically collect everything related to Shen Er. In this way, he accidentally learned the secret of “Tao Mu” using the method of stealing luck to change his own fate.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Li Xiaoheng didn’t believe in the supernatural, but in this case, Li Xiaoheng could only blame “Tao Mu”. It was too easy for a man with deep capital and a strong family background to take revenge on an ordinary person with no background. “Tao Mu”‘s end was very miserable, but even until his death, “Tao Mu” was still obsessed. He didn’t understand why Shen Er had such a good fate, even if he was already dead, so many people still couldn’t forget him.

“Tao Mu” committed suicide in the end. Don’t know where he learned the sorcery, but he carried out a ritual that defied the heavens and changed one’s fate. Trading life for life, Shen Er had become the obsession of “Tao Mu”. Even if he must sacrifice everything, “Tao Mu” still wanted to switch his life with Shen Er.

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  1. Ah, how scary, ‘SY’ reached his hand out to help ‘TM’ and never blamed him for being a leech, yet all the smack talk behind his back, the backstabbing, the voodoo magic ruining his entire life and family, he still feels like the only person who was nice to him owes him? Bruh.


  2. I… take back my pity. Give me back my pity! Before, I keep thinking that I can’t blame Shen Yu for the way he is, because he was conditioned to be like that, but not anymore! It’s his retribution! Wow… I thought his brain circuit is because of the plot halo, in actually it’s really his own brain circuit.


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