After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 274 Conversation In The Ward

By the time the live broadcast ended, it was already past eight o’clock in the evening. Tao Mu was in a coma for three days and had just woken up. Although there were no physical symptoms, the hospital advised Tao Mu to stay in the hospital for observation for a few days out of prudence. Considering Mr. Song’s age, Li Xiaoheng offered to have Liu Yao and Meng Qi take Mr. Song back to the hotel to rest, while he stayed in the hospital to accompany him by the hospital bed.

Liu Yao and Meng Qi also knew that the two children had just gone public, so they probably still had a lot of private things to talk about. So they no longer insist on staying as a third wheel. They just patted the big-tailed wolf on the shoulder with an exasperated face, and told Li Xiaoheng to take good care of Tao Mu.

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CEO Li wagged his big tail and agreed with high spirits. He also graciously supported Mr. Song’s arm, personally saw him to the elevator, watched the three parents leave, then put his arms around Tao Mu’s shoulders, and returned to the ward together while half hugging.

During this period, their mobile phones kept ringing non-stop, calls from relatives and friends who watched the live broadcast. Among them, the reaction of the Li family was the most excitable. Tao Mu could hear Grandpa Li complimenting Li Xiaoheng on the other side of the phone for a job well done from a long distance away. Father Li and Mother Li even eagerly asked when the engagement ceremony was going to be held.

After the news spread on the Internet, wave after wave of netizens reacted fiercely. Except for a small number of homophobic netizens and fans who could not accept their idol in love, the attitude of most people was still very peaceful and tolerant. Especially during the live broadcast, all Tao Mu and Li Xiaoheng could see were the blessings of the netizens.

Don’t know if these comments were directly screened by in the background, but Tao Mu was still very happy.

It was not advisable to overeat at night, and Tao Mu had just woken up. So Li Xiaoheng ordered a pot of seafood porridge and a few light side dishes from the hotel to accompany Tao Mu for dinner. While drinking porridge, Tao Mu discussed the dream of reincarnation with Li Xiaohang. He said with a wry smile: “I originally thought that being able to be reborn once was already the most fantastic thing. But I didn’t expect the reality to be far more unbelievable than I knew.”

Tao Mu said to Li Xiaoheng: “In the beginning, I thought that what I experienced in my previous life was a book. And when I was reborn, I could often hear the content of readers’ comments popping up in my mind. And some of the comments were about things after my death…..”

Li Xiaoheng analyzed thoughtfully: “Perhaps the information you hear in your mind was not some readers’ comments, but the evaluation of these events by different people in each reincarnation. Although you don’t remember each reincarnation, your soul has actually experienced every life. So what these people said had become fragmented memories, buried deep in the subconscious.”

Tao Mu looked at Li Xiaohang’s calm analysis, and couldn’t help asking: “What about you? I want to know how you live in every reincarnation?”

“I can’t remember.” Li Xiaoheng shook his head: “I just remember that I want to find someone, but I can’t find them no matter how I search.”

When Li Xiaoheng said this, he suddenly chuckled, looked at Tao Mu and said, “Speaking of which, I have been single for several lifetimes. It’s all because of you. Tell me, how should you compensate me?”

Tao Mu put the porridge bowl on the bedside table, and asked with a smile, “How do you want to be compensated?”

“Compensate me with this life and every life after.” Li Xiaoheng said with a faint smile, “One life is too short to love you enough.”

“Several lifetimes is so long, don’t you feel tired?” Tao Mu frowned, suddenly thought of something, and said: “Besides, the non-stop reincarnation is too hard. And Shen Er’s obsession with the Shen family is gone. It is likely that there will be no reincarnation in the future.”

Tao Mu analyzed that the reason why there were so many reincarnations was not only caused by Shen Yu’s greed and delusions. At least there must be Shen Er’s obsession with wanting to save his family taking part as well. Only when Shen Er was willing to accompany Shen Yu into reincarnation could this cycle continue.

For example, this reincarnation cycle was like a chess game. The chess players were Shen Er and Shen Yu, all of them were chess pieces, and the constant reincarnation was the chessboard. Only when two people have the desire not to let go and both have the desire to play chess, could this game of chess go on. As for who wins and who loses, it depended on whose methods and skills were more superb. And this chess game took the form of the plot halo that Tao Mu once thought.

But now, Shen Er had obviously exhausted all the feelings he had for the Shen family in the long cycle of reincarnation. Once a chess player gives up, gaps would appear in the seamless chess game, and even cause it to slowly collapse. However, the other player of the chess game was not willing for it to collapse, so he did everything possible to drag Tao Mu back into the game. This was probably why after rebirth, even though Tao Mu tried his best to avoid Shen Yu, and avoided Shen Yu’s family, he was still approached by the unwilling Shen Yu again and again, trying to drag him back to the original plot.

However, Tao Mu’s subconscious desire to break free from reincarnation had caused factual deviations. The originally unchanging trajectory of reincarnation shifted from the original direction, just like a snowball, no matter how hard Shen Yu tried to entangle him, even using up his last ounce of strength, the fate that had already rolled into a big snowball began to roll vigorously in a new direction until eventually breaking the cycle of reincarnation, and all the chess pieces woke up. And Shen Yu, who vainfully tried to play with fate, naturally had to bear the pain of being crushed by fate.

Tao Mu said: “Actually, although Shen Yu’s character in the first life was not very good, he still had intelligence and skills. However, with the repetition of reincarnation in each life, Shen Yu would become a little stupider.” Until this life, when the seven emotions and six desires were almost exhausted, and only greed and delusions remain to support Shen Yu’s personality.

