Source of Calamity CH 039 Good And Bad

For Shen Li, Su Shiqing, who appeared suddenly, attracted all his hatred. In comparison, even Shen Zhen looked cute. At least this nominal “eldest brother” would not make trouble for him, nor would he threaten his position in the family.

What’s more, Shen Zhen’s surname was Shen if you get down to it, so what was Su Shiqing?

Su Shiqing followed Shen Li to a construction site, and he was a little puzzled: “Xiao Li, didn’t you say you’ll take me to eat cake?”

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Shen Li showed a smiling face at Su Shiqing, but this little smile was extremely ferocious: “Yes, but this cake is not so easy to eat.”

Su Shiqing finally noticed something was wrong, his eyes widened, and he said tremblingly: “You, what are you going to do? Xiao Li, don’t be impulsive, just tell me if you are unhappy, don’t…..”

Shen Li: “Don’t what? It must feel great being so domineering in my house, doesn’t it? I don’t even know how Shen Zhen endured you for so many years. But I’m not him, I’m not as good-tempered as him.”

Su Shiqing took a step back, sensing the danger.

“Want to run?” Shen Li said darkly, “I estimate that you won’t be able to run away.”

With a muffled sound, Su Shiqing was knocked out by the person behind him.

Holding a steel pipe, Zhao Jiang smiled at Shen Li: “Brother Li, this is the little thing making you unhappy?”

Shen Li curled his lips. He didn’t like Su Shiqing, nor did he like Zhao Jiang, but now that he had something to ask from Zhao Jiang, he could only hold back his unhappiness and pointed at Su Shiqing who was lying on the ground, unconscious, “Get rid of one of his legs.”

Zhao Jiang: “Break or cut off?”

Although Shen Li really wanted to choose the latter, after careful consideration, he honestly chose the former: “Break.”

When Su Shiqing woke up again, he had already been locked in a warehouse. He was tied up on the ground, and Shen Li was sitting on the opposite chair with a leg propped up arrogantly. Su Shiqing was shivering all over. It was too cold. His coat had been taken off, and his face was flushed with the biting chill, and even the soles of his feet were numb.

Su Shiqing shouted: “Xiao Li, you must have a misunderstanding about me!”

Shen Li sneered: “Misunderstanding? What misunderstanding? Misunderstanding that it was because of your appearance that my brothers scolded me? And froze my card?”

Su Shiqing: “I don’t want to either! I didn’t tell them to do this! I didn’t say anything!”

Shen Li sneered: “Come on, your pitiful look makes me want to throw up, you indeed didn’t say anything, but it is also true that they did it for you, so your existence is the original sin.”

Su Shiqing: “…..Xiao Li, you can’t say that about me…..”

“Why can’t I?” Shen Li lit a cigarette and cursed angrily, “What do you think you are? You have no ability, no brains, the only thing you know how to do in this life is to make men go crazy for you. You are a man yet are already so capable, if you were a woman, wouldn’t you be Su Daji?” (TN: famous source of calamity/femme fatale in history)

“Speaking of which, your surname is also Su.” Shen Li said suddenly, “Maybe going back many generations ago, you and Su Daji were from the same family.”

Zhao Jiang and the group of guys waiting nearby: “…..”

Wow, Brother Li was so angry that he was speaking nonsense. This was simply an insult to Su Daji!

“Brother Li.” Zhao Jiang walked over, “Don’t bother talking nonsense with this kind of person.”

“We’ll help you teach him a lesson so that he can be an honest man in the future.”

After finishing speaking, Zhao Jiang led his guys over. This was a gang beating, the group of them beating up Su Shiqing.

Su Shiqing was tied up and couldn’t stand up, so he could only kick the ground with his feet and lean back, trying to escape the danger.

“Shen Li! You can’t do this to me! The Qin family sent me here! Aren’t you afraid that the Qin family would find you to settle accounts?!” Su Shiqing yelled in panic.

Shen Li: “Don’t think that I don’t know anything, what are you even to the Qin family? Qin Yue can’t protect you now.”

Su Shiqing’s was extremely terrified, that’s right, Qin Yue couldn’t protect him. He had put so much effort and time into Qin Yue, but in the end, Qin Yue couldn’t even protect him.

“Stop wasting time.” Zhao Jiang walked over with a smile, determined to do this thing well. As long as it was done well, Shen Li would definitely have to pay him. Business was in a slump recently, and if not for Shen Li, he wouldn’t even be able to feed his men, let alone live it up?

The guys also gathered around, they didn’t have any heroic complex, as long as the boss spoke out, there was no psychological burden to gang up on a little idiot.

“Ah!” Su Shiqing screamed, and he begged for mercy loudly, “Please let me go, I will give you whatever you want, don’t touch me!”

Zhao Jiang stood there with an inexplicable expression: “Why does he act like we are going to f**k him?”

The other guys were also very confused, begging for mercy, fine, but why is he crawling on the ground, with his buttocks sticking up, as if he was afraid that they would strip his clothes.

“Forget him.” Shen Li said, “Beat him up for me.”

So Zhao Jiang and the others went at it. They originally hated the rich, but because they wanted money from Shen Li, they couldn’t do anything to Shen Li, and they were also afraid of being retaliated, so they didn’t dare to do anything to other rich people. But now with Shen Li backing them, of course they would not show mercy.

