After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 273 My Beloved

Don’t know if it was because “Tao Mu” was too obsessed. In the dream, Tao Mu saw with his own eyes that after “Tao Mu” died, the world began to fall into reincarnation.

Speaking of reincarnation, according to Tao Mu’s understanding, it was actually more like falling into a novel with “Shen Yu” as the protagonist. At the beginning of the story, under the influence of the protagonist’s halo, Shen Yan, who once had a deep resentment towards Shen Er left over from the first life, switched the two children as she wished. Everything that followed was as described by Shen Chen. Eighteen years later, the two children accidentally met and their true backgrounds saw the light. The real Shen Er returned to the Shen family again, but he could not win the hearts of the Shen family no matter how he tried. Then there was never-ending unfulfilled wanting and feelings of being unable to let go, reincarnation and revenge again and again. Until Tao Mu——to be precise, Shen Er, exhausted any last trace of nostalgia and expectations he had for the Shen family.

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And all those who have experienced the first life have become “Tao Mu”‘s marionettes, and according to “Tao Mu’s” wishes, they unconsciously cooperated with “Tao Mu”‘s performance. This person, who was full of greed and resentment from the moment he appeared, finally got his wish and took away everything from “Shen Er”. It also made the former Shen Er who was full of concern for the Shen family dissipate completely.

A tear fell from the corner of his eye, and a breaking sound came from the depths of his heart, as if a mirror was shattered, and Tao Mu only felt a sudden lightness in his body. It was as if he had broken free from some kind of confinement from deep inside his body. In the boundless darkness, like water waves rippling, a figure condensed out of the rippling water waves, and finally turned into the appearance of “Shen Er” in Tao Mu’s impression.

He stood opposite Tao Mu. His face was sad, but there was a trace of relief in his eyes. In the end, he didn’t say a word, just like fireworks, sparks of light suddenly gushed out from the inside of his body. Those lights gradually rose in the darkness, each bit of light holding a memory of the first life in which Shen Er spent with the Shen family, and finally melted into the boundless darkness, slowly dissipating forever.

And as those lights slowly disappeared, Tao Mu clearly knew that the trace of Shen Er’s obsession with the Shen family that was buried deep in his heart had completely disappeared.

Life was too short and the reincarnation cycle was too long. No matter how sincere and strong the feelings were, they couldn’t stand the wear and tear again and again. The former Shen Er was full of nostalgia and guilt for his family, so he was willing to fall into the reincarnation cycle created by “Tao Mu”‘s greedy delusion. However, the accumulation of unfulfilled wanting and feelings of being unable to let go in each life was too tragic. These emotions accumulated slowly like sharp knife points, hollowing out the purest and strongest nostalgia deep in Shen Er’s heart little by little. Until the last trace of love was pulled out, Shen Er, who was already bloody and unrecognizable, finally realized that he could no longer restore everything to the past of happier times. The Shen family he held close to his heart had already shattered into unglueable pieces in the long cycle of reincarnation——no, it should be that it had already shattered into unglueable pieces in the first life. It was just that Shen Er refused to accept this fact.

The father and brother in his heart had already disappeared in the car accident in the first life. So no matter how many times they reincarnated afterwards, Shen Shiyuan and Shen Chen’s attitude towards Shen Er was like that of a stranger. However, Mrs. Shen and Shen Yan were resentful of Shen Er inviting the wolf into the house and causing the Shen family to be ruined in the first life. Therefore, in every reincarnation, Shen Er who returned to the Shen family had to face the reprimands and wariness of Mrs. Shen and Shen Yan. Because these two people subconsciously felt that Shen Er’s appearance would bring the Shen family to an end. In their hearts, Shen Er was no longer a family member, but the chief culprit who caused the ruin of the Shen family.

It was a pity that the former Shen Er couldn’t see through these realities. After going through the cycles of reincarnation to see through all this, Shen Er, who was struggling to hold on for the sake of his family, couldn’t bear it anymore. That was why Tao Mu in this life could put aside his obsession, let go of the Shen family completely, and pursue a brand new life.

——Only those who stay forever in the past would stagnate. Once the decision was made to look ahead, the time that had stood still continued to run again. Like a gap finally appearing in the tightly fitting gears, the person who truly cared about Shen Er and wanted to spend the rest of his life with Shen Er could be able to follow Shen Er’s presence into reincarnation and find the lover he had been searching for for a long time.

“Xiao Mu! Xiao Mu! Xiao Mu, wake up…..”

In the darkness, a voice came from a distance. Tao Mu, who finally remembered everything and was finally able to let go of everything, relaxed, and walked in the direction of the voice. At first he walked slowly, then his steps became more and more firm, striding forward, and finally it turned into a run. The darkness in front of him was slowly being driven away by the light. The world grew bright like day——

“Xiao Mu…..”

“I’m here.” Fingertips twitched slightly, and a breathless voice came out of his mouth. Tao Mu, who had been sleeping for a long time, fluttered his eyelashes and slowly opened his eyes. Li Xiaoheng’s handsome face came into sight, along with Liu Yao, Meng Qi, Mr. Song and Dean Tao who were standing around the hospital bed.

These people were his true family.

“Doctor, doctor, Xiao Mu has woken up. Come quickly!” Liu Yao, who was standing by, suddenly turned around and rushed out of the ward, shouting in the corridor.

Meng Qi, Mr. Song and Dean Tao also bent down and asked Tao Mu if he felt uncomfortable. Li Xiaoheng held Tao Mu’s hand tightly with both hands, and pressed it to his cheek.