However, desires were hard to satisfy, and Shen Yu, who only had greedy desires left under his skin, obviously would never be satisfied. He would only keep asking and asking for more. But this kind of person was doomed not to be liked by others no matter what time or place. In other words, Shen Yu went to great lengths to exchange for this reincarnation situation, but in the end, he could only get the fate of losing everything.

Thinking of this, Tao Mu couldn’t help sighing a little. Shen Yu harmed Shen Er and so many people because of a moment of greed, but in the end he was also swallowed up by this greed. Tao Mu felt that the current Shen Yu had almost lost all the emotions and perceptions that a human being should have, and without these, a human could not be called a human.

“That’s his own fault.” Li Xiaoheng snorted coldly, and hugged their CEO Tao tightly: “He has caused you to suffer so miserably! And made your husband, I, stay alone in a vacant bedroom for so many lives! I have been an old virgin for several lifetimes! This hatred and grudge will never be forgiven! If you have the time to feel sorry for him, why don’t you think about how to make it up to me?”

As Li Xiaoheng was talking, his whole body practically glued over, pressing Tao Mu under him with restless hands and feet.

Tao Mu felt tingly all over because of Li Xiaoheng’s messing around, so he could only hold Li Xiaoheng’s wrist and said softly: “Don’t fool around. We are talking about serious stuff!”

“You say what you want, and I’ll do what I want, these two things are not in conflict.” Li Xiaoheng thrusted against Tao Mu hard, the underlying meaning clear in his words.

Tao Mu’s whole body went jelly-like from Li Xiaoheng’s actions, and he collapsed weakly on the hospital bed. But his arms encircled Li Xiaoheng’s neck very honestly.

Li Xiaoheng originally just wanted to tease Tao Mu to distract Tao Mu’s attention so that he would stop thinking about unhappy things and disgusting people. Unexpectedly, Tao Mu was so obedient, and it immediately aroused all Li Xiaoheng’s desires.

So without another word, a tumult that needed to be carried out with the lights off occurred. After the cloud and rain passed, Li Xiaoheng hugged his arms around Tao Mu in his embrace, and with his palms running along Tao Mu’s smooth back, he said slowly: “When you were unconscious, I had a dream. According to your analysis, probably all those in the chess game will have dreams. Maybe the Shen family will remember everything too.”

Li Xiaoheng looked down at Tao Mu, hesitant to speak. Finally, he asked, “Have you ever thought about what to do?”

“There is nothing to do.” Tao Mu lay in Li Xiaoheng’s arms, and said lazily, “Actually, the revenge that should be taken and the people who should be hated, Shen Er had already dealt with it all in the first life.”

At the beginning, Zhuo Yan deliberately got close to Shen Er, and joined forces with the Yao family to destroy the Shen family. Shen Er tried his best to find Mr. Song, and forced the Yao family to hand over the “Song Family Recipe Book”. He even went further, directly tossing Sheng’an Group into bankruptcy and shutting down, leaving the Yao family with nothing. The methods were much more ruthless than Tao Mu in this life. Later, he teamed up with Li Xiaoheng to force Zhuo Yan to go to jail, and finally took him down together. One life for another, all grievance and hatred had long been settled. As for the many reincarnations afterwards, whether Yao Wenxiao and Zhuo Yan plotted against Tao Mu, or Tao Mu took revenge on Yao Wenxiao and Zhuo Yan in turn, Tao Mu was too lazy to bother with those sh*tty things.

As for the rest of the Shen family, in fact, the kinship relationship was already broken as early as the first life. It was just that Shen Er couldn’t see through this truth himself. Now that the obsession was gone, Tao Mu had no expectations for the Shen family, so naturally he didn’t bother to hold hatred either. He finally managed to break the reincarnation cycle, and he didn’t want to get involved in that nonsense anymore, let alone have anything to do with the people in the chess game. For the rest of his life, he just wanted to spend his days with his Mr. Li.

Mr. Li agreed with Tao Mu’s words very much. Especially the last part. But there was one person who must be punished. Otherwise, Mr. Li would not be able to get rid of his remaining hatred. It was even more difficult to spend the rest of his life with Tao Mu with peace of mind.

This person was Shen Yu.

“You said it too. These reincarnations were all caused by the obsession and greed of Shen Er and Shen Yu. Although these two factors can’t do without the other. But there is no guarantee that Shen Yu will not stir up any more trouble. I have worked so hard to find you, I won’t let others interfere. So this person must be dealt with.” When Li Xiaoheng thought of Shen Yu, that beast, he felt angry all over his body. This beast who didn’t deserve to be called a human had harmed Tao Mu to this extent just because of his own selfishness. As if Li Xiaoheng would let him go so easily.

Tao Mu finally broke free from the reincarnation cycle, and of course he didn’t want to walk back on the old road. Hearing Li Xiaoheng’s words, he thought for a long time before saying: “Although the reincarnation of each life is similar. But after I thought about it carefully, in fact, no matter how the reincarnation of each life changed, there were always two time nodes that would never change. Which are meeting at the age of eighteen and dying at the age of twenty-eight.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

These two time nodes happened to be the first meeting of Shen Yu and Shen Er in the first life, and their time of death. For some reason, Shen Yu seemed to be extremely obsessed with these two points in time. In so many lifetimes of reincarnation, many details have changed, but these two time nodes have never changed.

“So,” Tao Mu concluded thoughtfully, “If we can guarantee that no one dies on our twenty-eighth birthday, we can probably break the cycle of reincarnation.”

“This is easy.” Li Xiaoheng chuckled lightly upon hearing this, and said with deep eyes: “It’s not easy to have a person live. But it’s too easy for a person to be unable to die.”

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