After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 276 I Am Willing

After returning to Beijing, Li Xiaoheng personally oversaw the arrangement of Tan Yu to a private nursing home funded and established by Fengxing Group. As a mentally ill patient with serious suicidal tendencies, Tan Yu was placed in a single ward in the intensive care area as he should be. The entire ward was pure white, and in order to prevent patients from self-harm, the four walls, including the ceiling and floor, were covered with soft padding. Tan Yu, who was wearing a straitjacket, was tied up on the hospital bed with a gag ball in his mouth.

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In order to ensure everything went as planned, the medical staff who look after Tan Yu were all confidantes personally arranged by Li Xiaoheng. Everyday they would keep watch on Tan Yu without ever slacking off. Worrying that the ward would be too monotonous, and Tan Yu would feel bored, Li Xiaoheng personally directed the engineering team to replace the high ceiling with an LCD TV of the same size. Tao Mu-related news would be broadcast 24 hours a day. Including the TV dramas and films Tao Mu participated in, the award ceremonies and various public events he attended. Li Xiaoheng wanted to make sure that for the rest of Tan Yu’s life, he would be able to see with his own eyes how Tao Mu was so glamorous and so well-received, and how he lived his life cherished in the hands of all his family, friends and lover.

“You should be lucky, our Mr. Tao is not a man who can be ruthless after all.” While Tao Mu was in the bathroom, Li Xiaoheng walked to the hospital bed and looked down his nose condescendingly at Tan Yu, who even though was tied up on the hospital bed he was still struggling, and said coldly: “If I followed my original intention, you would have a catheter inserted and fed using nasal feeding. It also prevents you from taking the opportunity to stir up any trouble. Everyone was in trouble. It’s a pity that our Mr. Tao disagreed.”

Li Xiaoheng hooked up the corners of his mouth, but the smile did not reach his eyes, and he said in a cold and threatening tone: “Although in my opinion, what you have done makes you no longer have the right to be called a human being, but our Mr. Tao still wants to treat you as a human being. So you better be smart.”

Li Xiaoheng bent down slightly, staring straight into Tan Yu’s eyes with his own dark ones, and threatened in a gentle tone: “If you misbehave just once, you will be a sober vegetable for the rest of this life.”

Tan Yu’s pupils instantly dilated, his eyes widening in shock, the whites covered with bloodshot veins. Struggling with all his strength, he made a muffled sound from his mouth gagged by the gag ball, looking extremely insane and terrifying.

Seeing this, the medical staff immediately brought over a tranquilizer. Li Xiaoheng waved his hand: “I need him to spend every day soberly. From now on, if it is not necessary, try to use tranquilizers as little as possible.”

Li Xiaoheng raised his head and glanced at the ceiling: “It’s too quiet. Let’s play some videos.”

The pitch-black screen suddenly lit up, and a burst of passionate music sounded in the quiet ward. A clip of Tao Mu wearing a black suit and standing on the stage of the Lingxiao Awards Ceremony to deliver his acceptance speech appeared on the big screen.

Li Xiaoheng enjoyed admiring Mr. Tao’s golden age beauty for a while, and said with great emotion: “This was the first award our Mr. Tao had won. Like you, it was the Best Newcomer Award. Although the atmosphere of winning the award was very different between the two of you. One attracted a lot of attention, and the other was shunned. But forcibly making such a comparison is a bit insulting to Mr. Tao. But fortunately, this is the only time. After all, your life is over now. But Mr. Tao’s new life has just begun. This Best Newcomer Award was the first trophy that Mr. Tao had won, but it is definitely not the last trophy that Mr. Tao will receive.”