“How long have I been asleep?” Tao Mu asked.

“It’s not sleeping, it’s a coma. You’ve been in a coma for three whole days.” Li Xiaoheng touched Tao Mu’s forehead, then touched Tao Mu’s face: “What’s wrong? Do you want to drink water? Are you hungry? Do you want to go to the bathroom?”

Tao Mu chuckled: “I’m fine. I just had a dream. Now I woke up from the dream.”

Li Xiaoheng seemed to understand Tao Mu’s underlying meaning, and immediately said, “Waking up from the dream is good. After waking up from the dream, you can return to reality and continue to look forward.”

Tao Mu looked at Li Xiaoheng in surprise. Li Xiaoheng smiled warmly and said, “Just like you, I also had a dream.”

Don’t know if it was because Liu Yao, Meng Qi, and Mr. Song were all still in the ward. Seeing Li Xiaoheng’s expression of not wanting to say more, Tao Mu said apologetically, “I’m sorry——”

“Don’t be sorry.” Li Xiaoheng interrupted Tao Mu: “We should all be thankful. We met very early in this life, and we have plenty of time to spend the rest of our lives together.”

You once said that we met too late and parted too early. After so many reincarnations, I finally found you. I can finally stay by your side safely and securely, accompany you when you are young and energetic, accompany you when you are whitewashed in old age, and then finally when we are too old and can no longer move, we will rest in the same coffin. For the rest of our lives, not even death can separate us.

“En!” Tao Mu nodded with a slightly choked voice. Blinking his wet eyes he said: “Li Xiaoheng, I’m hungry.”

The several people still in the ward said in unison: “What do you want to eat?”

The doctor checked over Tao Mu’s whole body from inside to outside, and announced that there was nothing wrong with Tao Mu under everyone’s anxious eyes. The symptoms of this inexplicable coma and then inexplicable waking, besides making Tao Mu have a dream, the only side effect left behind was the constantly growling belly.

Learning that Tao Mu fell into a coma, all the actors and staff of “Soldier Elite”, as well as Tao Mu’s friends and work partners, all visited within three days. Even the major media and Tao Mu’s fans were waiting at the entrance of the hospital for a sight of him. Knowing that Tao Mu was awake, these people came again after hearing the news. There were seven to eight dishes on Tao Mu’s table, and he received guests while eating. The originally quiet vip ward had become a celebrity reception room. The doctors and the nurses waited excitedly in the corridor, taking out their phones and taking pictures. There were even reporters from FlyNews Entertainment who, relying on their direct lineage status, dared to request an interview with their immediate boss. The main reason was that the news of Tao Mu’s coma had spread on the Internet. Many people were concerned about Tao Mu’s health. Letting Tao Mu broadcast live in front of the camera could also reassure those fans and netizens who care about Tao Mu.

Although everyone was separated by a network cable, and they were just strangers who have never met before, these feelings of care and love should still be cherished. Tao Mu himself had experienced the hardship and pain of not being cherished, and of course he didn’t want those who care about him to be rebuffed. After many reincarnations, many obsessions have dissipated. Only the belief that true love and care should be cherished, which had penetrated into the bone marrow with the accumulation of many lifetimes, and even became an instinctive reaction.

The reporter from FlyNews Entertainment was setting up the equipment in the ward, and Tao Mu was leaning on the bedside to greet everyone in the background. It was just that there was a small episode before the live broadcast. Tao Mu insisted that his family accompany him to appear in the camera. This included Li Xiaoheng.

Liu Yao, Meng Qi and Mr. Song all objected. Liu Yao and Mr. Song simply didn’t want their little cub to be snatched away by a wolf with a big tail so early. Meng Qi’s reason was relatively objective, he only said that had not done the most appropriate crisis public relations for when their boss came out of the closet.

However, Tao Mu didn’t want to wait any longer. The person in front of him, in order to be with him, in order to keep the promise of “meeting early and spending the rest of our lives together”, who knew how long he had waited and searched. It was another story if he didn’t know about all this, but since Tao Mu recalled so many things, he absolutely couldn’t stand his CEO Li waiting for even a second for him.

For the rest of his life, Tao Mu hoped that his CEO Li would always be by his side. Growing old together with the support and blessings of family members.

Tao Mu’s attitude was very sincere, and the way he spoke softly seemed as if he was shining. Sitting next to him, Li Xiaoheng couldn’t help hugging him tightly, and promised with a serious face: “Uncle Liu, Uncle Meng, Grandpa Song, please rest assured in handing Tao Mu to me. I swear, I will treat him well for the rest of my life. I will never make him sad. I will always be with him.”

He searched bitterly for several lifetimes, and he didn’t know how long it took before he finally found this person. The waiting and searching were so long that not even the most fancy words could describe his state of mind. Only these simple words could reveal Li Xiaoheng’s determination.

The two children were so determined, Liu Yao, Meng Qi and Mr. Song could only look at each other and agreed.

So the netizens who were in front of their computers were surprised to find that during Mr. Tao’s live broadcast, not only Tao Mu’s legal and true emotional family members were by his side. There was also Li Xiaoheng who had no official status or title——

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

But this time, CEO Li finally got his official status.

At the end of the live broadcast, Tao Mu held Li Xiaoheng’s hand, and the two sat side by side in front of the camera. Tao Mu solemnly announced to everyone with a serious face: “Hi everyone, this is Li Xiaoheng, my beloved.”

We will grow old together, and not waste this life.

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