After Two Lifetimes I Was Reborn Back Inside A Book CH 040 Do Unto Him As He Does Unto You

The final exam came and ended as scheduled.

Summer vacation was coming, and due to the notice issued by the Education Bureau at the end of June to prevent schools from making up classes without permission, the prospective high school seniors escaped unharmed and welcomed the two-month vacation with cheers.

Jiang Chen originally planned to deal with the Yang family during the summer vacation. After learning that He Qianjian had contacted Yang Tianci, he decided to hold back. He really wanted to know that with the situation of the Jiang family being completely different from that of the first life, how would He Qianjian use Yang Tianci to stir up trouble this time.

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On the morning of the first weekend of summer vacation, Jiang Chen finished his computer work and got up to pour a glass of water. As soon as he walked outside his bedroom, he heard loud and rude knocking on the front door, and stopped. At this time, Yang Si had just gone out to buy groceries. She would not be coming back so soon, and she would never knock on the door like this either.

Probably because the person heard no movements, the sound of a key turning outside the door was soon heard. Jiang Chen walked out of the room, just in time to meet face to face with Yang Tianci and his son who just opened the door and came in.

However, they didn’t expect to see Jiang Chen as soon as they entered the door. Yang Tianci’s expression froze for a moment. He looked around and didn’t see Yang Si, so he asked, “Where’s your mother?”

Standing at the door, Jiang Chen glanced over Yang Shengmao and fixed on Yang Tianci’s face, saying calmly, “What are you doing here?”

“Where are your manners?” A guilty conscience flashed in Yang Tianci’s eyes, and he quickly covered it up, frowning and saying, “I’m your uncle, why can’t I come to your house? This is how your mother teaches you to treat guests and elders?”

Jiang Chen didn’t answer, and stepped in front of Yang Tianci. He stretched out his hand: “Hand over the key.”

“What key?” Yang Tianci snorted coldly, and the bit of guilt that had just risen was suppressed by anger from embarrassment, “What right do you have to ask me for the key, this is the key your mother gave me.”

Jiang Chen’s gaze moved down and landed on his right hand holding the key, and said mildly, “If I remember correctly, this is the key you secretly copied when you came to my house.”

Yang Tianci’s eyes faltered for a moment, but soon he was full of confidence: “…..It’s what your mother acquiesced.”

Jiang Chen didn’t speak, but just looked at him coldly, with his back straight and expression condescending. When Yang Tianci was looked at like this, an unknown anger suddenly burst into his heart. The reason he hated Jiang Chen was because of this look. No matter how cleverly he pretended to be respectful, he didn’t have the slightest respect for an elder in his eyes, and didn’t take him seriously at all.

But so what if he looked down on him? So what if he thought he was superior? It was a pity that he just had the young master’s symptoms but not the young master’s life. If a real young master wanted to deal with him, wouldn’t he just be crushed obediently?

Thinking of this, most of the anger in Yang Tianci’s heart was extinguished, and eager gloating glee appeared on his face, mixed with a weird and twisted mockery: “Jiang Chen——as your uncle, I kindly give you a piece of advice, don’t act like you are superior to everyone, be careful of offending people who shouldn’t be offended, when the time comes… won’t even dare to get up when you’re trampled under foot!”

Jiang Chen’s expression didn’t change: “Mr. Yang, I will give you a piece of advice as well.”

Yang Tianci sneered, and walked around Jiang Chen: “Forget about it if you don’t believe me, go get me a glass of water, I’ll be waiting here——”

Yang Tianci bent over, trembling and with a stiffened back. He looked at Jiang Chen in disbelief with a face that was instantly covered with cold sweat: “You dare to hit me?”

Jiang Chen smiled slightly, raised his leg and kicked him to the ground, saying softly, “Mr. Yang, you broke into my house to steal, I am just defending myself.”

The punch and kick occurred within ten seconds. Yang Tianci curled up on the ground, and it took him a while to recover. Bloodshot eyes glared up at him: “I am your uncle!”