Li Xiaoheng didn’t talk much. But if necessary, Li Xiaoheng could still be quite loquacious. Just like at this moment, Li Xiaoheng knew the thorn in Tan Yu’s heart——he was such a cowardly person and afraid of death, yet he was able to risk sacrificing his life, even if he had to give up his seven emotions and six desires, he still wanted to keep his greed and continue reincarnation. Wasn’t all of this just because he wanted to replace Tao Mu as Shen Yu, and trample Tao Mu underfoot? Therefore, Li Xiaoheng deliberately released the video of Tao Mu winning the award, needling Tan Yu with words, in order to provoke Tan Yu’s unwillingness and anger to the greatest extent. He wanted Tan Yu to keep this emotion forever, let Tan Yu experience the suffering that Tao Mu experienced for so many lifetimes as one who could never get what he wanted yet couldn’t let go, and let Tan Yu live in Tao Mu’s shadow for the rest of his life.

Sure enough, Tan Yu became more and more frantic when he heard what Li Xiaoheng said. He was struggling hysterically, and even the hospital bed which was nailed to the floor shook violently.

Li Xiaoheng smiled slightly, and continued: “Our Mr. Tao doesn’t have many works now, so I can only wrong you to watch repeated videos. However, “Soldier Elite” in which our Mr. Tao plays the leading role is about to finish. There will be more works coming out continuously. You will see our Mr. Tao’s new works every year, and every year you will hear what awards and praises our Mr. Tao has received. In addition, I will also have the medical staff take screenshots of Tao Mu’s fans’ online comments and show them to you regularly.”

“Our family’s Mr. Tao will only live better and better, and you won’t be too bored either.”

Li Xiaoheng unscrupulously stimulated Tan Yu’s nerves with the gracious attitude of one granting the best of both worlds.

On the hospital bed, Tan Yu, who was tied up, was going crazy. In several lifetimes of reincarnation, the last thing he wanted was to hear someone praise Tao Mu’s goodness in front of him, and he couldn’t bear Tao Mu living a better life than him. However, he had to spend the rest of his life surrounded by Tao Mu’s praises and applause. The better Tao Mu’s life was, the angrier he was. At this moment, Tan Yu really wanted nothing more than to truly go crazy.

But how could Li Xiaoheng truly drive Tan Yu crazy. Backed by the strong medical resources of the private nursing home, Li Xiaoheng would ensure that Tan Yu spends his life lucid. Lucidly watching how Tao Mu was sound and happy, his life smooth sailing.

At the door of the ward, Tao Mu silently watched everything Li Xiaoheng did for him. Suddenly, he felt that the hardships and sufferings of these lifetimes were not in vain.

Even though he failed to win back the Shen family, even though he had worked so hard for so many lifetimes and experienced betrayal and indifference, Tao Mu finally found his lover in the long cycle of reincarnation. For the rest of his life, as long as he had Li Xiaoheng by his side, all the bad things he had encountered would be worth it.

I walked through the dark nights and the cold winters, just to wait for the warm and bright you in the spring when the flowers bloom.

Tao Mu stepped forward gently, and hugged Li Xiaoheng who was still provoking Tan Yu’s emotions from behind, and said in a warm voice: “I am sure that my life will get better and better. Because I have you by my side.”

Li Xiaoheng, who was just swinging his big tail leisurely, suddenly froze. His body stiffened, and he turned around inch by inch: “When did you come back?”

Li Xiaoheng looked embarrassed, and even cut a bit of a sorry figure. He didn’t expect Tao Mu to see his immature and scheming side. He felt annoyed with himself in his heart, wondering if what he said just now would affect his tall and mighty image in Tao Mu’s mind.

Tao Mu, who had never thought their Mr. Li was tall and mighty, smiled slightly: “Since you threatened Shen Yu your original plan to treat him as a vegetable.” It didn’t take long to go to the bathroom. What’s more, Tao Mu was also worried that Tan Yu, who was emotionally unstable and crazy, would hurt their family’s Mr. Li. Tao Mu prided himself on his high martial arts prowess, and he could protect Li Xiaoheng by always following at Li Xiaoheng’s side. But he didn’t expect to come back in time and hear such words.