When the steel pipe hit Su Shiqing’s leg, Su Shiqing let out a cry like a pig being slaughtered: “Help!”

Zhao Jiang grinned: “Go ahead and scream, no one is coming here, and no one will save you even if you yell your throat hoarse.”

There was a cracking sound, and Su Shiqing’s right leg lay at a strange angle. His face altered between flushed and pale, his forehead vein bulged, and he was dripping with cold sweat.

——His leg was broken, but it was clearly still not over, fists and feet rained down at him, and because he was bound, he couldn’t even protect his head.

Just when Shen Li felt his anger was appeased, the door of the warehouse was kicked open.

“Who!” Shen Li stood up.

Su Shiqing’s eyes were already swollen, and with some difficulty he recognized the person who appeared at the door——Chu Haoyi. At this moment, Chu Haoyi was like an angel who descended from the sky. Su Shiqing’s tears flowed all over his face. He had accidentally bit his own tongue when he was being beaten, and now his speech was very slurred, he hurriedly asked for help: “Hao Yi… me!”

Chu Haoyi’s face was dark, his fists were clenched tightly. He suddenly stretched out his hand to grab a steel pipe from the door. He was often bullied when he was abroad, and only later when he recognized a big brother, did it become easier for him. He was in a community college at that time, fighting was commonplace, and he was also adept at this.

“Who are you?” Shen Li didn’t know Chu Haoyi, he sneered, “Su Shiqing really has great ability, seducing Qin Yue, my brothers, and now you? Are you people all confused in the head? You can’t see that he is playing with you all?”

“Who did it?” Chu Haoyi looked like an evil ghost, a demon.

Zhao Jiang and his guys looked at each other, Zhao Jiang wanted to perform well in front of Shen Li, so he puffed up his chest: “I did it, you…..”

Before the words were finished, Chu Haoyi kicked Zhao Jiang in the chest, sending Zhao Jiang flying several meters away.

Then he lifted the steel pipe and swung it down. Zhao Jiang didn’t even have the time to struggle, passing out with blood on his head.

Chu Haoyi looked around at the group of guys: “Who wants to try?”

The guys looked at each other, and didn’t even want their boss anymore, all rushing out in a swarm.

This kind of skill was obviously not something they could deal with, okay? Boss, you’re on your own good luck!

Shen Li didn’t have much courage, he began to feel scared. He couldn’t even forget the time when Shen Zhen beat him up, let alone this tough man with a steel pipe in his hand, he asked tremblingly: “What are you going to do? Let me tell you, if you dare to touch me, my family will not let you go, and neither will my, my eldest brother!”

Shen Zhen was the most favored person at Qin Xing’s side now, if Shen Zhen’s name was brought out, this man whom he didn’t know might be more cautious.

Chu Haoyi carried the steel pipe and walked towards Shen Li. Shen Li sat down on the chair, hugged his head, and shouted: “Don’t hit me, don’t hit me.”

Chu Haoyi asked hoarsely: “How did Shi Qing offend you?”

Shen Li cried: “He seduced my two brothers, they scolded me because of him, and even suspended my card.”

Su Shiqing retorted with difficulty: “I didn’t, Hao Yi, I really didn’t, Second Brother Shen and Third Brother Shen are good people, they just pity me…..”

Chu Haoyi squatted down and untied the rope that bound Su Shiqing. He also saw Su Shiqing’s broken leg.

The broken leg couldn’t be delayed, Chu Haoyi picked up Su Shiqing, and looked at Shen Li: “I will remember this account.”

Shen Li was so frightened that he dared not speak.

It wasn’t until Chu Haoyi left with Su Shiqing in his arms that Shen Li tremblingly called Shen Zhen.

“Eldest Brother!” He shouted with sincerity, “Someone rescued Su Shiqing!”

Shen Zhen was lying on the sofa reading a book, with his head resting on Qin Xing’s thigh, he let out a lazy hum before asking, “Who?”

Shen Li remembered that Su Shiqing called him Hao Yi, and quickly said, “I don’t know the last name, but Su Shiqing called him Hao Yi.”

Qin Xing looked down at Shen Zhen lying on his lap, and raised an eyebrow, as if asking what happened.

Shen Zhen smiled and said, “Don’t be afraid, if you are really afraid, you can come and live over here for a while.”

Anyway, the apartment opposite him was unoccupied.

He didn’t want to live under the same roof as Shen Li.

Sure enough, Shen Li agreed: “I’ll be right over, Eldest Brother, can you tell Dad for me?”

Shen Zhen chuckled lowly: “Okay.”

Shen Li heaved a sigh of relief, he was no longer so afraid, so he quickly claimed credit: “I had someone break his leg, even if it is treated, he will probably be lame.”

Shen Zhen said uncaringly, “En.”

Shen Li asked cautiously: “Eldest Brother, are you unhappy?”

Shen Zhen: “No, Xiao Li, you did a good job.”

Shen Li was relieved, so long as Shen Zhen was willing to protect him, no one would dare to trouble him.

At this moment, Shen Li suddenly felt that Shen Zhen was more reliable than Shen Fu, and better than his other two brothers.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

After all, both Shen Yun and Shen Mu would only stand on Su Shiqing’s side and teach him a lesson.

But Shen Zhen supported him to find trouble for Su Shiqing.

Shen Li thought to himself, if his brothers treat him badly, he should not treat them good either.

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