“You haven’t been for a long time.” Jiang Chen said as he raised his hand and grabbed Yang Shengmao who rushed over. With a skillful twist of the wrist, Yang Shengmao was left stunned for two seconds holding his dislocated wrist. When he realized that he couldn’t control his wrist he howled: “My hand, my hand is broken! Dad, my hand is broken…..”

Yang Tianci’s eyes were about to burst from their sockets: “How dare you!”

Jiang Chen let go of Yang Shengmao, squatted in front of Yang Tianci, and slowly opened his palm. His voice was as clear as his smile: “The key.”

“You broke Sheng Mao’s hand, you actually…..”

“Yes.” Jiang Chen nodded: “If you don’t hand over the key, not only will his right hand be broken, but his left hand will also be broken.”

“How dare you ahhhhh let go I’ll give you—”

Jiang Chen opened Yang Tianci’s fingers one by one. His tightly squeezed knuckles made a cracking sound because of such a ruthless handling, which also made Yang Tianci’s screams become more and more tragic. Yang Shengmao who was next to him was frightened by this scene. Turning pale, he took two steps back.

Taking out the key in Yang Tianci’s hand, Jiang Chen threw it into the trash can beside the door without even looking at it, lowered his head and asked, “Mr. Yang, I want to ask, what did you plan to do coming here to find my mother?”

Yang Tianci gritted his teeth and said: “I am your uncle, if you treat me like this, your mother will not let you go when she comes back.”

“Wait just a second.”

Jiang Chen got up, entered the room, and came out with his mobile phone not long after. He tapped lightly, and the recording sounded.

Yang Tianci’s already ugly face changed with the play of this recording, turning blue and purple alternately, becoming more and more ugly. When the playback ended, veins popped up on his neck and forehead: “You recorded everything?”

Jiang Chen smiled, put the phone in his pocket, squatted down and said, “So, what did Mr. Yang come here for?”

“You scumbag.” Yang Tianci spat, “I’ve known for a long time that you have one face on the surface and another behind the back. I didn’t expect you to be so scheming at such a young age. You even dared to record the conversation between your mother and I.”

Faced with this evaluation, Jiang Chen blinked in surprise, then laughed, and accepted the evaluation that had never appeared on him in three consecutive lifetimes. He nodded and said: “I have always done unto others as others do unto me.”

Yang Tianci choked, his face turned red.

Yang Shengmao shrank back and didn’t dare to make a sound. Yang Tianci supported himself up from the ground with his hands, and finally sat up. When Jiang Chen took a step forward, he shrank back subconsciously, covered his stomach, and looked at him vigilantly.

“Three minutes.” Jiang Chen said lightly, “Leave immediately.”

Yang Tianci’s eyes were filled with anger, but after a flicker of his eyes, he suppressed his anger again, and said in a hateful voice: “Fine, just you wait.” He got up, pulled Yang Shengmao, ignoring his sharp inhale, and moved to go out.


Yang Tianci paused, the pain in his stomach made his entire back muscles tense, and he anxiously waited for Jiang Chen’s next move with a fear that he didn’t even want to admit.

Before this, he never thought that Jiang Chen would dare to treat him like this.

In Yang Tianci’s memory, before high school, Jiang Chen didn’t like to talk every time he went to the Yang family’s house, but even if he was unhappy, he would just turn around and leave, and he would even let them know before leaving for the sake of being polite. This made him gleeful, while also feeling that this nephew was extremely hypocritical. Later, when the car accident happened to the Jiang family, Jiang Chen became ruthless towards them, but it was all verbal. And he also understood this, after all, good students were just a bit impressive at talking.

Yang Tianci once thought that this was Jiang Chen’s limit, but only now did he realize that he could be so arrogant. In other words, this was his true face, and he had been hiding this side before, pretending in front of everyone. So he was right, his nephew had been hiding his hypocritical self, and his scheming was very deep.

Jiang Chen didn’t know what Yang Tianci thought of him, and after stopping Yang Shengmao’s struggle, he fixed his dislocated hand in two sharp cracks.