“Mr. Li, thank you.” Tao Mu was a little shy, and he didn’t even have the nerve to call out Li Xiaoheng’s full name. But still looking brightly and firmly into Li Xiaoheng’s eyes, he said warmly: “Thank you for making me feel that so many reincarnations were necessary. I am very grateful to Shen Yu, although his existence once made me feel very painful. But it also gave me the opportunity to wait for you.”

“It was worth it!”

After dating for so long, he almost never heard such a touching confession from Tao Mu and Li Xiaoheng was already floating with joy. The corners of his mouth were stretched wide in a grin, showing his white teeth in a silly looking smile, and the big tail behind him almost turned into a propeller at how fast it wagged. Not a speck of the air of a domineering CEO remained at all.

Li Xiaoheng hugged Tao Mu. At that moment, 10,000 bullet screens flashed through his mind, but in the end he couldn’t even utter a complete sentence. He could only bury his head in Tao Mu’s hair, and say in a muffled voice: “Tao Mu, trust me. I will treat you well. I will treat you well in this life.”

Tao Mu, who was pressed by Li Xiaoheng into his chest, hooked up the corners of his mouth, and hugged Li Xiaoheng in response.

The loving interaction between the two undoubtedly stimulated Tan Yu on the hospital bed. Tan Yu’s eyes were red and his eyes looked like they were about to burst from their sockets. He struggled violently on the hospital bed, trying to make the loudest noise. But it was still unsurprisingly ignored by the two people who were deep in love.

Seeing this scene, the confidants of the Li family who were hiding outside the hospital ward secretly called the main family to report the good news. Such that the two had just come out of the nursing home and Li Xiaoheng received a call from Father Li. Straight to the point, he asked Li Xiaoheng when he would take his boyfriend who “has already announced their relationship during the live broadcast” home for dinner.

Chairman Li, who was always stern and serious in front of outsiders, was now quite outspoken, and he said with great gratification that he had waited for this day for too long. Now that the silly son finally had official status, the old father was very pleased, and had even ordered all the companies under the Fengxing Group to start promoting the “Boss’s Happy News” discount promotion on the day Tao Mu made their relationship public. Now the whole group’s discounts and promotions were bringing in flourishing sales, but everyone in the Li family was still yet to meet their official male daughter-in-law. This situation was really worrying!

On the other end of the phone, Mother Li and the several younger siblings of the Li family were unwilling to be left out and shouted: “Elder Brother, please do your best. It would be best to bring our sister-in-law home tonight.”

Grandpa Li, who had retired, also expressed with great excitement that he had already started to check the almanac to select auspicious days. He just wanted to know when Tao Mu wanted to hold the engagement ceremony? And where? Did he prefer Chinese or Western? Were there any special requirements for wedding gifts? Were there any special requirements for the wedding bedroom? If Tao Mu didn’t like his current house, feel free to ask for anything. The Li family would immediately select a piece of land, form a construction team, and build a new newlywed house in full accordance with Tao Mu’s requirements…..

Grandpa Li’s questions were not only many but also quite detailed. Li Xiaoheng hung up the phone silently, held Tao Mu’s hand and comforted him: “Don’t be afraid. Our family is just too anxious, afraid that I, an old bachelor, won’t be able to marry a wife, so that’s why they are pressing so hard. If you’re not used to it, I’ll make it clear to them——”

Tao Mu interrupted before he finished speaking: “It’s okay.”

Tao Mu smiled slightly at Li Xiaoheng, squeezed Li Xiaoheng’s hand back, and said seriously: “Actually, I’m also quite anxious.”

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“I’ve waited for several lifetimes, and I really don’t want to wait anymore.” Tao Mu said, his eyes scanning the compartment aimlessly, and when they finally landed on the tissue box, they lit up. He took out a tissue and twisted it into a heart-shaped ring, held it in front of Li Xiaoheng, blushed and even stammered out of nervousness: “…..So, Mr., Mr. Li, are you willing to marry me?”

The black car that was driving normally drew an S on the street. Li Xiaoheng pulled the car over after a close call, grabbed Tao Mu’s hand, and replied seriously: “Yes. Of course I am willing.”

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