Instantly, Yang Shengmao’s hand could move freely. Yang Shengmao was stunned for a moment, and then his face immediately changed. A boy of twelve or thirteen years old was just at the time when saving face was everything. But when he thought of his father being knocked down by Jiang Chen and his own dislocated hand, he slowly put his fist down again. Pointing at Jiang Chen with resentment, he said: “I will tell Grandma! I will let her scold you and beat you! And your lame dad, I will——”

Jiang Chen smiled slightly, squeezed the hand that had just been dislocated and then fixed, and said softly and harmlessly while Yang Shengmao’s voice stopped abruptly, tears accumulating in his eyes in an instant: “I hope you learn some manners.”

“You——” Yang Shengmao looked at his once again dislocated wrist again, terrified.

“Apologize for your previous words in a polite tone, and then use the right attitude for asking for help to ask me to help you fix your hand.”

Yang Shengmao’s face was pale, Yang Tianci gritted his teeth and said, “Jiang Chen, no matter what happens between me and your mother, Sheng Mao is your cousin, do you still have any conscience?”

Jiang Chen asked back: “No matter what happens between me and Yang Shengmao, my mother is also your sister, do you have any conscience towards her?”

Yang Tianci’s face turned blue and purple, and his voice was almost squeezed out from grinding his back molars: “It’s not up to you to intervene in the affairs of adults, nor is it up to you to educate your cousin. Why don’t you look at yourself? Beating your elder, bullying your cousin, insidious and cunning, what seventeen year old has a scheming heart like you. How are you even qualified to teach Sheng Mao a lesson?”

With a bang, Yang Tianci hunched over the railing and his face turned white as a sheet of paper. Jiang Chen moved, and Yang Tianci shrank back reflexively. Seeing the instant fear in his eyes, Jiang Chen suddenly remembered what Huo Bo once said to him: Some people simply can’t have reason spoken to them, so you just have to let them know reason through a hard fist.

He didn’t understand it before, but after a lot of experience, he realized that this sentence was actually a universal truth, and it was applicable to any situation at any time.

Probably frightened by his father’s tragic state, Yang Shengmao’s preparation for a sneak attack came to an abrupt end. Before Jiang Chen even turned around, he took a few steps back and blabbered quickly with his back against the wall: “I was wrong, I’m sorry cousin, please help me, help me fix my hand…..”

Jiang Chen nodded, and quickly fixed his hand. Under Yang Shengmao’s frightened gaze, he took a step back and said calmly, “I’m not your cousin. Also, remember today’s lesson and speak carefully in the future.”

Yang Shengmao was taken aback, looked at Jiang Chen’s expressionless face, and nodded unconsciously.

Yang Tianci hissed in anger, gave Jiang Chen a hard look, and said, “You just wait.”

Yang Tianci led Yang Maosheng downstairs in a hurry, and before they were about to disappear from sight, Jiang Chen used a voice they could hear, and said in a very calm tone: “If I find out that you went to see my mother without my knowledge, I’ll let you know how much trouble it’s going to be if I try my best to trouble someone.”

Yang Tianci paused, his eyes darkening with sinister gloom. Thinking of the phone call before, he sneered in his heart and didn’t answer. He didn’t turn his head to look at the window on the fifth floor until he walked out of the corridor. Those sinister and resentful eyes appeared cold even in the summer sunlight.

Yang Shengmao saw it by accident, covered his wrist and shrank back a bit: “Dad?”

Yang Tianci withdrew his gaze coldly: “Let’s go.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Upstairs, Jiang Chen watched the backs of the two walking away, turned and went back to the entrance. He picked up a recording pen from the gap in the shoe cabinet, and with a flick of his fingers, removed the battery. He thought that He Qianjian would have some new means, but the result was the same as in the first life. Other than surveillance it was to send Yang Tianci to make trouble from time to time, but that was probably all He Qianjian could do at this stage.

Jiang Chen took out his mobile phone and made a call: “Change the previous conditions. The amount mentioned on the IOU is now raised to 50%. Have the Yang family, especially Yang Tianci, voluntarily flee from Yan City by themselves.”

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